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40 Rick and Morty Gifts to Rule the Multiverse

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Wubba lubba dub dub! Prepare to dive into the realm of the wildly imaginative, mind-bending animated television series, Rick and Morty. Created by the dynamic duo, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, this groundbreaking show has transcended the conventional boundaries of animation, enthralling millions of fans with its dark humor, thought-provoking themes, and addictive science fiction adventures. For devoted enthusiasts, there’s an undeniable desire to find the most unique and awe-inspiring Rick and Morty merchandise that truly captures the essence of this extraordinary universe.

Welcome to our meticulously curated gift guide where you uncover the most ingenious, quirky, and downright outlandish items that any die-hard fan would cherish. In the following sections, we will navigate the infinite dimensions of Rick and Morty-themed treasures, showcasing the most exceptional and exclusive gifts that celebrate the show’s iconic characters and unforgettable moments. So, grab your portal gun and get ready to embark on an interdimensional gift-hunting adventure like no other!

Best Rick and Morty Gifts & Merch

1. Rick Decorate Planter

This remarkable piece not only showcases their passion for the show but also adds a distinctive touch to their living space. A perfect blend of quirkiness and functionality, this planter offers fans the chance to nurture their plants while expressing their love for the iconic duo. Gift this extraordinary Rick and Morty accessory to the devoted fan and watch their home blossom with interdimensional charm.

2. Rick and Morty Umbrella

Gift the ultimate Rick and Morty fan this extraordinary Portal Gun Umbrella, a perfect blend of style and fandom! Designed with a handle that replicates the iconic Portal Gun, this umbrella is a must-have accessory for any true fan of the show. Not only does it protect them from the elements, but it also lets them showcase their love for their favorite animated series in a fun and unique way. Surprise that special fan with this fantastic Rick and Morty-themed gift and watch them teleport to the realm of happiness!

3. RICK & MORTY Slippers

Treat the Rick and Morty enthusiast in your life to these delightful slippers that exude comfort and pay homage to their favorite show. Boasting plush uppers and durable nylon soles, these cozy slippers are perfect for keeping feet snug and warm. The plush upper outsole ensures all-day comfort, making them an ideal lounging companion for any fan. Give the gift of relaxation and style with these whimsical Rick and Morty slippers, and let your loved one showcase their devotion to the iconic duo in the coziest way possible!

4. Collectible Figure

Surprise a Rick and Morty enthusiast with this captivating Pickle Rick figurine, the perfect addition to any fan’s collection. Not only does this detailed collectible celebrate the show’s iconic character, but it also brings an element of excitement with its laser light feature that illuminates the figure at night. As a gift, this Pickle Rick figurine is sure to delight and impress any fan, adding a touch of whimsy and fun to their space, while showcasing their love for the beloved series.

5. Rick & Morty Tiki Collectible Cup

Embrace the captivating charm of Rick and Morty with this unique collectible cup, inspired by their wild and unpredictable escapades across dimensions. Featuring Rick’s unmistakable likeness and complete with a convenient lid, this cup is perfect for taking your favorite beverage along on any adventure. Whether you’re a fan of pickles or interdimensional travel, this quirky and functional Rick and Morty cup will surely delight and entertain while showcasing your love for the beloved animated duo.

6. Rick & Morty Monopoly

Dive into the eccentric world of Rick and Morty with this unique take on the classic game of Monopoly. Designed specifically for fans of the beloved animated series, players will embark on a thrilling property-buying journey, using their knowledge of the show’s iconic characters and locations. This engaging and entertaining version of Monopoly brings a fresh and exciting twist to the traditional game, making it the perfect gift for any Rick and Morty enthusiast who appreciates a fun and immersive gameplay experience.

7. Collectible Tobacco Pipe

Delight the Rick and Morty fan in your life with this one-of-a-kind collectible tobacco pipe featuring the beloved duo. This eye-catching figurine is designed with a retro flair, showcasing Rick and Morty’s iconic expressions with their wide eyes and open mouths. Perfect for displaying at work or adding a touch of whimsy to any home, this novelty item is sure to impress and serve as a cherished gift for any devoted follower of the show.

8. Portal Folding Picnic Blanket

Immerse yourself in the world of Rick and Morty with this cozy and stylish 60 x 60-inch foldable blanket, perfect for any fan. Made from 100% polyester, this soft and durable blanket offers convenience and portability for your next camping trip or picnic adventure. Celebrate your love for the dynamic duo as you wrap yourself in comfort and show off your fandom in the great outdoors or at home. It’s the ideal Rick and Morty gift that’s both functional and fashionable.

