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Ultimate Gift List of 48 Gifts for Tomboys

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Let’s face it Tomboys are really hard to shop for gifts. They are not usually interested in clothes, they don’t like flowers, and they’re not into jewelry or any other regular things. We know that Tomboys can be tough, they don’t like to wear dresses, sparkles, or high heels. Still, they like to get gifts only downside for you is to find the perfect gift that they would love. Perfect tomboy gifts can be as simple as a new pair of sneakers or a cool t-shirt. Tomboys want to be rugged and rough just like their male counterparts. In this blog we will provide you with some of the best gifts for tomboys out there on the market today and help you find that special gift. Check out our gift guide of ultimate gifts for tomboys and find something that will make them happy.

Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

1. Mini Skateboard

This mini cruiser skateboard is a really cool gift for any tomboy who loves to skateboarding and has active lifestyle. Mini skateboard features high-quality wheels that provide an extra soft ride, making it easy to navigate even on different terrains in the neighborhood. Whether she’s hitting the street, or shredding in her own backyard, this board will make sure she has plenty of fun and spends her time training outside.

2. Jawbreaker Lollipop

If you are looking for a gift for a tomboy girl who loves sugar and cadies then these will be perfect. Size of these Monster Jawbreaker Lollipops will make any tomboy happy. Jawbreaker lollipop candies comes in a variety of flavors like: sour raspberry, strawberry daiquiri, watermelon bite and many more. Monster lollipops come individually packed so they can be given as a single treat. These jawbreaker lollipops are perfect for anyone who love sweets and like something cool. Give this as a present and you will bring both smiles and surprise to their recipient tomboy. Making these monster jawbreaker lollipops an ideal gift for any tough yet tenderhearted tomboy girl.

3. Long Sleeve Blouse Gift for Tomboy Woman

Nice shirt for tomboy girls who want to be comfortable and stylish. Shirt has long sleeves that will keep them warm, but your arms can move around no matter what you are doing. Cool present for fashion loving tomboy.

4. Hot Sauce Kit

Gift for a tomboy girl who loves cooking. Kit has everything you need to make your own hot sauce at home. It tells you how to make any kind of hot sauce and it comes with all the ingredients you need for it.

5. Book about Tomboy’s

The book, Tomboy: The Surprising History and Future of Girls Who Dare to Be Different is a captivating book that takes an in-depth look at how we can all be more accepting and see tomboys in a different light. Great present for a tomboy girl who is trying to find herself.

6. Temporary Tattoo Kit

Gifts for a tomboy girl who likes to dress and show herself a little more masculine. The tattoo kit is fun because you can use it to make temporary tattoos that last up to two weeks. Creative gift that can help you explore and find something new.

7. Tomboy Girls Travel Journal

Leather notebook can be a really cool present for a tomboy girl who loves to travel. Notebooks are made of real leather and look like they traveled to many countries around the world so they have this vintage feel to them. High quality notebooks will last a long time for any tomboy traveler in many great adventures.

8. Remote Control Fart Machine

A remote control fart machine is a fun present for the tomboy in your life that like to have a little fun. With 15 sounds to choose from, you’re sure to find something she’ll love to prank someone. If used correctly it makes everyone laugh every time when they hear her make that *** sound with this amazing little toy that is perfect as an early Xmas gift.

9. Snack Box

This monthly snack subscription is perfect for any girl who loves snacks & surprises. Every month, they will receive a box full of gluten-free goodies that are always unique and delicious. They will get 11 or 13 different types of snacks each month and they definitely surprise her.

10. Paracord Bracelet Crafting Kit for Teenage Girls

If you know a girl who loves to explore the great outdoors, then this paracord bracelet crafting kit is the perfect gift for them. With the included instructions and paracord that is strong, durable your little one can make the bracelet and be proud of their own creation. Give them this special gift and let them explore the world with confidence knowing that they have a stylish accessory that can go as far as their imagination takes them.

11. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee is much less acidic than regular hot brewed coffee and allows them to create a amazing cup Joe that’s to their exact taste. This coffee maker can be easily stored in the fridge, so your favorite tomboy can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup anytime they want. Give the gift of great coffee with this awesome iced coffee maker.

12. Vans Sneakers for Tomboy Women

Any tomboy girl wants to be stylish and these Vans low-tops are iconic and timeless classic shoes as your gift you will make her look cool and stylish. These stylish shoes feature a classic checkerboard design that will add a unique and edgy flair to any of her outfits. She will look cool in a skate park or just hanging out on campus, these shoes will definitely make her stylish and happy.

