52 Horse Themed Gifts for Horse Lovers


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Every horse lover dreams of owning a horse, but for most people that is just a dream. But there are many gifts out there for the horse lovers in your life. But, horse gifts can be hard to find. With this blog post, you will learn about horse themed gifts that are perfect for any horse lovers. The horse is a majestic animal and one that people love. Whether it’s the wild mustangs of America or the ponies of Ireland, horses are an important part of our lives. If you’re looking for gifts to celebrate your favorite equine friend, we’ve got you covered! Here are some horse gifts perfect for any occasion.

Best Horse Gifts for Every Horse Lover

Meaningful Hand-Painted Horse and Human Love

Meaningful Hand-Painted Horse and Human Love. Sentiment:”Always there for me, even when I need you the most “written on Enclosure Card." An expression of friendship and love in a carved bas-relief hand painted plaque that can hang on the wall or be displayed with other plaques. This is an excellent way to display your favourite pet's artwork all over your house!

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Cast Iron Horseshoe Decor

A perfect gift for your guests or loved ones, this cast iron horseshoe is the ideal decoration. It can be mounted on either side to allow you the maximum flexibility in where it's displayed and offers an open design that will bring happiness with each look from any angle!
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Cute Handmade Horse Figurine Ceramics Mug Sweet Gift

Ceramic coffee mugs make for the perfect novelty gift. But what if it's a horse lover in your family or friend group? Check out this cute handmade ceramic mug with an adorable 3D animal statue at the bottom of every cup! Watch them slowly pop up and smile as you drink from these cups all day long, giving yourself happy moods throughout the entire morning until bedtime.

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Stylish Horse-Themed Decanter

What horse lover wouldn't want to add this sleek and stylish decanter into their home? This beautiful, sleek horse-shaped decanter is both elegant and useful and includes an equine profile on the inside which evokes a real sense of style! This concaved surface will help you safely pour wine while shaking it afterward for better aeration as well as flavor profiles.
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Horse Themed Backpack

Do you need a new backpack? The Painted Horse Bag Backpack is perfect for any occasion! This durable and lightweight bag can hold all of your belongings, including shoes or apparel. Plus there's plenty room inside to store anything else that might come along on these travels
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Simple Silver Double Horse Strirrup Lariat Necklace

The Horse Stirrup Pendant Necklace is the perfect accessory for horse lovers of all ages. It's designed in a simple style, but captivating at the same time with its intricate design and beautiful finishings. The necklace comes on an adjustable chain that makes it just right to wear alone or as a layered look!

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The Amazing World Of Horses, Adult Coloring Book

Discover the fascinating world of horses in this coloring book! You'll fall in love with these stunning illustrations and decide to color all over again. These horse drawings are perfect for relaxation, but also great for kids who want a challenge.

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Wooden Horse Style Desk

This sleek and contemporary desk is perfect for the home office. It features a horse-style design that will fit well with any decor or style of furniture in your space while still being highly functional as it includes an installation drawing to make assembling easy, personalizeable options so you can create your own unique piece, and more!

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Wine Bottle Holder Rack Horse Statue Decorative Organizer

A modern way to store and display your wine bottles, the Horse statue decorative organizer is a high-end color matching that will make any room seem more sophisticated. Made of cold cast resin, this rack was polished by hand for an elegant look. The unique design with innovative features can be placed in various home decoration styles so you're sure to find just what you need!

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Mirror Hand-made Silver Horse Print Tea / Coffee Cup Set

You'll be able to enjoy your coffee or tea for a long time with this gorgeous set of hand-made cups and saucers. The horses galloping on the silver mirror are made by replicating the principle of specular reflection where you can see them in full detail, all while looking like they're running around inside an old style window frame!

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Horse Pattern Creative Design Wall Mirror Home Decoration

This horse pattern creative design wall mirror is the perfect home decoration for those who love horses. The surface has a protective film to protect it from harm before you apply this fun sticker onto your walls with ease and without harming them in any way!

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Animal Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

You might meet a horse with the largest eyes you've ever seen, but we're guessing that's not what comes to mind when thinking about animals and their shapes. Some of our favorite puzzles are animal shaped because they lend themselves nicely to being cut into interlocking pieces.

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Horseshoe Countertop Metal Wine Rack, Iron Bottle Holder

This rustic decor wine rack matches any cozy home bar, kitchen, or wine cellar. The dark, weathered cast iron gives this bottle holder a vintage look and adds an extra touch of country flair to your western themed décor. Each horseshoe is hand-cast with care for the attention to detail you deserve in your gift selection!

