40 Perfect First Communion Gifts for Boys

First Communion Boys

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Choosing first communion gifts for boys can be a difficult task. Finding the right gift that will not only make your son happy but also represent your faith is important. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best first holy communion gifts for boy and give you some great ideas! The first communion is a very important event for any Catholic family. It’s considered the first sacrament of their faith, so it deserves to be celebrated with a gift. This blog post will help you find the perfect gift for your son or nephew on his big day! We also have a gift guide with the Best First Communion Gifts for Girls if you are searching gift for girl too.

Best First Holy Communion Gifts for Boy

Hand Painted Friendship Box

The perfect gift for a son who has received his First Communion, these hand-painted resin boxes are made in the shape of 3 square and have enough space on both sides to personalize with engraving. The figure shows two seated people facing each. It's also can be an amazing 1st communion gift for grandson.
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First Communion Black Stretch Bracelet with Cross

The perfect First Holy Communion gift for boys, girls or your friends. It displays a pewter charm with cross cut-out design and is the best way to show you care on their special day!

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Bible Complete Set

What better way to celebrate your little one's first Communion than with this complete set? The Brick Bible includes two books, each containing colorful images and key moments from Old Testament narratives like Creation.
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Scratch Cross Ornament Kit for Boys

A great way to celebrate the first Communion of your son or grandson is with this amazing kit. On a string, at eye level on windows and ceilings - you can hang scratch paper crosses that will be lovely displayed as hanging decoration! The building process helps create an ambiance in homes during these special occasions.
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Inspirational Art Painting

What you need is a bit of inspiration and the right art to put up on your walls! With motivational wall art pictures, you can give yourself an instant boost in motivation. Start with high quality prints that will have some staying power for years to come. Combine them uniquely if possible so they look fantastic but also complement each other nicely. You'll be amazed at how much difference changing out what's hanging on those four white spaces makes - it instantly decorates your home and breathes life into any room by making its ambiance more encouraging or inspiring as well!. Seeing these pieces every day could encourage us all to work hard while always keeping our smile bright because we know eventually we might just thank ourselves for everything difficult struggles had pushed us through

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Sacrament Keepsake Box

Sacrament Keepsake Box: The perfect gift for Baptism, Communion or Confirmation. This beautifully crafted box features a Bible verse that promises to always have God's plan in mind when it comes to you - Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you" on one side and an engraved cross with two hearts on the top of each lid.

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Badminton Set for Boys

First Communion gifts for boys are a great way to get involved in the game of badminton and stay entertained with your friends or family. Whether you're at home, on an outdoor picnic site - this traditional sport can be played by people no matter their age so there's never any need worry about being left out!
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Wisdom of Solomon Board Game

The Wisdom of Solomon Board Game is a Biblically themed and educational game. Players learn the regions of Israel, its surrounding lands, and fight against Jeroboam for the favor of King Solomon! To play solo mode players battle with their favorite rooks like Rahab or Sisera to defeat Jeroboam's army.

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Paint and Build Your Own Wooden Bird House

Paint and Build Your Own Wooden Bird House! Customize your own birdhouse with paint, by applying stencils or hand-painting the design. The house can be finished using a clear sealant like polyurethane to protect it from moisture. Promotes creativity and individuality for you to take pride in building, decorating, finishing this project of yours that will sure bring life into any backyard setting while providing habitat for beneficial birds too!

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The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse - Sensitive Book

This journey for all ages is about life's universal lessons. With 100 color drawings by author Charlie Mackesy this book explores shared adventures between friends with important conversations that have connected to readers of all age groups. One such conversation was when they asked what do you want to be when you grow up? And he said kind!

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My First Communion Black Rosary Prayer Book for Boy

This black rosary prayer book for boys includes a Missal Book, Rosary and Lapel Pin in addition to the Folderbook. The perfect gift set is ideal from parents or godparents celebrating their little boy's first communion day!

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DIY Rock Painting Kit To Make Your Own Rock Wall Art

Do you want your son or grandson to have a memorable First Communion? Do they love rock climbing as much as trees and animals! Introducing the DIY Rock Painting Kit. This would be an excellent gift idea because it's not only fun for them, but will also help keep those creative juices flowing with a new paintbrush in hand.

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First Communion Picture Frame, Decorative Gift

The elegant picture frame becomes a reminder of the day we received this Blessed Sacrament. A beautiful gift for someone who is making this important step in their religious life- it's also great memento and testament to your faith!

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Cross 3D LED Lamp

Cross 3D LED Lamp is an innovative, artistic atmosphere light. This lamp has amazing features including its three-dimensional visual and USB connectivity which make it a perfect addition to any room in your home or office! It can also be powered via plug, power bank, laptop computer and more so you never have to worry about running out of battery life again when looking for some ambient lighting before bedtime.