13. Fanny Pack

It’s perfect for modern tomboy girls who want to look great while out and about but don’t want to sacrifice function for fashion. With its unique design, you can’t go wrong when choosing this bag as a gift. The lightweight fabric means that it won’t weigh you down if you’re carrying lots of items, making it ideal for everyday use too. Durability and attractive color options and patterns make this fanny pack a perfect option for any tomboy outhere.

14. Adjustable Skates

Skates with lights on them add an exciting flair to her skating, they are also designed in a way to not impede her visibility while she skates. The lights come in various designs and colors, making it easy to find one that fits her style and personality. Skates are made of durable materials that will last even through your toughest tricks and stunts that any tomboy will like to try. With these skates, she can show off her moves in style without compromising safety or comfort.

15. Fifa Sports Game

Soccer is a game that never ceases to amaze It has the power to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together, no matter their differences. FIFA has made great strides in improving the game by allowing teams to trade players and create more balanced rosters. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that FIFA has been ranked as the best soccer game that you can play with your friends. Exciting and unique gift is perfect for any tomboy who loves sports and likes to play with friends.

16. Ring Belt

Independent tomboy will stay on top of fashion trends with this belt that features two metal rings at the top, allowing you to easily adjust it to fit your waist size without any holes or other traditional methods. This unique design and fashionable look is perfect for the girl who loves to stand out from the crowd with her unique looks. This belt looks just as good with jeans and a tee shirt as it does with an elegant dress making it a must have accessory to have. You can rest assured that when you give her this belt as a gift, she treasure this fashionable present forever!

17. Instant Camera

The Fuji Instant Camera With its sleek and modern design is sure to look spectacular in any photographers kit. Its clear ring lens allows you to take amazing shots even in low lighting conditions and lets you capture your most stylish moments. It also has an automatic exposure mechanism that is intuitive and makes it a breeze to use by making crisp and beautiful photos. This camera truly has all the features any tomboy could want. From the ability to capture stunning photos in any environment to its fashionable design it has it all.

18. Plush Pants

These soccer pants are made of soft, fuzzy fabric. They are perfect for anyone who likes football and needs something to watch the World Cup with. You can wash them in the machine too, which makes it easy to clean them.

19. Wooden Puzzle

There are no easy levels. You must understand the riddle before you can solve these puzzles. These metal and wood pieces are good to bring with you on trips because they’re fun and will help your brain grow.

20. Gym Bag

Ultimate Gym Bag has ten compartments and extra pocket provide essential organization and protection for all sports gear, like their gym clothes, sneakers, water bottles, towel, and other equipment that they may need . It’s perfect for storing wet or sweaty clothing after a workout session. Made from durable polyester fabric, this bag can withstand years of use and won’t easily tear or fray even with the way tomboys are using their belongings. It comes with adjustable straps that are ergonomically designed and ensures optimal comfort when carrying it around. With vibrant colors it stands out from the rest and easily identifiable in a crowded gym or locker room.

21. Nintendo Switch

The Switch is a great video game system from Nintendo that can be used to play with others or just by yourself. The battery life is great and lets you play with Switch for hours. Even 8 people should be able to connect at one time for local multiplayer enjoyment during that gaming party at home.

22. Prank Box

Ultimate prank gift for the tomboy who has everything. Pack your gift in this fun box and see their reaction when they see this funny gag gift box. They will think that you went crazy with this funny gift.

23. Hammock

Camping hammock is the perfect present for that adventurous tomboy to take the outdoors by storm. Its soft and durable material makes it easy to pack away, as it folds down to about the size of a grapefruit, so they can take it anywhere they go. Robust straps that make hanging hammock a breeze so you’ll be all set up and ready to go in no time at all!

24. Compression Socks

Gift giving for the active and independent tomboy in your life can become quite tricky. After all, it’s hard to find gift idea that fits their unique personality of being strong, self-sufficient and so incredibly inspiring. These stylish yet comfortable socks can be the gift that you have been looking for. They have additional arch and ankle support to keep feet firmly planted on the ground during any exercise without slipping off or bunching up. They provide extra protection against blisters and can help wick away moisture while still allowing air to circulate around toes. Great for active girls who like sports more than anything.

25. Fitness Smartwatch

Tech-savvy, adventurous tomboy would love to get a Fitbit as a present. This powerful and sophisticated timepiece offers an array of useful features that are designed to help her stay active and informed anywhere she goes. With advanced heart rate monitoring and built-in weather forecasting, she’ll be able to stay on top of her health and the environment with ease. be a great companion. She’ll be able to keep up with what matters most in her life like tracking steps to keeping tabs on email notifications and messages all day long.

