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Celebrate Milestones with 34 Gifts for Nursing Students

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Embarking on the path to become a nurse is a journey of immense dedication, compassion, and resilience. For those in the throes of nursing school, the right gifts can serve as beacons of encouragement, aiding both their studies and their spirits. Our gift guide with the best gifts for nursing students is crafted with an understanding of the unique challenges and triumphs these students face. It’s a curated collection of thoughtful, practical, and inspirational items designed to support them on their path to becoming healthcare heroes. From tools that enhance their education to items that offer much-needed relaxation after long study sessions, each gift is chosen to resonate with the aspirations and needs of nursing students.

Our selection process for the best nursing student gifts was thorough and considerate, reflecting the profound respect we hold for the nursing profession. We delved into the essentials of the nursing student experience, seeking gifts that blend utility with a touch of personal care. This involved consulting with current nursing students, educators, and seasoned nurses to gain insights into what would truly benefit and uplift someone in the midst of their nursing education. We evaluated a wide range of potential gifts, from the latest medical gadgets that simplify complex concepts to comforting items that soothe the soul after challenging days. Our aim was to assemble a diverse selection that not only aids in their learning but also celebrates their commitment to caring for others.

As you explore our gift guide, you’ll discover a variety of gifts that acknowledge the hard work and dedication of nursing students. Whether it’s a sophisticated piece of equipment that sharpens their clinical skills, a custom-engraved stethoscope that marks the beginning of their medical journey, or simply a care package that offers a moment of peace, our guide is here to help you select a thoughtful and impactful present.

Best Nursing Student Gifts

1. Vein Finder for Performing IV Access on Patients

Introducing the Easy & Quick Vein Visualizer, a true ally for nursing students stepping into the world of healthcare! This nifty gadget turns the daunting task of finding veins into child’s play, thanks to its crystal-clear visuals and effortless on-off switch. With three adjustable intensity modes, it caters to all skin tones, ensuring no one is left out. Powered by a durable battery and equipped with micro USB charging, plus a handy indicator light, it’s the perfect study buddy for both seasoned pros and eager beginners. A thoughtful gift that promises to make their learning journey smoother and their patients’ experience better.

2. Cheat Sheets on Nurse Badge Cards

Dive into the world of nursing with this indispensable set of 66 cheat sheets on 33 nurse badge cards, designed by nurses for nurses. Covering everything from EKGs and Lab Values to Pediatrics and even English/Spanish translations, these cards are the ultimate pocket mentor for nursing students and seasoned professionals alike. Forget fumbling with EKG calipers; these cards make rhythm measurement a breeze. With all the essentials for acing your ACLS certification at your fingertips, they’re the perfect gift to ensure success in the healthcare field.

3. Clinical Bag for Nurses

Meet the ultimate companion for any nursing student or professional: a durable, waterproof bag crafted from top-quality nylon. It’s built to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily healthcare work, ensuring everything inside stays dry and is a breeze to clean. Thanks to its smart, foldable design, it tucks away neatly when not in use, freeing up precious space. This practical and stylish bag is the perfect way to keep all nursing essentials organized and within reach, wherever the day takes you.

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4. The Sick Rose Book

“The Sick Rose” offers a mesmerizing journey into the golden age of medical illustration, showcasing the finest examples of art that sought to demystify the human body’s inner workings and its ailments. These bizarre yet captivating images serve as a window into the combined curiosity of doctors and artists of the era. Through detailed close-up shots and cross sections, this book makes the mysterious beauty of our bodily functions accessible, providing a unique and fascinating gift for nursing students eager to explore the intersection of medicine and art.

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5. ID Name Badge Holder for Nurse

Transform your ID card holder from ordinary to extraordinary with this uniquely designed badge reel. Made from flexible and durable material, it doubles as both a stylish ornament for your workspace and a secure holder for your badges, ensuring they’re always within reach and never lost. Its distinctive pattern stands out, making it easy to spot your badge in any setting.

6. Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope

Elevate the nursing student’s toolkit with a stethoscope that blends style with cutting-edge functionality. Its high polish copper chestpiece and sleek black tubing make a fashion statement, while the connection to Eko software brings heart sounds to life on screen. With up to 40x sound amplification and active noise cancellation, clarity is guaranteed, even in bustling environments. This versatile tool shifts smoothly between analog and amplified modes, catering to both adult and pediatric patients. Soft sealing ear tips and a tunable, dual-sided stainless steel chestpiece ensure comfort and precision in every check-up.

