62 Funny Gag Gifts for Every Occasion 2023


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We all know that funny gag gifts are the best way to make someone laugh, but what can you get for a person who has everything? Well, not to worry! We have compiled a list of funny gag gifts for every occasion. There’s something in here for everyone and if they don’t find it funny, at least they’ll be entertained by how hilarious those gifts are.

Best Funny Gag Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Uranus Soap - 1 Mini Bar - Made in The USA

Uranus Soap is here to make your bathroom clean and pure. It doesn't matter what you want it for whether it's an astrological sign or just everyday use. We bet even the most boring person would be happy with these soaps plus they're made in America from domestic materials.

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Costume Party SLOTH Head Fun Mask for Adults & Children

This mask is perfect for any occasion. It's realistic-looking and breathable with holes so you can see through the nostrils, it also looks great at parties or carnivals! The best part? Just wear this beauty on your face if want to have fun without being too dressed up.

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Bacon Strips Bandages

Bacon Strips Bandages are a perfect way to make your wounds look good on the outside while healing from within. This product comes in individual tins with twenty-five bandaids per tin and a bonus trinket included!

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Enjoy the Half Pint Beer - Fun and Original Glass, 2 pcs.

You'll never get boring with this glass. The Funny Glasses are a fun and different way to enjoy your drinks! Use it as an awesome joke, for birthdays or just because you want some variety in the nightcap menu.. You can use these hilarious glasses for any type of liquid: beer & spirits alike even nonalcoholic beverages if that's what floats yo boat.

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Funny Party Abusive Balloons, Humor Fun Prank Gag Joke

How would you like to make your next party special? Gift these humorous abusive balloons for any fun party. They're great at making any event truly funny and memorable!

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Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute & Funny Handicrafts to Make

Do you have a sweater that’s always covered in cat hair? If so, don't throw it away! Cat Hair is here to help. This book will show readers how they can transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts for their home or office.

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"Jesus Touched My Water" Wine Glass, Funny Gift Idea

This "Jesus Touched My Wine" wine glass is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. The clear crystal and easy grip make it a great casual dining option, or even a funny option for an elegant event with friends!

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Squishy 3D Cartoon Game Phone Case, Creative Gift

There is a phone case that looks like an interactive video game when you press it. The little stars move around and can be fun for people who are bored! It’s made from silicone materials, so it doesn't get dirty easily because of its anti-slip properties or fingerprints all over your device's screen.

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Funny Pizza Blanket Gift

If you know someone who loves pizza, this is the perfect Funny Gag gift for them! The Pizza blanket will make any fan of cheesy crust and sauce feel at home with a two-sided realistic food gag item that can be used every day. It's also an excellent present idea because it offers enjoyment all year long - no matter what kind or mood.
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Mini Egg Basket Dangle Earrings, Creative Hand-made Sterling Silver Gift Idea

These earrings are made of sterling silver and include a hypoallergenic alloy. The set includes four baskets, straws, polyester eggs, and hooks. These make the perfect gift, wrapped up in style with this creative handmade jewelry design.

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Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box

Put your real gift inside a prank gift box that has jokes on the outside. Watch as your friends and loved ones open it and try to say thanks. Watch them laugh when they find their real present inside.

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Funny Bathroom Guest Book

The Bathroom Guest Book is a unique and funny gift for any occasion. It allows visitors to leave messages or comments about their experience in the bathroom, which will be sure not only make them laugh but also to remind you how much of an awesome place your home really can become when played right!
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THIS IS FINE Funny Gag Enamel Pin, Cartoon Dog Brooch Jewelry Gift

This pin is a must-have for anyone who loves dogs! The enamel design looks beautiful and the butterfly clasp makes it so simple to attach. You can wear this on your clothes without any hassle at all, as well as take it down when not in use.

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The Screaming Goat

The Screaming Goat will give you and your friends hours of laughter. The tree stump base goat is the perfect gag gift for animal lovers who want to make people laugh on any occasion!

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Barack Obama's O-Balma Lip Balm - Made in The USA

It’s been a rough few weeks, huh? You need some good vibes. Put on Barack's lip balm and feel empowered once more!  Funny gift that is made in America too.

