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Sparkle and Shine with 38 Gifts for Cheerleaders

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In the vibrant world of cheerleading, where energy and spirit soar as high as the acrobatic stunts, finding the perfect gifts for cheerleaders is about capturing the essence of their passion and dedication. Our curated gift guide leaps into the heart of what it means to be a cheerleader, presenting a collection of items that resonate with the joy, teamwork, and dynamic athleticism of the sport.

Embarking on the selection process for cheerleader gifts, we were guided by an understanding of the unique blend of athleticism, artistry, and team spirit that defines cheerleading. We sought items that not only reflect the aesthetic and practical aspects of cheerleading but also honor the commitment of these athletes. Our journey involved consulting with seasoned cheerleaders, coaches, and team supporters to gain insights into what truly makes a meaningful gift. We delved into product reviews, explored the latest trends in cheer gear, and considered the functionality and appeal of each item. Whether it’s gear adorned with their team’s colors, motivational keepsakes to inspire their journey, or tools to enhance their performance and safety, our selections are tailored to uplift and celebrate the cheerleader’s journey.

Best Cheerleader Gifts

1. Cute Mini Locker

Step right up to the ultimate cheerleader’s desk companion: a mini steel locker standing at 10.75″ of pure organizational joy! With its classic locker design, this gem isn’t just a looker; it’s a keeper with a padlock and keys to safeguard treasures, from pompoms to glittery makeup. Adjustable shelves and hooks inside make organizing a breeze, while padded feet ensure your surfaces stay scratch-free. Plus, a built-in picture frame adds that personal touch. Jazz it up with stickers for a gift that screams, “Go team!”

2. Stunt Trainer Cheer Stand

Gift your favorite cheerleader the secret to sky-high stunts: a compact balance tool tailored for flyers! It’s the perfect pick for honing balance, strength, and control, from beginner basics to expert moves. With its cutting-edge balance technology, this lightweight marvel ensures safe practice anytime, anywhere, and its low-height design keeps things safe, minimizing tumbles. Ideal for mastering those eye-catching routines, it’s a must-have for any cheerleader aiming to elevate their performance.

3. Extra Strong Hold Hairspray

Elevate a cheerleader’s hair game with TIGI Bed Head hairspray, the ultimate style locker with a strong hold that lasts. Infused with simethicone, it not only keeps every hair in place but adds a spectacular shine that rivals the glossiest of trophies. Plus, its tropical fragrance whisks you away to paradise with every spritz, ensuring hair is not just styled, but transformed into a dazzling spectacle.

4. A Mind of Cheer

Dive into a book that’s a cheerleader’s guide to life, packed with the power to motivate and inspire. Perfect for pre-teens, young adults, and cheer fans, it turns the vibrant spirit of cheerleading into a blueprint for personal growth and resilience. With interactive advice and uplifting insights, this book is a beacon of positivity, encouraging readers to live with zest and tackle goals with cheer-worthy gusto.

5. Tumble Pro X Ankle Straps

Leap towards perfection with Tumbling Straps, the ultimate tool for cheerleaders and gymnasts aiming to refine their skills! These straps work wonders in keeping legs, feet, and ankles snug together, banishing the dreaded frog legs during flips and handsprings. With adjustable comfort that fits tumblers of any age or skill level, they ensure every movement is sharp and precise. A fantastic gift to help any athlete soar higher in their tumbling journey, these straps are a must-have for elevating performance.

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6. Gel Ice Pack for Pain Relief

Gift the power of relief with this ice pack, a cheerleader’s ally against pain and swelling. It’s like a cozy hug for sore muscles, with a plush lining that keeps frostbite at bay while targeting aches deep down. Designed for the active, it wraps snugly around shoulders, elbows, or any spot needing comfort, staying soft even when frozen. Durable and leak-proof, it’s the hands-free solution to bounce back from intense routines, making recovery as smooth as their performances.

7. Hair Chalk Comb Temporary Bright Hair Color Dye

Transform your look in a flash with Hair Chalk, the ultimate accessory for cheerleaders who love to stand out! Dive into a rainbow of possibilities, from radiant reds to bold blues and greens, all without any fuss. Perfect for adding a pop of color to any routine, this hair chalk is kid-friendly and washes out with just water. It’s the safe, fun way to express your spirit and style, making it a fantastic gift for vibrant cheerleaders ready to shine.

