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38 Gifts for Blind & Visually Impaired People

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Blind and visually impaired individuals, for far too long, have been overlooked and forgotten about during the holiday season. However, this does not have to be the case. With a little bit of effort and understanding, it is possible to choose the perfect gift for your loved one who may require special considerations.

This list of the gift guide is designed to help you find an appropriate present that will bring joy and delight to any blind or visually impaired person. Whether you are searching for a birthday present or just something special to show how much you care, these gifts can make all the difference in someone’s life.

From tactile books with raised images and Braille labels to audible gadgets that help detect obstacles in their environment – there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to giving a gift for a blind person. There are also educational items like touch-and-feel charts which help teach object recognition as well as sensory toys that stimulate tactile senses through exploration. For those who appreciate music, consider earbuds equipped with assistive listening devices so they can enjoy their favorite tunes whenever they want.

For those who need support during everyday tasks like reading mail or writing notes, high-tech solutions such as screen readers can read text aloud while other specialized peripherals like Braille displays provide tactile feedback. And if you’re looking for something more personal – items such as jewelry with 3D printed Braille letters or custom artworks painted with colored sand create unique keepsakes that remind them of your thoughtful gesture all year round.

No matter what your budget might be or what type of gift you’re looking for – there is something out there that will truly make a difference in someone’s life while bringing them immense joy at the same time. Blind and visually impaired people deserve every bit of love and care available – so don’t hesitate to get creative and give them an amazing gift they won’t soon forget.

Gift Ideas for Blind Person & Gifts for Visually Impaired

1. Braille UNO Game

UNO Braille is an incredibly generous and thoughtful gift for those with limited vision. Not only does it offer a great way to stay connected to friends and family, but also provides a chance to be engaged and entertained with a card game! This version of UNO was created in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind, making sure that every card features braille text on its surface. Allowing players with visual impairments to interact with the game at the same level as their sighted opponents.

The idea behind UNO Braille is so simple yet so brilliant, by having braille on each card, visually impaired people can join in the excitement of playing UNO just like everyone else. Not only can they take part in this beloved game, but also use it as an opportunity to learn or practice their reading skills if they are new to Braille. Those who already know how to read Braille will find this game especially enjoyable as every card has been specifically designed for them.

2. Braille Cards

Braille Playing Cards are an invaluable tool for individuals who are blind or have reduced vision. These cards feature raised bumps in each corner of the card, making it easy to distinguish between different suits and numbers from one another through touch alone. This allows those with impaired sight to play alongside their friends with ease and enjoyment.

The cards also feature braille on each card so that even those who cannot see at all can join in on the fun. With this thoughtful gift, blind people can enjoy a game night with their loved ones just like anyone else. Shuffling is made simple due to the specially designed bumps on each card, allowing everyone involved to take part in the game without any confusion or difficulty.

3. Braille Cube

Gifting people who are visually impaired or blind can be a challenge – it’s not always easy to know what to give them. But with this wonderful and unique puzzle, you’ll be able to give a special, thoughtful gift that will bring them joy. This puzzle is designed specially so that the Braille characters are in 3D form.

4. Smart Speaker

The Echo Dot is an amazing present for those with impaired vision or blindness, as it grants them increased independence and convenience. Alexa voice control opens up a world of possibilities to the user, letting them keep up with their day-to-day tasks faster and easier than ever before. With the Echo Dot, they can access information on demand, listen to music and podcasts, laugh at jokes, and even make use of its personal assistant capabilities. It offers a level of freedom that was not available in the past; allowing blind or visually impaired people to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

5. Talking Clock

Since this gadget offers so many useful features, it really is an amazing gift for those with vision impairments that help make their lives easier. With the Talking Clock, users will be able to keep track of important appointments and tasks without needing additional assistance from family or friends – fantastic. Additionally, the alarm feature ensures that even if someone else needs to help wake them up in the morning, they will know immediately when it’s time to get out of bed.

