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Smash Hit: 36 Unique Volleyball Gifts for Players

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In the dynamic and high-spirited world of volleyball, every serve, spike, and set carries with it a rush of adrenaline and a sense of achievement. Gifts that resonate with this energy and passion can elevate the spirits of both players and coaches alike, making Volleyball gift guides a curated collection of items designed to celebrate the love for the game. From practical gear that enhances performance on the court to personalized tokens that capture the spirit of teamwork and determination, this guide offers a thoughtful selection of presents tailored for those who live and breathe volleyball. Whether it’s to commemorate a victorious season, to encourage a budding player, or to express gratitude towards a coach who inspires, each gift has been chosen to echo the dedication required in volleyball.

Our approach to compiling this guide involved an in-depth exploration of the volleyball community, aiming to find gifts that truly speak to the heart of the sport. This meant considering the needs of volleyball players who spend hours training and competing, as well as the mentors who guide them towards their goals. Our selection process was rigorous, involving consultations with experienced coaches, feedback from players, and a review of the latest in sports technology and memorabilia. We sifted through an array of potential gifts, evaluating them for quality, relevance, and their ability to inspire and motivate. From high-quality volleyball equipment that promises better game performance to unique mementos that celebrate individual and team achievements, our guide is dedicated to finding the perfect match for volleyball enthusiasts.

Best Gifts for Volleyball Players

1. Nike Volleyball Knee Pads

Dive into the game with confidence in these sleek volleyball pads, designed to cushion your every move. With their high-density foam, they’re like guardians for your knees, absorbing shocks like a pro. The magic of Dri-FIT technology keeps you cool and dry, waving goodbye to sweat as you play. Plus, the extra soft lining is like a gentle hug for your knees, ensuring comfort that lasts through every serve and spike. A perfect gift to keep volleyball players in the game and feeling great.

2. Cute Mini Locker

Elevate your space with this adorable mini locker, standing proud at 10.75 inches of cool steel. Inside, find shelves and hooks for neat organization, and padded feet to keep your surfaces scratch-free. Personalize it with a photo in the built-in frame and deck it out with stickers. Perfect for volleyball enthusiasts to stash their gear, makeup, or keepsakes in style.

3. Volleyball Training Kit

Step up your game without the hassle of chasing balls with this innovative training kit. Perfect for solo sessions, it’s your personal rebounder, making sure the ball always comes back to you. With adjustable straps to hone your setting skills and a versatile ball pouch, it fits any sport’s ball. Its durable, stretchy cord extends up to 78 inches, offering a wide range of drills. A fantastic gift to help volleyball players elevate their serving, setting, and spiking, anytime, anywhere.

4. Wilson Graffiti Volleyball

Unleash your inner beach champion with this eye-catching volleyball, perfect for players aged 13 and up. Sporting a vibrant graffiti design, it captures the spirit of beach volleyball in every panel. With its tough, 18-panel construction, this ball is built to last, game after game. Plus, its butyl rubber bladder is a real game-changer, keeping the ball inflated longer, so you can play more and pump less. A standout gift that brings the beach vibe straight to your game.

5. Fitbit

Meet the Fitbit 2, your new all-in-one fitness companion that keeps you in tune with your heart rate, weather updates, and more. With Alexa built-in, you can simply use your voice to set reminders or ask for information, keeping your hands free for those intense volleyball matches. And when it’s time to relax or get pumped for the game, Spotify integration means your favorite tunes are just a tap away. Perfect for any volleyball player looking to stay on top of their game and their day.

6. Sand Removal Bag

Say goodbye to sticky sand after a beach volleyball game with this magical bag. It’s like a magic wand for your skin, keeping you sand-free with just a gentle pat and swipe. The Sandscreen pouch is not only talc-free and reef-friendly but also champions being gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Perfect for anyone who loves the beach but not the mess, making it an essential companion for beach days, vacations, or any sandy adventure.

7. Backyard Badminton Volleyball Night LED Light

Light up your backyard games like never before with this LED light set, turning evening volleyball or badminton into a dazzling light show. Choose from 17 colors and 7 fun modes to make every game after dark a vibrant event. Installation’s a breeze with zipper ties, and its waterproof build keeps the fun going, rain or shine. Powered by AA batteries for all-night play and controlled by a handy remote, it’s the perfect gift to brighten any sports enthusiast’s night.

