36 Funny Housewarming Gifts That Tickle Their Funny Bone

Fun Housewarming

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Embarking on a new chapter often brings a mix of excitement and a touch of nerves, a blank canvas poised to be filled with vibrant memories and laughter. While it is customary to gift utility items to ease the process of settling down, this guide invites you to step off the beaten path and usher in waves of laughter with our carefully curated collection of funny housewarming gifts. Wander through our array of quirky housewarming present choices that not only tickle the artistic nerve but also infuse daily routines with a delightful dose of fun. Each item promises to bring smiles, setting a jubilant tone that resounds in the new home for days, months, and years to come.

The world of housewarming gifts can sometimes feel like a complex maze of conventional choices. It is with this realization that our team took on the thrilling expedition of finding gifts that break away from the ordinary, carving a path through the golden treasure trove of funny housewarming gift ideas. From items handpicked to breathe a sense of joyous irreverence into living spaces to others that stand as symbols of delightful eccentricity, we navigated through a vast landscape of options. We aimed for a curation that not only serves a purpose but delights the senses daily, serving as a beacon of laughter and a reminder to embrace the lighter side of life.

As you delve deeper into this guide, anticipate an encounter with the fun, the peculiar, and the remarkably unique, a canvas that portrays a kaleidoscope of laughter and quirky elegance. Our journey in curating this list was both exhilarating and meticulous, venturing into playful avenues to find items that echo with a buoyant spirit, designed to embellish new beginnings with laughter and quirky charm.

Funny Housewarming Gift Ideas

1. Funny Bathroom Guest Book

Revolutionize party dynamics with the Bathroom Guest Book — the answer to engaging visitors in an amusing yet thoughtful manner. This modern and distinctive guest book encourages people to share reflections, experiences, or even whimsical notes about their bathroom sojourns. Whether it’s utilized to gather humorous contemplations from friends or to create a lighthearted log of the soirée’s events, it injects an element of fun and surprise into any gathering. Gift this innovative conversation starter to elevate any home’s restroom to the most talked-about spot in the house, making it a fantastic and quirky housewarming present!

2. Lavender Scented Candle

Gift the perfect blend of humor and utility with this lavender-scented toilet candle, the ideal quirky housewarming gift for friends who seemingly have it all! This whimsically shaped yet delightfully aromatic candle infuses any home with a calming lavender fragrance, promoting relaxation while adding a touch of jest to the lavatory experience. A conversation starter that will not only evoke laughter but also offer a daily dose of aromatic indulgence, it’s a unique present that marries the fun with the functional, promising smiles and a fragrant home. Let this toilet candle become the talk of your friends new abode!

3. Kombucha Starter Kit Gift

Dive into the delightful world of home-brewing with this comprehensive kombucha kit, the ultimate funny housewarming gift for new homeowners with a sense of adventure and a penchant for healthy living. Nestled inside a rustic wooden box is everything one needs to kickstart their brewing journey, including quality equipment, live cultures, and step-by-step instructions to guide them to success. It’s more than just a brewing kit; it’s a gateway to endless fun experiments with flavors and an invitation to embrace the joy of creating something wonderful from scratch. Gift it to celebrate a fresh start in a new home, bringing laughter, health, and delicious homemade kombucha into their lives.

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4. Bartender Kit with Wooden Stand

Gift the joy of mixology with the quirky and delightful Royal Mix cocktail shaker set, a must-have for every new homeowner with a flair for entertaining. Ideal for the budding bartender or the cocktail enthusiast, this set not only promises fun-filled evenings but also adds a touch of elegance to any space with its wooden stand displaying six different shaker designs, ensuring a quirky yet neat arrangement. Inject a dose of fun into housewarming celebrations, encouraging the new homeowners to shake, stir, and concoct their own signature drinks while hosting unforgettable gatherings in their new abode.

5. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Apron Set

Gift the crown jewel of kitchen apparel with this witty and delightful apron that proclaims “Mr. Right Is Always Right.” Perfect for the king or queen of the new home, this apron is more than just a conversation starter — it’s a proclamation of undisputed truth wrapped in humor! Whether they are a maestro in the kitchen or just starting out, this apron will not only protect their outfits from spills and splashes but add a generous dash of fun to their cooking endeavors. It’s an ideal choice for a funny housewarming gift that brings laughter and joy, ensuring many happy meals in their new abode.

6. Funny Small Indoor Watering Can

Delight the green thumb in your life with the gift of year-round plant nourishment courtesy of this indoor watering can. Ideal for those who cherish their indoor gardens or enjoy adding a touch of greenery to their living spaces, this can ensures that their beloved plants never have to suffer from thirst, even in the harshest of winters. Beyond its functional value, it brings a certain charm to interiors, serving as a gentle reminder to nurture and cultivate beauty in everyday life.

