36 Pianist Gifts for Piano Players


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Do you know a pianist? Pianists are often difficult to buy because they have such specific tastes and needs. Pianists need gifts that will help them practice their craft, not just things like socks or ties! This blog post is here to give you some ideas of the best piano-related presents out there.  Pianists are always looking for new ways to practice their music, and having the right accessories can make all the difference. A Pianist Gift could be anything from an app to a digital metronome to a set of headphones. Pianists will love these gifts that will help them improve their skills! Find the best gifts for piano players in this gift guide!

Best Pianist Gift Ideas for Piano Players

Piano Bamboo Cheese Tool Set

The Piano Bamboo Cheese Tool Set is the perfect gift for music lovers with an artistic touch. The set includes a cheese fork and knife, along with a waiter's style corkscrew; all in brushed stainless steel. This innovative design will make anyone feel like they're on Broadway!

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Beethoven with Headphone Wall Art Poster Music Gift

Beethoven's masterpiece symphonies have been rendered to a poster format and framed in an original style. The perfect gift for any music lover, this Beethoven with Headphone Wall Art Poster is sure to make your home or office the talk of the town!

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Mechanical Metronome

Metronomes are an essential tool for musicians to help them develop rhythm, maintain tempo and play accurately. Sometimes they can be difficult to find the right beat without one! This mechanical metronome is perfect because it never needs a battery which means that you'll always have reliable time no matter where your travels take you.

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Piano Shaped Plant Pot

Piano shaped plant pots are a beautiful way to display your flowers and plants in any room of the house. These gorgeous cement flowerpots come with vibrant colors and creative designs, so they will look great on just about anything you put them next too!

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The Pianist - Bestseller Memoir

After losing his entire family in the Holocaust, Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman was saved by a German officer. This person heard him playing Chopin during one of the many bombings that took place after WWII and had no idea he was Jewish at first but found out later on when they met again. The Pianist is not only about war but also how people can still find hope even though their lives are filled with so much tragedy and devastation.

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Professional Musician LED Music Stand Light

There are times when a light source isn't enough for musicians and artists alike. That's why the Professional Musician LED Music Stand Light is such an important product in many performance settings. It provides stable, bright illumination without any of that annoying flickering or dazzling you get with some other stands on the market. The stand also protects your vision from eye fatigue, which can make doing anything more difficult than it already is!

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Mozart Balls - Luxury Sweets

Mozart Balls - A taste from the land of Mozart. These decadent chocolates are a perfect gift for any music lover, and they're hand-crafted in Austria!

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Black Grand Piano Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration

Broadway Gifts presents this Black Grand Piano Musical Instrument Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration. The ornament is brand new and comes in a beautiful red gift box that can be used to store it seasonally or given as the perfect holiday present for any music lover!

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Piano Shape Artistic Coat Rack

This sleek, space-saving coat rack is perfect for maximizing your living quarters. Made of eco-friendly and durable wood with an elegant design that features a creative piano style hanger, this wall mounted piece also doubles as a beautiful accent to any room in the house during these winter months when you're not using it!

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Funny Pianist Mug Gift

A mug for all occasions! With a cool cat design and the saying "Meowzart" this is perfect for any time. It's also great as a souvenir to take home with you on your next trip, being both right-handed and left handed friendly there are no limits when it comes to what type of user can enjoy this gift.

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Grand Piano Pop Up Card

The perfect pop-up greeting card for pianists and music appreciators alike. When opened, the three dimensional black grand piano pops up to delight its recipient! Complete with sheet music sitting on a bench in front of it - this card is unforgettable

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Cozy Rug, Musical Notes Decor

This rug will make you feel right at home. With it's soft and cozy surface, this is the perfect place to curl up with a good book or watch your favorite show without slipping off of an uncomfortable floor. It not only brings comfort but beautiful decoration into any space as well! Don't forget about its anti-fade long-lasting properties that allow for durability in all kinds of conditions

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Finger Strength Exerciser

Finger Strength Exerciser is the perfect way to keep your hands in shape. This all-in-one hand exerciser is specifically designed for various musical instruments and can also be used as a simple finger strength exercise during everyday life. Individual finger tension settings allow you to select different tensions, depending on each individual's needs - providing an intense workout that will make playing any instrument more effortless! The portable design allows this product to fit into every bag or briefcase.