7. Organic All-in-One Vegan Meal Replacement

Gift the gift of wellness and convenience to a nursing student with this power-packed, plant-based protein powder. Just a scoop blends seamlessly into smoothies, offering 20 grams of vegan protein from organic peas, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, packed with all nine essential amino acids. It doesn’t stop there, it’s a nutritional powerhouse with 50% daily value of 8 vitamins and minerals, 4g of fiber, Omega-3 ALA, antioxidants, and probiotics. Certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for busy, health-conscious students on the move.

8. Portable Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Surprise a nursing student with the Cuppamoka, a compact and lightweight travel coffee maker that fits snugly in any bag. This nifty gadget brings the soothing ritual of pour-over coffee anywhere, making it portable without compromising on the quality of your brew. Perfect for those early mornings or late study nights, it ensures a freshly made cup of coffee is always within reach, offering comfort and a taste of home on the go.

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9. Led Medical Penlight

The perfect gift for any nursing student, this LED Medical Penlight is a small but mighty addition to their medical toolkit. Designed with a pupil gauge, it’s essential for quick assessments. Its convenient pocket clip ensures it’s always within reach, ready for those critical moments without the worry of losing it. Compact enough to fit anywhere, this penlight shines brightly as a practical and thoughtful present, ensuring they’re prepared for whatever their shifts may throw at them.

10. IV Insertion Practice Kit

Gift a nursing student the key to mastering venipuncture with this ultra-realistic training kit. It features a wearable arm cuff and an injection pad that closely resemble a real patient’s limb, offering an authentic practice experience. Equipped with a variety of tools for practicing different techniques, this kit boosts confidence for actual medical procedures. Crafted from high-quality, latex-free silicone, it’s both safe and lifelike. Affordable and essential, it’s the perfect starter pack for students, nurses, and medical interns embarking on their training journey.

11. Nursing School Study Planner

Unlock the secret to nursing school success with this specialized planner, the perfect gift for nursing students. Tailored to help conquer NCLEX and ATI/HESI exams, this planner is a powerhouse for setting and tracking goals across daily, weekly, and monthly timelines. It’s an essential ally in managing clinicals, simulations, labs, assignments, and exams, while fostering effective study habits and keeping essential tasks in check. With 18 reference pages spanning 10 critical nursing subjects, it’s the ultimate tool for organizing and thriving in nursing school.

12. HappyLight® Light Therapy Lamp

Bring a daily dose of sunshine into a nursing student’s life with this one-touch light therapy lamp. It beams up to 10,000 lux of UV-free, full-spectrum LED light, perfectly mimicking natural sunlight without any glares or flickering. Ideal for boosting mood, energy, focus, and improving sleep, it’s a portable slice of sunshine with its sleek, tablet design and detachable stand. Whether for home, office, or on the move, it’s the ideal remedy against seasonal blues or sunlight deprivation, keeping spirits bright and motivation high.

13. Sunflower Bling Stethoscope Charms

Give your stethoscope a personalized touch of cheer with this set of sparkling sunflower charms! Including four vibrant colors – white, yellow, green, and pink – these accessories are perfect for nursing students looking to stand out. Made from a durable alloy and coated with high-quality epoxy, these charms are designed to keep their shine without fading. Universally fitting all stethoscope sizes, they’re the perfect way to add a bright and cheerful vibe to any medical gear.

14. Memory Foam Back Cushion

Ease back pain and upgrade your seating comfort with a memory foam lumbar support cushion, an ideal gift for a nursing student always on the go. This cushion adapts perfectly to your comfort needs with adjustable extension straps, ensuring every seat supports you correctly. Plus, its washable cover means maintaining its freshness is a breeze. Transform any chair from a source of discomfort to a haven of support, making long study sessions or shifts more bearable.

15. The Anatomy Coloring Book

Dive into the wonders of the human body with the best-selling anatomy coloring book, a perfect gift for nursing students. With its hand-drawn figures designed for easy coloring, this book turns study time into a fun, interactive experience. The detailed illustrations simplify complex concepts, making learning not just simpler but also enjoyable. Ideal for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of human anatomy in a creative and engaging way, it’s the go-to resource for making study sessions more colorful and effective.

