36 Best Gifts for Snowboarders – That Every Snowboarder Needs


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If you are looking for gifts to buy a snowboarder, then this list is for you! We have compiled a list of the best gifts for snowboarders that every snowboarder needs. Whether they are into freestyle or just like to cruise down the mountain, we have gifts that will make them happy. If your family member or friend enjoys spending time on the slopes and loves to show off their skills in front of others, these gifts will be perfect!

Best Snowboarding Gifts

Core Balance Board for Snowborders

This Balance Board would make a fantastic present for any snowboarder. It's made of a cork-like substance that maintains its shape over time. There are stop plates on both sides to keep you from skidding during your workout. You will never regret purchasing this balance board since it will assist prevent injury by keeping attention and concentration throughout each exercises
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GoPro Action Camera

The GoPro action camera is the perfect gift for any snowboarder. It's a sophisticated piece of equipment that, in combination to your smartphone, lets you shoot high-resolution video with just the right zoom capabilities - and take detailed pictures in photo mode!
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BUFF Unisex Midweight Merino Wool

The BUFF Unisex Midweight Merino Wool is the perfect layer to wear on any cold day, be it winter or otherwise. It will keep you warm and dry while also smelling great all day long!

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Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

The Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles are perfect for those who love to snowboard. These safety glasses offer increased visibility and a wider field of view, so you won't miss out on any potential targets or terrain hazards while enjoying an afternoon ride down the mountain!

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Body and Hand Super Warmers - Long Lasting

The perfect solution for when it's cold outside, the Body and Hand Super Warmers are air-activated heat packs that provide warmth all day long. They come in several styles designed to keep your hands of feet warm!

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Burton Insulated, Warm, and Waterproof Profile Mitten

The Burton Insulated, Warm and Waterproof Profile Mitten is the ideal winter accessory for any snowboarding enthusiast. With touchscreen compatibility to provide total device control without exposing your fingers while keeping them warm on even chilly days with Thermacore insulation that limits bulk in three layers of leather brushed microfiber fixed lining; these gloves will be sure not to disappoint!

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Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves

The perfect gift for a snowboarder, these heated gloves can be worn on the coldest snowboarding days. They have a rechargeable 3.7V 2200mAh battery that provides hours of warmth and comfort to keep your hands warm on those cold days!

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Heavy-Duty Snowboard Storage Rack

The perfect gift for any snowboarder, this wall-mounted storage unit can hold up to 8 boards. With its sturdy construction, it will be there when you need it most! Vertical hanger offers roomy organizing space so your gear stays conveniently accessible at all times.

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Demon Hyper Speed Ski and Snowboard Tune Kit

The Demon Hyper Speed Ski and Snowboard Tune Kit is a great gift for any snowboarding fan. The instructions will help you customize your board's performance, which in turn improves its handling as well as how quickly it goes downhill- making that long downhill ride smooth and fun!

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Cool Sports Themed Novelty Crew Socks

These cool novelty crew socks will show them what you've got. The perfect gift for any snowboarder, these fun sporty printed designs give the recipient a laugh before heading out onto slopeside!

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Unigear Ski - Snowboard Boot Bag

Unigear has a great new product to help you stay organized on your next snowboarding adventure. The Unigiearth Snowboard Boot Bag features 50 liters of storage space, making it perfect for storing all those essentials before or after an outing in the wintertime!

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Dakine Low Roller 165 Wheeled Snowboard Bag

Dakine's Low Roller snowboard bag is an essential part of any boarder's gear. Whether you're hitting powder days or groomed runs, this carrying case has the storage space for all your boards and extras so that they stay in tip-top shape while on vacation!

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Snowboard Multi Wall Rack

The Snowboard Multi Wall Rack is the perfect way to store your boards in a secure and organized fashion. With 3 spaces for mounting 2 or 3 board(s), this rack makes it easy! Plus you can use it as an accessory at home by hanging up clothes on these hooks too.

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Garmin button operated GPS for Snowboarder

This Garmin outdoor-friendly GPS is the perfect gift for any snowboarder! It has a big light visible display and expanded global navigation satellite systems, making it easier to find routes. The multi band technology provides accuracy no matter what the environment, making it perfect for navigating through rural or urban canyons.
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Burton Men's Gore-Tex Glove with Removable Liner

The Burton Men's Gore-Tex Glove with Removable Liner is the perfect gift for any snowboarder. Built-in touchscreen compatibility, tough grip palm, and Thermacore insulation keep your hands warm while limiting bulkiness, it makes this glove worth getting for any snowboard enthusiast!

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Handmade Finnish Kuksa Cup

Give the gift of drinking to your favorite snowboarding friend this year with a Kuksa cup. These hand-rubbed natural wood cups are great for winter activities and feel amazing in cold hands!
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Thule SnowPack Extender Ski/Snowboard Rack

The Thule SnowPack Extender is an innovative, aerodynamic rack that retracts to fit in your car. It can accommodate 6 pairs of skis or snowboards for all types of outdoor enthusiasts on the go!

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Snowboard Pendant Snowboarding Clip-on Charm

This pendant is the perfect gift for anyone who loves snowboarding. It's a fun way to show your support and appreciation, or just have some cute accessories that'll make them smile every time they see it!

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Uniden SX507-2CKHS Up to 50 Mile Range Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies

The best way to stay in touch with other snowboarders and not get caught out is through radio walkie-talkies. With up to 50-mile range, they make great gifts for snowboarders who like staying in contact with their buddies while on the mountain slopes!

