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28 Unicorn Gifts for Girls to Embrace the Magic

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In a world of unicorns, where magic is a breath away and dreams paint the sky in vivid hues, every little girl finds a place of wonder and imagination. Unicorns, those mystical and enchanting creatures, have captured hearts worldwide with their beauty and charm. This makes unicorn-themed gifts a delightful and cherished choice for young girls. Welcome to our meticulously curated gift guide, “Unicorn Gifts for Girls to Embrace the Magic,” where we analyze the best unicorn toys and gifts to help you find the perfect present.

From plush toys and sparkling jewelry to enchanting bedroom decor and whimsical art supplies, our guide offers an expansive variety of unicorn gifts that young girls would love. Not only will these unicorn gifts spark joy and creativity, but they also help instill a sense of wonder and cultivate imaginative play. Whether she’s a budding artist, a little fashionista, or a bookworm who loves fairy tales, you’ll find something in this guide that matches her unique personality and interests.

Best Unicorn Toys & Gifts for Girls

1. Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

Step into the magical world of dreams with these delightful unicorn-themed pajamas, an ideal gift for the little girl in your life. Crafted with softness for ultimate comfort and brightly colored to ignite her imagination, they promise a dreamy bedtime experience. The clever addition of an attached elastic belt ensures the robe stays secure, letting her feel like a princess even as she winds down for the night. With their enchanting unicorn design, these pajamas are indeed a whimsical treasure that will make her bedtime a special occasion every night.

2. Kids Camera Toy for Girls

Unleash the magic of photography for your child with this enchanting unicorn-themed digital camera, the perfect present for girls aged 3-8 years. A charming gift for birthdays, Christmas or just because, this camera has been thoughtfully designed with a vibrant, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly exterior. Its compact 2.62″ LCD screen provides an exciting gateway into the world of photography and videography, complete with a 12-megapixel resolution and 1080p HD video recording for crystal clear memories. The recent upgrade includes a selfie mode, inviting your little one to document her own magical moments. With its multifunctional capabilities, including photo capture, video recording, playback, gaming, and date setting, there’s no end to the fun! Three motion-controlled games bring an extra sprinkle of delight, while the easy-to-use card reader allows for effortless downloading and sharing of photos. Gift your child an adventure of creativity and discovery with this exceptional unicorn-inspired camera.

3. Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box

Ideal for young girls who are beginning to amass a collection of cherished jewelry, this box offers a perfect solution for storage. This beautifully designed unicorn-themed jewelry box offers ample room and is luxuriously lined with velvet, ensuring your precious trinkets are lovingly safeguarded. The design ensures each piece stays in its place, never to be lost, making this an excellent and thoughtful unicorn-themed gift.

4. Lip Smacker Lippy Pal

Bring some enchantment to your lip care regimen with our Lippy Pal Lip Balm, uniquely designed in a whimsical unicorn shape. More than just an eye-catching design, this lip balm ensures your lips stay splendidly soft and nourished. Lip Smackers’ renowned formula brilliantly combines hydration and a gentle shine, ensuring your lips feel moisturized and protected. With an expansive array of delightful flavors, from the sweetness of cotton candy to the unique tang of Dr. Pepper, there’s a flavor for every preference. These lip balms make a delightful party favor or unicorn-themed gift. Trust the pioneering brand in flavored lip care, Lip Smackers, to keep your lips at their absolute best. Indulge yourself, or surprise someone special with the delightful experience of Lippy Pal Lip Balm.

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5. Unicorns Glow in The Dark Blanket

Step into a world of enchantment with the Luminous Unicorn Blanket, a magical present that effortlessly appeals to young girls aged between 3 and 10 years. Uniquely designed to glow in the dark, this captivating blanket adds a hint of mystique and charm to any setting. All it takes is 15-30 minutes under bright light or sunlight, and the blanket radiates a gentle, ethereal glow, much to the delight of your little ones. Perfect for all occasions – birthdays, Christmas, or any milestone, this glow-in-the-dark unicorn blanket makes an unforgettable gift. Made from superior 280GSM fabric, its plush polyester assures ultimate softness, offering unmatched comfort for camping trips, family get-togethers, or picnics. Along with a charming pink unicorn travel bag, this blanket is not just cozy but skin-friendly too, making it a prized possession for any young girl.

6. Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light Kit for Kids

Ignite your child’s creativity with this Make-Your-Own Unicorn Night Light kit, equipped with all the essentials to craft a beautiful and enchanting night light. This unicorn-themed light adds a magical touch to any room, delighting not just young kids but teens too, making it a thoughtful and versatile gift. The kit is user-friendly, featuring a detailed, step-by-step instruction manual filled with images for easy understanding, ensuring a smooth crafting journey and endless fun. Additionally, the LED light is powered by replaceable batteries, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires and plugs. This means the magic of the unicorn light can continue uninterrupted – just replace the battery, and it will be ready to brighten up any space whenever needed.

7. Tickle & Main Rainbow Unicorn Tea Party Gift Set

Unleash a wave of magic with the Ultimate Unicorn Lover’s Gift Set, specifically designed to fulfill the dreamy whims of your little girl. Suitable for children aged 3 and above, this all-inclusive set provides everything necessary to host a spellbinding tea party. This set features an endearing plush unicorn, donned in a matching tea party hat, and equipped with “magic” soft velcro to hold a teacup and become a tea party companion. The child-sized tea party hat further elevates the fun and charm. Moreover, the tin tea set is perfect for serving pretend tea to friends and plush pals alike. To round off the experience, an included storybook not only narrates the delight of a tea party but also offers simple DIY instructions for creating invitations, decorations, and recipes, empowering your child to host a memorable event. So, gift this enchanting set and watch as it turns into a cherished memory in your little one’s unicorn-inspired journey.

8. Sew Butiful Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Meet our charming lineup of Cute Unicorn Plushies, meticulously designed to offer high-quality companionship for your little girl. Adorned with gleaming gold horns and hooves, these plushies come in a spectrum of delightful colors – pink, blue, purple, and white – ensuring there’s a perfect unicorn for every child. What truly sets these unicorns apart are their enchanting iridescent manes and tails, set to mesmerize your young princess. Crafted with a non-irritating, skin-friendly fabric and filled with squishy pp cotton, these plushies are safe, huggable, and perfect for snuggles. Gift your little one these endearing companions and watch her dive into a world of magical adventures. With these plushies as her sidekicks, she’ll have countless hours of fun and joy, making them the ultimate unicorn gift for any girl.

9. Unicorn Kids Headphones for Girls

Unicorn Headphones, designed to delight and dazzle unicorn enthusiasts, from young girls to teenagers. These on-ear headphones are decked out in a stylish, shimmering unicorn motif, accompanied by cushiony earpads and a cozy headband for a sublime listening experience. Created with your little ones in mind (ages 3 and up), these headphones boast an inbuilt microphone and a mute button, providing them with the means to chat with loved ones or enjoy some quiet time whenever required. Thanks to the adjustable headband, comfort is a sure thing, regardless of head size, ensuring fatigue-free listening for extended periods. Perfect for car trips, school, flights, home use, or even cosplay escapades, these wired headphones are as versatile as they are stylish. Wrapped up in a delightful unicorn-themed gift box, these headphones are the perfect present to spark joy and unleash the spirit of freedom in any unicorn-loving girl.

10. Unicorn Slime Kit

Unicorn Galaxy Slime Kit, your gateway to a world of dazzling creativity and endless fun. Perfect for those who enjoy hands-on play, this kit provides everything you need to craft an array of spellbinding slimes, from Glow Glitter Slime to Galaxy Goo Slime and beyond. Experience the thrill of blending mica powders and foam balls, producing one-of-a-kind textures and designs to delight the senses. Stored in an enchanting Unicorn container, your custom creations acquire an extra sprinkle of magic, making this kit an ideal present for inventive girls. By encouraging sensory play, the Unicorn Galaxy Slime Kit offers a captivating diversion from digital screens. Witness the mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark effect of your Unicorn slime, and add neon sprinkles for an extra level of shimmer. Crafted for a cloud-like feel, this kit offers an exciting hands-on experience and serves as a perfect gift for girls aged 10-12 who are passionate about all things Unicorn.

