26 Moon Gifts for Every Moon Lover


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This gift guide is all about moon gifts. Moon lovers will be thrilled to hear that this gift guide includes items for every type of moon lover, including moon gifts for her. Moon gifts are perfect for any occasion and make a great present to give or receive. Whether you are buying your friend a birthday present or need something for your new neighbor who just moved in next door, there is sure to be something on this list that they’ll love!

Best Moon Themed Gifts

1. Magnetic Levitating Moon Light

A moon lamp is a light that can be placed in any area of the room and will float and spin without touching anything. It's an ideal gift for moon lovers space enthusiasts since it doesn't have any contact! This moon globe's magnetic technology allows you to enjoy its lovely shine - excellent as a holiday present for your moon-loving friend.
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2. NexStar Computerized Telescope

What is the greatest present for moon lovers? A computerized telescope is a great moon gift. The NexStar telescope is an excellent choice, with its 40,000-star and galaxy database suitable for NASA and space aficionados!
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4. Outdoor Solar Moon Lights

Solar-powered moon garden lights are good for making your house look nice. They charge during the day and then turn on at night after they have been charged up all day. These lights have warm white LED bulbs that will look pretty at night. Perfect moon gift that will look amazing in any moon lovers garden.
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5. Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket, Moon and Stars Soft Warm Cozy Grey Fuzzy Plush Christmas Blanket

What's more perfect than a cozy blanket to keep you warm this winter? With the glow in the dark feature, your hands will never be lost finding their way across its soft fuzzy surface. The beautiful moon design creates an awesome throw for any space enthusiast who loves stars too!
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6. Moon Chocolat Truffle Gift Box

Give the perfect gift with our delicious handcrafted artisan truffles. You'll get 25 different chocolates delivered straight to your door every month and they're great for any occasion! These colorful treats make a thoughtful present that's sure not to be forgotten about on Christmas morning or after birthday dinner - just place them somewhere convenient so you don't forget.
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7. Moon Themed Mirror

The Large Moon Themed Mirror is a brilliant option for those who want their dream bathroom to be outstandingly beautiful. Black Magic Witch's stylishly crafted set of 5 moon phase decorative mirrors are ideal for brightening up any space. These 12 inches high, and 9 inches wide antique brass wall art pieces will be a fashionable addition in any moon lover’s house.
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8. Astronaut Book Ends Bookends

The ideal way to add a space theme to your house is with these lightweight resin bookends. These space explorers will look fantastic on any bookshelf or desk in a children's bedroom, and they'll enjoy showing off their special interest in space and moon.
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9. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

The phases of the moon are a great way to bring some peace and comfort into any room. This decorative gold banner features handcrafted, hammered metal moons with iron chains for an original look as well as being perfect decor that can easily be hung on walls or reused in other spaces! This moon gift is handmade.
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10. NASA Space Sandals

The NASA Space Slides Sandal is a fantastic present for any moon enthusiast! The single band upper is lightweight and long-lasting. It also has a quick-drying soft footbed that makes it very pleasant to wear all day or while walking on slippery surfaces.
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11. Moon Wall Decoration

These moon phase wall stickers are the perfect moon gift to any lunar enthusiast. They provide an irresistible charm and will make your home come alive with all things relating to celestial bodies in our solar system!
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12. PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope

The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is a good, simple telescope. It will work for anyone interested in astronomy, moon, or NASA space fans. The telescope has a big lens and high light transmission rates so you can see deep sky objects.
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13. Sterling Silver Crescent Moon and Stars Necklace

This necklace is perfect to show your loved ones how much they mean in life. The design features an enchanting crescent moon with two tiny stars set against it, and will never tarnish or bend - making this great for gifting no matter what occasion you choose!
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14. Handcrafted Wooden Crescent Moon Shelf

The crescent moon shelf is a fantastic present idea that can spice up any space. The sculptural form, elegant finish, and handcrafted wood design make it a real masterpiece. The arched shape provides sturdy support while taking up minimal space in the moon lover's home.
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15. First Crewed Flight Sticker

This is a sticker that shows the first Crewed Flight from NASA F9. It has an F9 Dragon Mission and it will make a great present for someone who loves moon and space.
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16. Cosmic Exploration Print

This cosmic exploration print is the perfect way to show someone you care! Give it as a present, or use it yourself in your home. It will make them feel like they're living on another planet every day after seeing this amazing image printed over and over again by their bedside lamp.
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17. Moon Shelf Wall Mounted Moon Wall Decor

