44 Funny Golf Gag Gifts That Will Make You Laugh

Funny Golf

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a golf pro or just starting out, every golfer needs to have at least one funny golf gift on hand. The reason why is simple: it’s the perfect way to break the ice with new golf buddies and get them laughing. And laughter is contagious! Make sure your friends enjoy their next round of golf with these hilarious gifts they will love. We’ve got the perfect golf gag gifts for you! These funny golf gifts are sure to make them break out into laughter. Check out these funny golf gifts that will have them laughing.

Best Funny Golf Gag Gifts

Voodoo Golf Balls

Voodoo Golf Balls are the perfect addition to your golf game. These balls will outdrive your friends with their faster softer core for long distances and mysterious cover that gives you a great feel on every shot. The side stamp is an alignment aide, giving you more control over those tricky shots!

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Funny First Aid, Novelty Gag Bandages Golf Ball

The best bandages on the market! These are guaranteed to last for a long time. They're made of quality material and won't stick, which is perfect if you have sensitive skin or an allergic reaction when it comes in contact with adhesives.

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Funny Golf Ball Storage Bag

You probably don’t realize how many comments you're about to receive on this funny golf gift. This makes an awesome talking point for two strangers on the green, who will undoubtedly share a laugh over it together.

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Funny Golf Novelty Socks Gift

Lavley Golf socks are the best way to show off your love of golfing. The bright colors and fun designs make these novelty socks an exciting gift for even the most serious golfer in your life, particularly if they're a man or woman! You can give them Lavley Golf socks as a funny new addition on their dresser because that's what everyone needs - more color in their wardrobe!

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Golf Exploding Balls Prank - Funny Joke for Golfers

You've never seen a golf ball like this. It's not the typical, boring white or yellow balls they use out there on the course all day long. This is an exploding 3-ball sleeve that will send your friends into hysterics as soon it explodes in their face!

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Blonde Golf Tee Pack 6pcs

Just when you thought golf tees couldn't get any better, we've gone and created the ultimate recipe for eye candy. Prepare to be blown away by our sexy six pack of blonde Golf Tees! These girls were specifically designed with extra detail so that your game goes smoother than ever before while they're providing a visual experience like no other - which is exactly what every golfer needs in their life these days.

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Funny Golf Towel Gag Gift

Do you have a golfer in your life who's constantly losing their towels? Here are some hilarious golf towel gags that will make them laugh! We've got the perfect gift for every sort of lover, so take a look. One is made with high strength fabric to prevent it from falling off during travel and features suede Microfiber which can be used as club cleaners.

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Golf Whiskey Glasses Set

You'll always be the life of the party with this set of great looking, high quality glasses. Each glass is hand inspected in Minnesota before being delivered to you safely and without breaking a sweat! The rocks-style tumbler can hold all sorts drinks - from whiskey (of course) to red wine for those ladies we're watching out for.

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Humorous Underwear Gift

You'll be laughing your pants off with these comical boxer shorts. They're sure to put a smile on everyone's face, so get ready for some laughter and fun! These boxers are made from 100% premium combed cotton knit that will keep you feeling comfortable all night long thanks to the loose fit.

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Farting Golf Ball Joke Gag Gift

Say goodbye to your dignity with this hilarious farting golf ball. Slipping it onto the green during play will bring some levity to a round of golf, and make everyone laugh when they hear that classic sound! Farting Golf Balls are a really fun gag gift for anyone that loves to golf. This ball will make it easy during play, and brings some levity to the game of golf.

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Golf-Club Style Grilling BBQ Accessories Set Gift Idea

This BBQ accessories kit is made of stainless steel, strong enough to handle all your grilling needs. With its special design you can role shift between golfer and grill expert while grilling with this unique set! All the golf bbq smoker accessories are protected in a portable storage case that's convenient for travel or taking them on-the-go.

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Table Golf Drinking Game

Table Golf Drinking Game combines two of your favorite things, golf and drinking into one fun tabletop game. The mini-golf course can be played anywhere: office desk, kitchen table or even floor! This is the perfect gift for that golfer in your life who you know will love it (or someone who really likes to drink).

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Poopy Golf Head Cover

Golfers will have no more excuses when it comes to their game. Their new high tech Poopy head cover is the perfect accessory for any golfer in your life! The plush material and unique 3D Sculpted look provides unmatched comfort, while eliminating old sock style that only lasted a few rounds of golf before getting dirty or being lost on the course completely.

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Nice Shot Golf Glove

The Bird Golf Glove is a perfect balance between etiquette and competition. With the subtle flip of your finger, you can convey a compliment to an opponent while staying true to the competitive nature of the sport—all without saying a word!

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Emoji Premium Golf Balls

Emoji Golf Balls! They're the coolest new trend in golf. These 11 assorted emoji balls are a premium item, made of high quality materials and packaged beautifully for gift-giving purposes. Great as practice or miniature golf ball replacements, these fun emoji themed items will make any avid golfer smile from ear to ear when they receive them.

