36 Unique Fun Housewarming Gifts in 2021

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It’s time to start looking for a creative and fun housewarming gift. A lot of people just buy the same old boring stuff like a new spatula or wine glasses. If you want your gift to stand out, then this is the gift guide is for you. We have compiled a list of unique and funny housewarming gifts that will help make their first day in their new home so much more memorable!

Best Unique Funny Housewarming Gifts

Bathroom Guest Book

The Bathroom Guest Book is a space for your guests to leave messages and thoughts. It's not an ordinary guest book, it's the future of personal expression! A custom guest book is perfect for any occasion! For example, you could use it to record guests' thoughts about the event or share their experiences with others.

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Lavender Scented Candles Funny Housewarming Gift

For the person who has everything, this is a fun housewarming gift for men. It has the saying "I can't wait to poop in your new toilet" on it. It makes people laugh when they see it! If you are looking for something really creative, check out these lavender scented candles.

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Kombucha Starter Kit Gift - Includes Everything You Need To Brew Kombucha At Home

This kit has everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha! Our best-in-the industry cultures, equipment and instruction will turn any homebrewer into a rockstar in no time. More educational material than other kits on the market (we even include live yeast), this complete and beautiful wooden box is sure make for perfect present anytime of year.

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Mixology Bartender Kit with Wooden Stand

The Royal Mix cocktail shaker set is perfect for any aspiring mixologist looking to get into the game. The wooden stand keeps it all organized, and you'll love that there are six iconic designs in one box! Cool gift for any new home owner or someone who likes unique drinks.

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Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right 2-Piece Kitchen Apron Set

This Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right cooking apron is a must-have for any kitchen. Its colorful and fun design makes it easy to match with your other furnishings while the durable material ensures that this set will last you through all sorts of tough conditions without fear of wear-and tear!

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Laila and Lainey Small Indoor Watering Can

An indoor watering can is a delightful gift for your gardening friend. They can water, which will keep plants hydrated during those long winters so they are able to flourish even without sunlight! Funny housewarming gift for any plant lovers out there.

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United States of America Beer Cap Map

The map of the United States. It has spaces for bottle caps, and it can hold any kind of cap. You can keep changing the map to match your mood or the season.

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Funny New Home Owner Gift Sented Candle

A perfect gift for the new homeowner, this is a funny housewarming present that will make them laugh. With all of their favorite scents to choose from and phrases like "I can't believe I'm living in this place" or "It feels just like home," there's sure be something they'll love!

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Cooko Wine Decanter - Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass

This is a hand-blown glass decanter that can hold wine. The body is made of high-quality lead-free crystal, and the pourer is made of food grade steel and silicone. It has a double layer filter that will help you filter out impurities from your wine.

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Farmhouse Home Serving Tray

This tray is a must in any kitchen! Whether you enjoy playing host to your friends and family, savoring delicious desserts, or just surprising loved ones with lovely breakfasts - this ottoman has got the perfect spot for it. Creative gift for any new home owner.

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Coasters for Drinks, Absorbent Drink Coaster (6-Piece Set)

If you're looking for a coaster that can be used both at home and out on the go, then we've got just what you need. These coasters come in different shapes and sizes to suit any drink type: iced tea with lemons; hot cocoa (or coffee) before bedtime; cocktails or daiquiris as appetizers- our variety is endless!

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Please Don't Do Coke in Our Bathroom - Funny Candle

This cute candle is the perfect funny present for your best friend. The humor and quality will make them laugh every time they use it! Carefully packaged in a gift box, you can't go wrong with this funny housewarming gift.

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Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

This is a really good way to open bottles. You can catch the cap as soon as you take off the top of your beer. The wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener is really strong and it will catch up to 30 caps.

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Office Meme Kevin's Chili Aprons for Women Men with Pockets for Kitchen Cooking

Aprons for cooking, with pockets. They are made from a waterproof material. They will not wrinkle and you can wash them easily. There is one size so people of all sizes can use it. The ties are long so they can fit anyone comfortably when you are preparing your Kevins famous chili.

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Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Perfect for Bubble & Spa Bath

The perfect gift for a mom, girlfriend or wife is this Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set! Made in California with premium USA natural ingredients you can rest assured knowing these products are going to be safe and therapeutic. The 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs will provide color as they fizzle while your soak away the day's stress. These gifts are great Mother’s Day presents too - everyone deserves pampering every once in awhile!

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Brain Teasers Metal and Wooden Puzzles - Logic Test

These puzzles are for people who love solving problems. They can't be solved without figuring out the puzzle first, so these pieces of metal and wood are perfect to take with you everywhere! These games will improve your intelligence while playing them because it's fun - what more could anyone ask?

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The Elderly Key Locator Device

The Elderly Key Locator Device helps you find things you have lost. You can use the keyrings provided to find your keys, wallet, TV remote control, or other items that are easy to lose.

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Mini Electric Griddle for Pancakes, Cookies, Eggs & other Breakfast & Snacks

This mini electric griddle is good for pancakes, eggs, and other breakfast foods. It can be used to make single servings of each food or even stir fry. Simply plug it in and wait until the light turns off then start cooking, you no longer have an excuse not to make your favorite home-cooked meals today.

