54 Thoughtful Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long Distance Relationship

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There are many reasons why couples might be in long distance relationships. If you’re in one, then it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your significant other. This long distance relationship gift guide will help with that! Here is a gift list of thoughtful ideas for gifts that they’ll love, regardless of what their interests are. You’ll never have trouble finding the perfect present again because I’ve compiled them all right here!

Thoughtful Gifts for Long Distance Relationship Couples

Long Distance Relationship Connection Bracelets

Long distance relationships can be difficult, but that doesn't mean you need to eliminate all contact. Send your partner good vibes with this bracelet-like band! When one person sends out energy it will come back as though they were physically present; making sure never too far away.
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The Love Note Long Distance Relationship Messenger

Isn't it time you gave your significant other a gift that will really show how much they mean to andion? If so, then stop what you're doing right now because Lovebox is the perfect solution. It's an easy-to use kit with everything needed for creating thoughtful gifts tailored specifically around their interests!
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Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me - Meaningful, Cute Gift

Distressed on a meaningful, cute gift? Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me - this pillow case can send the right message while you're apart!

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Letters to Open When...: Write Now. Read Later. Lovely Gift.

When you're not there in person, be present through letters. For every letter printed on the page is a unique prompt that your loved ones will never tire of reading!

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Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

The Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex is the ideal present for anybody who enjoys puzzles and conspiracy theories. This clever little box may be opened to reveal an encrypted message, allowing you to customize your own unique passcode so that it can serve as a key needed in order access whenever desired.
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Pocket Hug Token Long Distance Relationship Gift

The pocket hug token gift will remind him or her that you care about their long distance relationship. A warm embrace can be inconvenient sometimes, but it's something everyone needs and deserves!
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Long Distance Touch Lamp Set, Telepathy Friendship Lamps

The lamps are like two-way communication devices. If you touch your lamp, it changes color and the person with another lamp will see what's happening right away! They can then do likewise on both sides of their own to make sure everyone knows how we feel about each other.

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Personalized Star Map | Wall Art, Special Occasion Gift

Designing a personalized star map is an excellent way to commemorate your special day. This print will make the perfect impression as a unique gift.

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Mister Rogers EncourageMints

Don't you want to be more confident when meeting new people? When your friends come over next, don't they greet with an abundance of pepperminty fresh breath? These encouragement mints are a funny gift for all your BFFs.

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Willow Tree Anniversary, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Love never ends. This is a hand-painted resin figure of a couple sitting next to each other and holding hands. The figure is 6 inches high and is an amazing gift to show your love for someone.

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I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us Long Distance Relationship Keychain

The miles between us can sometimes feel like an insurmountable journey, but this keychain proves that love is always worth the fight. For those who find themselves at a distance from their sweetheart and want to keep up appearances as though nothing has changed.

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I Love You Soundwave Art, Visible Voice Print - A special & Unique Gift to Your loved one

What a thoughtful and creative gift! The I Love You Soundwave Art is perfect for your loved ones. It will show them how much they mean in life with the special voice print makes this an awesome present that can't be forgotten about easily either.

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Homesick Scented Candle

It's hard to be away from home, especially when you miss your loved one. This Homesick Scented Candle will make their day better with its sweet scent of vanilla bean and all natural soy wax blend hand poured in the USA!

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Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book

This book talks about how much you love someone. It has places for you to fill in so you can tell them all the things that make them special to you. It also has a hardcover and a removable clear plastic jacket. The pages are 4 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches long and it is 112 pages long.

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Pinky Pomise Matching Bracelets

We all know the feeling of missing someone when they're far away. Pinky Promise Bracelets are a fantastic way to let your significant other know that you care and want them around! They come in many different colors, so there's sure be one for every taste preference or mood - plus personalized names make these bracelets impossible not notice at first glance.
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Messages in a Bottle, Romantic Pre-Written Love Letters

If you’re looking for the perfect way to show your love, look no further than messages in a bottle. These romantic pre-written letters will make her feel special and cherished every day of romance's week-long journey! Perfect long-distance relationship gift for your loved one.

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You and Me Infinity Symbol - Perfect Couples Gift

The perfect couples gift, the Infinity ring features a metal sign that reads "You and Me". It's engraved with two hearts intertwined to show your love for one another. This item makes an ideal present for your partner as well!

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Great Discussion Questions For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

The following 401 fun discussion questions for couples will make your relationship stronger. Whether long-distance or not, this book is sure to draw you closer together and build the kind of intimacy that really matters.

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Engraved spoon Gift - Lets have coffee together forever!

This is a gift for someone who has everything. It has an engraving and a symbol of everlasting love. They will be happy when they use it in their favorite cup of coffee in the morning!

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Heartwarmer - Large Hot&cold Therapy Pad, Loving heart

The Heart Warmer is a loving design that will warm your heart with its large hot and cold therapy pad! The filling levels are adjustable in order to make sure it fits comfortably. It easily conforms to any part of the body for instant relief, this product has been hypoallergenic so you can lie down without worry!

