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26 Moon Gifts for Moon Lovers Out There

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This gift guide is all about moon gifts that are full of symbolism and sentimental value they are also a great way to show someone you care about them and know how important moon theme is in their life. You can find an array of items, from jewelry to clothing, to give moon lovers a special keepsake they’ll treasure.. We know that sometimes it could be hard to find that one special present that ticks all the boxes this is why we created this moon gift guide that includes many different items for every type of moon lover. You’re sure to find something special that your recipient will forever remember. Whether it’s jewelry they can wear every day or decor they can admire while cozy at home, these thoughtful presents make wonderful surprises that honor celestial beauty.

Best Moon Themed Gifts for Moon Lovers

1. Levitating Moon Light

Give the gift of starry romance this holiday season with this moon lamp that’s light can be placed in any area of the room and will float and spin without touching anything. It’s an ideal gift for moon lovers and space enthusiasts since it doesn’t have any contact and makes you wonder about space. This moon globe’s magnetic technology allows you to enjoy its lovely shine – excellent as a holiday present for your moon-loving friend.

2. Computerized Telescope

Computerized telescope provide a great view of the night sky and all its wonders. NexStar telescope offers a truly stellar experience with its 40,000-star and galaxy database that can rival even NASA’s database. Moon related gift for space gazers of all levels from amateurs to avid astronomers who love moon and constantly look to the sky.

3. Apothecary Moon Gift Box

This box is for people who want to create their own magical vibe of moon crystal. You get a hand-poured intention candle that has Reiki energy put into it. There are also crystals and other cool items, like soap and more. The theme changes each month, so you will always get new things in your box! Great moon themed gift sets for your loved ones.

4. Solar Moon Lights

Solar-powered moon garden lights are good for making your house look nice. They charge during the day and then turn on at night after they have been charged up all day. These lights have warm white LED bulbs that will look pretty at night. Perfect moon gift that will look amazing in any moon lovers garden.

5. Moon Blanket

What’s more perfect than a cozy blanket to keep you warm this winter? With the glow in the dark feature, your hands will never be lost finding their way across its soft fuzzy surface. The beautiful moon design creates an awesome throw for any space enthusiast who loves stars too.

6. Moon Chocolat Gift Box

Make every day extra special with our heavenly handcrafted artisan truffle, they will get different delicious chocolates delivered straight to your doorstep each month. Each truffle is lovingly created with exquisite ingredients that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Luxurious treats come in beautiful shades of grey, white, and gold that mimic the light of the moon so your moon loving friend will be surprised every month.

7. Moon Themed Mirror

Large moon themed mirror is a brilliant option for those who want their dream bathroom to be outstandingly beautiful. Black Magic Witch’s stylishly crafted set of 5 moon phase decorative mirrors are ideal for brightening up any space. These 12 inches high, and 9 inches wide antique brass wall art pieces will be a fashionable addition in any moon lover’s house.

8. Bookends

Add a space theme to your friends house with lightweight moon themed resin bookends for their library. Space explorers will look fantastic on desk in a children’s bedroom or in your friends space library with all your friend’s books that let them enjoy showing off their special interest in space and moon. One of a kind bookends that will let them wonder about space and limitless wonders above them.

9. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Decorative gold banner features metal moons that have been handcrafted and hammered with intricate detail for your moon loving friends bedroom. This cool moon themed accessory with iron chains suspended from the moon bring peace and comfort into any room in their home. With this moon themed gift, you will defiantly surprise them and help them admire the beauty of a full moon.

10. Sandals

The NASA Space Slides Sandal is the best gift for any moon enthusiast out there. Whether you are looking for a subtle way to show your love of the stars or just need something practical and comfortable, this sandal has been crafted with the highest quality materials for long-lasting durability. Its lightweight single band upper makes it extremely comfortable, while its soft footbed provides quick drying and all-day comfort whether you’re walking on slippery surfaces or going on outdoor adventures. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect pair that reflects your own personal style.

11. Full Moon Wall Decoration

These custom moon phase wall stickers are the best gift for any moon lover or celestial enthusiast. With their unique charm and mesmerizing beauty, they will bring an ethereal feel to any home. From a waxing crescent to a full moon, each sticker beautifully captures our solar system’s most brilliant moments.