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Garmin inReach Satellite Communicator

This is the perfect gift for all you snowboarders out there. The inReach Mini GPS satellite communicator lets you send messages from anywhere, even if there's no signal! It also works during emergencies or extended trips so your family will know where they can find when needed most-no matter what conditions we're experiencing at this moment.
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Mammut Avalanche Airbag Backpack Pro X Removable Airbag 3.0

The Mammut Avalanche Airbag Backpack is the ultimate in avalanche safety. With high-density 2 layer EVA back padding, detachable padded hip belt for all-day comfort, and insulation of your valuable load; there's no better way to stay safe during an emergency situation than with this fabulous pack on your back! Plus it makes a great gift too for your snowboarder friend.

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Burton Baker 2-in-1 Mitten with Removable Liner

The Burton Baker 2-in-1 Mitten with Removable Liner is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to snowboard in cold weather. With an imported DRYRIDE two layer fabric, waterproof membrane 2.0 and Thermacore insulation you will stay warm.

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Balaclava Ski Mask - Winter Face Mask

The Strike Balaclava is the perfect way to keep your face protected from winter's worst. Whether you're shredding downhills in Colorado or taking a powder during an Alaskan adventure, this balaclava has got you covered with 100% protection from the elements.

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Waterproof Cellphone Dry Bag for Snowborders

This waterproof, durable and stylish phone cover will keep your smartphone safe while you are snowboarding. The ideal gift for any avid boarder! Comes in a variety of colors including clear or black to fit whatever style they like best along with plus-sized iPhones too.
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Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard, Skate or Ski

Wear these Bodyprox protective padded shorts while snowboarding, skateboarding or skiing to keep up with the adrenaline rush by protecting your hip and tail bone. These protective pads are extremely durable which is why they can be hidden in plain sight for no one but you will know it's there. They move along perfectly with your body so nothing gets between you and freedom of movement!

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Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter

Whether you need a face mask for skiing, biking or riding your motorcycle in the winter time, our Neck Gaiters are perfect to protect those sensitive areas of your neck. From hiking and fishing through hunting and tactical activities there is no better way than with these lightweight yet durable headwear pieces that not only keep out cold air but prevent dirt from getting into eyes during outdoor adventures!

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Black Diamond Transfer Shovel

The black diamond transfer shovel is the perfect gift for any snowboarder. The aluminum extendable shaft and removable trapezoid-shaped blade make this lightweight, yet durable tool easy to use on different types of terrain like powder or hard-packed snow.

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Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag, Arctic Camo Print

Burton is a brand that specializes in snowboarding. The Burton Wheelie Gig Board Bag is perfect for carrying your gear to the mountain, and it will keep everything safe during transport! This 600D polyester construction with TPE backing makes sure there are no durability issues when you're taking this bag on any snowboarding adventure.

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Black Diamond Recon BT Avalanche Beacon

When you are in unfamiliar territory and want to be sure that your rescue beacon is doing all it can, this BE-ALERT avalanche beacon will help. It features a housing with soft touch contact points that improve ergonomics and handling as well as Bluetooth functionality so users can manage settings or software updates wirelessly from any smartphone.

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Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25L

The Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25L is a redesigned pack that has an avy tool pocket and a single ice-axe attachment. It also tucks away the skis so you can fly through powder with ease while attached to your board or split boarding setup, plus there's plenty of room inside for all sorts of accoutrements!

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Black Diamond Evac Shovel

How often do you find yourself in a situation where the ground is covered with snow and ice, freezing temperatures make it difficult to get around without getting hurt? The Black Diamond Evac Shovel will be an absolute lifesaver when dealing with winter storms or even heavy snowfall on weekends at home during cold months of the year because its compact design makes accessing hard-to-use areas easy peasy!!

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Stanley Flask for Avid Snowborder

The perfect gift for the snowboarder in your life, this Stanley Flask will keep them hydrated and looking good no matter what they're doing! Made with durable stainless steel construction to last through all of their adventures.
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LEATHERMAN Surge Multitool

This is the perfect present for a snowboarder who is always on the go. It is a heavy-duty tool with many features, perfect for someone who loves to snowboard! The pliers are large, the multitool blades are long, and the locks are simple and easy to use. This will come in handy when snowboarding down mountain slopes because it has 21 functions!
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Shoe Dryer and Glove Dryer with Timer and Fan

The shoe and glove dryer is a heavy duty boot or skate drying machine that has the capability to remove all moisture in 2 hours. The fan helps to draw air out of shoes, boots, gloves etc., which will help them desiccate more quickly than leaving them sitting on their own. It also neutralizes any odors with its built-in deodorizer as well!

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What Is the Best Gift for Snowboarder?

Snowboarders are some of the most active people during winter. They enjoy going on long snowboarding trips, making new friends at their local snowboard park, and taking a break from school to go hit the slopes. When you’re looking for an awesome gift for someone who loves to spend time outside in the cold weather, then we’ve got just what you need! Browse through our list of snowboarding gifts below and find something that they’ll love! 

This list of gifts for snowboarders was put together with the help of a few pro snowboarders. These gifts for snowboarders are perfect no matter if you’re shopping for someone who loves to compete or just enjoys cruising down the mountain and picking up new tricks. No matter what your budget, we have something that’s perfect!

What Are the Best Snowboarding Gifts for Him?

Snowboarding is a great sport for the winter season. There are many fun and exciting things you can buy your snowboarder friend that will make their time on the mountain even more enjoyable!

If you are looking for the best snowboarding gifts for him, then this gift guide is perfect for you. We will give you some gift ideas of what to get that snowboarder in your life for Christmas, their birthday, or even as a surprise gift! If you are looking for gifts to buy a snowboarder, then this list is for you! We have compiled a list of the best gifts for snowboarders that every snowboarder needs. You know the feeling of snowboarding. You are so excited to go snowboarding with your friends but you don’t have any gear. Don’t worry! We offer all sorts of items that will make anyone in the family happy this season whether they love freestyle boarding or just want to cruise down the hill without any hassle.

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