35 Dolphin Gifts That Dolphin Lovers Would Love


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Dolphins are one of the most beloved animals in the world. They have a special connection with humans, and dolphin lovers everywhere will be eager to get their hands on dolphin gifts for themselves or others. The dolphin lover’s guide is here to help them find great gift ideas that they can use as stocking stuffers, birthday presents, or even just because! People love dolphin gifts and dolphin lovers would be thrilled to find a dolphin gift under their tree on Christmas morning. If you need dolphin gifts for someone, here are some ideas that will make them happy.

Best Dolphin Gifts for Dolphin Lovers

1. 3D Dolphin Wooden Lamp

This 3D dolphin wooden lamp will light your room with a soft and sweet warm-white glow. The charming, unique shape carving makes it the perfect accent in any bedroom or living space! This adorable nightlight is easy to use for anyone looking for an extra touch of romance - kids as well as adults alike are sure to love this gift from you too.
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2. Non-Slip Round Mouse Pad

We've seen plenty of mouse pads in our time and it's safe to say that most are a dime-a-dozen, but the best ones give you something special. This is what this round mouse pad does with its unique design which includes pretty patterns, vibrant colors without glare plus dolphin decoration at no extra cost!
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3. Surprise 3D Coffee Mug with Cute Baby Dolphin

You'll love our 3D Coffee Mug that features a cute dolphine. Hand-painted and with a smooth glaze, this mug is perfect to use for all your drinks! The detail in the cup makes it suitable for any occasion: from morning coffee to after dinner wine.
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4. Dolphin Salt and Pepper Set

The deep blue sea is home to many fascinating creatures, including the playful dolphin. This salt and pepper shaker set features a cute scene of dolphins playing in the water on one side with an image of each spice resting on their backs for easy access when cooking your favorite dishes.
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5. Dolphin Toilet Flush Handle

This stunning and unique toilet flush handle is a gift for your bathroom. It replaces the traditional handles with its beautifully crafted design that can be installed in minutes. Replace your bland, boring toilet handle with a dolphin shaped one and add some flair to the bathroom.
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6. Dolphin Glitter Bottle Gift

Some might say dolphins are the best animal in the world. If you're obsessed with these amazing creatures, and want to make sure your drinks taste as good as they look when pouring them at home or out on a boat trip this summer, then treat yourself to one of our Dolphin Glitter Bottles! Not only is it beautiful design-wise but also leak proof, eco-friendly and non toxic.
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7. Dolphin Clip Over Bookmarks

Dolphins are known for their playful antics in the water. They swim, leap out of the water and play with other dolphins or human kids! But now you can bring that same fun to your books at home with Dolphin Clip Over Bookmarks. Each bookmark easily clips over a page so you never lose track again of where you left off reading.
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8. Dolphin Poo Cotton Candy Bag

The Dolphin Poo Cotton Candy Bag is the perfect novelty gift for any and all occasions! With a mouthful of blueberry cotton candy, this bag will have you coming back time after time. Your new favorite gag gift is a bag of dolphin poo that smells like sweet, fluffy blueberry cotton candy!
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9. Leather Journal Notebook

This rustic leather journal is perfect for anyone who loves the old-fashioned appeal of a vintage look and would be an amazing gift for dolphin lover. The dolphin design on front soft cover will make you feel happy and full of life, while inside there are tons of pages with lines to write down every detail about your day!
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10. Silver Pendant Dolphin Gift

You've been looking for that perfect pendant necklace to wear every day. You want something with meaning, and completely unique. This handmade dolphin pendant is made of environmentally friendly materials like nickel-free silver or lead-free gold plated brass - not metals that will hurt your neck!
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11. Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder Statue Rack

Do you need somewhere to put your wine bottles? This dolphin will gladly take them all! Don't just leave them lying on the ground, let this artistic animal hold onto those precious liquid treasures. The dolphins are irresistibly sweet and make a perfect addition to any beach or tropical themed room in your house.
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12. Vintage Wax Seal Stamp

If you're looking for a way to show your love or appreciation in an old-fashioned, high class manner then look no further. This vintage wax seal stamp will help you create the perfect impression of elegance and sophistication. The wooden handle is easy on your hands while creating durable imprints with its golden plated brass head that leaves dolphin pattern.
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13. A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins

This book explores the world of dolphins and their relationship with humans. It begins by telling a story about how one woman's experience swimming along side them on Maui inspired her to learn more, before moving onto different aspects of human-dolphin interaction: from those where they are seen as spiritually enlightened beings who help people connect with nature, through marine parks that keep animals in captivity without giving back anything but entertainment for onlookers, all the way to dolphin hunts carried out illegally around Asia or Europe.
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14. Luxury Retro Christmas Tree Ornament, Handmade

Handcrafted in age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s, this beautiful ornament is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. All handpainted and glittered laboriously to achieve a one of kind piece for your tree or as an amazing unique gift. Handmade glass Dolphin Ornament
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15. Dolphin Decorative Bookends

If you're someone who enjoys the ocean and its discoveries, then these Dolphin Decorative Bookends are perfect for your book shelf. Each piece is individually hand-painted in a metallic finish that will make them stand out from any other items on display while making it easy to find what you need through their design. Elegant look without compromising form or function which makes them great decorative accents as well!
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16. Dolphin Party Temporary Tattoo

