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Laugh Out Loud with These 50 Funny Gifts for Men

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In the realm of gift-giving, humor holds a special place, particularly when it comes to choosing presents for the men in our lives. A well-chosen funny gift for guy can break the ice, strengthen bonds, and create lasting memories. This collection of funny gifts for him is for those looking to celebrate the lighter side of life, offering a range of funny gag gifts for guys that are as hilarious as they are thoughtful.

Crafting this guide involved diving deep into the world of comedic gifts with the goal of uncovering those rare gems that deliver a genuine chuckle while still holding value. Our selection process was as meticulous as it was merry, blending an appreciation for classic humor with a keen eye for novelty and innovation. We scoured customer reviews for laugh-inducing success stories, consulted with humorists for their expert picks, and tested the waters with real-world feedback to ensure that our recommendations truly hit the mark in terms of originality and amusement. Whether it’s a quirky gadget that adds an unexpected twist to their day, a piece of whimsical decor that turns their space into a testament to their sense of humor, or a playful experience that leaves them with unforgettable memories, our picks are designed to delight and surprise.

Whether you’re shopping for a gag birthday gifts for him, an anniversary gift, or just because, our gift guide is your ally in finding the perfect comedic present.

Best Funny Gag Gifts for Men

1. Emergency Underpants

Dive into the world of practical humor with Emergency Underpants, the ultimate gag gift that’s bound to elicit belly laughs and maybe even save the day! Imagine the chuckles when unwrapping this gem, perfect for those unexpected moments – whether it’s a surprise encounter with wildlife or any other unforeseen panty predicament. Compact, discreet, and hilariously handy, these underpants are a must-have accessory for any adventure, making them an unforgettable and amusing present for the man who thinks he has everything.

2. Music Throwback Party Quiz Board Game

Step back in time with the Big Potato MTV Game, a hilarious trip down memory lane that’s perfect for music buffs. This party quiz board game brings the grooves of the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s right to your living room. Quick to learn and a blast to play, it challenges players to be the first to snag an artist from all eight cassette categories. Ideal for those aged 14 and up, it’s the perfect gift for the man who loves to mix tunes with a good laugh.

3. Shower Drink Holder for Beer

Elevate your shower time with this ingenious silicone drink holder, designed to keep your favorite beverage snug and secure while you scrub. Whether it’s a cold beer, a fizzy soda, or a refreshing water, this holder sticks without leaving any residue, ensuring your drink is always within reach but never in the way. A perfect, laugh-inducing gift for the man who thought he had everything, it’s the ultimate accessory for anyone looking to sip and shower in style.

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4. Bacon Strips Bandages

Wrap up those cuts and scrapes with a touch of humor using Bacon Strips Bandages. These quirky bandaids not only offer a fun twist on traditional wound care but also come packed in a tin with twenty-five pieces, ensuring you’re well-stocked for any mishaps. Plus, each tin hides a surprise trinket inside, making it a fantastic, chuckle-worthy gift for the man who appreciates a good laugh with his practicality.

5. Belly Button Lint Brush

Ignite a burst of joy and laughter with the ultimate gag gift, cleverly disguised in a jewelry box adorned with a red bow. This whimsical tool is perfect for those with a hearty sense of humor, masquerading as a high-end present until its hilariously practical use is revealed. Ideal as a novel twist on the classic stocking stuffer, it promises to unleash a wave of giggles, making it an unforgettable choice for the man who loves a good laugh alongside his gifts.

6. The Original Toilet Timer

Laugh your way to timeliness with the Katamco Toilet Timer, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. This durable, 5-minute sand timer is the perfect nudge for the notorious bathroom lingerer in your circle. With a fun design and a 360-degree rotation for easy reset, it’s not just a gift; it’s a humorous plea for punctuality in the loo. Ideal for anyone who could use a little reminder to keep things moving, it’s sure to be a hit with men who appreciate a mix of practicality and playfulness.

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7. Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Gift Box

Elevate gift-giving to an art form with a prank gift box that promises to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions. Adorned with jokes that set the stage for a bewildering thank-you, this box is your secret weapon to sparking laughter and joy. As they peel away layers of humor, the genuine gift inside reveals itself, turning confusion into chuckles.

8. Trump Socks

Kick your footwear into high gear with these hilarious unisex Trump Socks, the perfect blend of comfort and comedy. Crafted from a soft mix of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex, they offer both snugness and breathability. Designed to fit most adults and reaching mid-calf, these novelty socks add a dash of style to any outfit. But the real kicker? They feature a playful Donald Trump caricature with comically styleable hair, ensuring every step is filled with laughter.