8. Bring It On: 6-Movie Cheer Pack

Dive into the world of cheer with the “Bring It On” series collection, a thrilling ride from the high-stakes drama of the original movie to the global showdown in “Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack.” This bundle is your all-access pass to the heart of cheerleading, celebrating friendship, rivalry, and the sheer joy of competition. With added extras like deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes peeks, it’s the perfect gift for cheerleaders who dream big and cheer louder.

9. Magnetic Shoes Strings

Step into the future of footwear with these tieless shoelaces, a game-changer for cheerleaders always on the move. Designed to make slipping shoes on and off a breeze, they’re perfect for anyone who’d rather spend time perfecting routines than fiddling with knots. The stretchy material offers a snug, comfortable fit, while the sparkling magnetic buckle adds a dash of style. A practical, fashionable gift that turns every shoe into a slip-on and every exit a stylish one.

10. Flexibility Stunt Strap

Unlock new levels of flexibility and nail those stunts with the Nylon Stretching Strap! Tailor-made for cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts, this strap is your go-to for achieving deeper stretches and perfecting moves like scorpions and heel stretches. At 39 inches long and crafted from durable nylon, it offers just the right resistance to support your goals. Plus, with a digital training guide included, you’ll get expert tips to enhance your routine.

11. Personalized Initial Makeup Bag

Gift her a touch of preppy elegance with this personalized makeup bag. Crafted from premium PU leather, it’s not just waterproof and durable but also stylish with its gold-plated zipper. Perfect for keeping everyday beauty essentials or toiletries, it’s the ultimate travel buddy. And it’s not just for makeup; it doubles up as a chic organizer for office supplies too. This versatile bag promises to keep her necessities fashionably in check, making it an ideal present for any cheerleader.

12. Cheerleader Medal Display Rack

Celebrate every leap, flip, and victory with this wall-mounted medal rack, designed to showcase the rewards of determination and hard work. It’s more than just a display; it’s a tribute to the incredible journey and success of any cheerleader, turning medals into a source of daily inspiration. This display hanger turns achievements into an awe-inspiring wall of honor, making it the perfect gift for cheerleaders eager to display their hard-earned accomplishments with pride.

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13. Pompoms with Baton Handle

Bring the energy to every cheer with Hooshing Cheerleading Pom Poms! Designed for maximum team spirit, these pom poms feature shiny, metallic strands and sturdy plastic handles for easy waving. Their umbrella-shaped design makes each cheer fuller and more vibrant. Lightweight and perfect for anyone from kids to adults, they come in a variety of colors to match any team spirit or costume. A must-have accessory for sports events and celebrations, these pom poms are sure to be a crowd favorite.

14. Macrame Hair Bow Holder

Transform clutter into decor with this ivory wall hanging, a stylish solution for organizing hair bows, clips, and headbands. Crafted from natural cotton rope and wood, its long fringe design not only makes grabbing accessories a breeze but also infuses any room with a modern boho vibe. Ideal for sprucing up bedroom or bathroom walls, this braided organizer is a chic gift for cheerleaders, adding a touch of bohemian elegance while keeping essentials neatly arranged.

15. Flowy Workout Shorts

Step up the game with Women’s 2 in 1 Shorts, the ultimate blend of comfort and style for the active cheerleader. Made from a mix of Spandex and Polyamide, these shorts are quick to dry, breathable, and built to last. With a snug, stretchy waistband and a secure inner liner, they promise privacy and comfort for any activity, be it hitting the gym, mastering yoga poses, or acing outdoor sports.

16. Cosmetic Gold Glitter Makeup

Sparkle like never before with this mesmerizing mix of gold stars, shiny speckles, shimmering dust, and hex-shaped pieces, perfect for creating that festival-ready cheerleader look. Crafted from skin-safe cosmetic glitter flakes, it’s kid-friendly and poses no risks. Embrace the dazzle without compromise, as this glitter is also vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring you can shine guilt-free. A fantastic gift for cheerleaders who love to stand out with a conscience as clear as their sparkle.

17. Hair Pins Kit

Unlock the secret to flawless hairdos with this 160-piece hair accessory kit, your must-have for stunning styles anywhere, anytime. From bobby pins and U-shaped pins to no-crease clips, hair ties, rubber bands, and nets, it’s all here in one compact box. Made for durability and ease, this kit keeps every tiny essential sorted and ready to use. Ideal for cheerleaders who need their hair to be as perfect as their routines, this set is a gift that keeps on giving.