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Woven Skinny Necktie present

A nice, well-made skinny necktie that looks just as good in person is a great gift for any musician. With such unique qualities it'll be hard not to find something you like about these ties whether they're being worn or hung up nicely among your closet-holds' collection of accessories.

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Piano Keyboard Music Earrings

Do you know a pianist in your life?  If so, they might enjoy these keyboard earrings! They are small enough to be tasteful but still give them that unique flair. If you're looking for a gift idea for the pianists who have everything this is it; just imagine their face when opening up this thoughtful present and seeing these adorable piano keys dangling from their ears.

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Make Your Own Music Box Kit

Create your own musical melody with the Make Your Own Music Box Kit. Punch holes in strips of paper and use them to create a song! Paper strip refills are also available which make it easy for you to experiment when coming up with new melodies.

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Jewelry Music Note Necklace

"Music is what feelings sound like." This dainty minimalist music note heart necklace comes with a card that reads this inspirational quote. The design of the pendant and its accompanying message are perfect for those who love to express their passions through art, so they can feel even closer to them!

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Odd Novelties Musician Mug

A mug for the musicians in your life. Show off a love of music with this funky and fun mug. With someone as talented as you are, it's only fitting to have something this great! Just be sure not to make any mistakes while sipping from your new favorite cup-a tea or coffee will get cold fast when you're playing scales all morning long.

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Music Paper Holder Clips Set

The Music Paper Holder Clips Set is unlike any other clips. The metal music book page clip has a nice durability, easy to grasp and slide the sheets of paper between them with its firm grip on each side. In addition, it comes in four different colors combinations; classic black, temperamental silver as well as beautiful rose gold or special rainbow color!

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Kalimba Easy to Learn Portable Musical Instrument Gift

Kalimba is a great gift for any musician or music lover. With Kalimbas, you can play some easy songs that everybody knows within minutes of picking up the instrument! You don't even have to know how to read sheet music- just look at a few dots and your fingers will move all on their own with ease. It's never been easier than it once was before now; let yourself melt away into timeless melodies as soon as today!

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Beethoven Quote Pen

Beethoven once said that "music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." Many people agree with him. And now, Beethoven's words can be engraved on this luxury writing pen to inspire you every time you use it!

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Piano Reusable Grocery Bag

The perfect gift for the music lover in your life, this piano reusable grocery bag is a versatile multi-purpose tote that will be helpful not only on those trips to Trader Joe's but also as they carry heavy books around campus. Made of durable and machine washable fabric, it features handcrafted patches from an artist who was inspired by her love of both art and music.

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Pianist Handcrafted Figurine

This metal figurine is a beautifully crafted piece. It's made with copper and features an intricate design that would look great on your desk or shelf! The artisan behind this work of art has been designing for over 30 years, crafting unique pieces from raw materials to produce the perfect gift anyone in love with music can enjoy.

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Piano Design Whiskey Glass

Your next party will be much more entertaining with this piano design whiskey glass. The classic black and white pattern of the keys around your drink make it look as if you're playing a musical instrument while drinking! It's made from durable, advanced glass so that you don't have to worry about breaking anything when enjoying your favorite beverage.

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Keynote Decorative Throw

This warm and comforting throw is the perfect addition to any living room. Made from 100% cotton, this lightweight piece can be used on a chilly evening or draped over your lap as you sit near an open window for some fresh air. It comes in three different colors so it will easily match whatever color scheme you may have going on!

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Pink Enamel Cartoon Music Equipment Piano Brooche

The music enthusiast will be in heaven with this collection of pink enamel cartoon item. The Pink Enamel Cartoon Music Equipment Piano Brooche metal alloy is perfect for all the musicians out there who love to wear their heart on their sleeve. In addition to pins and brooches, choose from necklaces pendants that are reminiscent of those worn by old-school rocker chicks.

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Adjustable Piano Bench

The Adjustable Piano Bench is the perfect way to sit comfortably while playing your favorite tunes. The bench adjusts to 3 height positions for any stature, and features non-slip rubber end caps on its legs that provides stability as well as protect floors from scratches!