9. Uranus Soap

Brighten up your bathroom routine with Uranus Soap, a cosmic addition sure to bring smiles and cleanliness in equal measure. Perfect for those fascinated by astrology or simply in search of a stellar clean, this soap is a universal hit. Proudly made in America using local materials, it promises to delight even the most stoic individuals with its quality and humor.

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10. Right Or Racist Game

Light up your gatherings with “Right Or Racist,” the game that guarantees to be the life of the party. Far from your ordinary gag gift, it’s a brilliant mix of humor and thought-provoking trivia that’s sure to kickstart conversations and debates on a variety of topics. Ideal for any festive occasion – be it a white elephant exchange, a secret Santa, or a birthday celebration – this game promises endless laughs and a bit of learning, making it a hit for any social event.

11. Great Sex Coupons

Spice up your special moments with “Great Sex Coupons,” a cheeky collection of 22 vouchers designed to bring a grin to your face and a spark to your encounters. These playful coupons cover a range of fun challenges, perfect for adding excitement to foreplay and beyond. Ideal for any gift-giving occasion, whether it’s for him or her, this set is a lighthearted way to introduce a dash of adventure and laughter into the bedroom.

12. Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise

Transform into a stealthy ninja in a flash with this innovative tee, designed for laughs, casual cosplay, or just a bit of gym flair. Simply flip it over your head and embrace your inner warrior! Made from stretchy, ultra-soft ringspun cotton for that beloved vintage touch, it’s as comfortable as it is cool. Whether you’re teaming it with jeans or lounging in sweatpants, this shirt is set to be the new go-to in your wardrobe, blending style with a dash of humor.

13. Beer Mitten Gloves

Say goodbye to chilly fingers with Beer Mitten Gloves, the ultimate winter accessory for the cold drink enthusiast. These gloves are crafted from soft, cozy wool, ensuring your hands stay warm while you enjoy your favorite icy beverage. A humorous yet practical gift, they’re perfect for anyone who loves a cold drink, no matter the weather. Ideal for keeping spirits high and hands toasty, these mittens are a surefire hit for any fun-loving individual.

14. Appendix Plush

Brighten the day of someone sans appendix with this hilariously heartwarming appendix plush gift. It’s the perfect way to fill the void left by that missing organ, offering a dose of laughter and comfort. Whether they’ve got everything else in life or just need a quirky pick-me-up, this plushie serves as a gentle reminder that they’re complete, with or without that extra bit of gut. A charmingly funny present for man, it’s sure to bring smiles and a sense of wholeness.

15. F*cking History

Revitalize your view of history with this book that turns those yawn-inducing lessons into a riot of laughter. It’s the perfect antidote to the dull, cringe-worthy tales of the past, transforming them with witty stories that breathe life into the seemingly stagnant periods of history. Whether it’s for someone who snoozed through history class or just loves a good chuckle, this book promises to make the past fascinating and hilarious in equal measure.

16. Holy Water Hip Flask

Brighten up someone’s day with the ‘HOLY WATER’ Hip Flask, a cheeky companion for whiskey lovers or anyone with a zest for humor. This high-quality flask, made from top-notch food-grade stainless steel, isn’t just a gag—it’s built to last. Whether it’s wine, coffee, or something a bit stronger, this flask can carry it all with a wink.

17. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream

Kickstart your day with Comfort Cream, the ultimate sidekick against odors, sweat, and skin irritation. Infused with soothing aloe, it not only calms your skin but also helps heal any discomforts like chafing and itching. Ideal for anyone looking to add a touch of care to their daily routine, it’s a funny gag gift for men who appreciate a bit of pampering. Make it a staple in your morning ritual for a worry-free, comfortable day ahead.

18. Jar of Fucks

Place this Jar of Fucks on your desk or bookshelf as a humorous declaration of your carefree attitude. Perfect as a playful office accessory or a light-hearted gift for yourself, it serves as a lighthearted reminder to not sweat the small stuff. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a good chuckle, this jar is a funny and bold statement piece that says you’re all out of cares to give, in the most amusing way possible.