11. Kids Baseball Hat Unicorn

Say hello to our captivating Unicorn Kids Baseball Cap, a charming addition to any little fashionista’s wardrobe. This enchanting cap boasts a unique reversible sequin design on the front, adding a hint of magical sparkle to every outfit. Not just a fashion statement, it’s designed with functionality in mind too. Thanks to its adjustable snap back closure and a thoughtful slot at the back, the cap comfortably accommodates ponytails or messy buns, perfect for active girls. Made from top-quality cotton, it promises breathability, lightweight comfort, and durability for wear throughout the day. Additionally, its pre-curved visor provides protection from harsh UV rays, making it a versatile accessory for a wide range of activities, from school days to family outings, outdoor explorations, and beach trips. Present this Unicorn Kids Baseball Cap as a delightful unicorn gift, combining style, practicality, and sun protection in one.

12. Unicorn Pop Purse for Girl

Unicorn Pop Fidget Bag Toys, an ideal gift for all the unicorn-loving girls out there. This 3-in-1 gift set encompasses a pop bubble fidget toy, a purse wallet, and a shoulder bag, offering a trio of delightful surprises all rolled into one captivating package. Crafted from soft, natural silicone, this durable bag ensures both comfort and longevity, while also being easy to clean with a simple mix of soap and water. But the magic lies in the bag’s irresistible bubble-popping feature, generating a satisfying “POP” sound with each press that is guaranteed to captivate and entertain. The bag’s adorable unicorn design and vibrant colors make it not just a stylish accessory, but a source of endless fun. Whether you’re looking for a birthday present, a party favor, a Halloween surprise, or a Christmas gift, the Unicorn Pop Bubble Bag promises to deliver joy and excitement to girls of all ages, serving as a versatile and engaging companion that can uplift moods and provide infinite entertainment.

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13. Kids Smart Phone for Girls

Kid’s Unicorn Smart Phone, a perfect blend of fun, creativity, and learning, and an ideal gift for the young unicorn enthusiast. This interactive device boasts a 2.8″ touchscreen, and auto-focus 8.0-megapixel dual cameras, allowing your child to capture vibrant photos and effortless selfies. More than a toy, the phone comes with a playful twist of big head stickers for an amusing photo makeover and a video recorder to chronicle their youthful adventures. It also offers 13 engaging game modes, perfect for honing logical thinking and hand-eye coordination in an enjoyable manner.

14. Unicorn Bag Gift for Girl

Presenting our captivating unicorn-themed gift set, specifically designed to bring joy and magic to young unicorn aficionados. These delightful unicorn accessories are the embodiment of happiness, fortune, and purity, making them the perfect presents for your little girls and unicorn enthusiasts alike. Express your affection with these whimsical unicorn treasures, reminding them of their unique charm. This all-inclusive set features a charming unicorn drawstring bag, a cosmetic pouch adorned with unicorns, two exquisite unicorn necklaces, a matching bracelet, a cute coin purse, lively tattoo stickers, a keychain, and five colorful unicorn hair ties. Ideal as birthday gifts or festive stocking fillers, these enchanting items promise to elicit smiles and joy. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, planning a unicorn-themed party, or seeking the perfect Christmas surprise, this unicorn gift set is sure to captivate and delight girls aged 5 to 10.

15. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

DIY charm bracelet kit, which empowers you to craft your very own personalized jewelry masterpiece. This kit provides everything you’ll need, eliminating the requirement for any special tools or skills. The beauty of this creative process is its simplicity and accessibility, making it a wonderful gift for girls as young as eight. Simply choose the design that best embodies the recipient’s personality from our diverse and fabulous collection. Let your little girl’s creativity blossom as she designs her very own unicorn-themed charm bracelet, a unique keepsake that she can cherish and proudly wear.

16. Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit

Introduce your little one to the delightful world of DIY with our multifaceted slime-making kit. With the ability to create a variety of slime types such as foam, cloud, jelly cubes, and fishbowl, this kit opens a universe of playful possibilities. It comes fully equipped with all the necessary components, including a dash of sparkle to ensure a resounding hit with any 8-year-old girl. This kit not only provides endless fun but also inspires creativity, making it an ideal unicorn-themed gift for any young slime enthusiast.

17. Classic Pearl White Unicorn Musical Water Globe

Crafted to charm and delight, this beautiful showpiece rests on a pearl-white pedestal base fashioned from resin polymer stone, exuding a classic appeal with its elegantly sculpted bun feet. A true marvel to behold, the globe reveals meticulous craftsmanship from every perspective. But the real magic happens when it’s wound up: it plays the heartwarming melody “You Are My Sunshine,” casting a spell of joy and nostalgia. This melodious water globe makes for a truly magical unicorn-themed gift that will captivate any young girl and add a touch of enchantment to her space.