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Classic Pearl White Unicorn Musical Water Globe Gift

This magical water globe with a melodic tune is the perfect way to add whimsy and fun into your home. The pearl-white pedestal base has classic bun feet that are made of resin polymer stone material. When winded up, this musical showpiece plays You Are My Sunshine as it emits intricate detail and craftsmanship from every angle possible.

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The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse - Sensitive Book

This journey for all ages is about life's universal lessons. With 100 color drawings by author Charlie Mackesy this book explores shared adventures between friends with important conversations that have connected to readers of all age groups. One such conversation was when they asked what do you want to be when you grow up? And he said kind!

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Horse Head Wall Hook / Hanger

Horse Head Wall Hooks decorate any room and create a nice atmosphere with these new wall hooks. They are made of resin, so they have no sharp edges that can harm you or your child when hanging items up on the hook.

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Neon Night Light Horse Sign LED Lamp with Base

Bring your room to life with a glowing neon sign. This LED lamp is an eye-catching decoration that will make you feel like the night has come to visit even when it's still light outside. The base and cord are made of durable acrylic plastic so they're safe for children, and the soft color won't be harmful.

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Elegant Memo Holder Horse

The Elegant Memo Holder Horse is the perfect office decor for any horse lover. The holder can accommodate a note pad of two hundred pages and at the same time serve as a pen container, clamping your notes easily so you never lose track of them again! It also doubles as an attractive desk ornament that will make your desktop look more fashionable with its elegant design.

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Horse-Opoly Board Game

Step into the world of Horse-Opoly, where you buy and sell properties like a pro! In this game - that can be played in either one or two hours - players purchase property tiles with their paper money. Watch out for special cards though: if your opponent is dealt three "Horse" symbols on his turn, he'll get to flip over all four corners of any single piece at once!

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Silver Horse Hoop Earrings

The silver mane and bridle along with the oxidized finish make these earrings a must have for any animal lover. These hypoallergenic hoop earrings will be sure to please anyone on your list that can't live without horses!

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Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Horse Themed Lamp

Your horse-lover will be happy to get this gift. A Himalayan salt lamp can serve three distinct purposes: as a light that spreads soothing color throughout the room, an oil diffuser for fragrance therapy sessions without having to use any expensive liquids at all, and last but not least - it works great as a nightlight too!
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Horse Eyeglass Holder Stand

A beautiful hand-carved eyeglasses stand with an animal face and big eyes to appreciate the detail. But it's more than that! This becomes a lovely Horse Themed Gift for any hose lover outthere
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Aurora World - Dreamy Eyes - 10" Prancer Pony, Brown

Dreamy Eyes Cute Pony looks like an adorable pony with deep set eyes that are oh-so dreamy! It also has super plush fabrics on both the inside of its ears as well as in between those cheeks we can't help but love about our favorite ponies!

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Horse Head Shape Aluminum Carabiner Keychain

The Horse Head Shape Aluminum Carabiner Keychain is a nifty device for those who are looking to simplify their lives with one key that can unlock anything. This carabiner not only operates as a key ring, but also has the added bonus of being an emergency whistle!

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Wild Horses Wall Art Decals

You can decorate your walls in minutes with the Wild Horses Wall Art Decals! No need for water or adhesive, just peel and stick. The set of 22+ appliques are also so simple that even children could do it themselves.

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Horse Head Waterfall Incense Burner, Handmade Gift Statue

With the Horse Head Waterfall Incense Burner, you can place a lighted backflow incense cone on the censer hole and watch as it falls like water. The scene is beautiful and moving! It will help create an environment of relaxation with its soothing smell.

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Horse Round Wall Clock - Silent Non Ticking

A Horse Round Wall Clock that does not make a sound is the perfect gift for those who are always on-the-go. If you need to have some peace and quiet while reading, thinking or working then this silent clock is just what you're looking for!

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Standing Horse Salt and Pepper Holder Set Decoration

A horse made of salt and pepper shakers will liven up any kitchen or table! Hand-painted resin mixed with stone is sculpted into a standing equine creature. Vintage inspired glass rests on either side to make it easy for guests to reach them without getting in the way while cooking. Riders and enthusiasts alike would be thrilled by this gift from their host, as its exceptionally painted details are sure not disappoint!

