45 Housewarming Gifts that New Home Owners Need

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A new home is a joyous occasion! It’s the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends by giving them the best housewarming gifts. What should you give someone who has just moved into their new home? Whether you are looking for something practical or decorative, we have you covered. We will also provide tips on how to choose the perfect gift for someone who is moving into their first home. We have put together a list of some of the best housewarming gifts that everyone needs! These gifts are sure to make the new homeowners feel welcome and appreciated.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

1. Funny New Home Candle

Housewarming gifts can be tricky, but this unique candle is perfect for any home owner. The soy wax wicks are made with domestically produced oils and has memories infused into them thanks to the real flowers used in scenting each new aroma! It's 9oz size makes it easy display on your fireplace mantel or table so that friends will know how much you care when they visit over X-mas break.
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2. Votivo Reed Home Air Freshener
Votivo reeds are the perfect housewarming gift. They last up to 120 days and provide a full-bodied fragrance that will fill your home with life, creating an environment where you can relax from work or school without worrying about coming in on bad smells!
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3. PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope

For those who have never seen the universe before, this is a great housewarming gift. The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is simple and powerful telescope that will provide any newcomer to astronomy with quality views of space without breaking their budget! It's perfect for people interested in NASA or just looking at things far away from Earth.
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4. Housewarming Plant of the Month Box

Have you ever considered giving a plant as an housewarming gift? The Plant Club is the perfect way to do so. With new types of plants being introduced monthly, this service will keep them excited and interested in caring for their own home's eco system.
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5. Japanese Style Iron Teapot
The Japanese iron teapot is a fantastic kitchen gadget for boiling water and will provide you with an outside design that combines human appreciation of natural beauty. This bright hued pot makes tea in the way your heart desires, providing both delicate flavor as well intense color to enjoy!
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6. Hammock Chair for New Home

Why not give the new home owners their own little piece of paradise? The Nautical Summertime Blue & Orange Cotton Hammock Chair is perfect for those looking to relax on vacation, at home with friends or family members— wherever you choose! Made out the soft cotton rope that provides ultimate comfort as well as beautiful design features such an anchor patterning throughout.
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7. SnackSack Gluten-Free Snack Box

This monthly snack subscription is the perfect present for any homeowner who loves sweets. Each month, you'll get a box full of delicious and different gluten-free goodies that are sure to please! You can expect 11 or 13 distinct varieties in each shipment - so there's always something new waiting at your doorstep every time!
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8. Original Cotton Turkish Hand Towels Set of 2

What better way to welcome your new home than with the perfect housewarming present? Smyrna Turkish Cotton hand towels are designed not only as a functional bath towel but also decorative and very practical in many areas. It may be used for everything from washing dishes or yoga practice and many more…
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9. UpBlend Outdoors Large Classic Wind Chime

The high-pitched tone has a lovely sound and great value. The golden anodized aluminum tubes are hand-tuned, while the warm light reflects off of Ash Wood which makes it perfect for any space! With its fashionable appearance that goes well with gentle round curves in your new home.
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10. New Home Bartender Kit with Stand

What a great idea for the new homeowner! The Royal Mix cocktail shaker set is ideal and will be sure to make them feel like they've got everything under control. They can create any drink that calls their taste buds' desires, with six distinct designs in one box--this seems like an excellent gift anyone could appreciate getting (and giving!).
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11. Popcorn Maker for New Home Owners

Are you looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift that is easy to make and doesn't take too much time? The hot air popcorn maker may be just what your friends need! It only takes minutes before they can enjoy their own delicious batch of buttery, salty goodness.
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12. Succulent New Home Flower Pot

Some people like to keep things simple, and that's why the succulent planter flower pot giraffe statue sculpture is a great housewarming gift idea. This adorable piece of nature will bring life into your home or workplace with its cute appearance!
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13. Coffee Menu for New Home

This vintage-style coffee menu sign will make your kitchen look like a cozy cafe. It's the perfect gift for any new home owner who loves coffee, or if you just want to show off how unique and interesting decorating can be!
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14. SPA Bath and Body Gift Box Set