18. Tiblue Unicorns Gift for Girl

Introduce your cherished little girl to a world of fantasy and comfort with a carefully selected 9-piece Unicorn Gift Set, crafted with love for those aged 1-12 years. This captivating Christmas gift ensemble includes a radiant glow-in-the-dark blanket, a charming 12oz tumbler, a whimsical unicorn drawstring backpack, a cute unicorn crossbody bag, a pair of relaxing bath balls, a soothing eye mask, a heartfelt gift card, all elegantly packed in a stylish gift box. At the heart of this magical collection is a lush, plush blanket that measures 60″ x 50″, its enchanting glow emerging in the dark after just 15 minutes of exposure to bright light, creating a mesmerizing ambiance for up to 6 hours. Delight in the pure plant essential oils and natural extracts of the bath balls, designed for a relaxing, child-friendly bathing experience. The unicorn eye mask adds a comforting touch to help foster peaceful sleep. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or just to show your affection, this unicorn-themed gift set is sure to bring a smile to your little princess’s face.

19. Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy for Girls

Bring a sprinkle of enchantment to your child’s playtime with the bewitching Robot Pets Remote Control Unicorn, the perfect playmate for children aged 3 and above. This delightful toy robot brings joy to every playroom as it sits, neighs, prances, and rhythmically dances, eliciting fits of giggles and wonder. Offering interactive play modes, this clever unicorn can be steered through simple hand gestures in Gesture Mode or left to explore its surroundings in Adventure Mode. One of the key features of this endearing robot unicorn is its ability to introduce children to the basics of programming. By using the included program treats, kids can set up a sequence of moves, thus combining play with STEM learning. With the unicorn’s LED eyes illuminating in response to interaction, this magical creature truly brings the gift of imagination and creativity to life. The Robot Pets Remote Control Unicorn is the ideal gift for your little girl, ensuring an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and learning.

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20. Unicorn Stationery Set for Kids

Perfectly tailored for young writers and memory collectors, this set beautifully encapsulates the joy of capturing thoughts, penning down letters, crafting lists, and preserving cherished memories. Nestled inside a charming unicorn-themed case, you’ll find heart-shaped cards and envelopes for secret messages, a notepad accompanied by large envelopes for extended musings, as well as an assortment of unicorn-inspired adornments including two whimsical unicorn stamps, a two-tone inkpad, stickers, and captivating unicorn tape. The kit is completed with a top-quality pen, pencil, and eraser to support your child’s writing endeavors.

21. Kids Real Makeup Kit for Little Girls

Introduce your young ones to the vibrant world of cosmetics with this delightful and child-friendly Unicorn Makeup Kit. Specially crafted keeping in mind their tender skin, this non-toxic makeup kit boasts of top-quality, paraben-free ingredients that align with all US toy and cosmetics safety standards. Whether experimenting with colors for a subtly radiant look or exploring different styles, this kit nurtures your child’s creativity without making them appear too grown-up. Moreover, the makeup can be easily washed off with water and mild soap, ensuring no lingering stains on carpets or furniture. This unicorn-themed makeup kit is an ideal birthday or holiday gift, offering countless moments of joy and wonder to your special little girl. So, let’s bid farewell to children rummaging through mom’s purse and spark their imagination with this enchanting gift that’s perfect for any season.

22. Night Dress Unicorn Rainbow Princess Pajamas

Indulge your little darling in the blend of comfort and chic style with our unicorn-themed dress, woven from the softest mix of milk silk and spandex. This thoughtful blend of fabrics ensures a tender touch against her skin while providing maximum breathability and the utmost comfort. With our advanced 3D dye-sublimation printing, fading and cracking are worries of the past. This printing technique makes the vibrant unicorn design burst into life, looking as magical and real as ever. The dress’s A-line silhouette and round neck design embody elegance, making it a versatile piece for all seasons and occasions. The artfully pleated hem and meticulous detailing at every stitch and edge add to the perfect fit. Present your little princess with this captivating unicorn dress, an unforgettable gift that will let her shine the brightest in her magical attire!