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Funny Announcement Golf Towel with Carabiner Gift

Get your waffle-style microfiber golf towel with carabiner gift so you never have to worry about a dirty club and empty cupholder again! It also makes it super easy for the cart girl or waiter to know when you're ready for another drink. This is perfect as a gift, especially if they are in need of some new gear.

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Worlds Okayest Golfer Pack

This novelty golf gift is perfect for the golfer who wants to have a little fun on the course. They include 3 balls, 3 tee's & marker which means your friend will always be prepared with these hilarious and uniquely designed novelties!

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Toilet Golf, Practice in the WC

Toilet Golf, the best way to practice your golf game in a private environment. This hilarious novelty gift comes with everything you need: Putting Green, 2 Golf Balls 1 Cup & Flag and Putter! The best part is that it's easy on space so no worries about where to put all of this gear. To make sure others are not disturbed while using their toilet for its intended purpose there’s even "Do Not Disturb" Door Hanger included as well.

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Meme Golf Hat Clip with Enamel Magnetic Ball Marker

It's time for golf, and you need all the equipment. The Meme Golf Hat Clip has an enamel magnetic ball marker made of high quality soft colors which come in blue or red and premium alloy with nickel plating.

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Bucket List Journal Golf Cart

Journaling is an integral part of life and this unique journal lets you record all the moments that matter most – for yourself or a loved one. This adorable "bucket list" style notebook makes it easy to fill in your adventures - each page has thoughtful prompts like “Best Road Trip Adventure”, so recording fond memories becomes effortless!

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Volvik Marvel Gift Set

The Volvik Marvel Gift Set is a new product that has been designed to get golfers more distance than before. The larger core and patented matte finish give this ball the ability to fly with less drag, while staying lively through impact for increased accuracy!

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Golf Gift Golf Ball Marker Sets with Magnetic Hat Clip

Golfers will enjoy the golf ball markers with a magnetic hat clip. Magnetic finger middle fingers attach to any headwear and are perfect gifts for golf lovers who want light-hearted accessories that add humor on every hole of their course.

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Sports Fanatic, Golf Decor with Mini Cascade and Base

The golfer in your life will be overjoyed with this centerpiece. Mini cascades surround the base decorated with miniature golf balls and flags, making it perfect for any sports lover's birthday party or shindig celebrating a major victory on the links! Why not take things to an extreme by nabbing some Sports Fanatic Golf tableware and matching Touch of Color solid white napkins?

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Cute Putter Cup Golf Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for any golfer. The golf course graphics on it are cute, and you can practice your putting at home with the hole in its base while also doubling as pen! Plus it's made of porcelain so there will be no problems when using hot liquid like coffee or tea inside of this product.

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Golf Party Hat Golfer Costume

This adorable golfer costume hat is a unisex and one size fits most adults. It features beret with fake grass, golf ball and flag for an original look of the game! Adorable party accessory to wear at any themed event or your next gathering.

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Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers Golf Gift Set, Glass Stones

Whether you're the most avid golfer or not, there's no denying that golfing is a popular sport. Why not commemorate your games with some chilled out drinks? This gift set includes two whiskey chillers and one velvet pouch to store them in while they are freezing! Made of high quality glass stones, these ice balls make for an excellent present - especially if it's someone who also loves their whiskey on the rocks.

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A Perfect Cigar Holder Gift

Cigar smokers have never had it easy. The perfect cigar holder that allows you to enjoy your favorite cigars anytime, anywhere. The high-quality nylon material is durable and will not melt or discolor like plastic counterparts do!

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Eject - a - Putt Golf Prank

Eject - a- Putt Golf Prank arrives to your golf game in one package. This prank will make you the most popular golfer on the course! Simply put, it's an explosive ball that jumps out of hole when hit with club. It works best if there is a large group playing together so they can all share their amazement and laughter as this hilarious prank unfolds before them.

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Funny Key Cart Golfer Gift

This keychain is perfect for any golfer in your life! Made of stainless steel, it cannot be tarnished or metal-faded. It's lead free and nickel free too. Let them know they're loved every time they play golf with this gift that will last a lifetime.

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Giant Inflatable Luxury Golf Cart Pool Float

A new invention in the golf world is finally here. This oversized swim toy fits two people comfortably underneath its fringe-lined sunshade (perfect for that post round margarita!). There are also 2 front cup holders so all of your beverages will stay safe during an active game of water polo!

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Golf Ball Bottle Opener for The Golf Lover and Beer Enthusiast

Give the golf enthusiast in your life a present they'll never forget with this authentic and creative Golf Ball Bottle Opener. This opener is made out of an actual white ball that can be gripped to open their favorite beverage, making it one-of-a kind! The bottom part includes slim stainless steel which has been drilled into the back side of the ball for easy gripping on any occasion or event.

