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21+ Drunkenly Awesome Gifts For Beer Lovers

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Looking for the perfect surprise for your beer-loving friend? You’ve come to the right spot! Our list “21+ Drunkenly Awesome Gifts For Beer Lovers” has the coolest, most fun ideas that’ll make any beer fan super happy. We’ve got all kinds of stuff, from little gadgets they can show off to friends, to big surprises that’ll make their day special.

But, hey, picking these gifts wasn’t just a wild guess. We took our time, searching online stores, reading what other buyers said, and even asking beer experts for advice. We looked at every tiny detail to choose gifts that are not just cool but also useful and top-quality. We made sure these gifts are exactly what every beer lover dreams of, whether they’re all about trying different kinds of beers or just love enjoying a cold one after a long day.

So, get ready to find the best present ever! We’ve got things that make drinking beer even more fun, gadgets that are a must-have for serious beer fans, and unique gifts they won’t see anywhere else. And the best part? These gifts are perfect for any occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, or just to make someone smile. Let’s dive in and find that perfect beer gift that’ll have them cheering!

Best Gifts for Beer Drinkers

1. Beer Mitten Gloves

Crafted from sumptuously soft and snug wool, these gloves extend an invitation to leisurely enjoy every chilled sip, even amidst the frosty whispers of winter. With each caress of the icy bottle, the drinker is wrapped in a comforting woolen hug, ensuring that neither their hands nor their spirits will feel the chill of the season.

2. Leather Beer Bottle Holster

Embrace a fusion of style and convenience with the Leather Classic Beer Holster Bottle, a quintessential gift for the discerning beer lover. Meticulously crafted from high-grade leather, this savvy holster tenderly cradles your standard 12-ounce beers or sodas, marrying accessibility with a dash of rugged elegance.

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3. Beer Tower Dispenser

Gift the beer enthusiast in your life with the sleek, 30-inch tall Beer Tower, a true celebration of their favorite brews! Holding a hearty 2.75 quarts of beverage, this must-have accessory ensures every drop of their preferred ale or lager is crisply dispensed through an easy-pour spigot, providing an authentic pub vibe right in the comfort of home.

4. Beer Chiller Sticks

Merely 45 minutes in the freezer transforms them into the ultimate companions for any bottled brew, ensuring each sip is a crisp, cool journey to pure refreshment.

5. Wooden Bottle Caddy

Safeguarding up to six bottles, this caddy ensures your favorite brews arrive unscathed to parties, picnics, and beyond. Beyond its obvious utility, it resonates with an aesthetic of rustic elegance, marrying function and form with an integrated metal bottle opener, providing an effortless toast to good times wherever you roam.

6. Home Brewing Kit for Beer

Ignite a journey into the artful world of beer crafting with this exquisite home brewing kit, a perfect gift for those with a passion for beers and adventures in flavors! Offering not just the tools but the exciting experience of creating a personal brew, this kit becomes a pathway to not only mastering the science of brewing but also savoring the unique joy that comes from sipping a beer of your own creation.

7. Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Whether situated in your home kitchen or proudly displayed at your personal bar, these openers seamlessly blend functionality with a timeless, rugged aesthetic, ensuring you and your guests always enjoy your beverages unencumbered.

8. Carbonated Growler and Craft Beverage Dispenser

Embark on a flavorful journey with the innovative growler, where your beverages retain their chill and vivacity for days, thanks to the meticulous double-wall vacuum insulation. A versatile treasure for every beer lover, this growler doesn’t merely store, it preserves and enhances with a regulator cap, allowing a tailored pour between high and low carbonation levels.

9. USA Beer Cap Map

Navigate through the zesty world of beers with a uniquely crafted United States map, which is more than a geographical representation—it’s a spirited adventure through your bottle cap collection! This creatively designed piece not only tastefully displays your varied and evolving beer journey but also serves as a dynamic piece of art that can continually morph to mirror your current beverage preferences or seasonal moods. The capability to hold various cap types makes it a versatile and endlessly entertaining gift, perfect for any beer enthusiast who loves exploring the diverse universe of brews across the nation.

10. Shower Drink Holder for Beer

Relish your beverage while it securely nestles in place, ensuring no sticky residues betray its presence on your walls or mirrors once removed. A thoughtful gift for beer lovers or anyone who cherishes a refreshing sip amidst their steamy retreat, it transforms ordinary showers into a sanctuary where your favorite drink awaits, enhancing moments of relaxation with a safe perch for your cherished brew.