8. Adjustable Unisex Charm Bracelet

Show off your love for volleyball in style with this chic Volleyball Charm Bracelet. It’s the perfect accessory for both players and fans, featuring a standout volleyball charm that symbolizes your commitment and love for the game. With its adjustable design, fitting wrists from 5 to 7 inches, and a secure clasp, it’s tailored to comfortably suit almost anyone. A fashionable way to keep your passion close at hand, this bracelet makes a fantastic gift for those who live and breathe volleyball.

9. Medal Display

Honor your volleyball victories with this sturdy metal medal display rack, a lasting tribute to your dedication and hard work. Designed with both durability and ease of cleaning in mind, this rack keeps your medals and ribbons organized and shining with just a simple wipe. While the actual look may vary slightly from your screen, its charm doesn’t diminish. Ideal for any volleyball player’s home or office, it’s a stylish way to celebrate and display your achievements.

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10. Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller Ball

This versatile recovery tool is a game-changer for any volleyball player dealing with muscle aches or soreness. With its 360-degree rotation, you can easily soothe any painful spot. The removable metal ball, perfect for tackling specific issues like shin splints or plantar fasciitis, can be cooled for up to 6 hours or warmed for heat therapy, thanks to its special gel core. Crafted from high-quality materials, it’s safe, BPA-free, and gentle on your skin, making it an ideal gift for athletes looking to bounce back faster.

11. Volleyball Training Equipment Aid Cards

Boost your volleyball game on your own terms with this set of 54 Training Equipment Aid Cards. Packed with drills crafted by seasoned coaches, these cards cover everything from warmups to game-winning strategies, focusing on improving your technique, speed, and teamwork. Each card is a mini-coach, with clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions, making practice both effective and fun. Ideal for any volleyball enthusiast eager to level up their game, these cards are the perfect blend of challenge and enjoyment.

12. Ball Pump Kit

Keep every game going with this all-in-one ball pump kit, a must-have for any volleyball player. This compact set comes with a hand pump, three inflation needles, and a precision pressure gauge, all tucked into a convenient carry case. It’s your go-to for getting soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs to the perfect pressure for peak performance. Lightweight and straightforward, it ensures you’re always ready for quick inflations or adjustments, anytime, anywhere.

13. Stanley Classic Action Travel Mug

Discover the ultimate mug for volleyball enthusiasts who appreciate their beverages just right. This marvel keeps your coffee or tea steaming for up to 7 hours, your cold drinks cool for 10, and your iced drinks frosty for an astounding 30 hours, thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation. Made from rugged 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free materials, it’s designed to endure daily wear and tear while ensuring your drinks are safe. A perfect blend of durability and health-consciousness for active lifestyles.

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14. Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

Jump into the fun with the spikeball standard three-ball kit, the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure or indoor gathering. This game brings excitement to the beach, backyard, or living room, offering simple rules that anyone can pick up for instant enjoyment. It’s the ideal way to get friends and family moving and laughing together. Don’t miss out on the action – grab your kit today and start serving up some spikeball fun!

15. Universal Smartwatch Protective Strap

Protect your smartwatch in style with SwiftBand, the ultimate accessory for anyone active in contact sports or daily adventures. Compatible with major brands like Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung, it not only shields your watch and strap but also enhances heart rate monitor accuracy, thanks to its clever quick-access flap. Easy to remove and machine washable, SwiftBand combines practicality with protection, making it an excellent gift for volleyball players who want to keep their tech safe while they play.

16. Volleyball Dry Erase Coaches Clipboard

Elevate game plans and team talks with this top-notch volleyball clipboard, the perfect sidekick for any coach. Its dry erase surface lets you sketch out strategies quickly and clearly, ensuring your team stays in sync. Designed to endure the hustle of daily practices and intense games, it’s as durable as it is portable. The clear lines and ample space make for easy viewing, with a sturdy metal clip to keep papers secure. A must-have for volleyball coaches aiming to boost communication and strategy.