7. Funny US Beer Cap Map

Inject a dose of fun into any housewarming celebration with this delightful Map of America bottle cap holder! Perfect for the beverage enthusiast in your life, this dynamic piece allows them to proudly display their collection of bottle caps, categorized into different spaces representing various types. The real fun begins when they get to personalize their map according to moods or seasons, constantly refreshing the aesthetic with different designs.

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8. Funny New Home Owner Gift

Gift the joy of laughter and a touch of personalization with this delightful item that is far from the ordinary housewarming gift. This special present allows the new homeowners to infuse their space with warm, inviting scents that remind them of their favorite things while adding a dash of humor to their day.

9. Hand Blown Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Gift the new homeowner something both functional and whimsical with this shining star of glass bottles, perfect for securing their favorite wine with style and ease. Crafted meticulously to endure, it promises stability on any surface, be it the kitchen counter or the dining table, without any fear of breakage. This lustrous gem not only ensures the safekeeping of the wine but also brings an added layer of charm and elegance to the space, serving as a delightful conversation starter at any housewarming party.

10. Farmhouse Home Serving Tray

Emerge victorious in the quest for the perfect housewarming present with this phenomenal tray! Ideal for a variety of uses — be it hosting a lively gathering of friends and family, serving up a selection of scrumptious sweets, or surprising loved ones with delightful breakfast spreads — this tray transforms an ottoman into the hub of joyous occasions. Offering both functionality and a dash of fun, it effortlessly evolves to become the epicenter for an array of happy memories, promising laughs, love, and delightful feasts.

11. Hilarious Coasters for Drinks

For the individual who seemingly has it all and is always in the mood for another round, here comes a gag housewarming gift steeped in humor and practicality: a set of two hilarious drinking coasters! Perfect for safeguarding surfaces both at home and while out and about, these coasters are a token of joy and a promoter of laughter. Gift them to the new homeowner to not only bring a smile to their face but to inaugurate a realm where every beverage is accompanied by a dose of fun and light-heartedness — truly a gift that keeps on giving with every sip!

12. Funny Candle

Celebrate your friends with a burst of laughter as you gift them this one-of-a-kind joke candle that promises a giggle with every flicker. Perfectly suited for that special someone, or as a delightful add-on to birthday and holiday gifts, this candle stands unmatched in its ability to conjure joy. Picture the smiles it will ignite, bringing an unparalleled element of fun to any living space.

13. Funny Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Gift a dose of laughter along with functionality at the next housewarming party you attend with this one-of-a-kind wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener. More than just a tool, it adds a fun twist to opening bottles by catching the caps, sparing your floors from the usual metallic rainfall. Place it in the heart of your party space, and watch it become the center of attraction, as it offers both ease of use and a guaranteed smile, making it a funny housewarming gift with a spin!

14. The Office Meme Kevin’s Famous Chili Apron

Looking for a hilarious yet practical housewarming gift? Consider gifting these delightful aprons that come with the promise of a great fit for everyone, thanks to their adjustable neck strap and generously long ties. Not just a source of laughs, they are incredibly functional with pockets to hold all the essential utensils while whipping up dishes like the legendary Kevin’s chili. Gift this and ensure the new homeowners cook in style, embracing comfort and joy even on the warmest days, making their culinary journey a comfortable and enjoyable one, all while adding a touch of humor to the kitchen ambiance.

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15. Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set

Make her housewarming vibrant and indulgently relaxing with this bath bomb gift set, crafted meticulously by a reputed Californian company using only the finest natural ingredients. Each set encompasses a dozen vibrant bath bombs, transforming her bath into a spectrum of relaxation and joy, turning her new bathroom into a spa sanctuary. Tailored for any woman ushering in a new beginning in a new residence, it’s the epitome of warm wishes and luxurious relaxation.

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16. Funny Brain Teasers

Gift the joy of a mind-bending challenge with this metal and wood puzzle, the perfect funny new home gift for the problem solver in your life. Crafted for those who revel in unraveling mysteries, this puzzle is more than a game — it’s an adventure for the brain, offering hours of entertainment and active mind engagement wherever you are. Hand it over to a friend and watch as they twist, turn, and tease out the solution, one fascinating piece at a time. It’s not just a puzzle, it’s an invitation to conquer the unknown, right from the comfort of your living room.

17. The Elderly Key Locator Device

Gift the joy of never losing keys again with the hilarious Elderly Key Locator gadget — the fun housewarming gift designed to bring a smile to any new homeowner’s face. Perfect for adding a dash of fun to the daily routine, this key locator is both practical and sure to become a talking point in any home.