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Home Decorative Horse Design Resin Bookshelf Bookends

Home Decorative Horse Design Resin Bookshelf Bookends - They are durable and heavy duty, these clever book ends will help you keep your treasured classic stories in great shape. If you're stuck on choosing a practical home decor gift for someone special, put this item at the top of your list!

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Metal Horse Key chain Charm

You'll be charmed by the Horse Keychain. This beautiful metal key chain charm is great for any occasion and will surely make you smile! The horse size: 48mm x 68 mm Weight:22g, with a 22MM diameter key ring that can fit keys or other things like purse charms, phone case accessories, handbag decoration... It's so versatile; what are your horses of choice?

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Watercolor Horse AirPods Case

The Hot popular and popular pattern full protective Airpods Case designed by a professional team will make your AirPods case colorful, fashionable, and highly praised. The best gift: the unique beautiful appearance is different from any other air pods cases on the market. It's more practical and convenient than others with an eye-catching design that'll get you lots of compliments!

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Multi Use Horse Silicone Mold

You would love these silicone molds! They are food-grade, flexible and nonstick which means they're perfect for molding anything from melted chocolate to soap. These multi use horse silicones can be used at any temperature so you never have to worry about melting or burning your creations because of not having the right tools on hand.

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Painted Wine Charms

These cute western themed wine charms are the perfect way to add a little extra personality to any drink. They fit neatly around your glass stem and come with 6 different designs that represent some of our favorite symbols from the old west like lassos, horseshoes, cowboy hats and more!

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Vintage Christmas Tree Glass Blown Horse in Stall Gift

This stunning glass blown horse ornament is perfect for the Christmas ornaments collector. Handcrafted in age-old tradition, this design was originally created back in the 1800s with a labor intensive process to create beautiful hand painted and glittered results that are richly detailed. The vintage appeal of these ornaments will make any tree stand out!

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Funny Boxers, Humorous Underwear, Gag Gifts for Men

Funny Boxers has the perfect gift for all of your friends who need a laugh. With clever puns, these boxer shorts are sure to make you chuckle and keep things in perspective when life gets tough! Made from 100% premium combed cotton knit with plenty of room for movement, they're just what we needed this holiday season!

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Watercolor Ceramic Decorative Snack Plate Running Horse

This beautiful dish is perfect for providing snacks to guests during the holidays! The watercolor design on the ceramic plate will make any room seem festive, and it's microwave safe. This present comes beautifully packaged in a luxe box- making gift giving easy this year.

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Horse Multi-Tool for Hiking, Camping, Travel and Survival

This multi-tool is a must for any adventurer on the go. It includes all of your basic needs in case you find yourself stuck: hex wrenches, screwdrivers and more! And if that wasn't enough it also comes with an awesome carabiner to attach onto gear like backpacks or even clothing so this multitool will never be out of reach when you need it most.

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Premium Comfort Animal Socks, Playful Gift Idea

Thinking of a gift for horse lovers? Look no further than our wild horses socks! These animal socks have the seam removed from the toe. The seams cause irritation to your skin when wearing shoes, so we took care of that detail on these cool looking and comfortable high-quality animal clothing accessories for men or women.

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Horse Decor Wind Chime

Hang this wind chime in your home, garden, or office to enjoy the enchanting melody of each individual note. This beautiful piece is designed with high quality craftsmanship and made from durable iron for a sleek design that will last for years.

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Super Soft Comfortable Luxury Bed Blanket with Horses

If you're searching for the perfect blanket to snuggle up with then look no further than this one! Immerse yourself in a luxurious, super-soft and comfortable bedding experience. The design features horses that are sure to inspire adventure while giving your space an extra touch of charm.

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Stainless Steel Elegant Running Horse Cuff Bracelet Gift

This beautiful stainless steel cuff bracelet will have anyone jumping through hoops with its delicate engravings of a galloping horse, and inscription reading "Unconditional Love." The 9mm wide piece is made from tarnish free resistant stainless steel for those who are looking to spoil someone special.

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Waterproof Temporary Fake Tattoo Sticker Set Gift

This set of temporary tattoos will make you the coolest person on earth! Easy to apply and remove, these waterproof designs last for up to 5 days.

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Drinking Chestnut Stallion Wine Bottle Holder Horse Statue

This wild chestnut stallion seems to be doing a lot of horsing around! An instant conversation starter at your next party, this drunken brown horse statue also serves as an elegant wine bottle holder. Individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin, the sculpture is modeled after traditional Italian artwork and features alluring details.

