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Ultimate Guide to 44 Hilarious Funny Gag Gifts

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Finding the perfect gift for someone who has everything can be a daunting task. Enter the world of gag gifts — a realm where humor and surprise converge, offering a delightful escape from the ordinary. Here, we’ve cherry-picked the quirkiest, most amusing presents that promise to elicit hearty chuckles and lasting memories.

Sifting through the myriad of gag gift options out there is no laughing matter. That’s why we’ve done the legwork, ensuring each item on our list strikes the right balance between hilarity and taste. From subtle humor to roaring laughter, we’ve considered the vast spectrum of comedic palettes in our selection process.

Gift-giving, especially in the realm of humor, is a delicate art. And while our guide brims with funny gag gifts, remember that the joy isn’t just in the laughter, but in the shared moments they create. Dive in and discover a world of gifts where humor takes center stage!

Funny Gag Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

1. Uranus Soap

Add a cosmic twist to your bathroom with the Uranus Soap! Perfect for those starry-eyed astrology enthusiasts or simply someone in need of a good chuckle during their daily routine. Even the most stoic individuals won’t be able to resist a smirk with this cheeky soap in hand. Proudly crafted in America from quality local materials, it’s a hilarious way to keep clean while having a galaxy of fun. Give the gift of giggles and squeaky-clean hands with a touch of planetary humor!

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2. Costume Party SLOTH Head

Looking for a hilarious twist to your party attire? Dive into the world of effortless fun with this realistic mask. With its ingenious design, featuring breathable nostril holes, you won’t just turn heads—you’ll have full visibility too! Perfect for those moments when you want to be the life of the party without the fuss of an elaborate outfit.

3. Bacon Strips Bandages

Perfect for the meat lover or the jokester in your life, these whimsical wound covers not only offer protection but also serve up a hearty slice of humor. Each tin is packed with twenty-five sizzling bandaids, ensuring you’re prepared for life’s little mishaps. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s a surprise trinket inside each tin to keep the fun going.

4. Enjoy the Half Pint Beer

Add a splash of humor to your beverage routine with the Funny Glasses! Perfect for those looking to infuse a dash of quirkiness into their drinking experience, whether it’s a festive birthday toast or just an everyday sip. Tailored for every kind of drink, from spirited concoctions to your favorite non-alcoholic refreshment, these glasses guarantee giggles with every gulp.

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5. Funny Party Abusive Balloons

Elevate the hilarity at your next gathering with these cheeky abusive balloons! Perfect for those who appreciate a dash of irreverence, these balloons are bound to be the talk of the party. Designed to induce giggles and perhaps a few blushes, they promise to make your event an unforgettable one. Whether it’s a birthday bash or just a casual get-together, let these balloons bring out the laughs and create memories filled with jest and jollity!

6. Crafting with Cat Hair Book

Ever found yourself lamenting over the relentless cat hair on your favorite sweater? Before you give it the boot, let “Cat Hair” guide you on a whimsical journey of turning those pesky furballs into charming handicrafts. This quirky book unveils the secret to transforming those stray fluffs into delightful additions for your home or workspace. Perfect for both cat lovers and craft enthusiasts, it’s the ideal gift to tickle your funny bone and unleash some feline-infused creativity!

7. “Jesus Touched My Water”

Lighten up any gathering with the “Jesus Touched My Wine” wine glass. This distinctive piece, crafted from pristine crystal, effortlessly balances humor with elegance. Whether it’s for a relaxed evening at home or a cheeky touch to a sophisticated soirée, this wine glass is sure to be a conversation starter. Its comfortable grip ensures your drink stays in hand, even while you’re laughing at its divine humor.

8. Squishy 3D Cartoon Game Phone Case

Dive into nostalgia with this phone case designed like a playful video game. Not only does it entertain with its interactive stars that dance at your fingertips, but its silicone construction ensures a clean experience, resisting both slippage and pesky fingerprints. It’s the ideal blend of retro charm and modern functionality, making it a quirky gag gift for those who love a blend of fun and practicality in their everyday gadgets.

