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Under the Sea Magic 27 Enchanting Little Mermaid Gifts

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Mystical, captivating, and emblematic of an enchanting world below the sea, mermaids have long been a source of fascination. Their allure transcends age groups, from little girls dreaming of their magical adventures to adults charmed by their mythical beauty. If you have a mermaid enthusiast in your life, you’ve landed at the perfect place. Welcome to our ocean-inspired guide, tailored to navigate you through the shimmering world of mermaid gifts. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or a “just because” moment, our treasure trove of mermaid gifts for girls and little mermaid gifts promises to make a splash.

Our guide encompasses a wide variety of gift ideas that mermaid aficionados would be thrilled to receive. From mermaid-themed toys that fuel a child’s imaginative play to stylish mermaid-inspired accessories for a chic adult, we’ve got you covered. The magic lies in the details, and these mermaid gifts are brimming with the enchantment of the undersea universe, ready to transport the recipient into a realm of aquatic wonder.

The process of selecting these mermaid gifts was as magical as the mermaids themselves. We dived deep into the market, navigating through countless options, to discover gifts that truly encapsulate the charm of these oceanic beings. Evaluating these gifts on the basis of quality, creativity, and customer feedback, we have surfaced with a collection that spans diverse tastes and ages. So, whether you’re searching for mermaid gifts for girls, who are enchanted by these bewitching creatures, or hunting for little mermaid gifts to surprise a Disney fan, let our guide be your trusted compass. Come join us on this undersea adventure as we explore gifts that promise to mesmerize any mermaid lover!

Little Mermaid Gift Ideas

1. Mini Garden: Mermaid Terrarium

Immerse your child in the magical world of the Mini Terrarium for Kids, an enchanting mermaid-themed garden creation kit. This delightful craft engages little hands in nurturing their unique, egg-shaped mermaid garden complete with quick-growing seeds and captivating under-the-sea decorations. The petite, kid-friendly dimensions of 5.25″ in height and 3″ in width allow ease of handling. With potting mix, chia seeds, mermaid stickers, pearl accents, mini figures, and colorful sand included, this treasure invites a perfect blend of creativity, nature, and play – an ideal gift for every little mermaid enthusiast.

2. Bath Bombs for Kids

This captivating set boasts six sizeable 4.6-ounce bath bombs and a dozen pieces of exquisite mermaid-inspired jewelry – including rings, earrings, bracelets, hair ropes, a pearl necklace, and a jewelry bag. Each effervescent bath bomb bursts into bubbles, releasing a unique mermaid surprise and wafting one of six invigorating scents – Watermelon, Green Apple, Citrus, Rose, Ocean, or Grape. This playful and aromatic gift promises to make bath time a thrilling experience, making it an ideal gift for your little mermaid enthusiast.

3. Mermaid Ring

Infuse your style with the sophistication of this white gold plated ring, beautifully encrusted with top-grade cubic zirconia stones. Mimicking the brilliance of diamonds, these AAA CZ stones meet the high standards set for precious gemstones. Ideal for a myriad of occasions, this piece serves as an elegant engagement ring, a heartfelt promise ring, or a graceful accessory for anniversaries, birthdays, or proms. Gift this radiant piece to a special little mermaid enthusiast, elevating their charm and grace to new heights with this unique piece of jewelry.

4. Toddler Mermaid Tail Blankets

Discover a world of comfort enveloped in the COSUSKET Mermaid Blanket. Made from the most delicate flannel fleece fabric, this all-season blanket offers a breathable warmth for everyone – from children to adults. Its 100% polyester microfiber is perfect for sensitive skin, and the elaborate scale pattern is as charming as it is soft, causing no irritation or discomfort. This mermaid tail blanket transcends the ordinary, transporting its users to a world of aquatic fantasy. An ideal gift for Ariel admirers, it ensures the mermaid dreams of your loved ones are beautifully and comfortably realized.