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Money Gun Shooter - Cash Make it Rain with Money

So you want to make it rain with money? You will be the superstar at your party! Impress friends and family. Perfect for drinking games or throwing weddings, bachelor/ette parties, birthdays, etc... The Money Gun shoots out bills that fly through the sky - great fun at any event where there's plenty of room

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Chill Pills phone Case, Regular Size & Shockproof Protective

Chill Pills phone case is a must have for your device. You'll love the cute design and its durable material which protects your phone from scratches or dirt! With access to all controls on this one it a unique gift for any friend.

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Rosie The Riveter Pill Box - Compact Medicine Case

With this pillbox, your vitamins and pick-me ups are always at the ready. It comes in both a high gloss chrome finish or an image of Rosie The Riveter on its frontside!

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Big Black Collectable Puzzle - Gag Gifts,500 Piece Collectable

Funny puzzles for adults that are a great gag gift! Top of the line, 500 piece collector's edition designed by Barry Wood. Get your hands on this one right away and make any friend gag.

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Appendix Plush - Feel It In Your Gut - Hilarious & Cute Gag Gift

For those of you who don't have an appendix, this is the perfect gift! It’s hilarious and will make anyone laugh. If someone has everything else going for them but is still missing that one crucial organ in their gut give them an appendix plush gift to make them feel better.

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Mister Rogers EncourageMints

Don't you want to be more confident when meeting new people? When your friends come over next, don't they greet with an abundance of pepperminty fresh breath? These encouragement mints are a funny gift for all your BFFs.

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"It Farts When You Open it!" (Engagement ring box containing farting butt, no ring)

It is the most memorable engagement ring box I've ever seen! It's like opening up a can of whoop-ass. "What's that? Looks like a farting butt and no ring." Funny gag gift for your girlfriend.

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The Unemployed Philosophers - Shakespeare Stuffed Portrait

The artist is a poet, playwright, and dreamer. He has big ideas that are sure to make your home thrive with their creativity! Shakespeare pillow might be one of the coolest gifts you can get for yourself or someone else today.

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Mini-Sandbox - Beach Break

Imagine enjoying a tropical resort with the sound of waves lapping at your toes and sand between every inch. If you're looking for some peace in an office or home, then this executive sandbox is perfect!

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Jar of Fucks, Funny Gag Gift "Fucks to Give"

Whether this Jar of Fucks sits on your desk at work or bookshelf, let it be a physical reminder that you have too many fucks to give. Get one for yourself as well- whether it's an office gift or just something fun!

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Hilarious, Prank Mail Tube. We'll Ship an Embarrassing Package to Your Friends. It's Revenge time!

What is the occasion? Send an embarrassing package to your friends with our funny, prank mail tube. We will send them your most shameful moment. Upgrade and make sure the package gets there quickly, so they don’t change their mind or try to figure out where this came from.

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Remote Control Fart Machine - Funny Gag Gift Joke Prank

The remote control fart machine is an innovative idea that you can use to make fun of your friends and family. It comes with 15 louder sounds, so it's perfect for when someone needs to make fun of a different rum or from a remote place! The boom box technology also works up to 100 feet away no matter how far they are located in relation to where this joke gift was placed.

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Talking Trump Birthday Card - Wishes You A Happy Birthday in Donald Trump's Real Voice

Donald Trump says happy birthday to you! Talking Donald Trump Birthday Card. When you open this card, it says "Happy Birthday!" in Donald Trump's voice.

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Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank

This is a piggy bank that can also be played with. You will hear pika pika~ pikachu when you place a coin on top of his Pokebox home and take it out again. It is easy to buy this gift for someone who likes Pokemon.

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That's What She Said Easy Button - Michael Scott Voice Funny The Office Classic Quote Gift Buzzer

This is a button with Michael Scott's voice on it. It says "That's what she said." There are six different sounds that come from this button and they all sound like him.

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Funny Beer Mitten Gloves

These Beer Mitten gloves will keep your hands toasty! The soft, warm wool is easy for wearing and Drinking cold beverages in the winter. These make a perfect gag gift because they're both funny but also practical as well - who doesn't want extra warmth when it's gloamin' outside?
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Dundie Award Trophy Keychain

A Dundie Award Keychain is a good gift for someone who likes The Office. This keychain is an award given to people in The Office. It's made of metal and has a shiny gold color, red and black enamel, and a chain and ring.