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Stainless Steel Manual Pasta Maker Machine

This pasta maker is made out of heavy duty stainless steel and it has a high shine chrome body. It will make you feel like a Master Chef in your kitchen. Try it once and see how much you'll love making fresh, delicious, hand-made pasta for your family.

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Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel

You can now make your own whiskey. All you need is a custom, crafted, charred oak aging barrel. The barrel comes with a bung and spigot that can be used to age the whiskey for weeks instead of years! You also get funnels, aging tablets and instructions. This set will work for whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, tequila and rum as well as brandy and cognac!

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Jenga: Rick and Morty

Do you want to play a fun game with your family? Try Jenga. Each block is one of three different dimensions. Rick and Morty fans will love this game because it has 54 blocks and the whole game is Rick And Morty themed.

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Solar LED Outdoor Lights, Waterproof Sunflower Garden

If you want a light that's as beautiful and natural looking like the sun, these Solar LED Outdoor Lights should be at your front door. They need to go out in order for them to charge during daylight hours - which means they will come back on again after dark! You can also give this sunflower gift of beauty as an excellent decoration or even a personalization option by adding some flowers around their yard.

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Home Brewing Kit for Beer

If you love beer, then you might want to try making your own. The home brewing kit will teach you how to make it and give you the independence and experience that comes with making your own beer.

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Wine Cork Holder - Metal Monogram Letter (S)

The perfect housewarming gift, the Wine Cork Holder is a way to show off your personality while showing appreciation for wine. A great idea if you're looking for something thoughtful and unique!

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Leigh Country Quart Coca-Cola Ice Cold Cooler

This is a Coca-Cola icebox cooler that will keep your drinks cold! It has a lid that you can take off so people can get drinks. The cooler is 80 quarts, and it can hold 75+ cans with ice. It also has a bottle opener, which you use to open the bottles of coke.

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The Office Merch Dwight Schrute Sequin Pillow Covers

These are pillowcases with Dwight Schrute's faces on them. They are made of sequins so you can move your fingers across them to get different colors or pictures. If you have them at work, for example, they will make the place more fun and unique

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Hot Sauce Kit - Full Set Of Recipes & Storing Bottles!

If you're looking to take an active role in the food world, then this hot sauce kit is just what you need. You'll be able to make any number of combinations with ease thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary ingredients included!

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Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup Gift

Do you love hot and fresh popcorn but find yourself running out of time or just not feeling like doing all that messy oil? The hot air popcorn maker is the perfect solution. It takes minutes to make popcorn cooked right in front of your eyes, with easy-to-follow instructions.

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Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit - Lovely DIY Gift Idea

This kit comes with everything that you need to start your own indoor herb garden and easy planting instructions. You'll win them over as their faces light up when receiving this! We've made sure it's so simple even a novice can do it at home, now they won't have any excuse not too be healthy year-round.

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Shower Drink Holder for Beer

This holder for drinks in the shower will not fall off. It is made of silicone and it does not leave any sticky stuff on the walls or mirrors. You can buy it to put a beer, a soda, or water in.

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Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity

This is a powerful and roomy design for drinks. It can hold 126 cans and is designed to look nice. You can take out some of the racks to make more space for other things, too. There are 7 different temperatures that you can set on this refrigerator, so it's easy to find one that's just right for what you're storing in it!

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Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

The Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine comes equipped with an integrated conical burr grinder that grinds on-demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste, no matter what roast you're using.

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Monopoly Rick&Morty Board Game | Based on the hit series

Monopoly is a popular game that tests players' skills and knowledge of economics. The Rick & Morty version, available on Amazon challenges you to buy properties with money based on what the player knows about their favorite animated characters from Rick and Morty.

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What is a Funny Housewarming Gift for a Friend?

We’ve all been there. You’re off to a new home, and you have no idea what to give your friends for housewarming gifts. There are so many options! This gift guide will break it down for you, and then provide a few good ideas for funny housewarming gift ideas that any friend would love.

A funny housewarming gift is a great way to add some laughter to the new home. Whether it’s for a long-time friend or someone you just met, there are many options that can be personalized with your own sense of humor. Some ideas include an old toilet seat and plunger set, a stack of firewood with the word “help” written on it in permanent marker, or even a bag of dirt labeled “for planting.” There are no rules when it comes to finding the perfect funny housewarming gift!

What is the best fun gift for housewarming?

When you’re looking for the best fun gift to give someone, it can be difficult. You want something that is thoughtful and personal but also doesn’t break your bank account. The best thing to do is find out what they like and get them a present that matches their personality. If you don’t know much about them, look into some of their interests or hobbies, which might give you some good ideas! Try to find something funny , or something that will make them laugh. But if the person you are shopping for doesn’t seem to have any humor, there’s always a practical gift if a tiny bit of humor in it.

Funny housewarming gifts for your loved ones can be hard to find , but don’t worry, we have listed 42 Fun Housewarming Gifts for you!

Some of the gifts on this list are funny and some are practical (with a little humor thrown in).

Funny Housewarming Gifts for Housewarming Party

It’s time to get your housewarming party started! One of the essential things you need is a good set of fun housewarming gifts. Luckily, these funny housewarming gifts will make it easy for you to find something that everyone at the party will love and enjoy. With lots of options from humorous coffee mugs to hilarious kitchen gadgets, there are plenty of options here for any budget and taste. Read on for some great gift ideas that will suit any personality or sense of humor!

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