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34 Unique Little Tokens of Love Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just about flowers and chocolates for grown-ups; it’s a great time to show kids they’re loved too. Our special gift guide is all about finding those perfect little presents that will make the day extra special for them. We’re not just talking about regular toys and sweets, but fun and unique gifts that they’ll remember long after February 14th.

Finding these cool Valentine’s Day gifts for kids was a fun adventure. We looked for things that are not just fun to play with, but also help kids learn and get creative. Our list includes everything from toys that spark their imagination to special keepsakes they can keep as they grow up. We made sure each gift was something that would really make kids smile and feel special on Valentine’s Day.

As you look through our guide, you’ll find all sorts of neat gift ideas. These aren’t just any gifts, they’re ones that show how much you care. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or family friend, you’ll find something here that will make any kid’s Valentine’s Day awesome.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Invisible Ink Pen

Gift the magic of secret messages this Valentine’s Day with the UV Light Secret Message Pen. Perfect for kids who love a bit of mystery, this pen lets them write invisible notes that only appear under UV light. It’s an inventive way to encourage writing and creativity, all while sharing sweet, hidden messages.

2. Book

Ideal for kids who love a good chuckle, this book is packed with silly jokes and engaging activities. It’s not just a read; it’s a laughter-filled challenge. Watch as your little ones try to outlast each other or even the grown-ups in keeping a straight face. A delightful way to bond and create hilarious memories, this book promises to be a hit at any family gathering.

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3. Decorative Pens

This Valentine’s Day, surprise a young one with a heart-shaped pen, a blend of whimsy and practicality. Not only is it a thoughtful nod to the day of love, but its sturdy build is perfect for tackling school assignments.

4. Chocolate

This set invites kids to craft unique, sweet-smelling cards for their pals, adding a personal touch to each token of affection. Complete with decorations for sharing, it’s a playful and aromatic way to express appreciation and friendship, making your child the star of spreading the love with a chocolaty twist!

5. Heart Art

Kids will revel in creating a unique string art heart, bringing an extra sparkle to their rooms. This kit, packed with all the essentials, not only offers a fun activity but also ends in a charming, luminous display of affection.

6. Pop Keychain

An affordable token of gratitude, these keychains come in a rainbow of hues, perfect for personalizing backpacks or keeping keys organized. Not only are they a stylish accessory, but they also double as a handy stress reliever. Pick your favorite color and spread a little joy and appreciation this Valentine’s Day.

7. Water Bottle

Ideal for kids and teens, it offers sheets of shimmering rhinestone stickers, ready to transform any bottle into a sparkling masterpiece. A perfect blend of fun and utility, it ensures their hydration is as stylish as it is essential.

8. Flower Set

The Flower Building Set is a delightful mix of quality and creativity. Perfect for budding builders of all ages, these easy-to-assemble blocks vary in shape and size, encouraging imaginative design. It’s a fantastic way to engage both adults and kids in crafting a unique floral display that promises to become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

9. Mini Keychain

These charming creatures are perfect for inventive play, sparking stories and escapades crafted by little minds. Not only do they promise hours of fun, but they also make delightful collectibles, ensuring a gift that’s both playful and memorable for your young Valentine.

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10. Night Light

Perfect for kids with a love for DIY, this set lets them fashion their own enchanting nightlight. As they piece together this magical unicorn, their creativity will shine as brightly as their creation does in a dim room. The kit includes all essentials, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful crafting experience.

11. Card Pack

This adorable gift allows you to fill it with their favorite sweets, making it both personal and delightful. The heart shape adds an extra touch of love, perfect for showing how much you care. This simple yet intimate gesture is sure to bring a big smile to any young recipient’s face, combining the joy of a card with the thrill of a special treat.

12. LEGO

This Valentine’s Day, gift a child the joy of creation with a build-it-yourself brown bear toy. This engaging project is not only fun to assemble but also cultivates patience and creativity. As they fit each piece together, children experience the rewarding process of building something from scratch. The adorable brown bear they create will be a source of pride and satisfaction, offering a tangible reminder of their accomplishment and a cute companion to play with.

13. Building Blocks

This unique present includes 24 pieces, allowing kids to create their own wild animal kingdom. The thrill is heightened by the inclusion of 24 blind bags, each holding a mystery animal. As children open each bag, they’ll be delighted by the surprise element, eagerly discovering which animal they’ll get to add to their collection next.

14. Toy Set

Ideal for stuffing into piñata goodie bags or even Easter baskets, these squishies offer versatility and appeal to a wide range of interests. Their soft, squeezable nature makes them a hit among kids, providing a sweet and playful gift that’s both enjoyable and soothing.