9. Funny Pizza Blanket Gift

Unleash the power of pizza comfort with this whimsically designed Pizza blanket. Perfect for those with an insatiable love for that cheese-laden delight, this two-sided realistic blanket wraps you in a savory embrace, regardless of the season. Whether you’re lounging or need a slice of humor, this blanket serves up a delicious dose of fun.

10. Mini Egg Basket Dangle Earring

Dazzle and delight with a touch of whimsy! These sterling silver earrings, complemented by a skin-friendly hypoallergenic alloy, showcase a playful basket, straw, and polyester egg ensemble. Each earring is a delightful nod to a classic Easter basket, right down to the hooks. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, they’re not only a sparkling addition to any jewelry collection but also a hilarious conversation starter.

11. Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Box

Elevate the art of gifting with a twist of humor! This prank gift box is designed to hoodwink and bewilder, showcasing jest-filled designs on the exterior. Imagine the baffled expressions of your friends and family as they unwrap it, attempting to muster a gracious response. But the true fun begins when they discover their genuine gift tucked inside, transforming confusion into laughter. It’s a two-tiered surprise that promises entertainment for both the giver and the receiver!

12. Funny Bathroom Guest Book

Imagine guests scribbling down witty anecdotes or hilarious reflections from their ‘throne’ visits. This quirky gift transforms an everyday moment into a lasting memory, filled with chuckles and inside jokes. Perfect for any home that loves blending humor with hospitality, it’s a testament to how even the most private spaces can be sources of unforgettable fun.

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13. THIS IS FINE Funny Gag Enamel Pin

For the dog enthusiasts out there, here’s a cheeky little accessory to flaunt your canine love! This delightful enamel pin, adorned with a playful dog design, effortlessly adds a touch of humor and charm to any outfit. With its easy-to-use butterfly clasp, you can sport this quirky pin wherever you go and simply unpin when it’s time for a change. A hilarious nod to dog devotion, it’s the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for that pup aficionado in your life!

14. The Screaming Goat

Unleash a wave of mirth and merriment with the Screaming Goat! Perfectly perched atop a tree stump, this little goat isn’t just any ordinary figurine – give it a press and brace yourself for its hilarious scream! It’s the quintessential quirky present for animal aficionados with a penchant for humor.

15. Barack Obama’s O-Balma Lip Balm

Lighten up and swipe on a bit of presidential pep with Barack’s lip balm! Let its smooth texture and the essence of empowerment lift your spirits. Handcrafted right here in the USA, it’s not just about moisturized lips but also a dash of humor to brighten your day.

16. Money Gun Shooter

Ever dreamt of showering a room with cash? Become the life of the party with the Money Gun! Whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, or a wild bachelor/ette soirée, unleash a flurry of flying bills and watch the excitement unfold. Ideal for lively drinking games or just to steal the spotlight, this gag gift guarantees laughter and unforgettable memories at any spacious gathering.

17. The Hungover Cookbook

Gift a chuckle with the Hungover Cookbook! This hilarious read offers not just a hearty laugh, but also the perfect antidote to those regrettable drinking decisions: hangover-taming recipes.

18. Chill Pills phone Case

This quirky case, adorned with a whimsical pill design, not only adds a comedic touch but also ensures your device remains pristine. Perfectly tailored, it allows effortless access to all your phone’s functionalities. A lighthearted gift, it’s sure to make any friend chuckle while keeping their tech treasure safe.

19. Rosie The Riveter Pill Box

This quirky pillbox, either adorned with the iconic Rosie image or gleaming in a high-gloss chrome finish, ensures you’re both empowered and organized. It’s not just a container—it’s a statement piece. Whether it’s a nudge to channel your inner strength or a chuckle to brighten your day, this pillbox is the perfect blend of function and fun, making it an ideal gag gift for friends with a sense of humor.