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16. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Gift a nursing student the ability to monitor health in a snap with this advanced fingertip device. It accurately measures blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, and strength, showcasing them on a bright LED screen for easy reading. Unique for its precise SpO2 readings up to 100%, it’s a must-have for anyone passionate about health, whether they’re hitting the gym or in the medical field. Its adaptable finger chamber with a SMART Spring System fits a variety of finger sizes, making it a versatile tool for any healthcare toolkit.

17. 100 Piece First Aid Kit

Ease your mind on any adventure with a 100 Piece First Aid Kit, an ideal gift for a nursing student ready to tackle the unexpected. This kit is your go-to for any accident, packed with essential first aid supplies in a lightweight, easy-to-carry package. Prepared in advance, it ensures you’re equipped to handle emergencies with confidence. Perfect for those who love the outdoors or anyone who likes to be ready for anything, it’s a practical addition to any safety plan.

18. Crocs Unisex Comfort Clog

Step into comfort with Crocs Unisex Comfort Clogs, the perfect gift for a busy nursing student. These clogs boast a timeless design and come in a variety of colors to suit any style. Made from incredibly lightweight Croslite material, they promise all-day comfort without weighing you down. Plus, the pivoting heel strap adds an extra layer of security, whether you’re bustling around town or exploring the great outdoors. A practical, stylish choice for anyone on their feet all day.

19. Funny Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Set

Brighten the day of a nursing student with this charming gift set, featuring a playful “Before Patients” coffee mug and an “After Patients” stemless wine glass. With elegant gold lettering on both the 11 oz mug and the 18 oz wine glass, it’s the perfect blend of humor and style for any healthcare professional. The wine glass’s design minimizes spills and ensures a comfortable grip, making it a thoughtful and amusing way to appreciate the hard work and dedication of medical workers.

20. Stethoscope Bracelet Gift

Celebrate the dedication of a nursing student with this elegant bracelet, a symbol of love and admiration for the nursing profession. The heart and stethoscope charms beautifully capture the essence of nursing care and understanding, making it a perfect gift for medical professionals. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation and respect for their hard work and commitment, letting them know how much their efforts are valued every day.

21. Self Care Cards & Mindfulness Exercises

Gift a nursing student the key to tranquility with these mindfulness and meditation cards. Crafted by therapists and yogis, these pocket-sized guides offer simple exercises for any place, whether it’s the office, school, or before bedtime. Designed to stop stress in its tracks and invite calm, they include techniques in breathwork, body awareness, and positive visualization. Recommended by health professionals for all ages, these cards are a thoughtful present for personal growth or as a thoughtful gesture to others.

22. Stylish Womens Mock Top

Treat a nursing student to a blend of style, comfort, and functionality with the Modern Classic fit mock wrap scrub top. Designed to meet the demands of healthcare work, this scrub top combines a professional look with durability and an affordable price. It features hidden loops inside the right pocket for extra instrument storage and a convenient bungee ID badge loop on the left pocket, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for anyone in the healthcare field.

23. Men Scrubs Top

Brighten up a nursing student’s wardrobe with these vibrant and stylish scrubs, designed to make a statement in any fast-paced healthcare setting. Not only do they offer a unique way to stand out among peers, but they also draw attention to the crucial work being done. These fashionable scrubs ensure that all eyes are on you for all the right reasons, making them a perfect gift for someone dedicated to making a difference every day.

24. Medical Scissors Trauma Shears

Gift a nursing student the ultimate tool for their medical kit with these professional-grade scissors. Made from superior stainless steel, they guarantee strength, durability, and sharpness that lasts. Designed with an ergonomic soft-grip handle, they ensure precision and comfort for any task, whether it’s cutting bandages or emergency situations like car seat belts. Suitable for left and right-handed users, these scissors are an essential, versatile gift for any aspiring medical professional.

25. Webster’s Medical Dictionary

Delve into the world of modern medicine with the latest Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary, an invaluable gift for any nursing student. Packed with 1,000 new words and 39,000 entries, it offers the most up-to-date terms alongside authoritative definitions crafted by over 200 field experts. Whether for home or office use, this dictionary ensures that the information needed is always at your fingertips, making it an essential tool for anyone serious about healthcare.