26. Pullover Hoodie

This hoodie is the perfect gift for any tomboy. This highly customizable hoodie is and amazing useful present for your daughter. She can express her unique style while also looking cool. The fabric is incredibly lightweight and durable, making it comfortable to wear all day long and no mater what she is doing. Classic yet cool design features a hood and drawstring that provides extra warmth and protection from the elements. With its versatile style, this hoodie can be worn with almost any outfit and comes in a variety of colors to match any mood or occasion.

27. Drone

Lightweight and easy to fly drone will make any tomboy happy. It also has four protective shells that make it safe to use indoors or in a challenging environment. The high definition camera allows them record all of their daring feats, whether they’re new to flying a drone or already a pro! For extra fun, the camera can take stunning photos and videos from up on high that are sure to impress other tomboy friends and family members. And there’s no need to worry about crashing since the propellers won’t hurt if anything happens, not according to the plan. With this one of a kind gift, your tomboy will be able to explore the skies and show off their skills in the style they like.

28. NFL Football

Wilson NFL Supergrip football is perfect gift to bring out your girl’s inner tomboy. This advanced composite material of this football is designed to provide just the right balance of durability, responsiveness and touch sensitivity while your tomboy girl tries to play NFL. It’s perfect for enthusiastic tomboy athletes who want to take their game to the next level or just want to have a good time. So don’t settle for just any boring gift introduce your special tomboy to a new level of sports gear with this unique Wilson NFL Supergrip football.

29. Poncho

Unique towel that features a hood, which makes changing out of swimsuits much less of a hassle is a great gift for tomboy girls who love spending time at the beach. The fabric of this towel feels super soft and comfortable against the skin when it comes time to dry off after a fun day in the sun by the shoreline. Designed with vibrant colors and bold patterns that any tomboy would appreciate.

30. Baseball Cap

Featuring adjustable elastic bands on the back this cap makes it perfect gift for any tomboy who loves to keep her hair out of her face. Hat is designed to fit any type of hair, whether it’s short or long, straight or curly. It will keep her hair in place when she’s running around and playing sports also it will add a unique style to her tomboys look. With a trendy vibe and an effortless silhouette, this cap is sure to become one of her favorite accessories.

31. Survival Gear Set

The 14-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit with essential supplies such as wire saws, flint stones, flashlights and compasses, this kit is perfect for any camping or hiking loving tomboy. Plus, it has the added bonus of being waterproof. No matter what kind of environment your adventurer tomboy may find herself in, her supplies will remain safe, waterproof and secure. It also includes a credit card knife which comes super handy for small tasks like opening cans or cutting rope on the go. All these items together make this an ideal present for anyone who loves the great outdoors and likes to explore nature.

32. PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 is boasting enhanced power and graphics capabilities this next-generation console makes it easy to get lost in a virtual world for any girl who likes gaming. Whether you’re playing Guitar Hero or Minecraft PE online or with friends, you will defiantly be overwhelmed by the vivid visuals and smooth frame rate afforded by the PlayStation 5. It’s the most wanted gaming console on the market today and could make some lucky girl extremely happy.

33. Punching Bag

This bag provides an effective workout with its adjustable height it makes more accessible for all levels of athletes, from beginners to experienced professionals, great choice for the fashion-forward tomboy in your life. The gloves that come with this bag make sparring more realistic and help protect the user’s hands during training or fight night.

34. Sunglasses

If you are searching for the ideal present to wow a tomboy in your life, then vintage sunglasses are an audacious and timeless design could be your answer. These sunglasses come in myriad different frames, forms, and colors – giving you the perfect opportunity to find something that matches their individual style as a tomboy girl. Lightweight and comfortable to wear daily, they are ideal for any occasion no matter where teenage girls decide to go.

35. UNO Game

The Office UNO card game is a great option to bring your favorite characters from The Office show into your own home and have this simple yet funny game with your friends. Scour for colors and numbers that sync perfectly and when someone has the misfortune of losing during a round, they must draw new cards, the player who loses all the cards first – wins. This game is sure to be an instant hit with any The Office fan, providing hours of entertainment.

36. Soccer Ball

This unique light-up ball is perfect for a tomboy who likes sports, it has lights that lit stay on no matter being bounced, thrown, or kicked around. It is designed with a durable rubber shell that won’t easily break if dropped or knocked around on any surface. Also, the bright multicolored LEDs inside the ball give it a fun glow that’ll make any tomboy girl feel special. With this amazing toy, your favorite tomboy can have hours of active playtime indoors and outdoors. It is also great for developing hand-eye coordination which is really important for any teen.

37. Wireless Headphones

Music loving tomboy would be happy to get wireless headphones that are equipped with Apple’s revolutionary chip that lets these headphones be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. One charge will last for up to 40 hours of continuous music listening, allowing you to keep the soundtrack of your favorite tunes playing without ever worrying about battery life. Whether you’re gifting them to an audiophile or just want a top-notch headset that won’t let them down, this earphone is sure to be a huge hit. With maximum comfort and unbeatable performance wireless headphones really is the ideal accessory for any tomboy who loves her music wherever they go.