20. Big Black Collectable Puzzle

Tailored for adults with a keen sense of humor, this collector’s edition puzzle will have everyone chuckling as the pieces come together. Perfect for gifting to that friend with an appreciation for the lighter side of life.

21. Appendix Plush

Know someone who’s parted ways with their appendix? Lighten their spirits with this whimsical appendix plush! Crafted to bring laughter and comfort, it’s the ultimate gag gift for those who’ve undergone the surgery and are left with just a scar and a story. Whether they’ve got everything else or simply miss that tiny organ, this plush is sure to fill the void (literally!).

22. Mister Rogers Encourage Mints

With these hilarious ‘Encouragement Mints,’ ensure every introduction or friendly gathering is met with a burst of peppermint freshness. Ideal for that pal who’s always the life of the party or even the shy one in the corner, these mints promise a chuckle and a refreshing exhale.

23. “It Farts When You Open it!”

Ready to pop the question with a burst of hilarity? This engagement ring box is sure to leave an impression that’s hard to forget! At first glance, it might seem like you’re about to unleash a comical can of chaos. But wait! Is that a… farting butt? Before she can even process the joke, surprise her further with the absence of a ring. It’s the perfect playful prelude for the real proposal or a cheeky gift just for laughs with your special someone.

24. The Unemployed Philosophers

This Shakespeare pillow is a playful nod to the literary genius, weaving poetic charm right into your living space. Whether you’re a lover of sonnets, a theatre enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a dash of wit, this pillow is the perfect quirky addition to any home.

25. Mini-Sandbox

Ever dreamt of a beachy escape during those endless meetings or while stuck at home? Dive into this executive sandbox and transport yourself to a mini tropical paradise! With every grain of sand, let the imagined waves soothe your stress away.

26. Jar of F*cks

Elevate your workspace or personal nook with this cheeky Jar of Fucks! A hilarious testament to the art of not caring too much, this jar serves as a tangible marker of just how many (or few) ‘fucks’ you’re willing to part with. Whether you’re looking to amuse your colleagues or add some playful flair to your space, this jar does the trick. Gift it to a friend or keep it as a lighthearted mantra for yourself—either way, it’s bound to get chuckles!

27. Hilarious, Prank Mail Tube.

Surprise your pals with our comical prank mail tube, designed to deliver your cheekiest moments right to their doorstep. Before they can piece together the puzzle or rethink their life choices, choose our express delivery for an instant burst of laughter. Ideal for those friends who appreciate a bit of harmless mischief, this gift will ensure your place in their unforgettable moments hall of fame!

28. Remote Control Fart Machine

Ready for some hilarity from afar? Introducing the remote control fart machine – a mischievous gem designed to bring roaring laughter (or embarrassment) to friends and family. Packed with 15 boisterous sounds and the prowess of boom box technology, this jesting device guarantees uproarious fun even from 100 feet away.

29. Talking Trump Birthday Card

Get a presidential greeting on your special day with the Talking Donald Trump Birthday Card! Imagine the surprise when, upon opening this card, the unmistakable voice of Donald Trump booms out a hearty “Happy Birthday!” It’s a hilarious keepsake that’s sure to be the talk of any birthday bash.

30. Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank

Every time a coin graces the top of its Pokebox residence, you’re treated to an adorable “pika pika~ pikachu” sound. Beyond just being a fun place to stash cash, it’s the perfect playful gift for any Pokemon enthusiast.

31. That’s What She Said Easy Button

Evoke a burst of laughter with a press of this Michael Scott voice button, proudly declaring, “That’s what she said.” Featuring not one but six distinct soundbites, every press is a throwback to the iconic lines delivered in pure Michael Scott style.

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32. Funny Beer Mitten Gloves

Unleash the fun of sipping cold brews while keeping your fingers snug with these Beer Mitten gloves! Crafted from plush, cozy wool, they’re not just a hilarious gag gift but also a winter essential.