9. Cosplay Beanie

Stay warm and showcase your love for Rick and Morty with these eye-catching cosplay beanies this winter! These unique, conversation-starting beanies are designed to turn heads and demonstrate your devotion to the quirky animated duo. Perfect for fans who want to make a statement and be the center of attention, these beanies are selling out fast. Grab yours today and celebrate your Rick and Morty fandom in style and comfort. It’s the ultimate gift for any dedicated fan braving the chilly season.

10. Figure Set of 2

Celebrate your love for the hilarious duo Rick and Morty with these delightful resin ornaments. These charming and affordable decorations are a fantastic way to showcase your fandom without breaking the bank. They’ll bring a smile to any fan’s face each day as they serve as a constant reminder of the wild adventures and unforgettable moments shared by the iconic pair. Gift these ornaments to the Rick and Morty fan in your life and let them revel in their favorite characters’ presence, no matter the occasion.

11. Rick & Morty Car Seat Covers

Upgrade your ride with these fantastic Rick and Morty car seat covers, an ideal gift for any fan who wants to take their favorite characters on the road. These seat covers not only feature a comfortable round foam pad but are also made from water-resistant material, ensuring durability and cleanliness throughout your journeys. The convenient rear pocket allows for easy storage and makes cleaning a breeze, while the vibrant design showcases your love for the iconic duo.

12. Rick and Morty Coloring Book

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Rick and Morty with this delightful coloring book, featuring all your beloved characters from the hit animated TV show. This creative gift is perfect for fans who can’t get enough of Rick and Morty’s wild adventures and want to bring their own artistic touch to the duo’s escapades. Boasting intricate patterns and designs, this coloring book will challenge and inspire your inner artist, allowing you to explore the vibrant universe of Rick and Morty in a whole new way.

13. Lunch box

Embrace your love for the wildly popular American animated series, Rick and Morty, with this whimsical and durable lunch box. Featuring captivating images from the show, this lunch box not only showcases your fandom but also provides a practical solution for years of use. As a fan of the show, you’ll take delight in unveiling your lunch from this eye-catching, conversation-starting container every day. This Rick and Morty lunch box is the perfect blend of fun and functionality, making it an ideal gift for any devoted fan.

14. Rick and Morty Shower Curtain

Transform your bathroom into an interdimensional portal with Rick and Morty shower curtains. Featuring a variety of vibrant colors and captivating designs, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom’s decor. These curtains not only showcase your love for the iconic animated series but also serve as a simple solution to make even the messiest of rooms appear tidier and more appealing.

15. Salt and Pepper Shaker Figure Set

Delight the Rick and Morty fan in your life with the quirky Pickle Rick & Plumbus shakers, an ideal gift for any occasion. These conversation-starting shakers not only add a touch of humor to your dining table but also showcase the recipient’s appreciation for the iconic animated series. With these entertaining shakers, Rick and Morty enthusiasts can effortlessly bring a dash of whimsy and fandom to their mealtimes, making them a fantastic and amusing gift choice for any fan.

16. MR.MEESEEKS Earrings

Unleash your inner fan with these eye-catching Rick and Morty earrings, an ideal gift for the dedicated aficionado. Whether you’re running errands, studying, or socializing with friends, these playful accessories effortlessly add a touch of personality and flair to your everyday style. Celebrate your love for the iconic animated series while making a bold statement with these fun and unique earrings that are sure to turn heads and spark conversations among fellow fans.

17. Middle Finger Cookie Cutter

These hilarious designs are guaranteed to bring laughter and spark conversation as you share freshly baked treats inspired by the beloved animated series. Whether you’re hosting a themed event or simply looking for a quirky gift for a fan, these cookie cutters serve as a charming memento that captures the essence of Rick and Morty’s eccentric adventures.

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18. Rick & Morty Collectible Figure

Whether you’re looking to express your appreciation for the show or seeking an unforgettable gift for a fellow enthusiast, this intricately detailed figure captures the essence of the iconic duo’s misadventures. A must-have addition to any collection, this Rick & Morty figure is a delightful and unique way to showcase your love for the eccentric pair while making a statement in any space.

