48 Best Aviation Gifts For Pilot in Your Life


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The best way to show your appreciation for a pilot in your life is with the perfect aviation gift. Gifts For Pilots has compiled some of the most popular gifts that pilots love, so you can find the right gift in no time! Gifts range from items such as travel mugs and coffee tumblers and more. You’ll be able to find something for any budget or occasion gifts for pilots! If you know someone who is a pilot, then you might be looking for the perfect gift.

Best Gift Ideas for Pilots

Airplane Bottle Opener - Aviation Gift for Pilot

The perfect gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, this airplane bottle opener comes ready to give in an adorable box. It's the ideal souvenir from your trip down memory lane!

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Vintage Pilot Style Cruiser Outdoor Sand Goggles

Protect your eyes from dust and debris while riding a motorcycle with this vintage pilot style cruiser outdoor sand goggles. Soft sponge frames, high elastic glasses belt, and PC lenses make these goggles comfortable for all day wear! The close fit won't put pressure on the nose so you can focus solely on driving.

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Luxury Leather Flight Bag

The quality of this leather flight bag is evident as soon it slips onto your shoulders. The large zippered opening makes accessing everything inside a breeze, and you'll thank yourself later when all those documents are at the ready for takeoff! No more worrying about losing one small device among other luggage contents on baggage claim!"

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Complete History of Aviation

The first book about aviation is a fascinating read that will captivate readers from beginning to end. The information in this guide can be found on every page, with photographs and galleries throughout for those interested aircraft - or anyone who just wants more knowledge of planes and their pilots.

A must have if you are looking into how we got here today!

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Personalized Star Map for Pilots

This is the ideal present for any aviator in your life. It's a gorgeous way to commemorate their special day while also preserving the memory with a one-of-a-kind item they can display at home or at work, and it will never lose its charm!
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The Pilot Log Book Gift

The perfect gift for pilots, the Pilot Log Book is an essential tool in tracking all of your aviation expertise. This handsome and durable logbook satisfies FAA regulations with its inclusion of places to record certificates along with ratings flights proficiency history medical certificate endorsements . Acid free paper helps preserve entries while keeping them readable over time so that you can refer back at any given moment!

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Globe Liquor Decanter - Pilot Gift Decanter for Aviation Fans

The perfect gift for any aviation fan, the Globe Liquor Decanter is an elegant etched lead-free glass world shaped decanter with intricate hand blown airplane within. This striking detail will be sure to impress anyone! You'll never want your favorite alcohols preserved in anything other than this stupendous stopper - it lasts a lifetime.

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ASA CX-3 Flight Computer

The CX-3 Flight Computer from ASA makes flight planning a breeze. The device takes the confusion out of calculating your estimated time enroute, fuel consumption rates, and more in order to give you an accurate estimate for when you will be able to land at your destination. In addition it is compatible with all FAA knowledge exams as well as Canadian pilot exam questions - making this one indispensable tool!

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AeroPress Go Coffee Press

This coffee machine is the perfect gift for any pilot in your life. If you're looking to buy a portable device that makes strong, rich cups without bitterness this will do it! The 1-3 cup capacity means it's great both at home or on vacation and has an easy pouring spout.
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FlyBoys Classic Kneeboard

These kneeboards are made of durable, flexible fabric with seven eyelets for securing checklists and other important documents. The included clipboard is molded to fit the pilot's legs without any extra pressure or discomfort while still providing a writing surface that can be easily adjusted as needed.

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Kindle Paperwhite Pilote eBook Reader

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift to give your favorite pilot this holiday season, consider giving him or her the Kindle Paperwhite. This sleek and light e-reader is perfect because it can read outside without worrying about the glare on screen!
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Trust me Im a Pilot Glass

This pilot Whiskey glass is essential for any aviation enthusiast's home bar. With its handmade design, you can show off your sense of humor and appreciation using this beautifully crafted set that also comes with an elegant gift box to make the perfect present!

