34 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2023

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is a time to show the special kids in your life how much you care about them. Whether it’s a child that’s family or a friend, there are many unique gifts you can give to make them feel extra special. From stuffed animals to educational toys, there is something for every kid on your shopping list!

If you want to give something extra thoughtful, why not consider getting a personalized gift? Personalizing an item, such as a t-shirt or book with their name or even something they’re interested in can be an incredibly meaningful and memorable present. This will show them that you have gone the extra mile to make sure they felt loved on Valentine’s Day.

Stuffed animals are always a classic and timeless gift for kids of any age. You could get one with their favorite character or even create one from scratch using fabric and stuffing — this would be an especially creative and unique gift! Educational toys are also great for young children who are learning about the world around them. Puzzles, science kits, blocks, and games all help children develop important skills at their own pace.

No matter what type of valentine’s day present you choose for the special kiddo in your life, they will surely cherish your thoughtfulness! Find all the best valentine’s day gifts for kids in your gift guide where we cover many unique ideas that will make your kid happy.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Invisible Ink Pen

Surprise someone special in your life with a mysterious message in a really fun way. With this pen, you can write secret messages that can only be seen when held up to a UV light. It’s perfect for sending sweet secret notes of love or just for fun. It’s a great way to get kids excited about writing special thoughts. Get creative and write hidden letters!

2. Book

Entertain your kids with the Don’t Laugh challenge – a funny and interactive joke book that’s perfect for anyone! With crazy jokes and fun (but easy) activities, this book will provide endless entertainment. Kids can challenge one another to see who can hold in their laughter the longest, or challenge elder family members. This activity can offer hours of fun for the whole party.

3. Decorative Pens

A heart-shaped pen is a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day. It will make any kid feel extra special when they get this thoughtful and nice gift. The pen can also be used for school because of its durable design – for all kinds of writing tasks. It’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face every time they use it.

4. Chocolate

The yummy Chocolate Scented Sticker Card Pack comes with everything you need for a fun classroom party. Kids can make special cards for their friends and put them in decorated boxes to share on Valentine’s Day. It’s a exceptional way to show love and appreciation for the special people. Get your kids ready to spread love with amazing chocolate scents surprise.

5. Heart Art

Give someone a gift of a special light up lantern! This kit includes everything you need to make a unique string art heart that glows. You get all the crafting you need to make a one and only gift. It’s perfect for giving someone’s room a cute touch of love. Kids will definitely enjoy the fun and creative process of making this special item. Show them how much you care and bring a little light into their lives with this Valentine’s day present.

6. Pop Keychain

These keychains are a great gift for teachers or for the whole classroom. They’re an inexpensive way to show appreciation for everyone. The keychain comes in lots of colors, so it can be a fun decoration for backpacks or keys. Choose any color you prefer. It also makes an excellent stress reliever.

7. Water Bottle

Give your friends a unique and creative gift. Get them this kit so they can decorate their own water bottle with lots of sparkly rhinestones. There are several sheets of stickers with hundreds of glittering gems to make the bottle shine and look beautiful. It’s a perfect option for kids or teenagers for Valentine’s Day. They can have fun while creating and enjoy drinking from afterwards!

8. Flower Set

This extraordinary Flower Building Set is perfect for adults and kids alike. The pieces are made from high-quality materials and easy to assemble, even for a beginner. The blocks come in various shapes and sizes to ensure their design is as creative and unique as they are! With this set, your kids will have fun creating something special that can be treasured for years.

9. Mini Keychain

Each toy is unique and special – perfect for imaginative games. Kids will love having these tiny animals and creating adventures byt their own. The set will make a unexpected Valentine’s day surprise. Alo thei can make great collectibles.

10. Night Light

Any kid would love to receive the gift of their own special night light. With this Unicorn Craft kit, they can create their very own nightlight that will look beautiful when lit up in their room, especially in the dark. Everything they need is included in the kit. They’ll be super proud to show off their one-of-a-kind creation to everyone!

11. Card Pack

Put your favorite treats inside the jar and stick it to the back of a card. The heart-shaped design will make any recipient feel extra-special on Valentine’s Day. Give someone you love this intimate anf thoughtful gift while putting a wide smile on their face. Make it as special and personalized as possible.

12. LEGO

It’s definitely fun to build, and once it’s finished, kids will have a cute brown bear to play with. This toy encourages patience skills and creativity while children assemble the pieces together. The end result is sure to bring lots of satisfaction of creating it all by yourself.

13. Building Blocks

A really fun and educational Valentine’s day gift for kids that they never imagined! This Valentine’s gift set includes even 24 pieces of Safari Animal figures building blocks that can be used to create their own animal kingdom. It also comes with same amount of blind bags, which adds an element of surprise as they open each bag and only then discover what animals lie inside.

14. Toy Set

There are lots of pieces of various fruit shapes that make a great party favor or a gift for each kid in the classroom. Nevertheless they’re also perfect for relieving stress, filling pinata goodie bags, or even Easter baskets. Kids will love these squishies as a lovely Valentine’s day gift.

