55 Best Gifts for Law Students and Graduates

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It’s hard to believe that law school is over! If you’re looking for gifts for your favorite law student, or gifts to give when they graduate, this article has some great suggestions. Gifts can be a bit tricky, since many gifts that would seem appropriate to someone who just graduated law school might not appeal to them when they have been practicing law for some time. However, there are plenty of gifts that will work no matter what your friend’s current profession is! We provide gift ideas from a variety of price points and for all personality types. You’ll be sure to find something perfect! The gifts you give to law students and graduates can have a huge impact on their lives. You want to get them something that will help them achieve success in school, but also when they enter the workforce. This blog post will discuss some of the best gifts for law students and graduates so that you can make sure your gifts are going to be meaningful! But if you are looking not only for gift for law students but also well-established lawyers check our Best Gifts for Lawyers gift guide.

Find Best Gifts for Law Students and Law School Graduation

Wooden Gavel and Sound Block for Judge or Lawyer

Make it clear to everyone what you're studying and practicing with this wooden gavel. This gift idea is great for lawyers, law students, or anyone who wants a little extra reminder of their profession around the house.

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Handmade Lawyer Terrarium

The Sphere of Happiness is a handmade small artificial terrarium that will make the perfect gift for your friend on anniversary, graduation day or even Law Day. The glass sphere can be used to keep plants and flowers alive in an office setting too!

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Law School Grad Party Wine Bottle Label Stickers Set

Graduation is a time of celebration for many, and it's important to recognize the achievement that so much hard work has brought you. Whether this person was just accepted into law school or they're already graduating with their degree in hand, adding Law School Grad wine bottle labels will add some fun flair to any grad gift! Use each label on different bottles of your favorite beverage as an individual gift idea or create a larger themed graduation basket by layering all four together onto coordinating liquor containers.

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Framed Lawyer Patent Art Print

Wall art inspired by the legal profession. These prints are great for lawyers and law students alike, as well as those who appreciate fine artwork! The legal professional in your life will love this gift. It's a wonderful representation of their profession and an elegant addition to any law office or study space with its sophisticated design, style, and colors!

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The Constitution of the United States of America

Three of the most important documents for understanding the history and origins of America are collected in The Constitution. These sources provide great insight into key aspects such as why we became a nation, what defines us today, and our rights that make this country different from others. A must have for any lawyer or law student.

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The Most Extensive Collection: Hundreds of incredible laws

The best way to get a good laugh is by picking up this book. It's filled with some of the most ridiculous legal rules out there, and if you're looking for something light or unexpected then look no further! This would be an awesome gift idea for any lawyer or law student in your life because it'll have them cracking up from page one.

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Case Closed Banner - Lawyer Graduation Party Sign

Congrats on your law school graduation! The black glitter case closed banner is the perfect decoration for a lawyer themed party. It can be hung in doorways, windows or even over tables to add style and excitement to any celebration event you may have planned for yourself and friends.

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Magnetic Lawyer Poet Kit

Magnetic Poetry is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to play with words. You can write an ode on your commode, a haiku on your car hood or even compose a novelette about how you make yourself the best omellete in town! Every lawyer would fall in love with this!

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Haikus for Law Students

I read Haikus for Law Students and loved it! Alan Dershowitz said this is one of the best gifts you can give a law student. This book contains 105 haikus, ranging from life as an undergraduate to famous cases in history. Whether you're studying or practicing law, there's something funny on every page that will make you laugh out loud like I did when reading about my favorite court case: A good summary should never be defamation because they are not lies; however now we know what your opinion was regarding me being "an asshole."

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Morse Code Bracelet Gift

Sterling Silver Bracelets with Morse Code Beads. Morse code is composed of sterling silver beads. Such codes are arranged in different sequences to show the word lawyer meaning - meaningful, cute yet luxury gift for lawyers .

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The New Lawyer's Handbook

Get expert advice on becoming a better lawyer. Law school prepares you to think like a lawyer, write like a lawyer, and research like one but once in the door at your law firm there's many more skills that need developing. 101 Success Strategies They Didn't Teach You in Law School.

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Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Scented Candle

This candle, also known as 'The Freshly Signed Divorce Papers' smells like a divorce that just happened. This is the perfect gift to give someone who has recently been divorced to celebrate their newfound independence or for their lawyer to celebrate a new achievement.