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David Clark Aviation Headset

David Clark Aviation's headsets are the best in their field. These universal flex boom headphones come with an exclusive M-7A microphone, which cancels out noise and offers you crystal clear sound quality so that no one can hear what's going on around them when they're wearing this device!

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Car License Plate Frame

Flying license plate frames make excellent pilot gifts for commercial pilots, airplane enthusiasts or navy pilots and also make perfect flight attendant presents as well! This flat metal novelty frame is the perfect addition to your car's front end wall whether it be inside an office building parking lot where drivers can see their accomplishment from afar every time they drive by.

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Scratch Off World Map Poster

Don't know what to get that special pilot in your life? Get them the scratch-off world map poster! They can track their travels and share it with family members or friends thanks to this awesome gift. A perfect way for any aviator, adventurer at heart.

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Garmin D2 Delta PX, GPS Pilot Smartwatch Luxury Gift

The Garmin D2 Delta PX is a high end watch that tracks your blood oxygen levels. With this information, you can determine if there's been any change in health and it will provide suggestions for treatment plans tailored specifically to what the wearer needs at any given time! The premium product also offers contactless payment solutions so customers don't have worry about carrying cash or cards around with them everywhere they go. GPS functionality plus 18 hours worth of battery life when used solely as an accessory-a must buy gift idea!

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Safe Travels Keychain Gift

A Safe Travels Keychain is the perfect gift for any pilot or traveler. This keychain comes in blue and silver, so it matches anything! I'm a big fan of how this also features an easy-to be read digital clock which can ensure you know exactly what time they should land when on their journey abroad with these travel accessories as well

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Pilot Neck Tie - Aviation Gift

This tie is perfect for pilots of all ages, from kids who want to be just like dad riding solo in the air and hosting safety meetings down to those nearing retirement with their luggage packed. Made out of microfiber fabric that will never wrinkles or t readjusts when wet! Wear this as soon as you receive it--you'll make someone very happy because they can't wait any longer before taking flight themselves

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Engraved Compass with Leather case - Adventurer Gift

This beautifully crafted compass is an antique sundial that doubles as a sleek accessory for any adventure man. Made of quality brass, this piece comes in its very own leather pouch/case making it perfect to give as gifts or keep on hand yourself!

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Plane Flying Over Runway Art

If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, look no further than this flying airplane art. Made of high-quality material to last through years with the best care possible in order not damage or fade away! This piece will be sure make your friends feel like they've been given an entire toolkit full flight experience just by hanging it up on their walls where ever it may go next from there...

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RealFlight Radio Control RC Flight Simulator Software

Learn to fly and practice new maneuvers with the intuitive RC flight simulator software that has put more RC pilots in the air safely than any other. Fly More than 170 aircraft and 40 flying sites, including a customized FPV flying site and a dozen new pilot-requested aircraft additions from best brands in RC. Features over dozen brand newly added planes from top manufacturers for your preferred needs: Aeromodeling enthusiasts will love these newest of arrivals!

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Airplane Night Light 3D Illusion

Introducing the Airplane Night Light 3D Illusion! This lamp will make your room more interesting. With an airplane design, you'll be able to enjoy its sweet and warm glow no matter where in the house or office space that it is placed. In addition this product has been designed so it can plug into any standard outlet without needing an adapter.

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Leather Passport Holder Case

The sleek and durable leather softens the blow of travel, while providing ample storage for passports or other important documents. This case also shields your personal information from RFID readers with an embedded blocking chip that prevents scans.

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Airplane Stoneware Bookends

Stoneware bookends with a rustic accent make for the perfect gift! Made of durable wood and pewter finish, these airplane design pieces will hold up your favorite books in style. They're also great as office or library decor to add some freshness into any space

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Reusable Bottle Protector for Travel - Safe Transportation

Think of how many times you've traveled with a glass wine bottle and it broke. Now imagine those scenarios, but instead the bottles are protected from breakage thanks to these durable reusable Wine Sleeves. The interior is filled with air bubbles that cushion any eventual blows or bumps faced during transport while protecting against falls in extreme temperatures as well! These sleeves pack flat when not in use for easy storage and take up minimal space on your travels too which makes them perfect for flying, cruises - anything where there's limited luggage room available.