19. Car License Plate Frame

Elevate the spirits of the aviators in your life with these flying-themed license plate frames. Whether they’re commercial pilots, airplane buffs, navy pilots, or flight attendants, this flat metal novelty frame is a hit. It’s the ideal way to decorate a car’s front end or to add a touch of aviation pride to an office parking spot, letting them showcase their sky-high achievements.

20. Whiskey Stones Bullets with Base

Dive into the wild west of drink cooling with these ultra-cool whiskey stones shaped like bullets. Perfect for gun enthusiasts or whiskey aficionados, these stones bring a touch of old-school charm to your beverage without watering it down. Whether you’re gifting to someone special or treating yourself, these bullet whiskey stones are sure to be a hit, making every sip an adventure. Ideal for anyone who appreciates a good drink with a side of novelty.

21. That’s What She Said Easy Button

Bring the humor of Michael Scott into any room with this hilarious button, equipped to echo his iconic “That’s what she said” line in six varying sounds, all in his unmistakable voice. It’s the perfect gag gift for fans of the show or anyone who enjoys a good laugh. This button is bound to be a hit, offering a quick chuckle or an ice-breaker during gatherings. A playful addition to any desk or party, it keeps the laughs coming.

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22. And Jesus Washed Soap

Refresh your daily wash with ‘And Jesus Washed’ Soap, where divine care meets a cheeky sense of humor. Each 2oz bar is a heavenly mix of almond and cocoa butter scents, ensuring your skin feels blessed and soft. Made with pride in the USA and without any animal testing, this soap not only cleanses your feet but also brings a light-hearted moment to your routine.

23. How to Live with a Huge Penis

Dive into a unique blend of humor and guidance with this pioneering self-help book, aimed at men dealing with Oversized Male Genitalia. Far from just a laugh, it’s a beacon of light, offering a comforting message of hope and self-acceptance. Packed with practical tips for handling social scenarios to uncovering hidden perks, it’s an insightful journey through life’s peculiar challenges. With wisdom and wit, this book is an ideal gift, promising not just giggles but genuine support and advice.

24. Throw Throw Burrito Party Game

Transform game night with “Throw Throw Burrito” from Exploding Kittens, where card game meets dodgeball in a riot of fun. Dodge flying squishy burritos to escape losing points, all while swiftly collecting cards to win. This game pack comes with 120 cards, two adorable toy burritos, and seven tokens, guaranteeing laughter for adults and teens alike.

25. Workout Sweat Progress Marker

Crafted with care in Ann Arbor, this screen-printed tee showcases a standout design by talented illustrators. Comfort meets style with a tagless label and a modern, slightly tapered fit that ditches the boxy look. Made of soft, premium ringspun jersey knit (90% USA-grown cotton, 10% poly), it strikes the perfect balance between cozy and tough. Plus, its vibrant, long-lasting QCM inks from Pineville, North Carolina, ensure the design stays fresh and crack-free, making it a hilarious and durable funny gift for any man.

26. Fun Corgi Butt Bottle Opener

Raise a glass to fun with the Corgi Butt Bottle Opener, the wall-mounted gadget that brings a touch of humor to any home bar. Perfect for corgi enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys a good chuckle, this adorable opener pops bottles with ease. Whether it’s destined for the kitchen or the mancave, it’s a must-have accessory that combines practicality with a love for dogs, making it an excellent gift for those who appreciate a blend of whimsy and convenience.

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27. Catch Up With Jesus Apron

Cook up some fun with the ‘Catch Up With Jesus’ Christian Bib Apron, blending style, humor, and protection in one. Made from soft, lightweight polyester, it’s built to last through all your kitchen adventures, resisting stains, shrinkage, and wrinkles. It’s easy to clean in the washing machine and fits most adults, covering you from chest to knee.

28. Rick and Morty Cosplay Beanie

Stay cozy and stand out this winter with a Rick and Morty cosplay beanie! Channel your inner Rick – he might be off-the-wall, but he’s never cold. These unique beanies are not just warm; they’re perfect for grabbing attention and sparking conversations among fellow fans. Show off your love for the iconic show with this must-have accessory. Act fast to snag yours and turn heads with your cool, fan-worthy style.

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29. Leather Beer Bottle Holster

Check out the Leather Classic Beer Holster, the ultimate accessory for beer lovers! Crafted from premium leather, it snugly fits all standard 12-ounce beer or soda bottles. Designed for belts up to 1.5 inches wide, it’s perfect for anyone on the go. Plus, with two extra pockets for your essentials, you’re all set for any adventure. Whether you’re strolling through town or hanging with friends, this beer holster adds a touch of style to your craft brew enjoyment.