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5. Disney Ariel Silver Plated

Embrace the charm of Disney’s undersea kingdom with the officially licensed Princess Ariel necklace. This captivating accessory displays Ariel in her full glory, her signature red tresses flowing, seated on a swirl that mirrors a wave’s elegance. The vibrant colors are accentuated with sparkling sea blue-green crystals, making this silver-plated necklace a statement piece. Featuring an 18″ chain and delivered in a genuine Disney gift box, this necklace is the ultimate present for any occasion, embodying the enchantment of The Little Mermaid and delighting Disney enthusiasts.

6. Mermaid Stainless Steel Tumbler

Invoke the allure of the ocean with this whimsical mermaid-inspired tumbler, a splendid gift for mermaid enthusiasts of any age. It’s not just a trendy accessory but also a delightful school necessity that brings the magic of mermaid lore to life. Its eye-catching design keeps school hours exciting and deters dull moments. Furthermore, it’s a key element in mermaid-themed parties, enabling the serving of enchanting beverages and generating a mesmerizing ambience. Dive into the charm of this captivating tumbler and let it ripple the magic of mermaids into your life.

7. Disney Princess So Sweet Princess Ariel

Bring the charm of Disney’s undersea world to life with the delightful Disney Princess So Sweet Princess Ariel Plush. At a cuddly 13.5 inches, this charming plush is an excellent surprise for Disney enthusiasts of any age. Its playful details and soft fabric encapsulate Ariel’s spirit in a huggable form, making it an enchanting addition to any Disney trove. Whether it’s a birthday, a significant milestone, or just a token of affection, this Ariel plush is a delightful gift. Complete the collection with other Disney Princess plush toys, like Rapunzel and Moana, to fully embrace the Disney magic.

8. Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

An ideal gift for any young mermaid fan, this playful and versatile mermaid blanket offers more than just cozy comfort. With an ingenious design that opens up at the back, it provides not only warmth but also practicality, perfect for car rides or camping adventures. The generous size ensures that kids have ample space, eliminating any feeling of confinement, whether they’re at a sleepover or just cuddling up at home. Bring a splash of mermaid magic to their lives with this charming and functional blanket.

9. Ariel Little Mermaid Plush Slippers

Unleash the joy of Disney magic with these charming Disney Princess Slippers, a delightful gift for any little mermaid fan. They are available in various sizes to fit every toddler and little kid’s foot. Every step they take is accompanied by their beloved princesses, including Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and more, adding a dash of enchantment to their every move. With their plush materials, these slippers promise to envelop your child’s feet in cozy comfort, bringing a wide smile to their face. They’re the perfect addition to lounging or bedtime routines, adding a sprinkling of princess magic.

10. Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Immerse yourself in a world of magic with the versatile and enchanting Magic Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Bag, an ideal gift for any little mermaid fan. This unique bag caters to girls aged 4-18 and can transition smoothly from a backpack to a dance bag, a travel sack, or even a gym bag. The dazzling sequins are reversible, offering an interactive experience as they sketch diverse patterns and shapes, adding a sprinkle of entertainment to their daily routine. Secured with adjustable and robust drawstrings, this bag marries durability, practicality, and a touch of fun.

11. Mermaid Ariel Towel

With the Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Cotton Hooded Towel, you can invite the enchantment of Disney into your child’s daily routines. Designed for youngsters aged 3-7, this 100% cotton towel immerses them in a world of magic while offering practicality. The towel’s soft, absorbent fabric and pull-over hooded style make it perfect for post-bath snuggles or drying off after a splash at the beach or pool. Plus, it’s machine washable for effortless maintenance. In this delightful Ariel-themed towel, drying off becomes a dive into imagination, making it a perfect gift for young mermaid admirers.

12. Terrarium Arts and Crafts Kit

Spark creativity and a deep appreciation for nature in your child with this all-inclusive DIY terrarium kit. Tailored for the young ones, this kit offers everything necessary to craft a beautiful, unique undersea world. It features a range of decorative add-ons from preserved moss to colored crystals and enchanting magic sand. With the addition of an LED night light controlled by a remote, this terrarium transforms into a mesmerizing marine scene when the lights go down. Housed in a quaint acrylic jar capped with a cork lid, it also boasts elements like a ship, a treasure, and a snorkeler to really bring the oceanic fantasy to life.