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Black Piano Wall Clock

Black is a color of elegance, style and sophistication. You can find it in the piano keys that grace your fingers while you play or on the shiny black lacquer finish with gold plated accents gracing this wall clock. The modern design features an elegant slim profile and large white numerals for easy viewing from any angle so there's no need to strain your eyes when telling time near by windows!

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Portable Piano Keyboard

The portable piano keyboard is the perfect way to bring your love of music with you anywhere. You can roll it up and put it inside the pouch for easy storage or travel, so no matter where life takes you, there's always a place in your heart reserved just for making beautiful noise!

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Original Grand Piano Drawings

Ornate designs and faded colours are all that remain of a treasure trove of antique piano drawings.They had been left to rot for decades before being discovered during routine maintenance work - but they're finally getting their time to shine once more!

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Piano Inspirational Bracelet

The piano is an integral part of the music and life worlds. It's no wonder that something as beautiful, inspiring, and elegant like this sterling silver bracelet would be a popular gift for musicians on any occasion! Treat them to one today!

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3D Piano Night Light Decor

Our 3D Piano Night Light Decor is a must-have for any music lover. With 7 colors gradual changing, you can easily find the perfect color to match your mood and décor theme. Best of all this amazing night light piano musical instruments decoration present are great for creating ambiance in any room!

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Phone Case Musician Gift

You don't have to be a professional musician just for this phone case. This gift is perfect if you want your iphone screen safe from scratches, bumps and drops! The edges of the case are slightly raised so that it doesn't touch any surface while on display - keeping the phone's screen clean at all times.

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Nanoblock Grand Piano

There are many different building sets, but none like Nanoblocks. These blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to create the most detailed projects imaginable. The smallest block is just 1 mm x 2mm! Plus they're more complicated than other products so it will keep you entertained for hours on end without getting bored or frustrated with confusing directions because everything is simple as pie!

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Black Piano Edge Towel Gift

The Black Piano Edge Towel Gift is a must-have for the perfect gift. This beautifully designed towel features an elegant black piano edge border which makes it ideal to use with other solid colored towels, washcloths and dish cloths in your kitchen or bath area. The organic cotton fabric of this towel will make wiping up spills easy without leaving behind lint like many cheaper paper products do!

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Freddie Mercury, Wembley Stadium in concert at piano

Freddie Mercury, a rock legend who captivated generations with his powerful voice and theatrical personality, is captured in this rare archival footage. Captured from behind the piano during one of Queen's legendary concerts at Wembley Stadium in 1982.

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What Do You Buy Someone Who Plays the Piano?

Everyone knows someone who plays the piano. Whether it’s a family member, friend or just some stranger on the street, there are plenty of people playing this instrument and you might be looking for a gift for one of them! This blog post will give you ideas about what to buy someone who plays the piano. If you’re not sure what type of gift they would like, here are some great options that can’t go wrong.

A piano player is a unique type of person. They are often introverted, yet also very expressive and creative. A pianist can be the most musically talented member of your family or circle of friends. Here are some gifts to buy for that special someone who plays the piano: 

  • A digital grand piano with 88 weighted keys  
  • A Yamaha upright acoustic piano – this is best for beginners because it’s easier to move around than an electric one 
  • An electronic keyboard with weighted keys in order to learn how to play without the heavy sound and size constraints of a traditional instrument (although they’re not as good for playing classical music on).

What Is the Best Gift for Every Piano Player?

If you know someone who loves the piano, but has everything they need for playing it, what should you get them? This is a question that comes up often. The answer may surprise you! For all of those out there wondering what gift to buy for their loved one who plays the piano, these are some gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their face. 

  • A pair of high-quality headphones can greatly improve the sound and experience when your loved one plays the piano. These are especially good if they have roommates or live in an apartment where other people live too close by or have thin walls.
  • Piano covers come in many different styles and colors which make them perfect for any pianist with unique taste.

But really what is the best gift for a piano player? This question can be difficult to answer because there are so many things that may interest a pianist. The one thing that every pianist needs, however, is music! There are tons of great pieces out there from composers like Mozart and Beethoven to contemporary artists.

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