30. Funny Romantic Stockings

Brighten your loved one’s day with this fun washcloth, perfect for adding a mix of humor and romance to any occasion like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or anniversaries. Made from soft, high-quality cotton, it ensures comfort with every use. Wrapped in an adorable box, this washcloth is set to spark laughter and warmth, making it a wonderful surprise for that special someone, ‘just because’. A charming and playful gift, it’s sure to make everyday moments a bit more special.

31. The Prescription Coffee Mug

Celebrate the cure-all power of coffee with the Prescription Coffee Mug, a must-have for caffeine enthusiasts. This 12 oz ceramic mug features a hilarious prescription label that’s bound to get laughs throughout the day. Perfect for anyone who can’t start their day without a coffee fix, it makes a fantastic gift that combines humor with the serious business of enjoying a daily brew. Grab one for the coffee lover in your life and watch their mornings transform.

32. Funny Golf Ball Storage Bag

Get ready for the buzz this hilarious golf gift is sure to create. With its unique charm, this gift promises to be a hit, sparking shared chuckles and memorable moments among strangers, turning them into friends with just one round.

33. Funny Cooking Apron

Spice up your cooking experience with this comical apron, perfect for the culinary enthusiast with a sense of humor. Crafted from robust, thick cotton, it’s built to last and a breeze to clean. The apron comes equipped with three spacious pockets for keeping your cooking gadgets and essentials close at hand.

34. Everything is Fine Funny Gift

Brighten up the office atmosphere with this hilarious desk gag gift, designed to signal your colleagues with a cheeky message that you’re “busy” in the most amusing way. This quirky novelty sign is bound to stir curiosity and chuckles among coworkers as they try to decode the real message behind your illuminated ‘do not disturb’ beacon. A perfect blend of humor and mystery, it’s an ideal way to keep spirits high and add a bit of fun to the daily grind.

35. Hilarious Sandal Socks

Step into the world of quirky style with Sandal Socks, where comfort meets laughter. These socks might not be the pinnacle of fashion, but they’re unbeatable in sparking conversations and spreading smiles. Crafted from a soft cotton blend, they promise both long-lasting wear and ultimate comfort, perfect for sneaking a bit of fun into any outfit.

36. Be a Man: The Ultimate Guide

Jump into a hilarious exploration of manhood with this book, inspired by a TikTok phenomenon, packed with fresh stories, chuckles, and cheeky wisdom. If you’re a fan of “Shit My Dad Says” or “Make Your Bed,” get ready for a wild ride. This guide playfully navigates the oddities of being a man today, offering witty advice on everything from stubbornly refusing to ask for directions to triumphing over home repair fiascos.

37. Potty Shot Glasses

Elevate your party game with these hilarious toilet-shaped shot glasses, a must-have for anyone who enjoys a dash of bathroom humor. Larger than your typical shot glasses, they’re not only a conversation starter but also a quirky addition to any glassware collection. Each one can hold 2 oz of your preferred spirit and is crafted from sturdy plastic, making them perfect for any celebration or get-together where a good laugh is on the menu.

38. I Fix Stuff and Know Things Hat

Lighten up any day with this humorous, vintage-style baseball cap. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and laid-back loungers alike, its soft, airy fabric is just right for fishing, camping, or just kicking back. The cap’s mesh back keeps things cool and fresh, fighting off odors and sweat, while the adjustable strap ensures a snug, comfortable fit for anyone. It’s a fun, practical gift that’s sure to bring laughs and smiles, indoors and out.

39. DUDE Flushable Wipes

Elevate your bathroom experience with DUDE Wipes, the extra-large, eco-friendly solution for ultimate cleanliness. Made entirely from plant-based fibers and plastic-free, these wipes are not just good for you but also for our planet. They’re safe for both septic and sewer systems, breaking down easily after use. Unscented and packed with 99% water, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, they offer a hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and paraben-free way to pamper your skin.

40. Jesus Heals Bandages

Heal with a hint of heavenly humor with these spiritually inspired adhesive bandages. Sporting 40 strips in five eye-catching designs, you can opt for the miraculous mending of Jesus or the gentle guardianship of Mother Mary. Housed in an artfully crafted tin box that’s ideal for safeguarding keepsakes, these bandages blend faith with fun. Perfect for patching up those small scrapes or cuts, they offer a lighthearted yet affectionate gift choice for any man who appreciates a good chuckle alongside a touch of divine intervention.