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First Communion Pocket Token

This first communion pocket token is a beautiful way to commemorate the occasion of your child's First Holy Communion. Made from Catholic-approved materials, this coin features an IHS chalice with host and cross on one side while bearing the text "I am the Bread of Life John 6:35" in Latin script. This makes for a wonderful keepsake gift that will be cherished by them as they grow older or pass down for generations!

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Precious Moments Luffie Lamb

This lamb toy is a perfect cuddle buddy for any age. The endearing tear-drop shaped eyes are created in embroidery and made from super soft plush, making it the right size to hug or snuggle with at night. It features an inspirational tag that communicates its name as well as a special message so that you can continue your precious moments legacy!

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Noah's Ark First Communion Gift for Boys

What better way to teach your child about the Great Flood than by having them help save a man, his family, and animals from destruction? This jigsaw puzzle does just that! Get started on this fun activity today.
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First Holy Communion T-Shirt for Boys, Catholic Tee Gift

First Holy Communion is a milestone in any Catholic's life. Give your child this First Holy Communion t-shirt as the perfect gift for their first communion, and show them that you're proud of everything they do!

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Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Size

The King James Version Pocket Bible is sized perfectly to take with you on the go, and this mini-bible will hold up to daily wear and tear in your pocket. The front cover features an intricate pattern heat debossed onto a faux leather black cover that's perfect for taking it with you wherever life takes you!

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Harmonica Musical Instrument

These harmonica gifts for boys are perfect because they're both fun and easy to use! If you know someone who's having their first Communion, this will make a great gift. It can be played anywhere since it has such sound quality that even beginners won't want anything else now.
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God's Path Compass - Christian Inspirational Gifts

God's Path Compass - Christian Inspirational Gifts. These antique brass keychain compasses are the perfect way to keep God by your side and always remember that he has a plan for you, because "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life."

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Mini Desk Zen Garden Kit

The Mini Desk Zen Garden Kit makes the perfect Japanese gift for yourself, or give it as a special treat to someone you love. This high end Japanese desk kit includes 12 premium features that will bring endless happiness and peace of mind into any space!

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Paddle Gamel Set

The best First Communion gift for boys is this paddle and ball set. It's good for physical activity, but also allows you to return balls back into play or catch them on your own court! The most appealing aspect of the toy might be how simple it seems.
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First Communion Black Jewelry Music Box

What's the perfect way to commemorate a big First Communion milestone? We think it should be with something truly special. Give your daughter or granddaughter this beautiful, black jewelry music box that plays Handel's Hallelujah when wound up and includes a velvet-lined interior for storing precious treasures. It features decorative bun feet which are padded so they won't scratch any surfaces on nearby tables or shelves!

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The Hilarious Game About Church Folk!

The Hilarious Game About Church Folk! It's the lighthearted, hilarious game about church folk. Includes 1 song timer and 250 cards to make your own games for hours of great laughter with friends and family.

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Spider Web Tree Swing Net, Detachable Nylon Rope Swivel

Swinging is a great way to get kids away from their screens. But it's not just for the young ones! Swing high or low on our Spider Web Tree Swing Net, Detachable Nylon Rope Swivel. Whether you prefer to sit or stand in your nest of hand-braided spider webbing, this swing can support up to 660 pounds with its resilient and roomy design that provides ample space for laying back and swaying as they spot shapes among clouds around them. This super easy assembly will have you swinging off into fun in minutes - perfect any time of year when there are branches nearby sturdy enough for installation!

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Book of Unusual Knowledge

What better way to celebrate your son's first Communion than with this beautifully-crafted book? The padded hardcover allows for plenty of information and insight, while also making it easy enough that even those who aren't interested in reading can enjoy the experience!
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Engraved Angel Pocket Tokens

Something as small as a pocket token can serve many functions. You could use these tokens at your office to remind yourself of why you work so hard and never give up, or take it along with you on an airplane for some peace-of-mind in the sky! These religious gifts are perfect symbols of someone's faith that they want to share with those around them.

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Cast Iron Horseshoe Gift

If you want to give someone a gift that will be great but also useful, look no further than this cast iron decoration. It's perfect for their first Communion and can hang on any wall! The horseshoe comes in two holes at either side so it'll attach easily without having too much weight holding down.
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Polymer Clay Rosary Necklace Christian Catholic Jewelry

This colorful rosary is made of polymer clay beads and has an alloy cross. The length comes in at 92cm, making it the perfect gift for a friend or family member to cherish!