33. Dundie Award Trophy Keychain

Celebrate your love for “The Office” with this hilarious Dundie Award Keychain! Crafted in radiant gold with striking red and black enamel details, this isn’t just any keychain—it’s a nod to Dunder Mifflin’s most coveted award.

34. Rick and Morty Indoor Tapestry Wall Banner

Dive into the zany universe of “Rick and Morty” with this vibrant tapestry wall banner! Showcasing the unmistakable artistry of the beloved duo, it’s crafted from sturdy polyester, ensuring no tear or fade mishaps.

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35. The Office Merch Sequin Pillow Cover

Swipe the sequins to unveil a whimsical image of Kevin Malone, or shift them around to create your own shimmering patterns. Perfect for fans of Dunder Mifflin’s antics, this cushion cover will not only jazz up any space but also serve as a delightful conversation starter.

36. Funny Steering Wheel Desk

Transform your car into an instant workspace or dining nook with the steering wheel desk! With its ingenious design, it snugly fits onto your wheel, offering a convenient platform without hogging space. Ideal for those on-the-go moments when you need a flat surface, this comical gift is a quirky reminder to live life in the fast lane.

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37. Squeeze Acne Funny Toys

Experience the oddly satisfying thrill of pimple-popping without the skin woes! The Squeeze Acne Funny Toys provide the perfect stress relief with 16 ready-to-pop zits. Crafted for comfortable squeezing, these toys ensure a pain-free pimple-popping experience. Perfect for the mischief of April Fool’s Day, the festivities of Christmas or Halloween, or even as a hilarious White Elephant gift, they’re a cheeky nod to everyone’s secret guilty pleasure.

38. What’s That Smell?

Packed with over 50 distinct aromas across mystery whiff cards, it’s a riotous test of your olfactory prowess. Whether you’re a scent savant or sometimes sniff-challenged, these cards ensure a delightfully tricky experience for all. A perfect gag gift that promises heaps of laughter, it’s not just about sniffing, but about out-guessing your friends!

39. Funny Shower Wine Cupholder

For those moments when you’re juggling too many cups and wishing for an extra hand, this zany cup holder is the laugh-out-loud solution! Crafted from top-notch ABS plastics, it not only holds your wine glasses with flair but also boasts a design that’s sure to be the talk of the party.

40. Funny Pullover Gag Hoodie

This comical hoodie is the answer! Not only is it the ultimate conversation starter, but its adaptable design allows it to be styled high-waisted or slung low for a relaxed vibe.

41. Funny Beer Bottle Holster

Leather Classic Beer Holster Bottle Holder, the sidekick every party-goer didn’t know they needed! Designed to snugly fit any standard 12-ounce drink, this durable leather accessory not only elevates one’s style game but ensures their drink is always within arm’s reach. Whether strolling downtown or hitting a BBQ, this holster ensures they’re the life of the party!

42. Funny Party Glowing Accessorie

Gift this hilarious gadget and watch as every room erupts in hearty laughter! With its one-button control, the lucky recipient is just a press away from being the comedic hero, even at weddings! Perfect for every event, this side-splitting gag gift ensures that dull moments are a thing of the past.

43. Home Beer Brewing Kit

Introduce a splash of unpredictability at your next gathering with this hilarious DIY beer brewing kit! Not only does it empower you to craft your own brew, but the final taste might just take your pals by surprise. Whether it tickles the taste buds or leaves them baffled, it’s sure to be the talk of the party.

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44. Funny Friend Keychain for BFF Besties

In the rollercoaster of life, having a steadfast buddy by your side makes all the difference. Even when they’re not right beside you, this quirky keychain serves as a cheeky reminder of that unshakeable bond.

Rokas is a founder of GiftingDeer and has a bachelor's degree in Business Management. He spends a considerable amount of time every day researching gift ideas and creating guides that help people find the perfect present for their special someone.

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