41. Funny Boxers

Lighten up the mood and get your friends grinning with Funny Boxers, the ultimate gag gift for man. Packed with witty puns, these boxer shorts are a guaranteed way to inject some humor into any day. Crafted from 100% premium combed cotton knit, they offer supreme comfort and ample room to move, making them a festive must-have. Ideal for those moments when life seems all too serious, these boxers are a hilarious reminder to keep things light and breezy.

42. What’s That Smell?

Dive into a hilariously scented adventure with “What’s That Smell?”, the game that tests your nose’s knowledge. With over 50 unique aromas to identify, from delightful to downright strange, it’s a challenge for everyone, even those with a less than perfect sense of smell. Featuring a mix of mystery whiff cards, this game promises loads of laughs and a bit of friendly competition. It’s the perfect, amusing gift for any man looking to spice up game night with something a little different.

43. Lovely Sushi Socks Box

Serve up smiles with the Sushi Socks Box, a delightful pick for sushi aficionados. Ingeniously rolled to mimic the look of various sushi types, from maguro (tuna) to tai (snapper), these socks are a feast for the eyes and a treat for the feet. Perfect for those seeking a giggle without splurging, these quirky socks blend humor with the culinary art of Japan, making them an unbeatable gift for the man who enjoys a side of fun with his fashion.

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44. Fake Gold Bars for Treats

Transform party favors into treasures with these faux gold bar boxes, perfect for hiding away candies, chocolates, or cookies. Each box shines in quality foil material, mimicking the allure of real gold and bringing a dash of playful luxury to any celebration. Not only do they look fantastic, but their sturdy build ensures your goodies are kept safe and sound. Measuring a roomy 14 x 8 cm, they’re an amusing and clever gift choice for anyone who loves a bit of fun with their decor.

45. Hilarious Game for Couples

Toast to your bromance with this side-splitting game, the ideal anniversary gift to honor your friendship. Tailored to ignite peals of laughter and a flood of joyful memories, it’s a humorous journey down memory lane with a dash of gentle ribbing. More than just a source of entertainment, it’s a celebration of your unique connection, turning each chuckle into a cherished memory. Perfect for the man who treasures humor and fellowship, this game is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation, ensuring endless fun and unforgettable moments together.

46. The Office Wisdom Notes

Dive into the world of Dunder Mifflin with The Office Wisdom Notes, featuring Dwight and Michael, in a set of two. These notebooks are a hit for fans, blending eye-catching graphics with the iconic duo’s most memorable quotes. Simplified for enjoyment and laughter, they’re not just for jotting down thoughts but also for sharing a piece of television history. A perfect gag gift for any man who loves a good chuckle, these notebooks bring the fun and quirks of The Office into everyday life.

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47. Table Golf Drinking Game

Merge the fun of mini-golf with the cheer of a drinking game in this Table Golf Drinking Game, a versatile set that’s a blast at parties, whether on an office desk, kitchen table, or the floor. It’s an ideal pick for the golf enthusiast in your life or anyone who enjoys a spirited game night. This game promises laughs and memorable moments, making it a hilarious gift for men who appreciate a playful challenge along with their drink.

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48. The Unemployed Philosophers

Ignite your living space with the wit and wisdom of the Bard himself with a Shakespeare pillow. Perfect for yourself or as a standout gift, it brings a touch of literary brilliance and humor to any room. Ideal for those who appreciate the arts or just love a good laugh, this pillow is a unique and amusing nod to one of history’s greatest wordsmiths.

49. Barack Obama’s O-Balma Lip Balm

Lift your spirits during tough times with Barack’s lip balm, a humorous yet empowering pick-me-up. Perfect for anyone needing a boost, this American-made balm not only cares for your lips but also adds a layer of inspiration with every application. A witty gift that’s sure to bring a smile, it’s a lighthearted way to remind someone (or yourself) that better days are ahead, all while keeping your lips smooth and ready to take on the world.

50. Emergency Urinals

Navigate those urgent moments with a touch of humor using the emergency urinator, a leakproof solution for when nature calls unexpectedly. With its perfect size and secure screw-on lids, it’s ready for any adventure, day or night, thanks to its glow-in-the-dark feature. Durable and dependable, this urinal promises to keep up with even the longest nights without mishaps, making it a hilarious yet practical gift for the man who thought he had everything.

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