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Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

The spikeball standard three ball kit is a great way for you to get your outdoor game on. It can be played anywhere from the beach, lawn or even indoors at home with friends! The rules are simple and easy enough that anyone will have fun playing them so don't wait for any longer order today.

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Glowing Cross Bookmarks, Antique Silver Gift

You'll find light in a dark place with these shiny bookmarks! The antique silver metal bookmark is beautifully designed with a vintage look, and can be used not only as an elegant bookmark for your favorite tomes, but also as decoration.

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Communion Boy Musical Glitterdome

One of the most important moments in a Catholic's life is when they celebrate their First Holy Communion. For this very special occasion, it would be an excellent idea to give them something that commemorates both religion and tradition! This gorgeous water globe features Jesus surrounded by stars with the boy next to him wearing his communion gown while holding up a box filled with bread from our Lord himself. It also has glitter inside making it sparkle beautifully just like on Christmas morning as you open your presents:)

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Tag Pendant, Inspirational Cross Necklace

This "Be Strong and Courageous" pendant is a great reminder to keep going when the days are tough. It's made of 100% solid stainless steel that won't rust or tarnish, with black plated nickel free hypoallergenic high quality metal. There's one side has words in white on it but also features an inspiring cross as well- perfect for bringing faith into your life!

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Inspirational Blessings Jar

Turn to the world around you for inspiration. A Blessings Jar is a great way to track all your blessings while having fun at the same time! The ceramic jar, with its embossed tag accent and real cork top, arrives pre-filled with 10 hearts of paper that can be used as tags or just removed completely if needed.

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Hanging Photo Macrame Display

First Communion is a special day for boys. The best gift you can get them is if they like to take pictures, or want an interesting project that will look good in the room of their house. A macrame wall hanging with pictures is perfect! They can put their favorite pictures on it and hang it on the wall of their house.
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"Manual to Manhood" book

This book has a lot of instructions on how to do things. It is for boys who are growing up and want to know how to do things. Boys might not ask for help, so they can learn everything from this book.

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Small Jesus Loves Me Wood Music Box Gifts for Christian

Small Jesus Loves Me Wood Music Box Gifts for Christian - Beautiful old fashioned, vintage look carved wooden music box / honne box. It requires NO battery or electricity: as you keep cranking the handle it plays the music. Every time this melody is played may the truth that Jesus loves you be imparted to you and your family!

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Canvas Hanging Flag Banner Wall Sign Decor Gift

Give your home a burst of personality with this light and breezy flag banner. Hang it up on the wall or use as decoration for any occasion from birthdays to graduations, weddings, baby showers or just because! It's easy to set-up and will add an elegant touch wherever you may need some extra flair in life.

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Blessings Blanket for First Communion Boy

The ideal First Communion gift for boys is this Inspiring Blessings Blanket. It's not just a blanket to keep you warm; it also tries to make sure that they feel love and warmth.
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What Is an Appropriate First Communion Gift for Boy?

This question often gets asked by parents and grandparents of boys who are about to enter into their first communion. There are plenty of things you could give as a first communion gift for boy, but here are some ideas that might help make your decision easier.

The first communion is a special day for both the child and the parents. It marks the time when your child becomes an adult in their faith and can participate more fully in church services, sacraments, and other religious events. You want to make it as memorable as possible for them with a first communion gift for boy that they will always treasure. What should you get? Here are some great ideas! 

A few good choices include

  • a rosary or rosaries
  • a bible
  • a scapular or scapulars-religious medals such as Saint Christopher’s medal to protect him on his journeys.
  • a prayer journal specifically designed for first communion or a special travel prayer book that he can take with him when he goes on his church retreat. If you live in cold climates, this might also be the perfect time to get some warm gloves and winter gear!

What Do You Get a Child for Their First Communion?

First Communion is a big day for any kid. It’s the first time they’ll take part in the Catholic tradition of receiving communion and becoming more like Jesus. And while it may be an exciting day, it can also be nerve-wracking to find the perfect gift! This blog post will give you some ideas to help you choose a good gift for your child’s First Communion that they’re sure to love.

Is Money An Appropriate First Communion Gift?

In some cultures, the act of giving money as a gift is seen as inappropriate. In these cases, it may be more appropriate to give an item that will commemorate this special day in their life. There are many beautiful communion keepsakes available for purchase in stores and online. If you’re not sure what to get someone or if they have already received all those things, there’s always the option of donating to one of our favorite charities on behalf of them. 

In other cultures, giving money is acceptable when given with a card or note that reads “I’m so happy for you!” This can ensure your loved one has something useful like cash when he/she needs it for rent or groceries after attending their First Communion ceremony.

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