The stickers are highly durable and made of thick vinyl so they won’t easily fade over time. Additionally, they come with an adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick them to any flat surface. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, which makes them even more versatile in decorating your home with the beauty of the planets and stars. Plus, with their low-maintenance design, you won’t have to constantly dust off your wall or worry about cleaning them up when spills happen!

In addition to being visually stunning, these lunar phase wall stickers also make for a great moon gift for anyone who loves astronomy and space exploration. They look beautiful in nurseries, children’s rooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms—anywhere you want to show off your love of all things outer space! With such an inviting design and eye-catching display, this celestial set is sure to add a touch of magic wherever it is placed.

12. Telescope

The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope is an ideal choice for any amateur astronomer, space enthusiast or astrophotographer. With its generous aperture and excellent light transmission rates, this telescope is perfect for observing distant celestial objects in all of their magnificent detail. Thanks to its equatorial mount, you can easily track stars, planets and galaxies as they move across the night sky. Plus, the adjustable tripod is collapsible for easy transport and storage when you need to take your stargazing adventures on the go.

13. Moon and Stars Necklace

This dazzling crescent moon and star pendant is the perfect way to express your undying affection and devotion to someone special in your life. Beautifully crafted with stainless steel material and detailed with two shimmering stars, this necklace is designed to stand the test of time, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.

The stainless steel construction offers several benefits that make this piece of jewelry especially desirable. Additionally, the intricate details of this necklace make it a great choice for individuals who appreciate the beauty of the celestial bodies above us. Whether they are captivated by the moon or admirers of stars, they can proudly wear their passions close to their hearts.

14. Handcrafted Moon Shelf

For those who love the beauty of the night sky, the Crescent Moon Shelf is a perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance and personality to their home decor. This exquisite piece is crafted with great care and detail out of solid wood, which has been finished off with an attractive lacquer coating. Its contoured shape creates a graceful arch that offers dependable support without taking up too much room.

This charming shelf brings character to any room while providing useful storage or display options. Perfect as a bookshelf in an office or living area, it can also be used as a bedside table for added convenience and decorative flair. The Crescent Moon Shelf can also be used to show off photo frames, candles, plants or other trinkets for a unique conversation piece that captures many admiring glances. With its lovely design and high quality materials, this shelf adds just the right amount of shimmering beauty wherever it’s placed.

15. Flight Sticker

This practical and memorable sticker will be treasured by any moon lover. It’s made with high quality material, so you don’t have to worry about it being exposed to harsh weather. Plus, its eye-catching design really makes an impact, drawing attention wherever it’s placed. With its bright colors and bold design, this is more than just a souvenir – it’s a celebration of human achievement in space travel!

The F9 Dragon Mission sticker is sure to bring smiles for years to come. Whether gifted as a present or proudly displayed in your own home, this commemorative piece honors an incredible feat of human ingenuity. Show off your enthusiasm for space exploration with this timeless keepsake the perfect way to remember the remarkable launch of the first crewed flight from NASA!

16. Cosmic Exploration Print

Do you know someone who has a taste for interstellar adventure? Then this stunning cosmic exploration print is an ideal gift for them! It will transport their thoughts to the far reaches of outer space, and they’ll be filled with excitement and awe every time they glance at it. The vibrant colors and intricate detailing in this unique artwork will leave them in awe.

What secrets lurk beyond the stars? Are there galaxies out there that we haven’t discovered yet? Staring into this image invites us to explore the possibilities.

The material used to create this print is of the highest quality, ensuring that it will last for years to come. This breathtaking print is perfect for sprucing up any room in your home or office. Hang it over your bedside lamp as a gentle reminder of what lies beyond our world, or place it on your wall as an inspirational piece of art – either way, its mesmerizing beauty will move you deeply each time you take a look at it! So why not treat your moon loving friend with a remarkable cosmic exploration print today?

17. Wall Mounted Moon

The moon is a celestial body that serves as an inspiring reminder to take time to appreciate the good things in life and to strive for happiness. Adding this unique, hanging floating shelf to your interior space can provide both practical storage solutions and also inject a sense of warmth into the room. It’s a charming way to add extra storage without compromising on style – perfect for bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms or any other area you want to keep organised. Hang several shelves side by side for an even more eye-catching display or use them separately in different areas of your home either way, this hanging floating shelf will make a unique addition to your decor.