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Passing the Bar Board Game

A unique gift idea for the legal profession is a board game called "Passing the Bar". It’s great fun as well as educational because it gets people talking about what goes on at these offices or in legal systems. An amazing gift idea for Lawyer, Judge or anyone with Legal Profession.

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Law School Student Notebook

This journal is versatile and can be used for creating stories, writing poetry, listing your goals or keeping a food diary. Use it in law school to record notes on lectures, take down case studies you want to review as well as track fitness routines! Also great for future lawyers graduating from college with an appropriate gift idea that also shows support of their choice in career field

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Hilarious Card Game - I Dissent

Today's hot topics have been turned into a fun card game, Preside over the Court of Public Opinion to cast your opinion and win votes. Stand up for what you believe in and dissent so that even more points can be won! Fun, creative way to express your opinion on current issues.

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A Lawyer's Prayer Plaque Desktop or Wall Mount

"Scales of Justice" is a prayer that's perfect for those in the legal profession, and it can now hang on your wall. This plaque depicts two scales from which justice rests as they balance out evenly with an angel above them protecting them both. It makes a great gift to show support or encouragement to someone you know who practices law, attends school for their degree, or simply enjoys all things related to courtrooms and cases.

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Zipper Pouch of Evidence

The reusable zippered pouch eliminates the need for many types of disposable baggies. Perfect size to carry makeup, keys and a wallet while also made from post-consumer recycled content! This gift is perfect for law professionals such as lawyers or judges so they can continue their daily routines with more eco friendly materials.

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United States Constitution, Pocket Size, Genuine Leather

A 192-page book of the United States Constitution bound in genuine leather with silver edges. The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and amendments are also included within this edition. Embossed on it is an American eagle which makes for a great decorative piece that can be displayed anywhere in your home or office space as well!

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Law and Justice Symbols Pen

This gift pen is not only a stylish representation of the law but also extremely functional. The end features an LED flashlight and stylus tip for smart phones or touch screen devices, so you can keep track of your notes while in court. This lightweight aluminum construction with chrome accents makes it both sturdy and durable to use on-the-go as well!

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Lawyer Attorney Bookmark Gift

Looking for the perfect gift idea? This Lawyer Gift Scales Bookmark is a stylish way to show your support. It's made of metal and features intricate scales that symbolize justice, an important part of being a lawyer or law student! This Libra Attorney bookmark is perfect for a lawyer or law student that you know.

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Personalized Office Engraved Name Plate with Holder

Customized office personalized name plates are the best choice for any business. The presence of a customized sign with your own name on it makes you stand out from others and create an impression in people's minds.

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Graduation Bear toy

This cute and cuddly bear can be a meaningful graduation gift for just about anyone as it stands 8.5" tall, wears a graduation cap, and holds its diploma in hand!

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American Trivia Game

Do you want to learn about the USA? The American Trivia game features 2-sided cards with 1000 questions in 5 categories. From historical landmarks to famous people, this trivia will teach players a lot of cool stuff!

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Lawyer Attorney Funny Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for any lawyer or attorney in your life. With a clever play on words and with humorous joke, this coffee cup makes an excellent addition to anyone's collection of mugs! This stylish and durable mug is a great conversation starter. Equip yourself with this "Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Law Degree" lawyer, attorney coffee cup.

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A Hilarious Party Game for People who Love to Argue

Debatable is a party game for people who love to argue. The goal of the game is to win arguments by being more persuasive and convincing than your opponent, which can lead you down some potentially dangerous paths such as topics that are quite serious or even controversial. We recommend playing with friends whom you know well and/or those who aren't easily offended since it's meant only in good fun!

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Pillow Cushion Cover for Law School Student

People often say that pain is temporary but a degree in law lasts forever. As such, it makes for an amazing gift idea for lawyer or law student to remind them of their future goals and the importance of continually striving towards achieving those dreams no matter how difficult they may be to achieve.

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Antique Wax Seal Stamp Kit

This antique wax seal stamp kit is the perfect gift for collectors and writers alike. With a mahogany handle, sturdy brass head, non-toxic materials and beautiful design features such as our initial letter of choice or holiday decorations like Christmas trees you can personalize any package with this set up to perfection!