11. Beer Party Supplies

Celebrate in style with these effervescent Beer Party Supplies, your indispensable companion for a memorable bash! Each kit bestows upon your gathering a vibrant 7-foot beer glass garland, transforming your space into an authentic beer fest, and 24 innovative placemats that double as a canvas for guests to jot down their tasting notes.

12. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Specially designed to maintain the crisp, cool allure of your favorite beer, it promises an ever-fresh, ever-cool sipping experience. Just a simple insertion into your bottle ensures that every sip is as chilly and delightful as the first, making it an impeccable gift for beer aficionados, elevating their enjoyment of each bottle to a zenith of icy perfection.

13. Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

This elegant piece ensures no more chasing after rogue bottle caps and offers a fascinating spectacle of them floating magically in place. It’s not merely a tool but an addition to your décor that never fails to stir up a lively conversation during any social gathering.

14. Pressurized Growler Tap System

Bypass the disappointment of flat beer, this ingenious system promises to lock in freshness, preserving your beer’s vivacity and zest for an astonishing two months. Tailored for those with a keen appreciation for draft equipment, it not only assures a crisp pour every time but also becomes a celebration of each sip, making every moment memorable and every drop an effervescent delight.

15. Dimple Stein Beer Mug

A delight in the cupboard and a sensation in hand, the characteristic dimple design is not only a visual treat but also a tactile joy, providing a comfortable grip to enhance your drinking experience. Plus, the strategically designed handle acts as a barrier between your warm hands and the chilly beer, ensuring your beverage remains refreshingly cool for longer, making every moment, and every drop, utterly enjoyable.

16. Beverage Refrigerator

Unveiling a robust and spacious beverage storage solution, this elegant design effortlessly accommodates up to 126 cans, ensuring your drinks are always perfectly chilled and within arm’s reach.

17. Stanley Classic Vacuum

Indulge in the enduring freshness with this exquisitely vacuum-insulated stein, your personal sentinel that ardently guards your drink’s temperature – chilling for up to 9 hours, warming for 5, or preserving iced content for an impressive 36 hours. A tenaciously latching lid ensures every sip remains pure and untouched, while the inner sanctuary of stainless steel diligently safeguards your beverage’s original flavor, presenting nothing but the pristine taste of your cherished drink.

18. Rapid Beer Chiller

Chill your drinks super fast with the Cooper Cooler, a great gift for beer fans! This cool, silver machine works quick — get your cans cold in 1 minute and wine bottles in 6. It’s easy to use with special buttons, fast cool mode, and a light telling you when to add ice. Don’t worry about big bottles; the lid comes off, and it’s safe for gentle wines with a no-spin choice.

19. Huski Can Cooler

This tough stainless steel cooler in sleek black keeps your drinks perfectly chilly. Swapping cans or bottles is a breeze with its unique lid, and popping open a bottle is quick with the included 3-in-1 opener. Plus, it can be a handy cup! All wrapped up in an eco-friendly package, it’s the ideal present.

20. Monogram Beer Glasses

Give a gift that brings smiles! The Monogram Beer Can Glass, with its USA flag design, is a fun, lasting present anyone will love. Easy to clean in the dishwasher and made tough in the USA, it’s ready to gift in a neat box. Great for birthdays, holidays, or just because. It’s more than a glass; it’s a special treat for friends, family, or coworkers that turns every sip into a happy memory!

21. Wood Beer Box

This handy caddy is perfect for beer fans! It holds snacks, a remote, your phone, and beer. Easy to clean, it’s great for home or outings. A fun, relaxing gift for anyone who loves a good drink!

22. Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Refill Recipe Kit

Cheers to the MUNICH BREW kit, a true taste of Oktoberfest! This set lets you make your own rich, caramel-touched beer at home, using the best ingredients like special hops and fine malt. It’s more than a kit; it’s a fun new hobby. Made with love in Orlando, FL, it focuses on top quality and being good to the planet. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves beer and enjoys trying new things!

Rokas is a founder of GiftingDeer and has a bachelor's degree in Business Management. He spends a considerable amount of time every day researching gift ideas and creating guides that help people find the perfect present for their special someone.

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