A new home gift idea that will make their day! This set has five different items for your beloved woman. The box is ideal as a present or to send straight away so they can experience the spa at-home with these great value and high quality products available in one beautiful package, all neatly packaged inside an attractive box.
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15. Fellow Stagg EKG+ Bluetooth Kettle

This electric kettle is a unique present for anyone who owns a new home. It's beautiful and simple to use, with Bluetooth compatibility so you may operate it through an app on your phone or switch the settings using the manual mode if needed!
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16. Lavender Scented Candle

When you're looking for a unique present, consider these lavender-scented candles. They will make the perfect home gift and are so much fun! The individual who receives this will think it's hilarious when they see what reads on them - I'm dying to poop in your new toilet.
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17. Hand Blown Wine Decanter

This is a housewarming gift for your favorite wine lover. This beautiful crystal decanter will show off their finest bottles to best advantage. The explanatory booklet included provides step-bystep instructions on how you can properly pour each type of drink from it in order not only improve taste but also maximize aroma too!
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18. New Home Beer Brewing Kit

How would you like to have the freedom and experience that come with brewing your own beer? Well, now is a great time. Check out this awesome home-brewing kit!
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19. Candle - Please Don't Do C*** in Our Bathroom

This little candle is the ideal funny present for a friend. The wit and quality will make them laugh every time they use it! You can't go wrong with this hilarious housewarming gift, which has carefully been packaged in an elegant box that matches any decorating style from traditional to modern day.
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20. Elegant Turtle Foot Stool

Here's a great gift idea for the home! This beautiful and functional ottoman is ideal in any room. The finely made walnut-finished wood base has an excellent appearance, while its hinged lid opens up to reveal much storage space that'll keep remotes or other items within arm’s reach at all times so they're never out of sight again.
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21. Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

This Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand would make an excellent housewarming gift! It is made from natural wood and transparent glass, so it will look beautiful on any table or desk. Plus, you can store flowers inside of it too.
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22. Marshall Wireless Smart Speaker with Alexa

You can get a Marshall Wireless Smart Speaker with Alexa that includes Amazon's voice assistant built-in and control your music by just speaking to it. The Wi-Fi connectivity is exceptional, too! It has Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio ports so you're able play almost any format out there without having trouble connecting them together in one system.
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23. Bathroom Guest Book

This guest book is different from other ones because it's more of an open forum. People can write whatever they want in here, not just their name! You'll never forget what someone had to say thanks to this book - there are no rules or guidelines for entries so everyone has their own unique voice here..
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24. HomeIndoor Electric S'mores Maker

Here's a wonderful opportunity to use the grill for more than just burgers and steaks. Roast s'mores over electric heaters to celebrate the season with friends and family. The tabletop flameless heater makes every occasion special.
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25. New Home Homesick Scented Candle

You can transport yourself to memories of home by burning this candle. The aroma will bring back happy moments and make you miss your old life, but it's worth remembering the way things were because there is nothing like a fresh linen scent or clean air on an empty house where possibilities are infinite!
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26. Solid Wood Wine and Glass Rack

What better way to welcome your friends and family than with this awesome bottle storage solution? The farmhouse table top decor is perfect for any gal who loves cooking up a good party.
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27. Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder

This adorable and handy cup holder can hold wine glasses. It also has places for one-cup coffee mugs! The finest quality item is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a beautiful design that will make your house stand out like no other.
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28. Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden

If you want to start a herb garden, winter is a good time to do it. You can grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors, like lettuce or tomatoes. Lettuce is a good choice because its flavor doesn't fade quickly. But be careful not to over-shelve them so they don't die. The same goes for peppers...
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29. Bluetooth Connected Electric Pour-Over Kettle

This electric kettle is perfect for making coffee and tea. It has a sleek design and pours well. Plus, it's black and modern, with Bluetooth connectivity so you can use a free app to regulate it or control it using your phone.
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30. Bird Feeders for Your Home