6. Folding Stick

This cane hook-style tip ensures that it won’t come off, while its aluminum body ensures durability and a lightweight feel. The shaft of this cane is red and white, making it highly visible even in low-light settings such as at night; its reflective tape on the lower portion of the shaft further helps drivers or pedestrians spot you from afar. Additionally, this cane can easily be folded up for convenient storage in a bag or pocket.

Not only does this cane provide practical assistance in the navigation to anyone who needs it, but it also offers peace of mind to those who fear getting lost or running into obstacles. With its brilliant design and sturdy construction, this cane will last for years to come and make a great companion no matter where your journey takes you. What’s more, this cane makes an excellent conversation starter with strangers when out and about- whether it’s in the park, at school, or anywhere else!

7. Braille Watch

The Bradley watch allows for those with impaired vision to access timely information quickly and conveniently. From meeting times to medication reminders, the tactile face makes it easier than ever to get the information they need without worry or difficulty. For those who are outdoors or active in sports, this watch is water resistant and designed to withstand tough conditions, providing superior durability and reliability during any activity.

8. Dots

Not only do these stickers offer practical benefits, but they also help boost confidence by enabling people who have difficulty seeing fine details to better interact with their environment. Being able to easily find items without someone else’s assistance is a huge step towards independence, which makes this an ideal gift for anyone with limited vision.

9. Watch

Everyone needs to keep track of what time it is, and a battery operated watch can be an invaluable tool in doing just that. This watch is designed with helpful features that make it easier to tell the time, even in poor visibility or low-light conditions. The face of the watch is marked with raised tactile markings that allow the user to feel their way around the clock face and find the current hour. Additionally, this watch employs an optional backlight for those times when the light might not be available. Adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit so no matter how active you are, whether swimming or sleeping, your watch won’t slip off! With all these features combined into one compact device, this battery operated watch makes it easy and convenient for anyone who needs help telling time. Not only does this device offer convenience but its design also allows people with impaired vision to remain independent by keeping track of time without assistance. This can be a huge help to those who may have difficulty otherwise in knowing what hour it is!

10. Keychain

This keychain would make a perfect gift for any loved one who has vision impairment. It’s small enough that they can carry it on their person at all times so they always have quick access to the time and date. Moreover, its shape makes it easy to locate without needing to look down as you would with a traditional watch or clock – making it incredibly convenient for anyone who has difficulty seeing!

In addition, this keychain offers more than just functionality – its sleek design makes it attractive enough to be worn as an accessory in place of a regular watch or pendant necklace. As such, this device can act as both an aid in everyday life and a fashionable item that any visually impaired individual can take pride in wearing. What’s more, its affordable price point means that you won’t break your budget when finding the perfect present for someone special!

11. Greeting Card

For those with visual impairments, sending a recording card is a unique and heartfelt way to reach out. Recording cards feature both a microphone and speaker, allowing you to record your own personalized message that can be heard by anyone who opens the envelope. With this special gift, your thoughtful message won’t get lost or damaged even if something happens to the batteries or they need to be replaced.

12. Locator Device

This gadget also boasts user-friendly features for added convenience: it has both an audio and LED indicator light to help you find what you are looking for—simply press the button on the transmitter and follow the sound of the beep to locate the lost item. For those who have trouble hearing clearly, there is an adjustable volume controller so they can adjust it to their own comfort level. Additionally, its bright fluorescent color makes it easily visible at night or in darker environments.

13. Vacuum for Blind People

The Roomba 675 Robotic Vacuum is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve the look of their home without the hassle and effort of manual cleaning. It effectively cleans and polishes floors, carpets, and hard surfaces with its innovative three-stage cleaning system that utilizes dual multi-surface rubber brushes and power-lifting suction. You can control it either through a downloadable app on your smartphone or using an automated voice assistant like Alexa. This makes it extremely user friendly, especially for those with visual impairments or other limitations.

14. Bump Dots

This specially designed set of silicone dots for the visually impaired and those with blindness is a great gift choice. Each dot has a different shape – either a hemisphere or a trapezoid – and they are coloured in a bright red so that they are easy to differentiate and identify. Each dot also has strong glue on the back, making them exceptionally easy to attach onto various surfaces.