18. Mini Electric Griddle for Pancakes

Lighten up breakfast time with this electric griddle, the hilarious housewarming gift that invites new homeowners to flip a pancake, stir-fry a vibrant medley of veggies, or cook up a storm with a variety of other breakfast delights, all with a side of laughter. The sheer versatility of this plug-and-play kitchen gadget banishes excuses, encouraging even the most reluctant cooks to whip up their favorite home-cooked meals with ease and fun.

19. Manual Pasta Maker Machine

Infuse a splash of romance and a dash of humor into the kitchen of the new homeowners with this pasta maker. Crafted from robust stainless steel adorned with a shiny chrome finish, it promises to turn even the most novice of cooks into perceived culinary geniuses as they roll out fresh, homemade pasta. Gifting this is not just offering a kitchen appliance; it’s presenting a ticket to endless pasta-bilities, where they can charm with spaghetti or woo with fettuccine, all while garnering a hearty laugh in the heart of the home – the kitchen.

20. American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel

Invite the new homeowners to become the master of their home bar with this entertaining whiskey-making kit, a gift that promises not just a great drink, but a fabulous time concocting it. With each mix, stir, and taste, they will be led on a voyage of discovery, honing their craft as they develop a blend that is uniquely theirs. So, here’s to cozy evenings, a touch of mastery, and the joy of creating something truly special in the comfort of their new home. Cheers to home-blended joy and uproarious fun in a bottle!

21. Jenga

Bring laughter and a bit of friendly competition to any housewarming with the iconic Jenga game, now given a fresh twist with a dash of Rick and Morty’s unpredictable humor. This edition offers not just a game, but an experience, as players delicately pull from a stack of 54 blocks adorned with elements inspired by the beloved TV series. It’s a gift that promises joy, hilarity, and maybe a tiny dose of suspense as the tower grows ever more unstable.

22. Solar LED Outdoor Lights

Light up the laughter and the garden paths with these Solar LED Outdoor Lights, funny housewarming gift that combines utility with a sunny disposition. Like a sun-soaking friend who only comes out to play when it’s bright, these lights gleefully burst to life at night, provided they’ve had their daily dose of sunshine. Perfect for adorning gardens or accentuating floral displays, these delightful illuminators bring a whimsical touch to outdoor spaces, enticing smiles and enhancing nighttime curbside appeal.

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23. Home Brewing Kit for Beer

Step into the exciting world of homebrewing with this dynamic kit, the ultimate housewarming gift for beer enthusiasts of all levels! Whether they’re brewing beginners or craft beer connoisseurs, they’ll find everything they need to start concocting the perfect pint right in their new abode. Imagine the delight of serving friends and family a rich, home-brewed beer, on tap and always ready to impress. This kit doesn’t just brew beer; it brews fun, laughter, and togetherness, bringing a personal touch to every gathering and turning their home into the newest hotspot for fantastic homemade craft beer. It’s the gift that turns “housewarming” into “housebrewing”!

24. Funny Metal Wine Cork Holder

Toast to new beginnings and memorable wine nights with this whimsically designed Wine Cork Holder, the perfect chuckle-inducing housewarming gift for the vino aficionado in your life. Whether they’re a red or white enthusiast, this holder is ready to showcase a history of good times and fine wines, one cork at a time. It’s not just a cork holder; it’s a conversation starter, a beacon of individuality, and a playful nod to the ever-growing list of enjoyed bottles. Gift them a piece that invites laughter while celebrating their exquisite taste in both wine and friends. It’s the quirky addition their new home never knew it needed!

25. Coca-Cola Ice Cold Cooler

Add a bubbly touch of nostalgia to the housewarming celebrations with this Coca-Cola themed icebox cooler, a delightful gift for the person who has everything — except perhaps, an endless supply of their favorite chilled soda at their fingertips! With a generous capacity to hold over 75 cans, this 80-quart haven of happiness promises a treasure trove of icy refreshments to tickle the taste buds of Coke aficionados. Decked out with a handy bottle opener, it ensures that the joy (and the Coke) flows seamlessly, offering a chilled salute to vibrant gatherings and homely warmth in their brand-new abode.

26. The Office Dwight Schrute Sequin Pillow Covers

Gift a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of the beloved beet farmer to the new home with these Dwight Schrute sequined face pillowcases. The mercurial design means a swipe of the hand alters the colors, unveiling the iconic Schrute smirk in a delightful display of shimmer and color. It’s more than just a decoration; it’s an interactive piece of art that injects humor into any space, be it the living room or a work desk. Whether nestling at home or brightening a workplace, these quirky pillowcases promise a smile with every glance, inviting a touch of Dunder Mifflin’s unforgettable charm into their abode. It’s a housewarming gift that brings laughter, comfort, and a daily dose of “Schruteness” to their day.