The moon is a great reminder to do what makes us happy and be grateful for the good things in life. This hanging floating shelf provides just that - it's perfect as storage, but also an addition of warmth when applied into your space!
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18. NASA Baseball Cap

Here's a great hat for all you space lovers out there. The adjustable strap ensures that it will fit comfortably on your head while exploring other planets, so get ready to venture into our solar system with this one!
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19. Sleepwish Lunar Eclipse Blanket Moon Phases Blanket

The moon is a source of light, mystery, and energy. This blanket reprints the phases on one side with an image from outer space for those who love cosmos-themed gifts for moon lovers!
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20. Jr. NASA Astronaut Backpack

This backpack is perfect for space and moon lovers! It features patches from NASA's past missions and has plenty of room to store all your school books, notebooks, resources — you'll be able go anywhere with it.
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21. Insulated Moon Stainless Steel Tumbler Water Bottle

The Insulated Moon Stainless Steel Tumbler Water Bottle with Airtight Lid is a beautiful, sleek way to keep your drink cool. It features an airtight lid so you can't spill even if it's upside down! The subtle witch matte black finish makes this the perfect gift for anyone who loves stars and moonlight too - don’t forget yourself when ordering one today!
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22. Moon LED Night Lamp

The moon lamp is a beautiful and modern design that will light up any room in your home with its different colors of blue, white green red orange yellow violet gray indigo dark blacklight. It's perfect for using as an accent piece or even if you want something more subtle it can still provide great ambient lighting.
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23. Apollo NASA Patches Jacket

If you’ve ever been a lover of outer space, then this is the jacket for YOU! This stylish and practical item has an Apollo NASA patch on its front pocket. It also features a fashionable stand collar design to keep users warm during chilly winter mornings.
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24. Real Moon Night Lamp

If you're looking for an interesting and unique way to give someone their very own piece of the moon, look no further than Moon Lamp. It comes in a sleek box that contains 3D technology which will surely brighten up any space!
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25. SpaceX Falcon Rocket Launch Mug for Moon Lover

This coffee cup is perfect for anyone who loves space and moon. It's available in an attractive box with fantastic packaging, making it the ideal birthday gift for moon lovers!
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26. Mini Moon Table Lamp

The moon table lamp is a sleek, affordable way to light up your home. It can be placed almost anywhere in the house and doesn't take much space! It has a 8-inch diameter and can be placed almost anywhere, making it perfect in bedrooms or living rooms!
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FAQs about Gifts for Moon Lovers

What gift do you get for someone who loves the moon? It’s a tough question! The moon is so versatile and has many meanings that it can be hard to find a perfect, personalized moon gift. We will discuss some ideas for moon gifts that are appropriate for this person in hopes of making your decision easier.

In addition to being associated with time and tides, the moon is also known as a symbol of femininity due to its monthly cycles. For these reasons, jewelry might be an ideal option such as earrings or necklaces featuring stones associated with the lunar cycle like amethyst or jasper. You could also buy them crystals which are believed by some cultures to have healing properties when exposed during full moons. Another idea would be to buy them a moon themed figurine such as one of the many different animal moons or even just a table lamp with designs reminiscent of an old-fashioned timepiece.

Moon lovers are a special breed of people. They have a deep appreciation for the moon, and all it represents. They are often drawn to its beauty and mystery, and feel a deep connection to its ethereal energy. Moon lovers appreciate the moon’s calming influence, and often find themselves seeking its light during times of darkness or stress.

For many moon lovers, the night sky would not be complete without the moon shining bright overhead. They often feel a sense of peace and solace when looking at the moon, and can spend hours admiring its changing phases. Moon lovers may also be drawn to lunar symbolism in art, literature, and mythology. They often find a deep resonance with the cyclical nature of the moon and its connection to the natural rhythms of life.

Whether you are a moon lover or know someone who is, there is no denying the power and beauty of this celestial body. The next time you look up at the moon, take a moment to appreciate all it has to offer. And if you’re feeling especially connected to the moon, why not make a wish? After all, anything is possible under the light of the moon.

Do you know someone who is excited about the moon? Whether it’s because they’re planning a trip or just interested in its natural beauty, this moon gift guide will give you some great gift ideas for them. You’ll find cool and unique items like space-themed pillows, a telescope to see all of the stars that are up there, and more! Check out our list of moon gifts to get your loved one ready for their lunar adventure.