23. Unicorns LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

This magical tablet, carefully packed in a charming gift box, is a perfect pick for any occasion, be it birthdays, Easter, Christmas, back-to-school season, or graduation. They can sketch, write, and let their creative ideas flow on the bright LCD screen that stands out in clarity. The tablet’s feather-light and compact design makes it an ideal companion for mobile entertainment and learning. So, make a transition from the chaos of papers to a universe of seamless creativity with this unicorn-themed writing tablet.

24. Paint Your Own Unicorns DIY Ceramic Unicorn Kit

This enchanting set comes with two ceramic unicorn figurines, one showcasing an inspiring “BE MAGICAL” message and the other featuring a majestic unicorn in front of a vibrant rainbow, ready to be adorned with your creative flair. The kit boasts over 14 unique embellishments, including an array of 11 lively paints ranging from shimmering metallic hues to soft pastel neons, alongside stickers, sequins, and sparkling gemstones. These unicorns aren’t just fun to design, but they also serve as whimsical room decor, letting kids express their artistic talents and personalize their space. Ideal as a thoughtful present or as captivating props for a unicorn-themed party, this set is a perfect choice for any artistic unicorn lover.

25. Rainbow Sweatshirts with Unicorn for Girls

Add a touch of unicorn magic to your little girl’s wardrobe with WELAKEN Unicorn Sweatshirts. Luxuriously crafted from 100% cotton, this sweatshirt offers a supreme softness that gently caresses the skin, while its flexible and lightweight fabric ensures maximum comfort, allowing her to freely embrace her active lifestyle. Thanks to its high-stitch density, this sweatshirt promises lasting quality without the concern of pilling. It showcases a vibrant Rainbow Pattern that breathes life into her style, complemented with a charming sequin unicorn detail to highlight her love for these mystical creatures. Featuring a practical pocket for added functionality, this hoodie is not just about style, but also about convenience. As a gift, this unicorn sweatshirt weaves comfort, durability, and whimsical design together, casting a unique unicorn charm that your little princess would adore.

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26. Watch for Girls Toys

Add a sprinkle of unicorn charm to your little girl’s day with our uniquely designed unicorn kids watch, perfectly suited for girls aged 3-10. This delightful timepiece, adorned with vibrant cartoon designs, breathes life, joy, and whimsicality onto her wrist, promising to be a treasure she will truly cherish. Prioritizing safety and comfort, the watch strap is crafted from top-tier silicone material, ensuring durability whilst maintaining a tender touch on her delicate skin. The adaptable strap featuring a stainless steel buckle guarantees a snug, comfortable fit, giving her the freedom to partake in any outdoor activity unrestricted. This watch is more than just a functional timepiece; it’s a thoughtful gift designed to make every little girl feel precious and loved.

27. Pet Plush Unicorn Stuffed Animals Backpack

Presenting the dream-come-true plush set for every unicorn enthusiast – a magical 3-piece set that includes a charming plush backpack of dimensions 8 x 12.5 inches, an adorably cuddly 10-inch plush unicorn, and a unique birth certificate to make the adoption of your new unicorn companion official. This wonder-filled set, tailored for children aged 3 years and up, makes the perfect surprise for any girl who holds unicorns dear to her heart. Not only is the plush backpack cute to a fault, it also serves a practical purpose, enabling your child to take their cherished unicorn friend along on every adventure, be it sleepovers, preschool, or journeys afar. Crafted from soft, fluffy polyester with a glittering horn and wings, the unicorn plushy can be given a special name and invited into the world of magical escapades that only a child’s imagination can weave.

28. MONOPOLY Junior: Unicorn Edition

Embark on a magical journey with Monopoly Junior: Unicorn Edition, a captivating board game perfectly suited for young adventurers. This entrancing version invites children to dive into a world filled with unicorns, rainbows, shooting stars, butterflies, and sweet delights that embody the charm and wonder of unicorn lore. As players traverse the vibrantly colored gameboard, they have the chance to invest in enchanting unicorn-themed properties and amass wealth, all with the goal of becoming the most successful unicorn magnate. Enhancing the fantasy are endearing unicorn tokens including the Unibunny, Magic Puppy, Turtlecorn, and a classic Unicorn, adding a sprinkle of whimsy to every move. The Unicorn Edition of the timeless Monopoly game combines imaginative play, cheerful competition, and the timeless allure of unicorns, making it an ideal gift that will delight any young unicorn lover.

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