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32 Gifts for Bird Lovers That Will Make Them Sing with Joy

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There’s a certain beauty and charm to the world of our feathered friends, captivating not only bird watchers but anyone who appreciates the symphony of nature. From the melodious songs that fill the air at dawn to the myriad of colors that paint the skies, birds are an endless source of inspiration and delight.

Bird enthusiasts are a special breed, they cherish moments spent in the company of birds, whether it’s through bird-watching, feeding, or simply enjoying their enchanting presence in nature. Our gift guide will take you through a curated list of gift ideas for bird lovers that mirror this affection, ranging from bird-themed decor and clothing to practical items like field guides and birdwatching accessories.

As we embark on this quest to find the perfect bird gifts, we celebrate the diversity of birds and the joy they bring to our lives. Whether the person you’re shopping for is an amateur ornithologist or simply finds peace in their morning song, we’re confident you’ll find a gift that resonates.

Best Bird Gift Ideas

1. Gray Bunny Bird Feeders

Featuring a robust design, the GrayBunny Green Classic Tube Feeder provides an optimal bird feeding experience with its premium-grade metal that securely houses up to 4 cups of seeds. The six well-spaced feeding ports complete with perches cater to multiple birds at once, while the innovative enclosed circular seed housing keeps the seeds fresh and dry, thereby preventing mold buildup that could be detrimental to birds. Keeping a watchful eye on the seed level is easy thanks to the clear housing, and refilling is a breeze with the top easy-fill lid. Even more, the feeder’s chew-proof metal components, including feeding ports, perches, lid, and base, offer lifetime durability, safeguarding your feeder even from eager squirrels. Offering an entertaining bird watching experience in all seasons and weather, the feeder’s design is perfect for attracting a variety of smaller birds, from finches and chickadees to titmice, sparrows, and goldfinches. Whether hung in your backyard, mounted near your patio, or placed outside your kitchen window, this feeder promises hours of thrilling bird watching, making it an ideal gift for avid bird lovers.

2. Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

Embark on a heartwarming birdwatching adventure from the comfort of your home with Birdfy, a window into the entrancing world of your feathered neighbors. This modern bird feeder offers more than a spot for birds to refuel; it acts as a dynamic birdwatching station that stands vigilant day and night, ensuring you’re alerted to every chirpy visit. Capture each enchanting moment in striking detail thanks to a 1080p HD wide-angle camera, letting you appreciate the fine details of each visitor. Gift the joy of a continual close connection with nature, making every day a vibrant birdwatching experience. It’s the perfect present for bird enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled front-row seat to the fascinating world of birds.

3. Wood Bird Houses for Outside

Delight the bird lovers in your life with the Cartman Cedar Blue Bird Box House, an enchanting addition to any garden landscape. This lovingly handcrafted birdhouse is constructed from premium, natural materials, embodying not just functionality, but also adding an undeniable touch of charm to garden aesthetics. Its appealing pole design serves as a comfortable standing point for birds, either for feeding or protecting their young ones, subtly enhancing the garden’s natural activity. Uniquely designed with a mesh floor, the nest sits raised above the base of the house, facilitating efficient air circulation and helping prevent dampness, thus providing a snug and healthy abode for our avian companions. With this elegant and considerate birdhouse, you’re gifting a warm and delightful habitat to the feathery friends.

4. Compact Binoculars

Gift the thrill of exploration and discovery to the bird enthusiasts in your life with the Large Eyepiece Binoculars. These high-powered binoculars with a remarkable 12x magnification and a broad field of view deliver unprecedented visibility, inviting bird lovers to see farther and wider, immersing them deeper into the captivating world of avian wonders. Employing the superior FMC Broadband coating and the prime BAK4 prism, they render sharp, lifelike images, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. With adjustable eye cups, they cater to both eyeglass wearers and others, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for all. Their compact and lightweight design, perfect for an array of outdoor pursuits like bird watching, camping, and wildlife observation, enhances their appeal further. With these extraordinary binoculars, you’re not just gifting a tool, but a gateway to nature’s mesmerizing wonders.

