29 Best First Communion Gifts for Girls

First Communion Girls

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First Communion is a big deal for Catholic girls. It signifies their first steps into the world of faith and the beginning of their journey with Jesus Christ. This day is also special because it celebrates everything that these young ladies have accomplished so far in life, and they deserve to be showered with gifts as they embark on this new chapter! We’ve compiled a list of some best First Holy Communion Gifts for Girl to help you find the perfect gift that she will cherish forever. We also have a gift guide with the Perfect First Communion Gifts for Boys if you are interested in those too.

Best First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Small Jesus Loves Me Wood Music Box Gifts for Christian

Small Jesus Loves Me Wood Music Box Gifts for Christian - Beautiful old fashioned, vintage look carved wooden music box / honne box. It requires NO battery or electricity: as you keep cranking the handle it plays the music. Every time this melody is played may the truth that Jesus loves you be imparted to you and your family!

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Inspirational Blessings Jar

Turn to the world around you for inspiration. A Blessings Jar is a great way to track all your blessings while having fun at the same time! The ceramic jar, with its embossed tag accent and real cork top, arrives pre-filled with 10 hearts of paper that can be used as tags or just removed completely if needed.

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Polymer Clay Rosary Necklace Christian Catholic Jewelry

This colorful rosary is made of polymer clay beads and has an alloy cross. The length comes in at 92cm, making it the perfect gift for a friend or family member to cherish!

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Nine West Women's Mesh Bracelet Watch

The Nine West watch is an attractive, yet affordable option for those looking to purchase their first wristwatch. With its sleek design and delicate mesh bracelet, it will quickly become one of your most treasured possessions!

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Tag Pendant, Inspirational Cross Necklace

This "Be Strong and Courageous" pendant is a great reminder to keep going when the days are tough. It's made of 100% solid stainless steel that won't rust or tarnish, with black plated nickel free hypoallergenic high quality metal. There's one side has words in white on it but also features an inspiring cross as well- perfect for bringing faith into your life!

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Brick Bible Set for First Communion Girls

The Brick Bible Complete Set makes for an excellent first communion gift for girls. This two-volume set includes color photographs of key moments from Old Testament legends, as well a fresh take on Jesus's narrative--and it can be personalized too!
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Bloom Sister Ceramic Tea Set

Bloom Sister Ceramic Tea Set- This is a set of two items, a teapot, and a mug. The teapot holds 15 fl. oz., while the mug can hold 8 fl. oz. The items are made from stoneware and come in packaging that is great for present gifting.

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Canvas Hanging Flag Banner Wall Sign Decor Gift

Give your home a burst of personality with this light and breezy flag banner. Hang it up on the wall or use as decoration for any occasion from birthdays to graduations, weddings, baby showers or just because! It's easy to set-up and will add an elegant touch wherever you may need some extra flair in life.

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Willow Tree Hand-Painted Box

Looking for something to commemorate your first communion girl who has been such an important part of everything these past few years? Look no further! This tiny, hand-painted box is perfect. This 3 square x 2 inches tall small sculpture box opens up all kinds of memories while offering peace and spiritual support at once.
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Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Size

The King James Version Pocket Bible is sized perfectly to take with you on the go, and this mini-bible will hold up to daily wear and tear in your pocket. The front cover features an intricate pattern heat debossed onto a faux leather black cover that's perfect for taking it with you wherever life takes you!

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Scratch Cross Art Color Craft Kit

What a fun way to celebrate your first Communion! You can make some truly memorable memories with these hanging crosses ornaments. They're perfect for use in any room that needs some extra Christmas cheer, and they'll look stunning from every angle because there are different designs available
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Noah's Ark Puzzle for First Communion Girl

What if you were told to build a boat that would hold two of every species? You'd probably need some serious skills, and this puzzle may help train them! With 500 pieces this would be a prefect gift for any first communion girl.
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First Communion Girl Blessings Blanket

Giving a girl an Inspiring Blessings Blanket for her First Communion will help make the occasion more memorable. The soft texture and calming words will provide her with harmony, hope, faith, and love; peace; joy; and the courage to smile through every storm.
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God's Path Compass - Christian Inspirational Gifts

God's Path Compass - Christian Inspirational Gifts. These antique brass keychain compasses are the perfect way to keep God by your side and always remember that he has a plan for you, because "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life."

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VERTOY Friendship Bracelet Making Kit for Girls

Some girls might prefer to wear bracelets that are funky. It is an excellent way to express your personality. You can get this bracelet-making kit for girls who love to express themselves.

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Cross 3D LED Lamp

Cross 3D LED Lamp is an innovative, artistic atmosphere light. This lamp has amazing features including its three-dimensional visual and USB connectivity which make it a perfect addition to any room in your home or office! It can also be powered via plug, power bank, laptop computer and more so you never have to worry about running out of battery life again when looking for some ambient lighting before bedtime.