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Prestige Padfolio Organizer

You will stand out in an interview with the Tylish Business Portfolio. The sleek design of this black Vegan Leather portfolio is made for a modern and elegant look, while its dual zipper ensures that everything stays safe inside no matter where you go. This business-ready gift makes any jobseeker shine at their next meeting or event!

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All You Need is Love and A Good Attorney Lawyer Plaque

This funny lawyer plaque makes an excellent gift idea for attorneys at any stage in their career as well as law students who aspire to join this often misunderstood profession. A perfect way to show off what kind of personality walks through your doors every day, especially if cash isn't flowing quite like you'd hope.

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The Big Red NO! Great for Parents and Co-Workers

The Big Red NO! Can be used everywhere and is a great stress reliever.

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Everything is Fine Funny Gift

Everything is fine - even if it isn't. With this funny office desk gag gift, you can make sure your coworkers know not to disturb you when the lights are on but no one's inside! This fun novelty sign will have everyone confused and laughing at their desks while they try to figure out what exactly is going on in there.

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ECO Bamboo Thermos

For law students and graduates looking to invest in their future, this premium bamboo thermos is an excellent present. The tea pot can make up 12 hours worth of delicious hot drinks or 24 cold ones before you wake up! It's also environmentally friendly because it doesn't contain any harmful plastics.
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Blind Lady of Justice Statue

The Blind Justice statue is a symbol of the legal profession. To build this prophecy, Themis was installed in her temple at Delphi with eyes veiled and arms outstretched to deliver justice as she saw fit. Not much has changed since then—the blindfolded woman holding scales remains an enduring reminder that even today’s most educated lawyers are but human-and they must often leave behind their notions about right or wrong when it comes time for them to make judgments on others' lives and circumstances outside their own scope of authority.

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Sterling Silver Scales of Justice

A handsome and thoughtful gift for lawyers or law students, this sterling silver scales of justice pendant features a high polish legal symbol necklace. A charming jewelry piece that is perfect as a graduation present to any lawyer who has just finished attending school - the Sterling Silver Scales of Justice Pendant High Polish Legal Symbol Necklace Pendant makes an elegant addition to their wardrobe!

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Real Life Political Action Figure

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Notorious RBG, an iconic figure and political activist. The Ruth Bader Ginsberg Real Life Political Action Figure - Iconic Legendary Notorious RBG Collectible Figurine will make a great addition to any collection or perfect as gift ideas for friends!

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Christmas Tree Law Ornament

The scales of justice are an iconic symbol representing the rule of law and fair trials. This ornament for a Christmas tree is designed with this symbolism in mind, depicting two books as docket items under the panes on either side while detailed figures look over them from above. The Scales of Justice Ornament depicts symbols which hold special significance to many people around the world.

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Games for Wannabe Lawyers

If you're a wannabe lawyer, get ready to flex your reasoning skills with these challenging conundrums! These games are similar problems that might be encountered on admissions tests for law schools. They'll help sharpen and hone the powers of logic in any legal professional who wants them - it's time to grab a study buddy or two and start solving!

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Transparent Funny Lawyer Definition Gift

This lawyer gift is a funny representation of your profession. It's the perfect present for someone who loves or works in law, as it makes an excellent display piece!

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Funny Lavender Candle Gift

If you're looking for the perfect gift, these lawyer gifts are a must! The "i'll lighten up the case" funny candle is hilarious and sure to be appreciated by anyone who's going through legal proceedings. This humorous graduation present can also help celebrate an attorney friend or grandchild who has recently graduated from law school.

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Handmade Leather Notebook for Law Students

The leather diary is the perfect gift for law students and graduates. This durable note-taking tool will help you organize your thoughts and will be a great addition to your collection! The top layer is tanned using natural oils, which makes it a unique and elegant item that you will love to use every day.
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Shoe Polish and Care Kit

Make your expensive leather shoes look like new with this premium shoe shine kit. This care set includes everything you need to bring out the best in even worn-out footwear: polish, creams, and waxes all made from high quality ingredients that will protect against scuffs and scratches. Use it on your favorite pair of dress or casual shoes to keep them looking brand new for years!