15. Talking Watch

This talking watch is a perfect gift for someone who is blind or has low vision. With its audible display, it allows the user to easily tell what day of the week and time it is without having to struggle with seeing the clock face. It also features an alarm that can be customized for each individual preference. As an added bonus, the device is small enough to fit in the pocket or clipped onto clothing. This makes it ideal for those who want to keep track of their day without being weighed down by bulky items.

16. Tactile Cube

They are an ideal way to encourage learning and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. Tactile Cubes also offer a range of cognitive benefits including fine motor skill development, hand-eye coordination and improved concentration levels. Additionally, these puzzles can also serve as a great way to teach mathematics concepts such as geometry, spatial reasoning and pattern recognition.

Cubes feature raised symbols or Braille text while others may feature brightly colored tiles that enable shape recognition through touch alone. Special kits may even contain multiple cubes with varying difficulty levels designed to challenge blind or visually impaired people of all ages.

17. Mobility Cane

The Rolling Tip Cane is an ideal gift for those with impaired vision, offering a classic black color finish and features to ensure comfort and safety when using. Not only does the cane feature a highly reflective material tip, keeping it visible in low light conditions such as at night, but also has a comfortable grip handle and collapsible sections for easy storage and transportability. To guarantee assurance, the cane comes with an elastic cord to keep the tip in place and further adds to its appeal. With its lightweight yet durable material design, users will be able to utilize it without any worries or risk of injury.

18. Smart Speaker for Visually Impaired

Gifting a voice-controlled speaker to someone who is blind or visually impaired is a great way to show you truly care. With the Amazon Smart Plug included, this innovative present makes it easy to use appliances and devices like lights and TVs, all with just the sound of your voice. A thoughtful gift, it can revolutionize the way people who are living with vision loss interact with their environment.

The speaker boasts a range of features designed to make life easier for those without sight. Its intuitive user interface allows users to access news, music streaming services, podcasts and audiobooks quickly and easily. It can even serve as an alarm clock, giving audio prompts when it’s time to get up in the morning or go to bed at night.

19. Couch Standing Tool

This convenient Couch Tool not only allows blind and visually impaired people unprecedented freedom, but also helps to make daily tasks much easier. It features a unique design that reduces the burden of transporting heavy furniture, and its light-weight construction makes it easy to take anywhere with you. Additionally, once folded away, the tool takes up minimal space in your home, making it a great choice for those living in smaller dwellings such as apartments.

20. Magnifying Glass

Gifting your grandparents with a set of magnifying glasses is an excellent way to show them how much you care. This practical present is perfect for those who are visually impaired and can make all the difference in their everyday lives. With these powerful lenses, your grandparents will be able to read newspapers, books, magazines and more with ease. Not only that, but they will also be able to see better when completing crafts projects or working on puzzles. And the best part is that this set of magnifying glasses comes in various sizes and strengths, so it can cater to any individual needs that they may have.

21. Radio

This radio helps bridge the gap between those who cannot see and those who do, offering independence and convenience in one package. This radio provides an incredibly useful tool for individuals living with vision loss. It has a sleek design that fits well into any home decor and its simple yet functional controls make operation easy for everyone. The comfort and reliability of this device makes it a great option for anyone looking for something special for someone living with blindness or visual impairment. With this radio, they’ll never miss out on what’s happening in the world around them again!

22. Walker

This walker is a must-have for people who are blind or visually impaired, providing stability and aid when needed. It has a comfortable and supportive seat with a back to ensure you don’t fall over when sitting down. Not only that, but it also comes with an extra bag beneath the seat to store belongings, making it easier to transport items around. The arms of the walker are adjustable in height so even those of shorter stature can use it comfortably, while the handlebar has a foam grip cover that’s gentle on hands and wrists. It is also lightweight yet sturdy at the same time, making it easy to move around indoors or outdoors and perfect for carrying up stairs or navigating through doorways. Furthermore, its four feet are anti-slip and made of durable rubber which can provide extra traction in slippery conditions. With this thoughtful gift, your blind or visually impaired loved one can stay safe and independent while getting where they need to go safely and securely.