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5. Hand-made Novelty Cottage Bird House

Every house is a testament to fine craftsmanship, built using superior-quality materials that promise durability and attention to detail. Constructed with exterior grade plywood and adorned with cedar or pine shingles, these abodes offer a secure and snug sanctuary for birds in all kinds of weather. Their user-friendly design ensures quick installation and maintenance, letting you savor their charm from the get-go. Equipped with easy-access cleaning points, these birdhouses can be kept in an immaculate state throughout the year. Each house is crafted keeping the well-being of birds at the forefront, featuring adequate ventilation, efficient drainage, and an unpainted interior. The shingles provide added protection against harsh weather, offering our winged friends a homely shelter.

6. Bird Brains – Trivia Card Game

Showcasing a spectrum of 300 intriguing questions across three categories – Anatomy, Behavior, and Random, this game offers a comprehensive exploration of North America’s diverse bird species. Crafted to engage both seasoned birdwatchers and novices, our updated edition introduces an array of new and enhanced questions, suitable for a broad range of skill levels. The game package includes question cards, category dividers, a die, a timer, a scorepad, and comprehensive game rules to ensure smooth gameplay. Engage in a riveting race against time, roll the die, pick your category, and answer correctly to score points. Ideal for two or more players aged 14 and up, this eco-conscious game is made in the USA using recycled materials. An excellent blend of fun and learning, it’s the perfect gift for bird enthusiasts seeking an entertaining educational experience.

7. Garden Bird House

Delight in the joy of offering your avian friends a safe and cozy sanctuary with our intricately designed hanging birdhouses. These birdhouses, meticulously hand-painted in earthy, natural hues, not only provide a secure dwelling for various wild birds, such as tits, hummingbirds, bluebirds, finches, wrens, chickadees, and swallows, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. The birdhouses are complemented with a sturdy yet elegant black iron chain, which not only ensures the birdhouses’ safety but also pairs well with bird feeders and bird baths, creating a comprehensive bird-friendly environment. We have incorporated a detachable cleaning plug at the base and a small drainage hole for your convenience, facilitating easy maintenance and providing adequate ventilation. With dimensions approximately 8.0″H X 5.6″W X 4.7″D and a chain length of 5″, these birdhouses are optimally sized to accommodate a range of feathered guests.

8. What Bird Am I?

Indulge in the fascinating world of birdwatching with “What Bird Am I?,” the definitive bird identification challenge. This enthralling game, complete with 300 beautifully illustrated bird cards, promises countless hours of enjoyment for avian enthusiasts at any skill level. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate observer, or a committed birdwatcher, the game’s three difficulty tiers ensure a lively and stimulating experience. The user-friendly scoring system allows you to monitor your progress as you enhance your bird identification skills.

9. Hummingbird Baseball Cap

Each hat showcases an exquisitely stitched Hummingbird, detailed with a high-quality thread that makes the design stand out. The hat, crafted from 100% organic cotton, provides exceptional comfort and a soft feel against your skin. Thanks to an adjustable strap at the back, it’s a one-size-fits-all accessory, accommodating women of small, medium, and large sizes effortlessly. It’s a versatile piece that can be styled with casual wear or used as a unique day-to-day accessory, offering a dash of elegance and laid-back allure to your personal style. This hat is the perfect gift for bird enthusiasts who appreciate a fusion of fashion and comfort.

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10. Wood Bird Houses for Outside with Pole

Constructed with high-quality materials and boasting a unique design, this durable birdhouse represents fine handcraftsmanship. The entrance, measuring 1.57 inches in diameter, offers an ideal entryway for birds, while the adjacent pole serves as a handy perch for birds to rest or keep a vigilant eye on their offspring. Equipped with a small, easy-to-access door on the left side, the house simplifies the cleaning and refilling process, allowing you to sustain a fresh and homely environment for the birds. Install this elegant birdhouse on a robust branch or a preferred spot to furnish a welcoming haven for your avian visitors.