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'Blame it On The Tees' 100 pcs Tee Pack | with Bonus Chip

Give the golfer in your life a fun and exciting gift with these 'Blame it On The Tees' 100 pcs tee pack. This package comes complete with bonus "Certified Golf Nut" poker chip ball marker for their next game on the course! Made of durable, strong bamboo, this product is long-lasting and eco-friendly so you know they will love to use them time after time without any guilt about wasting resources or harming nature.

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Pen Office Desk Golf Bag Pencil Holder, Golf Souvenirs

No more searching for pencils, erasers and pens. This desk golf bag has everything you need to get creative at work! The ergonomic design features a soft PU leather that's both durable and comfortable while the adjustable strap is made from real simulate golf cart handles so it can be adjusted to suit any size of desk or flat surface. It also comes with one small zipper storage area - great for storing all those little things like your keys, snaps or notepads!

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Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

They're fun for all skill levels. You don't need to be a pro golfer, because it's designed for everyone! The game may have nine holes but you only go around once and that means there are plenty of chances to win the battle chip championship at your next summer BBQ party.

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Awesome Foursome Golf Balls

The perfect gift for the golfer in your life is a set of four novelty golf balls. These are not just any old boring ball though, they're designed to be more than that! They come with different types and colors on each side so you can enjoy hours of fun knocking them around.

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Funny Golf Insulated Tumbler

Born to golf, forced to work. The perfect gift for any golfer with a sense of humor and an eye for design! Give them the cold drink they need on summer days or piping hot coffee in wintertime--this stainless steel tumbler will keep it at just the right temperature all day long.

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Tactical Funny Golf Cart Parking Metal Tin Sign

This is a hilarious sign that sports the words, "Tactical Funny Golf Cart Parking." It also declares violators will be clubbed. The novelty metal sign comes with 2 holes for easy hanging and features amusing golfing scenes featuring cleverly-named hazards such as crazy waterfalls and sand traps.

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Golf Party Straw Decorations

With these adorable Golf Party Straw Decorations, you'll be able to party with style! These 24 cut-outs are 2.53 inches tall and include cute designs like a golf club bag and cart as well as confetti for your table decorations. These decors won't disappoint

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Personalized Funny 3D Golf Polo Shirts for Men

Our personalized 3D golf polo shirts are the perfect way to impress your friends on the green. These light-weight, moisture wicking fabrics will keep you feeling fresh all day long and look great with any outfit!

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Golf Swing Training Aids

Just like an engine, the human body is in sync with itself. Golf Swing Training Aids are a perfect way to keep your arms and body connected throughout all parts of the swing so that you can make that beautiful shot into a hole!

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Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection

Do you love golf and poker? Get your hands on an awesome collection of Golf Ball Markers. Made from casino quality clay composite, these tokens are imprinted in the USA. The perfect gift for all those green-loving individuals out there!

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Golf Bag Beer Mug - Unique Gift For All Golf Lovers

No golfer has yet to live who doesn't enjoy a cold brew after an intense round. This mug goes one step further and offers the chance for players to carry their drink with them in style! Made from genuine leather, this beer holder makes golf more enjoyable than ever before.

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3D Golf Break Glass Car Window Sticker

3D Golf Break Glass Car Window Sticker is great for any car enthusiast! This sticker is both sun-proof and waterproof. It can be applied to your refrigerator as well as the hood of a car with no damage or residue left behind. The 3D effect makes this an excellent gift idea that will last you years without getting old like other stickers do over time!

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Golf Ball Bottle Opener

The perfect funny gag golf gift for any golf enthusiast, this novelty ball-shaped bottle opener will be the easiest way ever to open a cold one in an emergency. It attaches easily onto their bag and comes equipped with a carabiner so they can get that first drink after a nice day in the golf field.
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What Are the Funniest Golf Gag Gifts?

Golf is a serious game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. It’s important to keep the mood light with some golf gag gifts to spice up your day on the course. You might want to get one of these hilarious golf gifts for yourself or a friend who also loves golf and laughs! 

If you’re looking for a funny gag gift to give someone who is a golf lover, we’ve compiled this list of funny golf gifts. We hope these ideas will help make your next gift-giving experience easier and more fun! 

Golf is a sport that has been played for centuries. It is said to be the second oldest sport after soccer. This means that there are many people who have been playing golf for decades and they might need some new equipment or accessories along their journey. What better way to help out than with a gag gift! These gifts will make them laugh, but also get them something they can use on the course. 

This blog post will look at some of the funniest golf gag gifts you can buy for golfers this holiday season!  The first example we’ll look at is one of my favorites: an inflatable ball that lets your friend hit it around in any direction as if it were real golf balls.

What Are Some Funny Golf Gifts You Can Use on a Golf Course?

Golf is a sport that can get quite serious. With all the rules, etiquette, and equipment to keep track of, it’s easy for golfers to forget about having fun. That’s why we’ve put together this list of funny golf gifts you can bring with you on the course to make your day more enjoyable.

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a fun and competitive game, but it can also get really frustrating when you’re not doing well. This article will talk about some funny golf gifts you can use on the course to lighten the mood.

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