23. Slippers

Made with incredibly soft materials and featuring easy-to-use slip on designs, these slippers provide comfort and convenience with every step they take. The soles are filled with thick cushioning to make sure their feet stay protected, even on hard surfaces. Additionally, lightweight construction ensures that the wearer will experience maximum breathability and not feel weighed down by the slippers.

For those who prefer a classic look, there’s an array of timeless styles available in everything from black leather to white cotton. For more contemporary wearers there’s also vibrant colors such as red velvet and blue suede – making sure that everyone has something to choose from.

24. Blanket

For those who are visually impaired or completely blind, gifts like these bring a sense of security and joy unparalleled by any other. It’s also important to remember that these gifts offer much more than just mere physical comfort – they serve as tokens of love from you to them. So why not get them something special today? A present like this cozy blanket could very well be the most thoughtful surprise for anyone who is blind or visually impaired!

25. Voice Recorder

This exquisite voice recorder has been especially designed to help those with vision impairments or low vision. Its noise cancellation capabilities mean that the audio captured is always crystal-clear and its Micro USB connection allows for easy transfer to a computer. Furthermore, its lightweight construction makes it an ideal device for those who are on the go; easy to carry and store away when not in use. It also boasts an intuitive interface which enables users to adjust settings quickly and efficiently. The microphones have been carefully tuned to pick up sound from far distances, while maintaining excellent speech detection accuracy. This ensures that even conversations at a distance won’t be missed out from recordings. With this device, you can rest assured knowing that your audio recordings will always be of the highest quality.

26. Money Clip

This small device is an incredibly convenient and useful accessory for those who are blind or living with low vision. It provides a complete set of the alphabet in braille, which can be easily stored on any keychain. Not only that, but it also helps promote independence as they no longer have to rely on another person to count their money. With its durability and easy portability, this small device could truly revolutionize how members of the visually impaired community interact money.

27. Keychain

This gorgeous and meaningful keychain is the perfect gift for visually impaired individuals, and it has a very special message. Crafted of strong, durable metal in a sleek and stylish design, the keychain features a raised braille reading of “I Love You” as well as the traditional hand sign for the same phrase. It’s a thoughtful way to show your appreciation and love for those who cannot see.

28. Memory Foam Slippers

Memory Foam Slippers combine comfort and style to provide an ideal footwear choice for any occasion. The memory foam padding is specifically designed to conform to the shape of your feet and provide maximum comfort, while being soft enough to prevent any discomfort or soreness. Thanks to its faux fur trim, these slippers can be worn with all kinds of outfit, making them incredibly versatile and stylish. Not only that, but Memory Foam Slippers are also breathable, allowing air to circulate and keeping your feet cool even when worn for long periods of time. Additionally, they feature a slightly raised heel which provides extra stability when walking on uneven surfaces. To top it off, there is a wide selection of colors available so you can choose the perfect pair for your loved one! With Memory Foam Slippers you can give them an affordable yet thoughtful gift that will keep their feet cozy and comfortable throughout the season. Whether indoors or outdoors, these slippers will provide unparalleled comfort and style every step of the way!

29. Talking Clock

No matter what kind of environment you’re in, blind or otherwise visually impaired individuals can benefit from this handy device. Whether it’s keeping track of appointments and meetings while travelling or simply informing someone of the current time within their home – this talking clock has got your back. Plus, thanks to its simple design, it won’t take up much space either – which means you can keep it close by at all times.

30. Scale

This talking bathroom scale is designed to help those who are visually impaired or blind weigh themselves accurately and with convenience. Made of durable stainless steel accents, this scale features a large glass platform that allows users to step up confidently while its LCD display screen gives them the correct weight reading in either pounds or kilograms depending on their language preference. The scale also has an audio function which will communicate the weight aloud in the chosen language for easy understanding. It is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, making it suitable for any home bathroom setting. Additionally, it is lightweight and portable, so that users can easily transport it from one place to another if needed. This talking bathroom scale not only provides accurate readings with ease, but also offers a greater sense of independence for people who are blind as they can now measure their own weight without assistance.