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First Communion Picture Frame, Decorative Gift

The elegant picture frame becomes a reminder of the day we received this Blessed Sacrament. A beautiful gift for someone who is making this important step in their religious life- it's also great memento and testament to your faith!

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Precious Moments Luffie Lamb

This lamb toy is a perfect cuddle buddy for any age. The endearing tear-drop shaped eyes are created in embroidery and made from super soft plush, making it the right size to hug or snuggle with at night. It features an inspirational tag that communicates its name as well as a special message so that you can continue your precious moments legacy!

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JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

The mermaid blanket is a fun and practical gift for any girl. The back of the bedtime accessory can be opened up, providing easy access when needing warmth in cars or on camping trips! It also provides roominess so kids don't feel cramped while sleeping over at their friend's house or at home.

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First Communion Black Jewelry Music Box

What's the perfect way to commemorate a big First Communion milestone? We think it should be with something truly special. Give your daughter or granddaughter this beautiful, black jewelry music box that plays Handel's Hallelujah when wound up and includes a velvet-lined interior for storing precious treasures. It features decorative bun feet which are padded so they won't scratch any surfaces on nearby tables or shelves!

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Wisdom of Solomon Board Game

The Wisdom of Solomon Board Game is a Biblically themed and educational game. Players learn the regions of Israel, its surrounding lands, and fight against Jeroboam for the favor of King Solomon! To play solo mode players battle with their favorite rooks like Rahab or Sisera to defeat Jeroboam's army.

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Compact Camera for Kids

This camera is perfect for girls. It looks cute and is small enough for children to hold. It is made of safe materials so you can use it in the winter and in summer too! This camera would be a great gift and the best toy.

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The Hilarious Game About Church Folk!

The Hilarious Game About Church Folk! It's the lighthearted, hilarious game about church folk. Includes 1 song timer and 250 cards to make your own games for hours of great laughter with friends and family.

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Karaoke Microphone for Kids, Toy for 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls

This is the perfect karaoke microphone is perfect for 8-year-old girls who love music. She can sing to any song, even if she's not that great. It has Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about playing those tricky songs.

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I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

This book is all about being confident, brave, and beautiful. It encourages girls to think of themselves as strong people who can do anything! This book has 22+ coloring pages that will help your child learn about what it means to be confident.

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Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader

If you're looking for a present to give your daughter on her First Communion, the Kindle Paperwhite is by far this decade's most popular book reader. Thin and light with a glare-free display that makes reading like genuine paper in bright sunshine - it has everything girl needs!
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JoJo Siwa Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch

Get ready for the selfie generation! This fun watch is like having an instant camera that you can take pictures and videos with. Download your photos to this device so they're safe, or gift wrap it as a present because of its packaging design. The battery lasts all day without needing recharging making 8 year old girls feel amazing about playing around freely all day long.

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Arrow Necklace with Message Card

Words are not enough to describe the meaning of giving this pendant as a gift. It's perfect for someone who wants encouragement on their life journey, whether they're friends or family members!
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Bath and Body Gift Set

There's a perfect First Communion gift for your little girl in this set! It includes five items that will make life more enjoyable and easier, whether she is at home or away. Plus you can't go wrong with the classic spa experience right here—all beautifully packaged up within an exquisite box to send them off on their special day feeling pampered while also knowing how much love surrounds her
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What Is a Perfect First Communion Gift for Girl?

First communion is a special day for any girl. It’s important to remember that the person receiving this gift will be very excited and emotional about it, so you want to make sure you get them something they will love. There are many options out there when it comes to choosing the perfect present, but here are some things to keep in mind before deciding what kind of gift would work best. 

One of the most memorable days in a person’s life is their First Communion. It signifies that they are now on the right path for Jesus and have taken this sacrament to become one with him. To celebrate such an important event, it is customary to give a first communion gift for girl from the heart and there are many good options out there! There is no need to fret over what would be best because we have compiled some great first communion gift ideas for girls in this gift guide!

What Are the Best First Holy Communion Gift Ideas for Girls?

A girl’s first holy communion is a great rite of passage in her life and she will remember it for the rest of her days. There are many things that you can give as gifts, but there should be one thing that stands out more than any other present given. The best gift to give a little girl with this occasion is something personalized where she can display it proudly. 

The most popular type of personalized gift would be an engraved bracelet or necklace because these types of jewelry are not only beautiful, but they also have sentimental value attached to them. You could also buy your daughter a new dress or pair of shoes with the name embroidered on the inside so she knows exactly who gave it to her! A framed picture from when you were at your first communion would also make a great present. You can find pictures of her grandparents, family members, or herself to display at home so she will always remember this special day!

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