19. Smartwatch Band

Illuminate your wrist with this officially licensed, glow-in-the-dark Rick and Morty smartwatch band, perfect for fans who want to showcase their affinity for the hit series in a practical and stylish way. Compatible with most wrist sizes, this comfortable band is designed for everyday use, ensuring you can express your passion for the zany duo in both daytime and nighttime settings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this unique and vibrant accessory that will make an exceptional gift for any Rick and Morty enthusiast.

20. Rick and Morty Print Mug Cup

Elevate your morning coffee experience with this captivating Rick and Morty printed mug, a must-have for fans of the iconic animated series. Crafted with high-quality ceramic and adorned with vibrant, fade-resistant inks, this durable cup will preserve the lively graphics for years to come. A perfect gift for the dedicated Rick and Morty enthusiast, this eye-catching mug will be a cherished addition to any fan’s collection, commemorating one of the most popular and beloved TV shows of our time.

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21. Rick and Morty Non-slip Rug

Surprise the Rick and Morty fan in your life with this exceptional non-slip rug, an ideal addition to any home! Designed with the iconic characters in mind, this durable rubber mat not only provides a secure surface underfoot but also pays tribute to the beloved duo’s outlandish adventures. With its long-lasting construction and eye-catching design, this Rick and Morty non-slip rug will become an instant favorite for fans, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to any living space.

22. Collectible Toy

Expertly crafted and intricately detailed, these figures bring to life the unforgettable moments and iconic personalities that have captivated fans worldwide. As the perfect gift for any Rick and Morty enthusiast, this remarkable set not only showcases their passion for the show but also adds an element of excitement and collectible value that will leave them ecstatic.

23. Rick & Morty Dice Dares Game

Unleash the excitement and mischief of Rick and Morty with the enthralling Dice Dares Game, a must-have for every fan of the iconic animated series! This engaging game not only offers hours of fun but also comes housed in a collectible Meeseeks Box, making it an exceptional addition to any fan’s collection. Delve inside and discover an assortment of unique items inspired by your favorite characters from the show, ensuring that this captivating game serves as the ultimate Rick and Morty gift for any enthusiast.

24. Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass

Delight the Rick and Morty enthusiast in your life with these exclusive Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glasses, a whimsical and unique gift that showcases their passion for the wildly popular animated series. These one-of-a-kind shot glasses celebrate the show’s eccentric humor and are sure to bring a smile to any fan’s face. By gifting these quirky glasses, you’ll demonstrate your keen understanding of their love for Rick and Morty’s outrageous adventures, making it the ideal present for any devoted follower of the dynamic duo.

25. 3D Illusion Night Light

Illuminate the world of a Rick and Morty aficionado with this captivating 3D illusion night light, a truly exceptional gift for fans of the iconic duo. This mesmerizing light adds a touch of enchantment to any room, creating an ambiance that celebrates their favorite animated series. As a Christmas present, this unique and intriguing night light is certain to delight any Rick and Morty enthusiast, providing them with a daily reminder of the fantastical adventures that have captured their imagination.

26. Beach Shorts

Get ready to make a splash this summer with these hilarious Rick & Morty beach shorts, an ideal gift for any fan eager to showcase their love for the dynamic duo under the sun. Crafted from quick-drying material and boasting durable double stitching, these shorts ensure maximum comfort and longevity, allowing you to focus on riding the waves or conquering sandcastles. Dive into the season with style and humor, all while representing your favorite animated series!

27. Friendship Keychain

This witty and delightful Rick and Morty keychain is just what you need to bring a smile to your best friend’s face. Featuring amusing quotes from the iconic duo, this keychain is not only a functional accessory but also a constant reminder of the beloved animated series.

28. Rick and Morty Crew Socks

Embrace your inner fan this winter with these exceptional Rick and Morty socks! Designed to keep your feet toasty and comfortable, these unique socks not only provide warmth but also add a touch of humor and adventure to your wardrobe. Featuring playful designs inspired by the dynamic duo, these socks are an ideal gift for any Rick and Morty aficionado, allowing them to showcase their fandom while staying snug and cozy!

29. Rick & Morty Projector Pen

This officially licensed pen allows fans to project their favorite characters onto any surface, instantly adding a touch of fun and excitement to their daily routine. A perfect gift for those who can’t get enough of this contemporary cult classic, this pen will not only bring a smile to their face but also serve as a constant reminder of their passion for the show.

30. Charm Bracelet

Delight the Rick and Morty enthusiast in your life with this charming and officially licensed bracelet! Featuring a whimsical design inspired by the beloved show, this bracelet is the perfect accessory for any occasion. It serves as both a stylish statement piece and a humorous nod to the recipient’s passion for the zany adventures of Rick and Morty.