38. Water Bottle

Stylish water bottler with motivational messages that can help her find encouragement when she needs to stay hydrated after a workout. Construction of the water bottle is specially designed to use daily, so that it will not spill or leak easily, protecting her clothes and belongings from spillage. Exterior is made from durable material, meaning it won’t break down easily and it’ll last through all sorts of sports activities that she likes doing.

39. Arcade Tetris

Tetris is a classic and beloved game that has been around for years and continues to be popular among gamers today. The latest version of the game is now small enough to take with you wherever you go and its a gift for tomboys who like old school gaming. It also teaches kids how to problem solve by deciding where to place blocks while also providing plenty of entertainment for them.

40. Electric Longboard

Small and light enough to fit into her everyday life this electric board is amazing for the adventurous tomboy. This skateboard with powerful motor and sturdy construction give her the freedom to explore and discover new places allowing her to ride around town with ease while avoiding any crashes caused by slippery roads or uneven terrain. Skateboards modern design helps her stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Also with great battery life this electric skateboard ensures that little tomboy will never have to worry about running out of juice during a long ride ever again.

41. Badminton Game Set

This cheerful game is for outdoor use, you can have a blast with your friends and family no matter where you are young or old. The possibilities are endless from parks, playgrounds or even your own backyard all you needed to get started is a bit of creativity and enthusiasm and you will have an amazing time playing. Active tomboy girl will be defiantly happy with this badminton set.

42. Perfume

Delightful fragrance that brings together the refreshing charm in mind yet lively combination of verbena and lemon tree, along with notes of geranium for a balanced scent that is light. Perfume bottle is truly one of a kind, featuring intricate engravings reminiscent of vintage perfumes from centuries past. Teenage tomboys that are interested in vintage perfumes will value this gift very much.

43. Backpack

Fjallraven’s laptop backpack with its classic design is an amazing stylish piece of luggage that features a unique new pattern that will look great on any adventurous spirited tomboy girl. Spacious laptop compartment can easily fit laptop up to 17 inches in size, and there is still plenty of room for additional items like textbooks, notebooks, or other accessories so it will defiantly be great for school. It comes with multiple pockets to help keep everything organized and secure and it’s really handy to keep all her things neat and organized. Adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable and easy to carry around town even if it has half of her life packed in it. Rugged yet fashionable backpack is the perfect companion for any tomboy who loves fashion.

44. Yo-Yo

The yoyo also offers flexibility when it comes to tricks, if your special girl enjoys games this will sure to satisfy her playful needs. While children and inexperienced players can have hours of fun simply doing basic tricks like the forward pass or the “sleeper”, more experienced players can try out more intricate techniques like “walking the dog” or any other more advanced trick. Lightweight design of this yoyo makes these techniques easy to learn and master quickly so your tomboy girl will have an amazing time learning them and having tons of fun. With a little bit of practice and patience, she will learn all the cool moves and impress family and friends in no time.

45. Stainless Steel Tag

Captain America chain tag symbolizes strength, courage, and resilience all of which are qualities that any adventurous tomboy can relate to. It’s also great reminder of her unique personality and individuality that embrace who she is. Necklace is made from stainless steel and it won’t tarnish or fade over time, it’s a wonderful gift for any young girl who loves superheroes, and wants something special to remind her of them every day.

46. 3D Printer

She’ll be able to learn the basics of 3D printing design and production so tinker and create with this 3D printer. Enhanced extrusion process provides an intricate level of detail in all of hers 3D creations that can’t be found elsewhere. Any tomboy would love this gift because it encourages her to explore her creativity and build something from scratch. These experiences will help foster a love for problem solving and further stimulate her inquisitive mind.

47. Soccer Trainer

Soccer ball for tomboys of all ages give them a way to stay active and practice their soccer skills on the go. Soccer ball features 18 foot long cable with a secure strap that most children can use without worry making this ball suitable for young players to practice anywhere they go. Great gift that you can take on your next family vacation or camping trip to ensure endless fun in any setting.

48. Bath Bombs

When she’s done running around and kicking the ball all day, she can take a break with this bath bomb. It will help her skin feel refreshed and give off an amazing scent after hours of playing her favorite sports. Bubble inside the ball will act as a massage, helping to relax her sore muscles and relieve any pain that comes with being active all day.

Rokas is a founder of GiftingDeer and has a bachelor's degree in Business Management. He spends a considerable amount of time every day researching gift ideas and creating guides that help people find the perfect present for their special someone.

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