This decorative metal cage will keep your seeds safe and sound. It has six feeding ports with perches that allow many birds to feed at the same time, so you can check when it is time for refills by looking through clear housing! Simply lift up the easy-fill lid or turn the contoured base upside down over filled slot in order refill this Seed Holder
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31. Plant Hangers for New Home

These macramé plant hangers will last a long time if put on the ceiling or wall, and they are well-received! These amazing works of art may be utilized in any area - whether you're going for a natural-looking design or a contemporary one.
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32. Funny Floppy Disk Coasters

Keep your tables and surfaces clean with these silicone circuit board coasters that won't scratch or damage any surface you put them on. These new home gift ideas are the ideal way to prevent those pesky spills from ruining a perfectly good dinner party!
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33. Italian Pizza Oven for New House

This new oven can cook your food quickly. You don't have to wait around for an hour to cook food. You can have fresh pizza, bread, and roasted meat whenever you want with this convection microwave/convection oven with a double-layered ceiling design. This design improves heat dynamics and allows you to control the flame from the top or bottom so that nothing gets burned while still getting perfect results every time.
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34. Compost Bin for Kitchen

You don't have to worry about your housewarming gift going unused! The Farmhouse Kitchen Compost BIN is more than just a compost container for the kitchen counter. It's two-bucket design means you may readily remove it, throw away that waste in plastic bags and clean up sooner rather than later - which will save some cleanup time on those hot summer days.
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35. Plastic-Free ECO Dishwashing Kit
This eco-friendly dish set is the perfect new home gift. It's designed to help you reduce your environmental impact by making a few simple changes in everyday routine, with five pieces.
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36. Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

A perfect cheese board for any occasion, this beautiful bamboo piece will make you look like an expert host when guests come over. The smooth surface and hidden drawer are just two of many reasons why we think it's great!
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37. Cheese Board and Serving Set

This beautiful acacia wood cheese cutting tray is the perfect gift for any home. The sturdy and elegant design will make your entertaining efforts seem like a million bucks! A great option for cheese and meet presentation at your housewarming party.
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38. Hanging Photo Display

Housewarming gifts are often thought of as traditional, but this macrame wall decor photo display is a great way to show your favorite memories and prints in an artistic manner. You can use it for displaying special moments or cherish them by rearranging the frames on these pictures whenever you want!
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39. Cast Iron Horseshoe Decor

This horseshoe is perfect for the home. It's a lucky charm that will bring you and your guests good fortune! This ornate cast iron decoration can be hung anywhere in order to make people happy with its multiple angles, allowing them all sorts of views as they look at it together while sitting around celebrating life or just relaxing after work.
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40. Cocktail Mug Gift Set Of 4

These 100% pure copper mugs are made of hammered metal. They’re the perfect way to show off your home's unique style and keep drinks hot or cold for hours! These huge cups hold 16 ounces, so you can enjoy one less drink at a time before these run out.
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41. Brita Stainless Steel Filter Bottle

These Brita filters are a great gift for any household. The stainless steel bottle can hold up to 32 ounces and has a straw for drinking. The bottle also keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. You may also save money by using these filters instead of single-use plastic bottles. The filters are made of tough material that is difficult to break or leak, so you don't have to worry about wasting water.
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42. Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Box

This Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set is an ideal present for any new homeowner in your life. Made with premium US natural ingredients, these bombs will have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after each use--perfect to enjoy on those long weekends away from home or work
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43. Relaxation Lounge Armchair

The reclining lounger chair is the perfect gift for someone who wants to feel like royalty. The chair can be used to relax and get some luxury benefits. You can raise your legs by pushing a button if needed. The cushions are thick and make you feel very comfortable.
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44. Wooden Unique Home Desk

The perfect housewarming gift for anyone who wants an original piece of furniture to decorate their home office. This desk has a horse design and will look great in any room, plus it's very functional because you can create your own one-of-a-kind specifications with customizable choices.
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45. Funny Housewarming Scented Candle

You can't go wrong with this funny present for your friend who likes jokes. The saying on the label will make them laugh, and they'll also appreciate how great it smells! It has a strong fruit smell that lasts long into its duration--and I'm guessing you know what type of person would love such an innovative gift idea?
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