31. Mr. Meeseeks Mini Mug Gift

Elevate your gift-giving game with this eye-catching Mr. Meeseeks cup, inspired by the wildly popular animated series, Rick and Morty. Showcasing a vibrant image of the iconic character, this cup is a fantastic present for friends or family members who are passionate about the show and its unforgettable cast of characters. An ideal gift for any fan, this stylish and functional cup is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to their Rick and Morty collection.

32. Rick and Morty Bottle Opener

Upgrade your party essentials with the Rick and Morty bottle opener, a must-have for fans of the beloved show. Featuring powerful magnets, this versatile tool can be easily hung on your fridge for quick access or used to pop open your favorite beverages with style. Perfect for hosting interstellar gatherings or adding a touch of fandom to your everyday life, this bottle opener is a standout gift for any Rick and Morty enthusiast who appreciates both form and function.

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33. Rick and Morty Portal T-Shirt

Elevate your wardrobe and showcase your passion for the zany duo with our Rick and Morty Portal T-Shirt. This stylish tee is the ultimate statement piece for any devoted fan of the show, effortlessly blending comfort and fandom into one unique garment. Boasting a striking design inspired by the series, it’s the perfect gift for those who wish to proudly wear their affinity for Rick and Morty’s wild adventures. Don’t miss out on giving this exceptional, must-have gift to the ultimate fan in your life.

34. Rick & Morty Collectibles Box

Packed with five remarkable items, including a themed storage case, this combo pack is an unbeatable treasure trove for any devotee of the iconic duo. From casual admirers to die-hard fans, this carefully crafted collection ensures that there’s something to satisfy every Rick and Morty aficionado, making it the ultimate, fail-proof gift for any occasion.

35. Rick and Morty Big 3D Printing Throw Blanket

Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch for a binge-watching session, staying cozy during a camping trip, or simply using it as a stylish throw for your living space, this blanket offers both comfort and a touch of fandom. Its soft texture and eye-catching design make it an ideal gift for Rick and Morty enthusiasts who want to showcase their love for the series while enjoying the ultimate lounging experience.

36. Game Against Rick and Morty

Gather your friends for an uproarious game night featuring a Rick and Morty-themed challenge that will have everyone in stitches. This game, perfect for fans of the series, pits players against their favorite zany characters in a battle of wits and creativity. With hilariously twisted, imaginative answers, participants will revel in the outrageous fun and laughter this unique gift has to offer. Don’t miss out on this entertaining experience that perfectly captures the essence of Rick and Morty while providing endless amusement for fans and friends alike.

37. Rick and Morty Wall Banner

Rick and Morty enthusiasts will be captivated by this stunning, high-resolution tapestry wall banner that showcases the show’s unmistakable style. A perfect addition to any fan’s space, this vibrant artwork will instantly transform the atmosphere of the room. Designed with durability and longevity in mind, it can be effortlessly hung straight out of the package without any concerns of tearing or color fading. Gift this eye-catching piece to the Rick and Morty fan in your life, and they’ll be sure to treasure it as a centerpiece of their collection.

38. Rick and Morty Apron

This versatile kitchen accessory not only keeps your clothes clean but also showcases your passion for the iconic duo. With an adjustable neck strap, it accommodates a variety of heights, ensuring a comfortable fit for all. The apron is also equipped with two convenient pockets to hold your essential kitchen tools while you whip up delicious, crowd-pleasing dishes.

39. Jenga: Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty enthusiasts will be thrilled with this captivating Jenga game, inspired by their beloved TV show. Consisting of 54 blocks, each adorned with iconic elements from the series, this game is perfect for fans who admire Rick’s gaming prowess. The twist? One block conceals a hidden object, adding a layer of intrigue to the classic gameplay. Players take turns removing pieces, vying to be the one who discovers the secret treasure. This unique and engaging Rick and Morty Jenga game promises to provide hours of entertainment and is the perfect gift for fans looking to spend quality time with family and friends.

40. Rick and Morty Vinyl Wall Clock

Add a touch of whimsy to your home or office with this delightful Rick and Morty vinyl clock. Designed to celebrate the beloved animated series, this eye-catching timepiece showcases the show’s unique charm and humor. Not only does it help you keep track of time, but it also serves as a quirky conversation starter and an ideal gift for any Rick and Morty aficionado.

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