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13. Mermaid Princess Doll Playset

Immerse in an underwater fantasy with this captivating mermaid princess doll playset. Marvel as the mermaid tail transforms from dazzling blue to radiant purple, thanks to the sequins’ reversible feature. With a trio of charming characters – a 12″ mermaid princess, her little mermaid friend, and a playful dolphin, this playset is sure to inspire countless hours of pretend play. Ideal for holidays, play dates, parties, or just for everyday fun, this mermaid playset is a treasure that will delight and inspire.

14. Bath Bombs for Kids

Indulge in a sea of bubbles and magic with these enchanting kids bath bombs. Crafted with a delicate blend of plant-derived ingredients, they ensure a safe and gentle bath for your little mermaid’s sensitive skin. Standing out with their generous size, these bath bombs dissolve smoothly, leaving no residues behind. Each bath bomb holds a charming surprise, revealing different jewelry toys that will turn bath time into a captivating treasure hunt.

15. Mermaid Princess Doll

Dive into imaginative play with this delightful set of mermaid dolls. Ideal for any young mermaid enthusiast, these dolls offer endless adventures in enchanting underwater worlds. Easy-to-change outfits and long, style-able hair invite creative expression and fun. This set brings a 12″ main mermaid doll, a 3″ mini mermaid companion, a playful seahorse, a chic dress, and two sea-themed brushes for hair play. Gift this unique collection to let the magical ocean tales unfold in the hands of your little mermaid fan.

16. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Gift the joy of creativity and personalization with this DIY charm bracelet kit, perfect for budding jewelry designers. An effortless and engaging activity, it requires no special tools or advanced skills, making it an ideal present for children as young as eight. This kit puts the power of choice in their hands, allowing them to select from a wide variety of spectacular designs that resonate with their unique personality. Watch as they craft their very own charming bracelet, weaving together a beautiful keepsake and a treasured mermaid memory.

17. Mermaid Kids Play Tent Playhouse

Ignite a child’s imagination and make their mermaid dreams come true with the ultimate mermaid tent. With its vibrant, detailed illustrations of an underwater world full of mermaids, fish, and corals, this tent becomes the heart of their enchanting playtimes. Its easy assembly, convenient pack-away design, and high-quality, non-toxic, water-resistant fabric ensure a safe and fuss-free play experience. Parents can also peek through two mesh windows, ensuring their little adventurers stay cool and safe. Easy to clean with just a damp cloth and mild soap, this tent is the perfect gift to foster imaginative play and bring unending joy.

18. Barbie Dreamtopia Doll Mermaid

Delve into a world of color and light with the engaging Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid doll. Once submerged in water, her mermaid tail glimmers with a captivating array of rainbow lights, providing a mesmerizing spectacle. A simple press of the button on her necklace ignites the display, allowing the magic to be enjoyed on land too. Perfect for both bath time and out-of-water play, this enchanting Barbie mermaid doll brings an extra dose of joy and adventure to any young explorer’s playtime.

19. Disney Princess Analog Quartz Watch

Delight your young Disney fan with this enchanting and educational Disney Time Teacher watch. Along with the watch, it includes an engaging Time Teacher Punch Out Clock brochure for practical learning. The dial is clearly marked with “HOUR” and “MINUTE” hands, accompanied by a minute track, making time-telling concepts easy to understand. Crafted with a durable plastic case and a high-quality stainless steel caseback, the watch is designed to endure everyday play. It features beloved Disney characters on its face, and with a comfortable strap and case size designed for little wrists, this time-telling treasure doubles as an appealing gift for any Disney aficionado.