15. Book for Kids

Choose the gift of fun and laughter with Would You Rather? – Valentines day edition game. With over 160 stimulating, exciting and hilarious questions, this book will spark up any conversations, challenges and contests while providing hours of screen-free entertainment.

16. Valentines Day Cards

Such a great way for kids to give messages of love and friendship. It really feels good to spread joy and let people know how much you care. Kids can use the stickers on cards or other gifts, making them even more special. Giving these cards is a creative way to show your appreciation on Valentine’s day.

17. Socks

Just look at these fun and colorful ankle socks – aren’t they adorable? Colorful heart design will make not only a perfect, but also – practical Valentine’s day gift! They are sure to love the colors and cozy feel of these socks.

18. Cake Kit

Spend special and creative time on Valentine’s day in the kitchen or in the classroom with your friends. Help them learn how to make tasty cake pops – it’s super easy and no equipment is needed. Make tasty memories that will last forever – you’ll all have so much fun while doing it all by yourselves.

19. Bath Bombs

For the very special kids in your life – set of handmade vegan bubble bath bombs! These simple yet luxurious bath bombs will fill the tub with bubbles and make bath time even more relaxing. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. Surprise the kids with bubbly Valentine’s day.

20. Scratch Paper

Magic scratch paper is the creative Valentine’s day gift for kids to release their inspiration. Get creative and explore their imaginations by drawing pictures, writing stories, or simply making fun designs. Simple and budget idea for unlimited fun.

21. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship zipper bracelets make not only a great Valentine’s day gift but also a timeless one. They are fun to wear, making them perfect as party favors or specifically – Valentine’s gifts. It’s an excellent choice for kids as they’re one of the most popular bracelet gifts.

22. Gift Cards

Give each of the kids in a class a mini modeling clay kit. They all will have so much fun while shaping the clay, while also they will develop their cognitive skills, foster their imagination and creativity. This Valentine’s day gift will keep everyone entertained.

23. Temporary Tattoo Kit

Valentine’s day tattoos are a fun way to make the day truly special for the kids. They’ll make any kid the star of the party. The tattoos are easy to stick on and easy to remove once you get bored of them. Give away them as gifts to all classmates as they won’t break your budget.

24. Foam Airlplanes

Enjoy together with friends while receiving these packs of Valentines foam airplanes! They are made from strong foam paper that won’t fade and the construction will last long. It’s the perfect way to make this Valentine’s day emotional flight even more special for kids.

25. Earrings

These spectacular stud earrings are beautiful and perfect not only for Valentine’s Day! They ahave a chic style and rose gold plating that makes them look stylish and luxurious. Give your special girl a gift that shows your love more than you can tell.

26. Paint Kit

Make this Valentine’s day the one that kids will never forget. Insted of giving a unnecessary stuff – surprise everyone with an activity. Paint anything you want on face or other part of the body. If you lack ideas – just use a template which is included in the kit.

27. Headband

Kids will definitely want to wear this Valentine’s day gift to school, during holiday costume parties, or to any special occasion they want. The headbands are easy to wear and will compliment anyoen’s style.

28. Rainbow Spring

It’s sure to bring back memories of childhood for adults as most of you remember this classic toy. This Valentine’s day surprise your kids’ clasmates with olschool rainbow springs. Don’t forget that this is also a great stress reliever not only a toy.

29. Straws

With a lovely design, these straws will make any beverage look much more festive. They’re perfect for that special someone on Valentine’s day, or just to show your attention and appreciation to your classmates. Give them a sweet surprise with these colorful and unique heart-shaped straws. They’re sure to bring a smile and joy to everyone’s face. This ECO friendly gift is also a great way to show that care for the planet.

30. Gift Set

Every kid in the class needs a notebook, pencil, eraser and many more stationery. You can give a gift for your Valentine that is not only heart patterned but also practical and definitely will be used when needed. Let kids enjoy some colors in their daily use.

31. Compact Camera

This camera is perfect for kids that always dreamed to have one! It’s quite small so it’s easy for children to hold or use. Plus, it is made from safe materials, so it can be used in any season – winter or summer. This camera would make an amazing Valentine’s day gift and be the best tech toy ever.

32. Valentines day Charms

These cute and colorful croc charms come in lots of fun designs, so there’s something for everyone for sure! The decorations are made from eco-friendly PVC material that is safe, waterproof and really strong. Kids can use the charms to decorate their shoes, bags, sandals or wristbands in any way they like so they can show off their personality. It’s a thoughtful gift for kids on Valentine’s day.

33. Necklaces

Give your special friends a unique piece of jewelery they’ll be able to keep forever. Choose a different design from the box and give it as a Valentine’s day gift for someone special. Special kids will definitely value a special gift.

34. Candy Bars

Candy bars ALWAYS make the perfect gift! Airheads come in a variety of delicious flavors, so everyone can find their favorite. Plus, they are the perfect size to share with your friends and family. As an addition – Airheads candies are kosher and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy them with no guilt!