31. Talking Alarm

The speaking clock features a female voice that speaks audibly so even those with substantial vision or hearing loss can still keep time accurately. The clear enunciation of each number ensures the person knows exactly what time it is when they need to know—no more trying to guess from feeling around their wrist! Additionally, this talking clock has adjustable volume settings and an easy-to-read display to accommodate individual preferences and needs.

32. Adjustable Cane

The cane is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and its rubber tip ensures that it won’t slip on smooth surfaces which could otherwise be hazardous. The shaft of the cane is made from an aluminum alloy that is lightweight yet strong enough to support up to 220lbs of weight. This gives peace of mind that the cane can withstand any environment or terrain, no matter how rough or unpredictable it may be!

33. Braille Stickers

For those who may need extra help, audio cues can be used with a headset. As soon as one presses a key on the keyboard, this headphone will immediately respond by providing an auditory prompt that informs the user which letter is being chosen. Through this process of listening for prompts and pressing keys accordingly, people are able to quickly learn and memorize new words while also building their typing speed and accuracy.

34. Slip on Slippers

Fuzzy slippers are an excellent choice when it comes to gifts for blind and visually impaired people, as they are comfortable and stylish. These slippers feature a special horn button on the top that makes them easier to identify. They can be worn indoors or outdoors for a cozy experience anywhere. The soft material of these slippers is also gentle on sensitive skin, making them especially great for those with visual impairments who may have difficulty detecting textures or materials. Additionally, their design is both fashionable and practical, ensuring that those with visual impairments can still express themselves through their clothing choices. Whether in bed or out and about, these fuzzy slippers make for an excellent gift for someone with sight impairments. Furthermore, purchasing products like these also supports businesses who take into consideration people with disabilities when creating quality products. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone with vision problems, consider these fuzzy slippers!

35. Engraved Necklaces

Personalized jewelry is a wonderful gift that can be completely tailored to the recipient. Whether it’s a necklace, ring, or bracelet, you can choose the metal and color of the piece, and have your initials engraved on it or even have a special message included. Different metals are available to choose from while looking for the perfect piece.

The sentimental value of having a personalized piece of jewelry makes it ideal for gifts on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or even just to show someone how much you care. Engraving initials and messages onto the piece creates a personal touch by providing an added layer of customization that will make any recipient feel extra special. It’s amazing how a piece of jewelry with personalization can let someone know just how much they mean to you.

36. Blanket

The benefits of using bamboo for blankets don’t end there either – it also offers some health benefits too. The natural fibers are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant and even mildew resistant – making them ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Bamboo is also incredibly durable – it’s three times stronger than cotton – so it can last you years of peaceful nights’ sleep.

The unique structure of bamboo fiber also makes bamboo blankets nice and lightweight while still providing extra warmth when needed – this means you can move around freely under the blanket without feeling restricted or weighed down. And its breathable properties mean that moisture will be released away from the body instead of being trapped within the fabric like other materials such as synthetic fibers or wool would do.

37. Speaker

Say goodbye to fumbling for remote controls! Introducing the Alexa-enabled speaker that has Amazon’s voice assistant built-in. With just your voice, you can play music and adjust volume without touching anything at all – talk about intuitive technology. Comes equipped with both Wi-Fi connectivity as well as compatibility outstandingly well on Bluetooth or 3.5mm inputs so users will be able to enjoy any type of song they choose no matter what device they’re listening from.

38. Folding Suport Cane

This folding walking cane is a great tool for visually impaired people and the elderly who need a bit more help when it comes to walking. The sturdy wooden handle provides a firm grip, allowing you to have peace of mind that it won’t slip out of your hand like other canes do. Plus, the thick rubber tip at the bottom ensures that the cane won’t easily wear down with repeated use. Additionally, this cane has red reflective stripes along the length of it – making you more visible in dimly lit areas and giving you added safety. This walking cane is able to offer users a reliable way to keep their balance and independence as they go about their day, allowing them to retain freedom and dignity in their daily lives.

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