18. Small Liquid Chalk Keychain

Boost your performance and protect your hands with this versatile liquid grip enhancer, perfect for anyone into weightlifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, or dance. Its liquid formula dries quickly to ensure a strong, slip-free grip, helping to avoid blisters and injuries while you push the limits. Plus, its travel-friendly size means you can easily bring it along to the gym or any outdoor adventure. A great gift for cheerleaders looking to improve their grip and safety during intense practices and performances.

19. Backbend Training Belt with Door Anchor

Unlock new levels of flexibility with the Yoga Stretching Belt, a game-changer for yogis and cheerleaders alike. This belt, with its leg and waist stretcher, helps you achieve deeper stretches and perfect your handstands, all while ensuring your comfort with its smooth, soft fabric. It’s like having an aerial yoga swing at home! Easy to attach to any door and adjustable for all heights, it’s the ideal gift for anyone eager to enhance their yoga practice and flexibility effortlessly.

20. Cheerleader Charms for Crafting Jewelry

Dive into a world of creativity with this dazzling collection of 175 alloy charms, featuring cheerleading and gymnastics designs that sparkle with energy and style. Accompanied by 200 jump rings, they’re perfect for crafting personalized jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. All neatly organized in a plastic box, these silver-colored charms are the ideal pick for adding a personalized touch to your DIY projects, making them a fabulous gift for the cheerleader who loves to stand out.

21. Paracord Cheer Bows Holder

Keep your cheerleading flair in perfect order with this handmade accessory holder, a must-have for cheerleaders on the go. This durable Paracord holder, adorned in cute colors to match your bows or uniform, neatly stores and protects your cheer bows. Featuring a handy carabiner for attaching to backpacks or bags and a key ring for little extras, it makes organizing and carrying your cheer essentials effortless and stylish. A thoughtful gift to keep every cheer accessory just a quick reach away.

22. Cheerleader St Metal Sign

Light up any room with this vintage-style metal tin sign, where cheerleading meets humor for a delightful twist. Made from high-quality, durable iron and printed with vibrant, enduring inks, it’s designed to stand the test of time. Easy to hang with pre-drilled holes, this sign is perfect for adding a personal touch to cafes, bars, or your home, making it an ideal gift for cheer and dance enthusiasts who love to decorate with a bit of character and charm.

23. Reusable Makeup Remover Kit

Gift the cheerleader in your life the gift of sustainable beauty with these reusable Makeup Remover Pads. Made from eco-friendly, organic bamboo cotton, these pads effortlessly wipe away even the most persistent makeup, making them perfect for anyone who loves to dazzle at competitions and beyond. Each set comes with a handy mesh laundry bag, keeping everything organized and within reach.

24. Core Balance Boards

Elevate a cheerleader’s training with this durable balance board, crafted from firm, high-density cork to stand the test of time. Designed with safety in mind, it features stop plates on both sides to minimize slippage during workouts. Perfect for physical therapy exercises or enhancing balance and coordination, this balance board is an essential tool for any cheerleader looking to improve their performance.

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25. Cheer Scrunchies for Teams

Inject some fun and flair into your style with these colorful Cheer Scrunchies, the perfect accessory for cheerleaders and anyone who loves to shine. They’re great for all occasions, from daily wear to special events, and work with any hairstyle, adding a pop of color whether you’re rocking a high ponytail or a chic braid. Made from soft, stretchy fabric, they’re gentle on all hair types and double as a cute wrist accessory, making them an adorable gift for spirited individuals.

26. Fitbit

Step up your fitness game with the Fitbit 2, the ultimate companion for any cheerleader. Whether you’re practicing routines or simply staying active, the Fitbit 2 is a smart, motivating gift that keeps on giving.

27. Tie Dye Shoelaces

Give your shoes a dazzling makeover with these colorful shoelaces, designed to add a burst of color to any sports shoes, boots, sneakers, or skates. With gradient hues that can match or contrast any outfit, they promise a new and exciting look every time you lace up. Crafted from strong polyester and finished with plastic tips to avoid fraying, these laces are the perfect way to infuse your footwear with a trendy tie-dye vibe, ideal for any activity or style.

28. Football Patched Cropped Jacket

Boost your game day style with this trendy jacket, a perfect mix of vintage charm and athletic elegance. It features a stylish lapel collar, handy bust pockets, and eye-catching football patch sequin print. This cropped jacket, with its soft fabric and long sleeves, offers both comfort and flair. Its dazzling sequin design pairs effortlessly with tees, tank tops, and sneakers, making it an ideal choice for creating a standout look at any college football event.