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Law School in a Single Box

With a 96-page textbook, 10 trading cards with 'Heroes of the Courtroom', 10 Extra Credit Flash Cards and Bar Exam Trivia Challenge included in this handsome box from Mental_Floss magazine you have everything needed to ace your law degree. The gift for lawyer, judge or legal profession is an authentic rolled college diploma featuring real Latin words.

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Decorative Library Books Wooden Pencil Holder

This decorative pencil holder and desk organizer is designed to look like a set of ornate library books. Display it beside your favorite reading chair in any home study or living space crafted from rich wood tones such as cherry, maple walnut , black ash . Adds an air of sophistication while doubling up as a functional storage box !

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Trust Me I'm A Lawyer Mug

The perfect law school graduation gift for the lawyer in your life! Whether it's going out on top from college or finishing up at a second tier university every graduate needs something stylish like this mug. Trust Me I'm A Lawyer will be sure to delight anyone who has spent years studying hard! This great idea makes an amazing gift, too.

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Book Holder and Travel Pillow

The Book Seat is a great travel accessory for bookworms because of its functionality. It can be used as both a pillow and to hold your books or kindle in place so you don't have to worry about them falling over while you try and read on the plane, train, bus - wherever it might be that you're traveling too!

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Julius Caesar Desk Toy

What better way to celebrate your law school graduation than with this vintage pencil holder? It features the bearded Julius Caesar on the front looking stately as ever!
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Fun and Comfy Law Socks

If you know of a lawyer or law student, consider giving them novelty cotton socks. They are comfortable enough to wear every day and they can also be used as gift bags if the sock doesn't fit! Socks are such a simple gift but they can make anyone happy. For the lawyer or law student in your life, novelty cotton socks would be an amazing gift idea!

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What Is the Best Gift for Someone Who Passes the Bar?

I’m sure you are happy to hear that your friend or a family member has passed the bar exam. Whether they are a lawyer, law student, or just someone who wanted to take the exam- congrats! But now what? What do you get them for their big day? This blog post will provide some ideas on great gifts for those celebrating after passing the bar. 

A passing of the bar is a special time in someone’s life. It marks an important milestone and no one deserves more than the best for their accomplishment, but what exactly does that mean? There are plenty of gifts out there, but which ones will be most appreciated? This blog post will break down some different types and offer some great suggestions on how to choose your perfect gift!

Gifts can be tricky gifts to buy since there are many different factors that need to come into play when choosing something appropriate for your law student or graduate. Some gifts might seem perfect at first glance but they won’t work in the long term. For example, most graduates don’t want a mug with a law school logo or diploma frame, when that is all they have been seeing for the past three years. Some gifts are perfect as long-term gifts and some gifts you might want to get them on their way into the workforce. The gifts you give should be appropriate for your friend’s current profession, but also lead to success in future endeavors.

What Is a Good Gift for a Law School Graduate?

If you are looking for a gift for your law school graduate, then this blog post will help. It is probably the most nerve-wracking time of their life and we want to make sure they have all the things they need as well as some fun!

There is no one size fits all answer, but there are some things you can do to make sure the person receiving the gift gets something they will like. 

First of all, find out what their interests are and see if anything on that list would work as a good fit. If not, then try to think about other hobbies or activities they enjoy doing in their free time. You could also get them an experience like tickets to theater or sports events so that they can go with friends and family members who have graduated from law school too! Finally, consider getting them something practical–a set of nice pens or highlighters for studying might be exactly what they need.

How Do You Congratulate a Law School Graduate?

Are you looking for a way to congratulate your friend, family member or loved one who just graduated from law school? Congratulations! You want to be sure that their day is as special and memorable as it can be. There are many different ways that you can go about doing this. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate the big event.

If there was one thing we would recommend for the graduation from law school, it would have been a party with friends and family congratulating the graduate in person. But not everyone has that luxury of living close by or being able to afford the cost of flying back home for such an occasion–or even if they do, not all graduates will want a large gathering anyway. So, we recommend looking at gifts that are thoughtful and personal.

One of the most popular gifts is a gift card to help them celebrate with drinks or food after they finish all their exams. It would be great if you could find one specifically for their favorite restaurant in town so it can become part of an experience!

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