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Rick and Morty Indoor Tapestry Wall Banner Gift

Rick and Morty fans will love this tapestry wall banner that features the iconic style from Rick and Morty. The design is high resolution, printed in a durable polyester material so you can hang it up immediately after purchase without worrying about any tearing or fading! Gift Idea for anyone who loves Rick & Morty show.

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The Office Merch Sequin Pillow Cover Kevin Malone Throw Pillow

This pillow cover is a funny, office-themed gift for someone who likes The Office. It is 16 inches by 16 inches and has sequins you can play with to make your own design. Run your fingers across the sequin and it will change colors or show a picture of Kevin Malone.

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Funny Steering Wheel Desk

The steering wheel desk is the perfect thing to have in your car! It's a one-of -a kind design that fits on top of you favorite place, right under where it feels comfortable and easy. This funny gift doesn't take up any extra room so this will never get cluttered or bothersome
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Squeeze Acne Funny Toys, Pimple Popper as Gag Gifts

Squeeze Acne Funny Toys are a great way to release stress. They come with 16 pimples that you can squeeze once they're popped and we make it so the toy isn't too hard, which helps reduce any pain when popping out all those zits! These toys would be perfect for April Fool's Day, Christmas, or Halloween parties as well White Elephant gifts because everyone loves poping those pimples.

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What's That Smell? The crazy Party Game That Stinks !

What's That Smell? This game is a lot of fun when you're trying to guess what smells are on the cards. It has over 50 different "smells" and they come in both mystery whiff card types, so even if your sense of smell isn't working it will still be challenging!

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Funny Shower Wine Cupholder

This fun cup holder is the perfect gag gift for any person who has more cups than hands. It can hold wine glasses and it’s made out of ABS plastics that are high quality and it features an attractive design that will look great
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Funny Pullover Gag Hoodie

This is the perfect funny gift for anyone. Whether you're looking to give a one-of-kind present or just want something unique, this hoodie will be their favorite! It can even work with many different types of outfits and looks great paired up high on your waistline as well low around the hip area.
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Funny Beer Bottle Holster

This is the perfect funny gag present for anyone who likes to have a good time! The Leather Classic Beer Holster Bottle Holder will hold all standard 12-ounce bottles or cans securely. It's made out of sturdy leather, so it looks great with any outfit and can be worn proudly around town as well
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Funny Party Glowing Accessorie

We all know that humor can sometimes be the key to breaking through a difficult situation, and this Funny Gag Gift will have your friend or family member rolling in laughter. The one-button control means they're never too far from an activation button! It's ideal for any occasion even weddings.
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Home Beer Brewing Kit

What a Funny Gag Gift this would be! The kit teaches you how to brew your own beer and give independence, but there's no predicting what kind of taste or impression it'll leave on the unsuspecting drinker.
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Funny Friend Keychain for BFF Besties - "I Got Your Back" Gift

We all know that friendships are meant forever. And sometimes, the one person you want with your back is not in front of it! This keychain gift will remind them how much their BFF cares about her or him even when things get tough.

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Best Christmas Funny Gag Gift for Women & Men

The holidays are the perfect time to spread cheer and laughter with the perfect gift. But, how do you find a funny gag gift for someone who has everything? Look no further than our list of funny gag gifts that will make your friends and family member laugh with hilarious gag gift ideas!

One of the best Christmas funny gag gifts for men and women is a fart machine. The laugh-inducing toy comes in different styles, colors, and prices to suit your needs and sense of humor. With a wireless remote control box, you can make sure that no one ever knows where the hilarious sound came from!

Our funny gift list also includes the best Christmas funny gag gift for women and men so that everyone can enjoy these jokesters at the holiday party this season with a different sense of humor.

We hope that our funny gag gift list will help you find the perfect present for the ones who have everything!

Funny Prank Gifts for Friends and Family

Are you looking for a funny and creative gift idea to give your friends or family?

It’s a bit of a cliche, but the holidays are always full of laughter and joy. If you’re in need of some funny prank gifts for friends or family member this year, we’ve compiled some funny gag gift ideas for you! You can show up with those hilarious gal gifts at a white elephant party and surprise your friends with a funny gag prank.

Pranks are a popular pastime for many people. The idea of being able to cause someone else discomfort or embarrassment is a source of hilarious entertainment for some but can be very upsetting to others. For those with a good sense of humor and who love pulling fun pranks on friends and family members, these funny prank gifts will be just the thing you need as a perfect gift for your best friend or a family member.

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