18. Baseball Cap

Are you ready to explore the unknown corners of the universe? If so, then this is the perfect hat for you! With its adjustable strap, it offers a snug and secure fit that will remain comfortable even on long space expeditions. It’s crafted from durable fabric that won’t tear even in the harshest conditions, so you can count on it to keep you safe during your adventures. The vibrant colors provide a striking contrast against the darkness of space, making it a great accessory for any astronaut or space enthusiast. And not only is it stylish, but its breathability ensures that your head won’t overheat while wearing it a must have feature when exploring extreme temperatures and atmospheres.

19. Lunar Eclipse Blanket

The moon has always been a source of intrigue and fascination for humans, with its ever-changing face in the night sky and the powerful influence it has on our lives. From the tides that it causes along our coastlines to the weather patterns we experience around the world, this celestial body is nothing short of remarkable. This blanket captures that beauty with an amazing image from outer space and makes an excellent present for anyone with an interest in space-related items. But there is far more to appreciate here than just a beautiful blanket the moon can be seen as a representation of power, strength and resilience, making it a wonderful gift idea for someone special this holiday season.

20. Astronaut Backpack

This stylish and fashionable backpack is a must-have for any astronomy or space fanatics out there! Perfect for carrying around notebooks, textbooks, and all sorts of writing materials, you can take on the world with this bag by your side. The superior quality design ensures a comfortable fit while its adjustable straps allow you to easily customize it to your perfect size. Furthermore, its water-resistant construction ensures that whatever you put inside will stay safe even if the weather turns sour. Whether you’re off to school or exploring the unknowns of space, this unique and remarkable bag will surely bring you luck in all your adventures!

21. Stainless Steel Tumbler

The Insulated Moon Stainless Steel Tumbler Water Bottle with Airtight Lid is the perfect accompaniment to any lifestyle, whether you’re on the go or just enjoying a peaceful evening around the house. This stylish and modern design features a sleek matte black finish, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen countertop. The double-wall vacuum insulation ensures that your drink stays cold for longer, while the airtight lid prevents spills even when your bottle is turned upside down. Plus, the splash-proof lid helps keep your drink from spilling and making a mess. Not only does this water bottle look great and keep your drinks cold for hours, but it also comes equipped with a convenient handle which makes it easier to grab and go wherever you need to be! With its unique design inspired by stars and moonlight, this tumbler makes an amazing gift for anyone who loves their drinks cold.

22. LED Night Moon Lamp

Add a contemporary flair to your abode with the moon lamp. Select from an array of colors such as blue, white, green, red, orange, yellow, violet and gray – and watch as it casts its soft ambient lighting on any area of your home. Not only will this chic accessory upgrade your decor but also evoke serenity in any atmosphere. Illuminate that special corner or space with something subtle yet sophisticated when you choose the moon lamp for all your decorative needs.

23. Jacket

If moon gazing is your passion or you’re just fascinated by all that’s beyond our atmosphere, then this jacket will make the perfect gift for yourself or a fellow moon enthusiast. The fashionable stand collar design offers cozy protection from winter chills and sleek styling, plus it features an eye-catching Apollo NASA patch on the front pocket to celebrate humankind’s exploration of the unknown.

24. Night Lamp

Moon Lamp is an exquisite gift that will be cherished forever. This 3D printed lamp mimics our own Moon’s features with its delicate light and beautiful design. Not only does it make for an extraordinary present but also comes in captivating packaging which makes it all the more eye-catching! With includes both calming lighting and realistic details, Moon Lamp stands out from any ordinary gift as something truly special – one that captures endless imagination.

25. Mug for Moon Lover

This eye-catching coffee cup makes the perfect gift for all moon lovers! Beautifully packaged, it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone who adores our celestial neighbor. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary or just because, this unique moon-themed gift will make any lunar enthusiast feel special. Make someone’s day extra special with this one-of-a-kind moon memento.

26. Table Lamp

Moon Table Lamp modern and sleek design is sure to brighten up any space, such as a bedroom nightstand or side table. The 8-inch diameter of this round lamp ensures that it will fit perfectly into small spaces without taking away from the atmosphere. Crafted with durable materials, this moon-themed piece provides just the right amount of light while also bringing a celestial touch to your home. Whether used as a nightlight, desk lamp, or accent piece, the Moon Table Lamp adds some extra magic wherever it’s placed!

Rokas is a founder of GiftingDeer and has a bachelor's degree in Business Management. He spends a considerable amount of time every day researching gift ideas and creating guides that help people find the perfect present for their special someone.

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