29. Motivational Water Bottle with Straw

Stay hydrated in style with this innovative water bottle, designed to be your personal hydration coach. It features inspiring quotes to motivate you to drink more water and timestamps to remind you when it’s time for your next sip. Crafted from dust-free material, it guarantees a spill and leak-free experience, making it perfect for active cheerleaders on the go. A practical and thoughtful gift, this water bottle is a cheerleader’s best friend for maintaining peak performance.

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30. Air Barrel Gymnastics Roller

Boost your training with our Air Inflatable Mat, a step above traditional foam rollers. Made with high-quality PVC tarpaulin and sealed tightly to prevent air leaks, this mat offers durability and a sleek look. Available in various sizes, it’s perfect for any activity – from team training and professional gymnastics to fun at home or outdoor workouts on grass, sand, or even water. A versatile and essential tool, this mat is an ideal gift to elevate any cheerleader’s practice routine.

31. Wall Decal

Designed to look like it’s painted right on the wall, this decal adds a personal touch to any space. It’s perfect for decorating walls, mirrors, or any flat surface and can be easily applied or removed with a bit of heat from a blow dryer.

32. Athletic Flat Sneakers

Elevate your performance with Mfreely Cheer Shoes, crafted for women who move with grace and power. Blending the sleek look of fashion sneakers with the robustness of athletic shoes, they feature a breathable design and a special spin pad for smooth pirouettes. The non-slip rubber sole ensures safe landings, making them ideal for cheerleading, dance, or daily wear. With their lightweight feel and cushioning that absorbs impact, these shoes promise comfort and support in every step.

33. Cheerleader Tattoo Stickers

Celebrate team spirit and camaraderie with this set of 100 cheer-themed tattoo stickers, perfect for party favors or uniting cheer squads. These fun tattoos showcase beloved cheer icons, adding a playful and morale-boosting vibe to any gathering. Made with high-quality, eco-friendly, and safe materials, they’re an ideal choice for cheerleading celebrations or marking the end of the school year, worry-free. A delightful gift to spread joy and cheerfulness among team members or friends.

34. Cheerleaders Rubber Stamp

Bring a burst of cheer to your craft projects with the Cheerleaders Rubber Stamp. This delightful wooden stamp adds a lively flair to scrapbooks, cards, and more, crafted for durability and ease of use. Lightweight and versatile, it works well with ink pads or paints, making it perfect for a range of DIY crafts. Whether for decorating tags, creating memorable scrapbook pages, or crafting with kids, this stamp is a creative gift that celebrates the spirit of cheerleading in every artwork.

35. Cheerleading Word Search

Dive into the world of cheer with this engaging word search book, perfect for cheerleaders looking for a fun challenge. Packed with 40 puzzles, including word searches and scrambles, this book is filled with over 300 gymnastics-related terms to uncover. With solutions provided, it’s easy to track your progress or find a hint when needed. A great gift for cheer enthusiasts, this book combines the thrill of cheerleading with the joy of puzzle-solving, making learning and entertainment hand in hand.

36. Still Cheering Resin Skeleton Statue

Embrace the spirit of cheer with a spooky twist with this unique, hand-crafted resin statue. Perfect for those who love a blend of cheerleading vibes and skeleton fun, it captures the essence of eternal team spirit with incredible detail. Ideal as a Halloween decoration, for themed parties, or a distinctive piece in your collection, it adds a playful yet hauntingly festive touch to any space. A fantastic gift for cheer enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates a quirky, spirited decor accent.

37. Door Leg Stretcher

Unlock your full potential with this flexibility stretcher, a must-have for dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and athletes keen on mastering the splits. Crafted from high-quality cotton, it features a smooth-gliding metal D-ring and a door anchor with a protective sponge to keep your space unscathed. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this stretcher is your ally in enhancing balance, increasing your range of motion, and boosting flexibility through regular use.

38. Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

Pamper your feet after a long day of cheerleading with this versatile foot spa bath. It offers a luxurious combination of heating, massage, oxygen bubbles, vibration, and red light therapy to soothe and rejuvenate tired feet. Simply set your desired water temperature between 95° and 118° for a personalized spa experience that keeps the water warm throughout your session. Ideal for any cheerleader looking for a relaxing way to unwind and treat their feet to some well-deserved TLC.

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