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Airplane Model Airforce One Boeing B747 Gift

Do you love aviation? Airplane Model Airforce One Boeing B747 is the perfect gift for any collector or enthusiast. With a scale of 1:400, this model will be your favorite addition to your collection!

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925 sterling silver necklace pendant paper plane

Step out in style with this cool, sleek necklace from 925 sterling silver. This simple design is shaped into an origami paper plane and will make a great gift for any man who appreciates artistry as well as quality craftsmanship.

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3D Airplane Ice Cube Trays

Do you have a pilot in your life? The 3D Airplane Ice Cube Trays are the perfect gift. Made from food-grade platinum silicone material, these trays make it easy to create any type of recipe that pops out easily when frozen and then melts into an enjoyable experience! Great as chocolate or candy making accessories for home use too--just melt some ingredients inside one before serving.

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Computerized Telescope for Aviator

The best present for someone who loves planes is a computerized telescope. The NexStar 130SLT includes stars and galaxies that will help the finder of this gift explore all areas in greater detail than ever before!
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Chin Supporting Travel Pillow for Pilots

This aviation gift for pilots is the perfect way to make your long distance travels more comfortable. The Chin Supporting Travel Pillow helps keep you sitting up and can be taken with ease on any adventure, whether it's in an airplane or car!
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Propeller Wall Decor Vintage

Propeller Wall Decor is a unique design concept that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The metal alloy material makes the propeller durable and rust-free, while also making it an attractive piece of art for your home's decor!

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Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

When you need a little extra help with your back, try the Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion. This orthopedic cushion supports and relieves pressure from pilot's tailbone all while providing excellent support when driving or traveling!
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Private Pilot Flashcards

Private Pilot Flashcard's are the best way to earn your private license. These cards present information in an easy, comprehendible format that can be used anywhere at anytime and they'll help you pass those necessary exams with flying colors!

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Minimale Collective Travel Jewelry Organizer, Leather

The Minimale Collective Travel Jewelry Organizer is a sleek and portable case for carrying your rings, necklaces or bracelets. With its luxurious faux-suede lining, it's perfect as an on-the lam weekend bag that can easily hold all of the accessories you need when heading outta town.

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Arrivals & Departures Cute Airplane Door Mat Gift

This mat will make you want to get on an airplane every time. You can't help but smile when your guests step onto such a cute doormat! The Arrivals & Departures Cute Airplane Door Mat is the perfect gift for anyone who has someone in their life that loves airplanes, travel or just hates dirty feet and dirt tracked into their house

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Premium Soft Travel 2 in 1 Blanket And Pillow

The Premium Soft Travel 2 in 1 Blanket And Pillow is a super soft, warm blanket that will keep you cozy wherever your adventures take you. This innovative travel pillow can be used in a variety of different locations and offers quick relief for those who are traveling or on the go. It’s easy to clip this lightweight product onto any bag with its backpack clip so it can always accompany you no matter where your travels may lead! Give one as an awesome gift to all travelers – they won't regret their decision once they see how light weight yet sturdy the product truly is.

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Cute Airplane Paper Clips

Cute Airplane Paper Clips that will put a smile on aviation enthusiasts! These paper clips are perfect for pilots, flight attendants or anyone who loves planes. The best part is they're easy to find and can be used in all of your office binders.

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Airplane Bartools with Stand

The perfect gift for pilots, this airplane bar set has everything they need when entertaining friends in their own private flying club. The two-sided measuring cup can hold up to five ounces of liquid and comes with an extra lid so you don't have any spills on your next adventure! There's also the sieve which will separate seeds out of cocktails or other mixed drinks like Margaritas.