17. 3D Optical Illusion Night Light

Light up a volleyball fan’s world with this enchanting lamp, featuring touch control to easily cycle through seven stunning colors or set it to dazzle with a color-changing mode. Not only is it energy-efficient, drawing minimal power, but it’s also built to last with a LED life of 10,000 hours. Crafted from durable acrylic and an ABS base, and powered by a convenient USB cable, this lamp is a bright idea for any volleyball enthusiast’s space.

18. Revolution Swell 2.0

Master the waves with ease using this balance board, the ultimate companion for any surfer, longboarder, SUP-er, or kiteboarder facing unpredictable seas. Designed to sharpen your balance as waves hit from every direction, this tool is essential for those looking to stay upright and ride smoothly, no matter the water’s whims. It’s the perfect gift for wave enthusiasts eager to enhance their skills and tackle any challenge the ocean throws their way.

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19. Volleyball Training Technique Setting Aid

Elevate your volleyball game with these innovative setting aids, perfect for players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Designed to slip comfortably onto your palms, these aids come with adjustable straps and plastic knobs to ensure a snug fit, teaching you the art of precise hand placement and control. Crafted from tough nylon and plastic, they’re built to withstand intense practice sessions, making them an excellent gift for anyone looking to improve their volleyball skills.

20. Scoreboard Score Keeper

Stay on top of the score in style with this sleek Sports Flip Scoreboard. Crafted from sturdy PU and membrane paper, it’s designed to last and is perfect for volleyball, basketball, or any sport you love. The scoreboard boasts large, easy-to-read numbers set against a vibrant blue and red background, visible to players and fans alike. With its dual-sided display, everyone can keep up with the action.

21. Glow in The Dark Volleyball

Light up the night with this cool volleyball, designed to keep the game going long after sunset. Featuring two bright LED lights, it sparks to life with every tap or serve, glowing for up to 30 hours. This ball is not only fun but tough, with a nylon-wound, water-resistant shell and secure grommets to hold the lights. It comes ready to play with batteries and simple instructions, perfect for beach or backyard volleyball under the stars.

22. Leggings for Women

Celebrate your volleyball passion with these chic leggings, perfect for players, fans, and team supporters alike. Crafted with breathable, stretchy, and soft fabric, they’re your go-to for everything from intense matches and training to chilling out. With a design that screams volleyball love, these leggings blend comfort with style, making them an essential addition to any volleyball enthusiast’s closet. Ideal for anyone who wants to show off their sporty side in comfort and style.

23. SKLZ Reactive Catch Trainer

Elevate your game with this innovative training tool, designed to enhance hand-eye coordination and speed. Its unique three-pointed shape with rounded ends makes catching and throwing a breeze, perfect for improving reaction times and quick thinking. Suitable for all skill levels, it’s great for individual or team practice. This tool also adds a mental challenge by incorporating color-specific catches, making it an ideal gift for athletes looking to step up their performance on and off the volleyball court.

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24. Volleyball Bath Bombs

Dive into relaxation with these Volleyball Bath Bombs, the ultimate treat for any volleyball enthusiast. This special 3-pack brings the fun of the game into your bath time with bombs shaped just like volleyballs. Handmade in the USA from natural ingredients, they promise a soothing soak that moisturizes the skin and eases muscle tension with the help of Epsom salt. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a game or practice, making it a thoughtful gift for volleyball fans.

25. Volleyball Sling Bag

This versatile bag is a game-changer for anyone on the go, ideal for shopping, biking, or hiking adventures. With its adjustable strap, you can wear it your way: over the chest, on the shoulder, or across the body. It’s designed with plenty of room for all your essentials, featuring a large main compartment, two side mesh pockets, and an inner pocket. Plus, it includes a handy key rope to prevent loss and cushioned straps for all-day comfort, making it a great gift for active volleyball players.

26. Vertical Jump Leg Strength Resistance Bands

Boost your athletic performance with this premium resistance band set, crafted from 100% natural latex for unbeatable durability and stretch. Designed to strengthen leg muscles and enhance your vertical leap, agility, speed, and overall fitness, it’s adjustable and suitable for a wide range of sports, including volleyball. With four levels of resistance, you can keep challenging yourself, making it a fantastic gift for professionals and fitness buffs eager to take their game to new heights.