11. Metal Tree Decor

Celebrate the charm of your favorite season with our captivating Hummingbird Metal Tree Decor. A symbol of elegance and color, the hummingbird design adds a unique touch to any outdoor space. Unlike other ornaments, this decor features a large flat surface at the end of the branch, enabling you to securely hammer it into trees without the need for predrilled holes. Enhanced with a durable black powder coating, the decor stands resilient against rust, ensuring long-lasting beauty in all weather conditions. It’s the perfect gift for bird lovers seeking a fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and practical design.

12. Hidden Penguin Ceramic Cup

Unveil a delightful surprise with each sip from our Hidden Penguins Ceramic Cup. A charming penguin playfully reveals itself at the bottom of this mug as you enjoy your favorite beverage. Perfect for animal enthusiasts or as a unique office gift, this cup is more than just a mug – it’s a testament to your adventurous spirit. Crafted from natural clays, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of both dishwasher and microwave use without harming its adorable resident. Whether as a holiday present or a personal treat, this ceramic cup infuses a bit of fun into everyday moments, making it an ideal gift for bird and nature lovers alike.

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13. Cute Hummingbird Swing

Transform your backyard into a fun playground for your avian companions with our durable Metal Bird Swing. This charming accessory provides a perfect perch for your feathered friends to exercise and enjoy, creating a lively spectacle for bird lovers. Expertly crafted with a robust, powder-coated material, this swing is designed to withstand all weather conditions, promising longevity and consistent enjoyment. Its convenient hanging feature allows for easy installation near bird feeders or in your favorite bird-watching spot. Witness your feathered friends revel in their new toy, bringing joy to their days and delight to your bird-watching experience.

14. Red Audubon Bird Call

Discover the enchanting allure of nature’s music with the Audubon Bird Call, a timeless favorite amongst bird lovers for over sixty years. This unique and handcrafted device effortlessly reproduces the captivating sounds of a variety of songbirds, enticing them into your vicinity. Constructed with utmost precision in Rhode Island, the Audubon Bird Call combines durable birch wood and zinc, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. To preserve the authenticity of the sound, a reapplication of the included rosin from time to time is all that is needed. Presented in an elegantly designed gift box, this bird call serves as the perfect present for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and anyone longing for the serene melody of bird songs in their backyard or home. Elevate your birdwatching experience with the charm and magic of this extraordinary Audubon Bird Call.

15. Sunflower Metal and Glass Bird Feeder

Fashioned from durable metal and glass, this feeder promises not only to be a charming addition to your outdoor space but also a reliable source of food for your avian visitors. It’s effortless to install; just use the attached chain to hang it on a tree in your garden, fill up the mesh container with bird seed, and sit back as your yard turns into a bustling bird paradise. This extraordinary gift is a must-have for nature enthusiasts who find joy in observing these energetic creatures or who seek a delightful diversion while attending to their gardening duties. For best results, we suggest a weekly refill to ensure your feathered friends always find a fresh meal waiting for them.

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16. Bird Puzzle for Adults

Engage in a mind-stimulating activity with our meticulously designed 1000-piece Bird Puzzle, perfect for any bird lover or puzzle enthusiast. Measuring 27.519.7 inches upon completion, this puzzle reveals a high-resolution collage of 47 beautifully rendered North American Backyard Birds, each clearly labeled for an enhanced learning experience. Packaged in a stylish 119.4*1.6 inch gift box, it includes a high-resolution bird poster for reference. Not only does this puzzle serve as an entertaining challenge, but it’s also an educational tool, encouraging users to dive deeper into the world of birds. Crafted from 100% recycled thickened cardboard and using organic ink, this puzzle boasts vibrant colors and a precise fit without any puzzle dust. The back of each three-layered, robust piece is marked with alphabetical cues, adding to the ease of assembly. Whether enjoyed solo or shared with friends and family, this bird puzzle creates an immersive, bird-centric world that fosters appreciation for our feathered friends.

17. Hand-Painted Bird House

Adorn your outdoor space with this exquisite hand-painted birdhouse. Expertly crafted, this birdhouse offers a splendid addition to your deck, patio, or garden, inviting a variety of bird species to take refuge. Boasting a sturdy jute cord for secure hanging, it withstands even the most turbulent winds without risking a tumble. As a captivating blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, this charming birdhouse makes an excellent gift for bird enthusiasts, offering a delightful spectacle of feathered visitors right in your backyard.