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GoPro Aviation Action Camera

This aviation-themed gift for pilots is the perfect way to capture their most impressive moments. The high resolution and 20MP photo mode on this action camera will make sure you have memories that last forever!
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3D Levitating Moon Light

Imagine the feeling of walking into your home and seeing this beautiful lamp in front of you. The moon looks so realistic like it's right there floating among us! It would make for an amazing Christmas present-especially if that pilot on their list likes space or aviation-because they'll really love getting such a thoughtful gift from someone who knows exactly what to get.
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Silver Airplane Coasters Set

Give your favorite bar a modern update with the Silver Airplane Coasters Set. These nickel-made coasters will never tarnish and make an ideal gift for any traveler! They're part of Aviator Tavern's collection, which features silverware that matches its rustic design perfectly - what better way to truly get into the spirit?

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Handmade Aviators Travelers Notebook

These stylish leather diaries will make you feel like a globe-trotting traveler with their natural tanning and durable design. The perfect gift for pilots, this notebook can be used by anyone who has ideas popping into head on the go!
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Fun Crew Socks, Aviation Gift

These socks are the perfect gift for anyone who has their own aviation-themed outfit! Made of 70% cotton and 25% polyester, they have just enough stretch to keep you comfortable during flight.

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Japanese Lunch Box,3-In-1 Compartment - Eco-Friendly

Japanese lunch boxes are a great way to pack your food and keep it organized. This 3-in1 compartment eco friendly package from Japan ensures that you have all the essentials in one place, including wheat fiber for healthy digestion!

The design is sharp with an earthy vibe - perfect as both Japanese gift or long-term use at home.

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The Pilots Daughter

Cora was so scared to fly again after her husband died in a recent helicopter crash that she had told herself over and over not get on the flight. But then, something changed; Cora's children needed help from their mother more than ever before-and this time there would be no going back!

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Brown Leather Pilote Flight Jacket

This aviation gift for pilots is the perfect way to show your appreciation for them. This brown leather flight jacket with high-quality, real fur trim offers warmth and style while on your next adventure! The detachable hood can be worn zipped up or pulled over one of their own customizations.
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Black Magic Witch's stylishly crafted set of 5 moon phase decorative mirrors are perfect for bringing brightness and light to any room. These 12 inches high, varying width antique brass wall art pieces will be a trendy addition in your home or office!

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Funny Aviation Coffee & Tea Gift Mug For A Airplane Lover

This mug is perfect for the person who loves airplanes and drinking coffee or tea.

An airplane lover will be delighted with this funny aviation themed gift, which includes a variety of witty slogans that poke fun at pilots and flight attendants alike!

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What Are the Best Aviation Gifts for Pilots?

If you have a pilot in your life, it may be difficult to know what the best aviation gifts for pilots are. There is a lot of information online and some can be confusing or misleading. If you want to buy something thoughtful and get them exactly what they need, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our list of the best aviation-related gifts that any pilot would love! 

This blog post is for those people who are looking to buy a gift for someone in the aviation industry. It will cover the best gifts including practical, usable items and one-of-a-kind gifts that can’t be found anywhere else! 

What Do You Get a Pilot for Christmas?

Every year, Christmas brings the same question: what gift do you get for someone who has everything? Gifts for pilots are not easy to find. It’s hard enough to come up with a list of ideas and then narrow them down to just one. Gifts can be expensive too, so you don’t want it to be wasted on a pilot who doesn’t have time or inclination for it. That’s why Gifts For Pilots is here! We’ve got all your gift-giving needs covered and we’re confident that there’s something out there for everyone on our list!

What Do You Buy For An Aviation Enthusiast?

Do you have a pilot friend who is an aviation enthusiast? If so, it can be hard to find gifts that they will love. You might think that because they are into planes and flying, there isn’t much else you can get them for the holidays. However, this couldn’t be more wrong! Below are some great gift ideas for airplane lovers on your list.  Gifts range from practical items such as pilot hats and travel mugs to more extravagant things like flight suits. Gifts For Pilots has something for every budget! We know it’s not easy because we’re aviation enthusiasts too, so these gifts for your pilot friend are here to help you!

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