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I Wrote a Book About You — A cute, fill-in-the-blank book.

I never thought I'd be so lucky to have someone as amazing and wonderful in my life. You are definitely one of the reasons why! Thank you for being such an inspiration, your support has helped grow this book into something much more than what it would've been without you here with me writing about who knows how many pages filled out already.

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THIS IS FINE Funny Gag Enamel Pin, Cartoon Dog Brooch Jewelry Gift

This pin is a must-have for anyone who loves dogs! The enamel design looks beautiful and the butterfly clasp makes it so simple to attach. You can wear this on your clothes without any hassle at all, as well as take it down when not in use.

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Me Without You ( Sweet & Simple "I Miss You" Gifts)

This is a book that celebrates love. It gives you the power to face challenges, keep going in life no matter what happens and find happiness with someone else by your side when they come along.

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Beer Mitten Gloves

The Beer Mitten Gloves will keep your hands warm when you drink cold drinks in winter. The gloves are made of soft and warm wool.

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Heartbeat Rings for Couples: I Love You, Matching Promise

The heartwarming way to show your love for each other is with these beautiful, custom made rings. Engrave "I Love You" and then “to too." These are perfect gifts that will be treasured forever in time!

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Countdown Clock Timer Gift - Count Your Special Dates

This countdown clock will help you remember the days remaining until your next big event. You can plan up to 9999 dates in advance that's more than 27 years, and an alarm sounds when it reaches a significant moment!

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Best Friends Scented Candle Gift - Funny Friendship Gifts

This candle will help you and your friends remember how strong the bond is between two people. The burning of this product reminds those who see it, what a powerful reminder that can be! It's made from soy wax which provides for an eco-friendly package as well.

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CANDYMAN Bundle of Chocolate Candy (5.6 lbs) Variety Pack

Treat your recipient to a chocolate-scented bundle of treats! This is perfect for birthday gifts, office snacks, or mother's day brunch. They'll love you, even more, when they see how many different kinds there are in the box.

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Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book. The Best Romantic Anniversary Gift Idea for Your Boyfriend

If you are looking for the perfect romantic gift for your boyfriend, then this could be it. You can let him know how special he is to you and remind him of the best moments in your relationship. It would be a thoughtful present that he will enjoy filling.

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Appendix Plush - Feel It In Your Gut - Hilarious & Cute Gag Gift

For those of you who don't have an appendix, this is the perfect gift! It’s hilarious and will make anyone laugh. If someone has everything else going for them but is still missing that one crucial organ in their gut give them an appendix plush gift to make them feel better.

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Smart Digital Picture Frame, Share Video Clips and Photos Instantly via E-Mail or App

This digital photo frame is a great way to show your friends and family what's happening in real-time. You can share videos, photos of any kind, even animated gifs or live streaming. You can also send them through email or an app so they stay on the screen for as long as you want without having to take it off yourself before sending another clip.

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3D Crystal Photo Gift - Personalized with Custom Engraving, Memorable

A 3D crystal is a perfect way to remember someone who has meant so much in your life. The customized design of each piece, with laser-etched pictures and personalized engraving, will be cherished for years!

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Morse Code Bracelet Pinky Promise - Couple Distance Secret Message Gift

The Morse Code Bracelet is not just a promise between myself and my partner, but also one for us to be there with each other no matter what happens. It's our Pinky Promise!

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Hand Forged Iron Rose - Romantic Metal Gift of Everlasting Love

Hand Forged Iron Roses are made of metal that has been shaped into a rose. Each one is different and uniquely hand-made by someone who cares about giving you something beautiful for your special occasion, like an iron wedding anniversary gift so it will never die or wilt just as much affection between yourself and this person in question!

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AeroPress Go Coffee Press

Looking for the perfect gift to show your significant other how much you care? Look no further than this highly rated coffee maker. The 1-3 cup capacity allows it be used by both parties in long distance relationships, and its pour spout ensures that they never get too hot or burnt while drinking their caffeine fix!
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Long Distance Relationship Kissing Mugs Set

Long distance relationships can be tough, but this gift will make them smile. The two matching mugs are perfect for couples in long-distance situations and form an adorable kiss when combined!
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Men's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

The Memory Foam Slippers are the perfect gift for your significant other who is away from home. These slipper keep their shape and don't give easily, which makes them ultra comfortable (and easy to get off).
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Mustard Glass Coasters Set

Want to give your guests more of a personalized experience at your house? Try these mustard glass coasters that can hold your own photos.