26. Novelty Casual Crew Socks

Gift a nursing student the ultimate comfort for their busy days with these high-quality, durable socks. Easy to care for with machine washability, they come in a wide array of colors to suit any outfit or mood. Perfect for long shifts or study sessions, these socks are a practical, thoughtful present that combines style, comfort, and convenience, ensuring they’re well-prepared for whatever their day holds.

27. Fitbit Versa 2

Surprise a nursing student with the Fitbit 2, the ultimate fitness companion that does more than track your heart rate. With this wearable, you get real-time weather updates, control Spotify for music on-the-go, and even use voice commands with Alexa for hands-free convenience. It’s the perfect gift for staying on top of fitness goals, managing a busy schedule, and enjoying a little entertainment, all from the wrist. A thoughtful way to support their health and wellbeing during those long study sessions and clinical shifts.

28. Doctor Wars Card Game

Gift a nursing student the joy of “Doctor Wars,” a thrilling card game where the aim is to treat patients and outsmart competitors by being the last one standing financially. Unlike traditional games where falling behind early spells doom, here, anyone can turn their fortunes around with the right card. Packed with medical humor and inside jokes, it’s not just a game but a fun way to learn about being a great doctor, making it perfect for anyone connected to the medical field.

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29. No-Touch Infrared Digital Thermometer

Delight a nursing student with the iHealth thermometer, a pinnacle of hygiene and efficiency in temperature taking. This advanced gadget measures temperature without contact, from a safe distance of 1.18 inches away from the forehead, ensuring a germ-free process. Its high-precision tri-point sensory system gathers over 100 data points per second, offering fast and accurate readings that appear on a large LED screen in just one second, even in complete darkness—a perfect blend of technology for health and safety.

30. Sterling Silver Stethoscope Cross Necklace

Celebrate a nursing student’s faith and commitment to healing with this stunning necklace, featuring a pendant that beautifully combines a stethoscope and a cross. This symbol of medical devotion and Christian faith is an ideal gift for anyone in the healthcare profession, from new graduates to experienced practitioners. Made from 100% 925 sterling silver, it’s free from lead, nickel, and cadmium, making it hypoallergenic and comfortable for everyday wear, ensuring it’s both meaningful and gentle on the skin.

31. Innovative Headbands with a Button for Mask

Gift a nursing student these stylish and practical headbands, designed with healthcare workers in mind. Each is hand-sewn with two large buttons to comfortably hold a mask in place, relieving ear discomfort. Crafted from elastic fabric, these headbands are soft, lightweight, and stay put without slipping, ensuring all-day comfort. They’re not just for work; they’re also great for makeup, outdoor fun, and sports, making them a versatile addition to any daily routine.

32. Nurse’s Prayer Tabletop Figurine

Show appreciation for a nursing student’s commitment with this touching resin stone figurine. Standing at 4.5 x 5.5 inches, it proudly displays the Nurse’s Prayer, celebrating the compassion and dedication of nurses. Ideal for enhancing any desk, table, or shelf, it brings a deep sense of gratitude to any setting. Each figurine is carefully packaged in a protective box, ready to be given as a heartfelt gift that honors their hard work and devotion.

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33. Nurse Clip On Night Light

The ClipGlow is the perfect accessory for any nursing student or medical professional, designed to enhance patient care without interrupting sleep. Its bright, yet lightweight magnetic design clips easily onto badges or clothes, ensuring visibility and safety. With a USB rechargeable battery that lasts 8-10 hours, it’s ideal for those long shifts. It also features 4 adjustable light settings, ranging from dim to flashing, to adapt to any need, making it an essential tool for healthcare settings.

34. Multi Compartment Waist Organizer

Gift a nursing student or medical professional this sleek, functional utility belt, designed for supreme comfort and efficiency. Made from high-quality microfiber, it guarantees a comfortable fit without causing backaches. Equipped with 9 stretchy mesh pockets and syringe holders, organizing stethoscopes, syringes, and other supplies becomes effortless. The slim, adjustable design ensures a perfect fit at the waist, reducing bulk. Water-resistant and durable, this pack offers quick access to essentials, making it a must-have for those always on the move.

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