18. Hummingbird Wind Chimes

This alluring decoration, adorned with a hummingbird motif, creates harmonious melodies that calm the senses and add a soothing ambiance to any setting. It boasts a one-piece, robust design ensuring its durability and longevity. The best part? It’s hassle-free with no wires involved. Simply hang it wherever your mood strikes, be it your living room, bedside table, or even your porch. This enchanting Hummingbird Wind Chime is the perfect gift for bird lovers, providing an immersive experience of relaxation infused with the serenity of nature.

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19. Cute backyard Bird Bath

Exuding elegance with its vibrant yellow hue and captivating sunflower motif, this birdbath is not only a striking addition to your backyard but also a safe haven for birds to frolic and bathe. Constructed from sturdy metal, it promises long-lasting durability, while its shallow basin ensures the safety of your avian visitors. This exquisite sunflower birdbath is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal gift for those who cherish both the beauty of birds and sunflowers.

20. Home Penguin Windchime

Delight your loved ones with this captivating wind chime, an artistic marvel that adds a unique touch, and the charming melodies it produces are impossible to ignore, filling the air with a serene ambiance that enchants anyone within earshot. A truly one-of-a-kind gift, this eye-catching wind chime is perfect for friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers who appreciate the fusion of artistry and nature. Allow them to enjoy the soothing sounds and enhance their surroundings with this remarkable gift.

21. Venicor Bird Sign Decor

The bespoke bird sign, featuring original, vibrant illustrations, is a distinctive decorative item designed to enhance your space with character and charm. Crafted meticulously, the sign is printed on durable, high-quality aluminum metal, ensuring that its vivid colors remain radiant against any backdrop. Ideal for gifting to bird enthusiasts, this sign not only brightens up their space but also warms their hearts with its delightful bird-themed design. Perfect for friends, family, or neighbors who appreciate the splendor of our feathered friends, this sign is a fun and stylish addition to any setting. Choose this unique gift to express your love for the enchanting world of birds.

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22. The Hummingbirds Gift Book

This insightful book brims with fascinating knowledge about these humingbirds, offering readers an opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation of them. As a perfect present for hummingbird lovers, this book is sure to captivate its readers, making it an ideal choice for anyone captivated by these magnificent creatures.

23. Garden Decor Metal Yard Art

Featuring a vibrant red hue – a potent symbol of love and courage – this statue captivates the eye while infusing your space with positivity. Known for its 25 unique vocalizations and its iconic role in a popular game, the cardinal has carved a special niche in our hearts. This weather-resistant, UV-proof metal cardinal is not just a delightful home and garden ornament, but also a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Add enduring charm and vivacious color to your outdoor settings with our lifelike cardinal statue decoration, and delight in its beauty for years to come.

24. WORD TEASERS About Birds

Designed to both educate and entertain, this engaging game offers 150 compelling questions that test your knowledge and unravel fascinating facts about the bird kingdom. You’ll be challenged to uncover the number of penguin species calling the North Pole home, decipher the intriguing practice of “pishing” in bird watching, and delve into the surprising intelligence of these feathered beings. This portable trivia game is the perfect companion for family get-togethers, game nights, or for taking along on road trips and vacations, promising hours of absorbing entertainment. Ideal for those with a passion for birds or a curiosity to learn more, the Bird Trivia Game is a delightful gift that elevates any bird lover’s knowledge and appreciation.

25. Bird Houses for Outside

Tailored with a 1-1/2″ entryway, these birdhouses attract favored species like Bluebirds, Wrens, Tree Swallows, and Chickadees, while deterring unwelcome residents such as European Starlings. Constructed from superior, untreated cedar, the birdhouse design is wholly focused on the birds’ welfare. Its rough exterior offers a sturdy grip for incoming and outgoing flights, and an integrated predator guard shields fledglings from potential threats. Further aiding their early adventures, internal grooves serve as a ladder, assisting especially Swallows and Bluebirds in exiting the cedar birdhouses with ease. As an ideal present for bird enthusiasts, SISTERBIRD’s birdhouses offer a nurturing and safe environment that champions bird conservation.