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27. Hot Sauce Kit

Spice up their housewarming with the zestiest gift on the block – a DIY hot sauce kit that promises to bring heat, humor, and a ton of flavor to their culinary adventures! It’s not just a hot sauce; it’s a rollercoaster of taste that they pilot themselves, with a simple yet immersive DIY experience that is packed into a single joyful kit. Whether they’re a culinary genius or just starting out in the kitchen, they’ll appreciate the effortless joy of crafting their personalized fiery concoctions. All the essentials are right there in the box, paired with easy-to-follow instructions that make the journey to hot sauce heaven a breeze.

28. Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker

Ignite a popcorn revolution in their new abode with this popcorn maker, the star of any housewarming celebration! This delightful machine transforms kernels into warm, fresh popcorn in mere minutes, heralding hassle-free snack preparations with a simple push of a button. Visual delight meets gastronomic joy as golden kernels tumble gracefully into a waiting bowl, setting the stage for memorable movie nights and festive gatherings. Gift them the joy of crunchy, warm bliss, and make their home the newest hotspot for wholesome fun, with a touch of gourmet flair.

29. Middle Finger Cookie Cutter

Gift a splash of bold humor and delightful mischief with the middle finger cookie cutter, a staple in the toolkit of adult dessert crafting. Imagine the room bursting into laughter as they unveil treats that carry a cheeky message, turning a simple dessert into the centerpiece of the conversation. Whether it’s shared as a jovial prank or a heartfelt gift, this cookie cutter is a golden ticket to creating smiles and fostering lighthearted moments.

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30. Indoor Herb Garden

Gift the joy of a green thumb and a sprinkle of humor with this all-inclusive indoor herb garden kit! Perfect for both gardening novices and enthusiasts, this kit paves a foolproof path to nurturing a lush garden within the cozy confines of home. Picture the recipient enjoying a year-round burst of fresh herbs, bringing vibrancy and a breath of fresh air to their living space. It’s more than a gift; it’s an invitation to grow, nourish, and cherish a little piece of nature, coupled with the delightful anticipation of homegrown culinary adventures.

31. Funny Shower Drink Holder

Raise a toast to the ultimate in shower relaxation with this hilarious housewarming gift – the Shower Beer Holder! Crafted from silicone, it promises a residue-free experience on any surface, be it mirrors or walls, safeguarding that refreshing beverage securely without a hint of stickiness left behind. It’s not just a gift; it’s the guarantee of a refreshing, spirited, and splashy good time as they unwind in the shower with their favorite brew safely within reach. Picture their shower turned into a haven of leisure, where every day can end with a sip, a song, and a smile. It’s a joyous call to embrace the lighter side of life, one shower-beer at a time!

32. Funny Gas Pump

Surprise and delight with this one-of-a-kind fun housewarming gift that promises not just a drink but a delightful experience that defies age! Envision their delight as they fill it up with their favorite beverage and watch it navigate through a selection of whimsical hoses, adding a dash of fun to their drinking experience. It’s more than a gift, it’s an instant mood-lifter, a conversation starter, and a laughter generator, no matter the age of the beholder.

33. Refrigerator Cooler

Transform any home into the ultimate party pad with this high-capacity drink refrigerator, the housewarming gift that says, “Here’s to endless good times!” Boasting room for a whopping 126 cans, it’s the toast of home appliances, offering versatility with removable racks to customize storage space, catering to every whim and fancy. But the real party trick? Its seven distinct temperature settings ensuring the perfect chill for every beverage type.

34. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Gift the joy of a barista-grade morning brew with the sleek and stylish Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine! Designed to turn anyone into a home barista, this gadget graces your kitchen with freshly ground coffee at your fingertips, thanks to its inbuilt grinder that promises the perfect consistency for that dream espresso shot, day after day. But it doesn’t stop there — it’s also a time-saver, minimizing the gap between each aromatic cup. Gift it to the new homeowner and watch as their mornings transform into a delightful café experience, right in the comfort of their own kitchen! It’s the gift that brews laughter, joy, and the richest flavors in every cup.

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35. Funny Monopoly

Step into the whimsical and often bizarre world of the beloved animated series Rick and Morty with this captivating board game, perfect as a quirky housewarming present! Invite the new homeowners to challenge their financial acumen and economic wit as they navigate through real estate adventures laden with dollars and possibly other currencies.

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36. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Whisk the new homeowners off to a delightful journey of rich, smooth, and less acidic beverages with this fantastic cold coffee maker and tea infuser. Imagine them sipping a brew that’s 70% less acidic than hot-brewed versions, allowing the true flavors of their favorite coffee or tea to shine through. The convenience of a spout offers an easy pouring experience, ushering in joyous mornings with a personal cup of perfection created by mixing it with other beloved drinks. Hand them the key to a daily dose of joy and the richest, smoothest cold brews with this playful yet elegant and fun housewarming gift.

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