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Iron Card For Her & Him, Handmade Wire Love Card

A handcrafted "Love" word from steel iron wire is attached to the leather fabric with thread and glue. The card's surface has been decorated using an elegant design, which can be personalized by adding your personal message to the card.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Wallet

What better way to show your love than with a wallet made out of leather? The Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Wallet is perfect for people in long distance relationships because it won't stretch or wear away, making this an excellent gift!
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Hidden Message Bracelet - Friendship Jewelry Gift

You can show your love for a friend, sister, or family member with the Hidden Message Bracelet. This stainless steel bracelet is engraved with "A true friendship is a journey without end" and will never fade due to its high-quality materials!

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Funny Friend Keychain for BFF Besties - "I Got Your Back" Gift

We all know that friendships are meant forever. And sometimes, the one person you want with your back is not in front of it! This keychain gift will remind them how much their BFF cares about her or him even when things get tough.

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Daily Planner Notebook

Long distance relationships can be very difficult and take a toll on both partners. A good way to keep the romance alive is by getting one another little gifts that will remind them how much you care about each other, such as an agenda or planner with your initials on it!
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Compass Pendant Necklace – Sliver , Meaningful Gift Idea

This compass pendant necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and it will last forever. You can wear this special piece to find the direction that brings out your innermost dreams, or give it as a gift for someone who needs some guidance in their life! 

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100 Things for Couples to Do Together

This book is about 100 different things that you can do with your partner. You and your partner can sign at the bottom and fill in some information when you finish doing an adventure together.

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Affectionate Couple Iron Sculpture, Passionate Kiss

This sculpture is made of cast iron, and it's perfect for couples who are getting married or celebrating their iron anniversary. The base has velvet lining so that your furniture won't get scratched by the ground! This piece reminds us all to show more love in our relationships with one another whether or not they're romantic ones.

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Hilarious, Prank Mail Tube. We'll Ship an Embarrassing Package to Your Friends. It's Revenge time!

What is the occasion? Send an embarrassing package to your friends with our funny, prank mail tube. We will send them your most shameful moment. Upgrade and make sure the package gets there quickly, so they don’t change their mind or try to figure out where this came from.

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Bookmark Gift Idea "Enjoy The Next Chapter"

This bookmark is purple and it has tassels. This gift will be perfect for people who like to read! Not only that but with the high quality materials this item lasts long so you can pass down your love of reading from one generation to another without worrying about them getting damaged over time

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Pizza Blanket 2.0 Double Sided, Novelty Realistic Food Gift

Come snuggle up with a slice of your favorite pizza this winter by spreading it on the Pizza blanket double-sided, realistic food gag gift! You can also give one as an amazing gift that will keep giving all year long.

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What is the best gift for a long distance relationship?

It’s not easy to find the perfect gift for a long distance relationship. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing that can be done, but this isn’t true! Even if you live in two different cities, states or countries doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving your significant other a thoughtful gift.

If you’re considering giving a gift to your long distance partner, we have the perfect solution for you! Give them the gift of time. Time is something that can’t be bought or earned- it’s precious and limited. This is why so many people are opting to give gifts like vouchers for massages, cooking classes, or trips to visit loved ones in person.

This blog post will help you find the perfect long distance relationship gift. You’ll also get a list of gift ideas that are all affordable and thoughtful to gift in a long distance relationship.

What is the best long distance relationship gift for Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, and the best long distance relationship gift to give your significant other might be something that reminds them of you. If they’re away from home on Valentine’s Day it will remind them of where they are missing out on being with their loved one and make them feel special all over again.

Long distance relationships are hard, especially at Valentine’s day. One of the best ways to help your partner feel closer is by sending them a thoughtful gift, but what should you do if you don’t live close? Valentine’s day is important if you are in a long distance relationship and you have to get a gift for your significant other. Suprise your significant other with a gift that will make them feel special and remind them of you when they are far away.

We have compiled a long list for your convenience to find the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for long distance relationship for your loved one and we hope these ideas help, happy shopping!

What are some good gifts for long distance boyfriend?

The best gifts for long distance relationships are the ones that remind your significant other of you and make them feel special. A long-distance relationship is tough, so it can be hard to know what he would like as a gift but there are some good options out there!

There are many fun ways to show your long distance boyfriend that you care about them, even when they’re not in the same town.

Some ideas for gifts would be a handwritten letter, a phone call or Skype session (to hear their voice), or if you want to send something more tangible: some treats from where you live, a T-shirt or sweatshirt with their favorite sports team on it.

A personalized photo album with pictures from his favorite days together can be an amazing gift for long distance boyfriend.

Long Distance Relationship gift ideas for Girlfriend

Relationships are not always easy, and when you add distance to the mix it can be a challenge. But with these long-distance relationship gift ideas for girlfriend, you won’t have to worry about forgetting that special occasion!

Since you’re so far away from your girlfriend, it can be hard to find presents for her. We worked hard to find the best long distance relationship gifs for your girlfriend .

Whether your Girlfriend loves to read, enjoys sport, or just likes looking her best- we’ve got you covered with this handy list of long distance relationship gifts for girlfriend.

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