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Phone Case, Black Horse

This sleek phone case is made of a durable tempered glass and will make your Phone stand out. Thin, lightweight material allows you to show off the original design while protecting it from drops or scratches with style too!

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Antique and Vintage Interior Decor Collection, Horses

The cast iron hanger is a great addition to your home decor. Wow your guests or give this item as a present! The durable material will keep the rust away and it comes with an added bonus of never wearing out.

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Table end Sofa Side Table with Removable Decorative Tray

This end table is perfect for a living room or bedroom, providing space to store food and drinks while you enjoy your downtime. The C shaped design fits perfectly next to the sofa- saving valuable floor space -or armchair, so it can be used as an attractive place to set down snacks or coffee during leisure time in front of TV. With its removable serving tray printed with horses overlooking lush green hillsides on top, this piece will also look great when turned into decoration!

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The Wine Horse Decanter

The Wine Horse Decanter is a delight to admire with its realistically detailed Derby horse and color trims. The uniquely shaped decanter will be admired by anyone who sees it, whether an adventurer or true connoisseur of wine.

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Neuroscience of Horsemanship

The brain of a horse and the human, two vastly different living beings but with similarities in intelligence. In this book by Janet Jones you will find insight into how these animals interact within their world as well as comparisons on what makes them unique to each other.

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Derby Wine Bottle Stopper

What better way to protect your favorite wine from going bad than with a stopper of the well-known derby horse? This metal bottle cork features an airtight seal that keeps it fresh and functional for years. It's also perfect as decoration in any home bar, bringing style and personality wherever you put it!

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Modern Design Horses Curtain

The modern design of these curtains is made with a lightweight material that will darken your room and look fabulous. The fabric can be put in the delicate cycle on cold to keep it looking like new for as long as possible, but if needed you should tumble dry at low heat so they last even longer!

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What Is a Good Gift for a Horse Lover?

A horse lover is a very special person. They love their horses with all of their heart and soul, they are always looking for new ways to take care of them, and they want the best for them. What better way to show you care than getting them something that will make them happy?

But what is a good gift for someone who loves horses? It’s not always easy to find the perfect present for that person in your life especially the one who is a horse lover. Maybe they have everything, or maybe you just don’t know what they want. Here are some horse gift ideas that any horse lover will appreciate: 

-A Horse Lover Calendar with pictures and quotes from real horse lovers 

-A mug/coaster set with a picture of their favorite breed on it -A pair of riding gloves -a new water bottle -a nice blanket

If you are looking for the perfect gift to please a horse lover in your life, then this blog post has suggestions that any horse lover would love to have.

What Are the Best Horse Gifts for Girls?

Do you need a gift for your niece, granddaughter, or daughter? If so, then this blog post will help you find the best horse gifts for girls. There are many options to choose from, but these are some of our favorites.

1) Horse Stuffed Animal: This stuffed horse toy will make any little girl squeal with excitement. It features beige and brown fur with white highlights as well as black hooves and black eyes. The tail is long and stringy for easy grabbing! 

2) Horses in the City Coloring Book: Girls can color their way through this book featuring beautiful illustrations of horses on farms to city life scenes. Every scene has its own unique palette to help keep things interesting and fresh. There are 50 pages of fun! 

3) Horse Bookends: These horse bookends will help keep your daughter’s books in order. They are made from a durable resin and each one is finished with hand-painted details like manes and tails to make them look realistic. Plus, they have rubber pads on the bottom so that they don’t slide around!

What Are Some Good Horse Gifts for Boys?

When it comes to gifts for horse lovers, there are a lot of different options. We’re going to talk about some good horse gifts for boys specifically. Boys have so many interests and hobbies that sometimes they can be hard to shop for. You might not know if they like horses or what age group they are in but don’t worry we got you covered! Here are our favorite horse themed gifts for boys:

  • A Horseman’s Best Friend Blanket: This beautiful blanket is made from 100% cotton with an intricate pattern on the front featuring horseshoes, saddles, cowboy hats, and more! It has a soft feel and features contrasting colors of blue, green, and tan making it perfect for any kid who loves horses or cowboys!
  • A Horse Tractor Desk Toy: This desk toy is perfect for any little boy who loves playing with his toys and it’s a great way to get him interested in learning about horses. It features a detailed metal frame that holds the tractor which can be set on top of your desk for hours of fun!

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