26. Hummingbird Ring Feeder

It’s cleverly designed with an internal rim that securely contains nectar, simplifying the process of loading it up with your birds’ favorite sweet treat. As an excellent gift for bird enthusiasts, this feeder offers an effortless and intimate way to engage with the mesmerizing hummers.

27. Wooden Bluebird House with Predator Guard

Enrich your outdoor space with our premium birdhouse, purposefully designed to allure the delightful bluebirds. Meticulously constructed from robust New Zealand Pine, it promises lasting durability along with superior insulation, offering a safe and cozy nesting place for your avian friends. The thoughtful design incorporates built-in air vents for optimum ventilation, ensuring a healthy habitat for the birds. Mounting is a hassle-free process with our rust-free hardware and flush mount options. The added convenience of accessible clean-out doors simplifies maintenance, while the predator guard extension offers an extra layer of protection for the younglings. For added enjoyment, the clear, resistant windows not only allow bird-watching but also enhance the house’s security.

28. Hummingbird Lover Bag

Perfect for enthusiasts of the elegant and swift Hummingbird, this bag makes an exceptional companion for your voyages. Designed to celebrate the agility and beauty of these petite creatures, it adds a touch of nature-inspired charm to your everyday outings. As you journey alongside these birds, this bag subtly infuses a sense of wonder and tranquillity, akin to being accompanied by a celestial guide. Whether for work, travel, or casual outings, this Hummingbird-themed bag transforms every journey into a delightful bird-watching adventure.

29. Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

At 5.5″ tall, this meticulously hand-painted resin statuette showcases a graceful lady in a swirling cream dress, her arms reaching out with three charming bluebirds perched in joy. Embodying the message “FREE to sing, laugh, dance… create!” on an accompanying card, this expressive piece serves as an ideal memento for significant milestones, commendable achievements, or as a powerful token of motivation and self-belief. The figurine, thoughtfully enclosed in a custom-fit box, is all set to be gifted, adding heart and significance to your present. Designed by the acclaimed artist Susan Lordi, each Willow Tree item is carefully sculpted by hand in her Kansas City workshop, ensuring that this specific piece, cast from her original carvings and hand-painted with love, resonates with her artistic touch. Its convenient size makes it perfect for display on a shelf, desk, or fireplace mantle, effortlessly adding a touch of charm and inspiration to any setting. Celebrate and value this exceptional piece of art, a symbol of freedom, personal expression, and boundless creativity.

30. Glass Window Hanging Sun Catcher

The Alivagar Ornament is a beautifully crafted gem for your windows and trees, poised to grace your favorite spaces with its vibrant design. This exquisite suncatcher’s charm lies in its ability to harness the power of the sun even on the chilliest days, bathing your space with colorful rays of light. Whether it’s hanging in a sunny window or nestled among the branches of a tree, its beauty is truly captivating and perfect for any location you hold dear. This makes it an ideal bird gift, injecting a burst of color and natural beauty into their day, no matter the weather.

31. Singing Bird Wall / Desk Clock

This unique clock charmingly spotlights twelve distinguished North American birds, each one delightfully associated with an hour and marked by its own melodious song, setting a delightful auditory rhythm to your day. Surrounded by an elegant, lush green matte, the 8″ face of the clock is not only a functional tool, but also a visually pleasing addition to any room. Holding official licensing from the National Audubon Society, the clock stands as a tribute to the authenticity of its featured bird species, while showing a commitment to wildlife preservation.

32. Metal Owl Birds Yard Decor

Tailored for owl enthusiasts, this enchanting ornament extends its charm indoors as a remarkable owl art wall decor, adding a dash of charm to any space. Be it for special events such as Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, or housewarmings, or for appreciating your mother on Mother’s Day, this intricately crafted owl serves as a distinctive and delightful gift. Share the magic of this captivating owl decor with your loved ones and watch as it brings a spark of joy and enchantment into their lives.

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