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on earth, but they also have a very playful side. Now you can take part in this with these dolphin tattoos! These temporary tattoos will surely be an eye-catching addition to any party or family gathering. Not only that, but when you purchase 72 pieces for your friends.
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17. Giant Stuffed Dolphin Toy Gift

You'll be amazed at how adorable this plush dolphin toy is. Its blue color and big, round eyes will make you feel like it's looking right into your soul with curiosity! The best part about these stuffed toys is that they're great for any age group- from 5 year olds who are just learning to read, all the way up to adults who want a cute decoration piece on their desk or bedside table. This one size fits most makes it perfect as an extra special gift too!
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18. Super Soft Fleece Blanket

The softness of this blanket will make you want to get a nap in. This is the perfect gift for any sports fan or avid outdoorsman, and it's also great for those who just love being indoors! With bright colors that pop out from all types of backgrounds, people are sure to notice your throw at home watching TV on Sunday afternoon or when they come over with dinner, drinks and dessert after work.
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19. Dolphin Crystal Figurine Lamp

The Dolphin Crystal Figurine Lamp is an elegant decoration. The laser engraved sphere features 3D dolphins jumping through the heart of love and illuminating with a LED lamp holder, allowing for various colors to show off on this crystal ball night light. Place it in your bedroom as you cuddle up under warm blankets or set it out on display so that all guests can admire its beauty!
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20. Dolphin Shape Dresser Knobs

Dolphin shaped dresser knobs are perfect for any room. The sleek dolphin designs can add a unique and beautiful touch to furniture, while the coordinating design with many decors will let your home look more elegant. Many people love dolphins, and this is a perfect way to bring the marine mammal into your room. These dresser knobs come in dolphin shapes that are sure to brighten up any space.
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21. Electric Wax Melt Warmer

The Electric Wax Melt Warmer is your all-inclusive, fragrant heating and décor solution. With the ability to use any scented wax melt or essential oils with this electric hot plate warmer that will not only spread fragrance throughout your home but also light up the room as well!
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22. Storage Basket, Hamper

No one wants to be that person who accidentally leaves their clothes in a heap on the floor, dirtying up an otherwise pristine space. Get these storage baskets and you will never have this problem again! Made of durable materials with waterproof coating for easy cleaning and designed as collapsible so they're small enough to store easily when not needed but still large enough to use from day-to-day.
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23. Adjustable Dolphin Ring Charm

This adjustable dolphin ring charm is a symbol of good luck and fortune. The cute, happy little creature leaping out of the water will bring joy to anyone who wears it. This adorable dolphin ring is perfect for anyone who loves animals.
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24. Night Light Ocean Dolphin 3D

The Night Light Ocean Dolphin 3D creates a vivid effect to bring joy. With the remote control, you can turn it off and on or adjust its brightness levels using an LED light sensor so your kids don't have nightmares with their new toy!
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25. Glass Top Sculpture End Table

The Tempered Glass Top gives off a gorgeous, crystal-clear shine that is as transparent and inviting as the water found in tropical beaches. The handpainted design will make for an exquisite addition to your home with its playful details of fish swimming around dolphins under the surface.
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26. Funky Dolphin Beach Socks

Relaxing and fun, these socks are made of high-quality ultra soft cotton for maximum comfort. Plus the pattern is so different than anything you’ve seen before! They can be worn with shorts or jeans to show off your style and tell everyone that funky people have more fun!
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27. Rainbow Pop Push Dolphin Toy

The Rainbow Pop Push Dolphin Toy is a simple toy that anyone can enjoy, especially with today's high-stress world. It relieves stress and anxiety for adults or just passing time with children. The sensory toys come in three different colors: blue, pink and yellow to help match your mood!
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29. 3D Crystal Puzzle Dolphin

The Dolphin Deluxe Crystal Puzzle from BePuzzled is a sleek, translucent puzzle with 95 unique pieces. This complex and challenging design will test your patience and skill. With its stunning design straight from the ocean and enjoyable work on it is challenging but worth completing!
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30. Wind Chime Decoration

Wind chime decorations are the perfect gift for those that love wind chimes. This design is great with its dolphin motif and high-quality craftsmanship, making it an excellent decoration for any room in your home or office.
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31. Wine Glass with Dolphin Inside

The glass is so creative and different from anything you've ever seen before. It has a slender, curved bowl that's long-stemmed with large horns on the top and bottom for stability. With this goblet in hand, it will feel like you're at some high society event even if all your friends come over to watch movies or play board games!
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32. Two Swimming Dolphins 3D Wall Decorative Frame

Delight in the sight of two dolphins swimming side by side as they gracefully glide through a turquoise ocean. A great gift for animal lovers and lighthouses, this 3D wall decorative frame will surely brighten up any room with its beautiful artwork that is hand-crafted and painted to last.
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33. Magnetic Sculpture Dolphins

The Magnetic Sculpture Dolphins is a classic desk toy. Magnets can be manipulated into various designs, and playing with the magnetic sculpture is an awesome way to take a break during hectic days when everything piles up in one's life.
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34. Dolphin Printed Hoodie

The Dolphin Printed Hoodie is perfect for anyone who loves to swim and hang out near the water. The soft fabric will keep you warm when it gets chilly outside, while the hood keeps your head cozy in colder weather.
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35. Fast Action Splash Game

A game of Fast Action and Fast Fun! It's an extremely fun game that the whole family will love. The award-winning boardgame contains cards with entertaining facts about our ocean friends - from Sea Turtles to Dolphins, you'll learn all sorts of interesting things in this educational and engaging card-based games!
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