20. I Love Mermaids Kit – Craft Kit

Ignite your child’s artistic flair with the vibrant Craft-tastic Mermaid-themed Arts and Crafts Set. Ideal for children aged 7 and above, it encourages creativity while offering a variety of six enchanting mermaid-inspired projects. From crafting a unique mermaid bracelet, a star hair accessory, a quirky mermaid wallet, a magical necklace, a majestic mermaid crown to creating adorable tiny mermaid dolls, the set guarantees hours of imaginative play. More than a playtime activity, it also imparts valuable crafting skills.

21. Double Sided Mermaid Tail Blanket

Dive into a world of comfort and magic with the Kids Mermaid Blanket. More than a cozy companion, it transforms into a whimsical playtime accessory, adding sparkle to every adventure. Made with meticulous stitching and machine washable fabric, it promises durability and easy care. Ideal for bedtime, sleepovers, travel, or movie nights, this Sweetheart Sparkle mermaid blanket offers more than comfort—it’s a promise of magic, making it a perfect gift.

22. Women Handbag

Embellished with a mermaid tail motif, this purse fuses whimsy with functionality. Crafted from resilient canvas with chic vegan leather accents, it promises longevity while elevating your fashion quotient. The adjustable strap offers a tailored fit, and the zip closure keeps your essentials secure. With dimensions of 5″ x 7.5″ x 1″ and a strap length varying from 7″ to 30″, it’s a compact yet spacious companion.

23. Mermaid Mug

Transform your everyday hot beverage ritual with the captivating Mermaid Ceramic Coffee Mug. Expertly crafted from resilient ceramic, this mug delivers charm and functionality, perfect for savoring an array of hot or cold refreshments like tea, coffee, milk or juice. Adorned with whimsical mermaid-inspired artwork, it not only enhances your drink enjoyment but also adds a dash of magical whimsy to your day.

24. JOYIN Unicorn Tea Party Set

Ignite your child’s imagination with the whimsical Unicorn Tea Set, a fantastic gift for any mermaid enthusiast. This set transforms an ordinary playtime into a magical tea party, complete with a teapot, cups, and plates in various sizes, all adorned with delightful unicorn, rainbow, and castle designs. Encouraging creativity, social interaction, and imaginative storytelling, this set promises unlimited fun indoors or outdoors. Durably crafted, it’s a playtime accessory that withstands the test of time. Paired with a handy carrying case, it makes an enchanting present for birthdays, or simply to add a touch of magic to everyday play.

25. Mermaid Journal

This journal’s cover is a visual delight, displaying an enchanting underwater scene complete with a graceful mermaid, sea creatures, and a treasure chest, all enhanced by gold foil accents and raised embossing. Its acid-free, lightly lined pages provide a haven for your personal reflections, sketches, or treasured words. Handy features like an interior pocket and a teal-colored elastic band increase its utility, making this compact journal a perfect gift to inspire anyone with a touch of mermaid magic.

26. Disney Princess Little Mermaid Soup Mug

With a generous capacity of 24 ounces, it’s perfect for your beverage of choice, from a revitalizing morning brew to a calming evening tea. Beyond its main use, this versatile novelty mug serves as an attractive paperweight, pen holder, or even a whimsical treasure chest. Made from resilient ceramic, it assures the ideal temperature for both hot and cold drinks. As an officially licensed Disney’s The Little Mermaid product by Silver Buffalo, and being BPA-free, microwave safe, and dishwasher friendly, it’s a charming and practical gift for mermaid lovers.

27. Mermaid Tail Crystal Holder

Showcase your prized crystals, stones, and rocks in style with this elegant acacia wood crystal shelf display. With dimensions ideally sized at 8 by 6 inches and a depth of .78 inches, this rustic tray serves as a fitting sanctuary for your cherished collection. But the beauty of this piece isn’t limited to crystal storage – its design doubles as a catch-all tray for desk items, change, keys, or precious jewelry, introducing a touch of sophistication to organization. While crystals aren’t included, this distinct and functional crystal display makes an ideal gift for those drawn to the allure of mermaids or the sparkle of stones.

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