27. Apple AirPods with Lightning Charging Case

Experience the magic of Apple AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case, the perfect gift for volleyball players who love to stay connected and motivated with music. These earphones offer a snug fit for all-day comfort and instantly come to life, seamlessly connecting to your Apple devices the moment you put them in your ears. With the simple call out to “Hey Siri,” you can go hands-free, making it easier to focus on your game or workout.

28. Idson Muscle Roller Stick

Ease your post-game aches with this durable muscle roller stick, a must-have for volleyball players. Crafted from tough materials for longevity, it features comfy thermoplastic rubber handles for a firm grip. With 9 independent rollers gliding smoothly over a steel rod core, it’s perfect for targeting those stubborn sore spots after an intense workout.

29. Volleyball Original Spike Trainer

Take your volleyball game to the next level with this unique training tool, designed to supercharge your spiking skills. Easily attachable to any extension with Acme threads, like a painter’s pole or broom handle, it’s an accessible way to practice and perfect your attacking technique. Ideal for volleyball enthusiasts eager to boost their accuracy and power, this tool is a fantastic gift for players aiming to elevate their performance on the court.

30. Folding Camping Beach Table

Unleash the ultimate convenience on your next outdoor adventure with this foldable camping table, complete with a built-in cooler to keep your snacks and drinks chilled. A great gift for volleyball players who love to unwind with friends and family outdoors, this table ensures you’re always prepared, no matter where the fun takes you.

31. UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

Stay cool and protected under the sun with these versatile sport sleeves, perfect for volleyball and other outdoor activities. They block up to 98% of harmful UV rays, ensuring your skin stays safe while you play. Crafted from a soft, breathable fabric that wicks away sweat, these sleeves help keep your body temperature down, boosting your performance. They fit snugly on most arms and are a breeze to maintain — just machine wash and hang to dry. A smart, stylish way to stay focused on the game, no matter the heat.

32. Soft Knot Ball Pillows

Brighten up any room with these delightful Soft Knot Ball Pillows, a cozy addition that brings a splash of color and whimsy. Made from plush fabric and filled with soft PP cotton, they’re perfect for cuddling or adding a playful twist to your decor. Each pillow is carefully hand-sewn into a charming knot design, making them a thoughtful and fun gift. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean with a simple spot or gentle machine wash, blending cuteness with convenience for daily enjoyment.

33. Spike Glove Training Aid

Boost your volleyball game with this innovative silicone glove, designed to take your spiking and serving to the next level. It focuses on teaching a stronger wrist snap and correct finger placement, essential for hitting the ball with more power and precision. The glove not only improves your technique but also helps build the muscle memory needed for consistent performance. Thanks to its adjustable wristband, it’s a perfect fit for players of any age, making it an ideal gift for volleyball enthusiasts looking to elevate their skills.

34. Volleyball Dogtag Necklaces

Each set showcases four distinct designs, adorned with inspiring quotes to motivate players, coaches, and fans. Made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, these dogtags offer both resilience and flair, making them a perfect accessory for anyone, regardless of gender. A stylish and empowering gift, they’re ideal for celebrating the love of volleyball and the drive to succeed.

35. Flexibility Stunt Strap

Unlock new levels of flexibility and improve your performance with this durable Nylon Stretching Strap. Perfect for cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts, and athletes aiming to enhance their stretches, this 39-inch long and 1-inch wide strap offers the ideal resistance and support for mastering scorpions, heel stretches, and more. Included with a digital training guide, you’ll get expert tips to make the most of your routine

36. Extra Large Beach Blanket by Athletrek

Transform any gathering into a beach getaway with the Athletrek Extra Large Beach Blanket. This plush, sand-free mat spreads out to cover 90 square feet, offering ample space for up to 8 adults to relax and enjoy. Whether it’s for a beach-themed birthday, a wedding, or just a day of fun in the sun, this luxurious blanket is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to unwind on the sand in comfort and style.

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