15. Book for Kids

Spark joy and giggles this Valentine’s Day with the “Would You Rather? – Valentine’s Day Edition” game book. Tailored for kids, it’s packed with over 160 amusing and thought-provoking questions, sure to light up any gathering. This book is a fantastic way to engage young minds in lively debates and friendly contests, offering a delightful break from screen time.

16. Valentines Day Cards

Encourage the young ones to express their feelings of affection and friendship with a delightful set of Valentine’s Day stickers. These vibrant, easy-to-use stickers are perfect for personalizing cards or other gifts, adding a special touch to each heartfelt message.

17. Socks

Far from just being adorable, they are a practical gift that brings warmth and comfort to little feet. The eye-catching colors and charming patterns are bound to be a hit, making these socks a perfect blend of fun and functionality.

18. Cake Kit

This Valentine’s Day, gift the joy of culinary creativity with a cake pop making activity. It’s a delightful way for kids to bond in the kitchen or classroom, crafting tasty treats with their friends. This hands-on experience is designed to be easy and requires no special equipment, making it perfect for young chefs.

19. Bath Bombs

Treat the special little ones in your life to a bubbly and luxurious experience with a set of handmade vegan bubble bath bombs. These bath bombs are a simple yet indulgent addition to bath time, turning ordinary baths into a sea of relaxing bubbles. Crafted with care, they are both vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring a guilt-free pampering session.

20. Scratch Paper

Unleash a child’s creative spirit this Valentine’s Day with the gift of magic scratch paper. This innovative art supply offers endless possibilities for young imaginations to soar. Kids can draw pictures, pen stories, or craft whimsical designs, revealing vibrant colors as they scratch away the surface

21. Friendship Bracelets

Ideal for party favors or as special Valentine’s gifts, these bracelets are hugely popular among kids. Their unique zipper design adds an element of playfulness, and their wearability ensures they’ll be a hit with the young crowd. Gifting these bracelets is a wonderful way to encourage kids to cherish and acknowledge their friendships in a fashionable and meaningful manner.

22. Gift Cards

As children mold and shape the clay, they’ll not only have a blast but also enhance their creativity and fine motor skills. Each kit offers the joy of creating something unique, ensuring that every child is engaged and inspired.

23. Temporary Tattoo Kit

Make Valentine’s Day extra fun for kids with the gift of Valentine-themed temporary tattoos. These tattoos are a hit at parties, instantly turning any child into the star of the show with their vibrant and playful designs. They’re incredibly user-friendly, easy to apply, and just as easy to remove, offering a hassle-free way to add a splash of festivity to the day.

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24. Foam Airlplanes

These toys are crafted from sturdy foam paper that’s designed to endure playtime adventures without fading. The durable construction ensures these airplanes will be soaring high for a long time. Gifting these foam airplanes is a fantastic way for kids to share fun moments with friends, as they engage in friendly competitions or simply enjoy the thrill of flying their own planes.

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25. Earrings

Add a touch of elegance to a young girl’s Valentine’s Day with these chic stud earrings. Beautifully designed with a sleek style, these earrings are not limited to just one day of celebration. Their rose gold plating gives them a luxurious and stylish appearance, making them a sophisticated choice for a young fashionista.

26. Paint Kit

Transform this Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable and interactive celebration for kids with a face painting kit. Instead of the usual trinkets, this activity-based gift invites children to unleash their creativity by painting on their faces or other body parts. The kit is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who might feel a bit artistically challenged, as it includes templates to guide their designs.

27. Headband

Designed with a festive touch, they add a playful and fashionable element to any outfit, making them a perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day celebrations. Whether dressed up or down, these headbands are sure to be a hit, offering a blend of fun and flair that kids will love to flaunt on their special day.

28. Rainbow Spring

Rekindle the nostalgia of a classic childhood toy with old-school rainbow springs as a Valentine’s Day gift for your kids’ classmates. The timeless appeal of these springs will delight children, offering a simple yet captivating form of entertainment.

29. Straws

This Valentine’s Day, spread joy and sustainability with these charming heart-shaped straws. Their delightful design instantly transforms any drink into a festive treat, perfect for sharing with that special someone or showing appreciation to classmates. Gifting these straws is a thoughtful way to bring smiles and a touch of whimsy to the day, while also promoting eco-consciousness among kids.

30. Gift Set

The set includes essentials like a notebook, pencil, and eraser, all adorned with delightful heart motifs. It’s a way to infuse a bit of color and joy into their everyday school activities.

31. Compact Camera

Ignite a child’s passion for photography this Valentine’s Day with a kid-friendly camera. This compact camera is the ideal size for little hands, making it easy and comfortable for children to use. Crafted from safe materials, it’s durable enough to withstand various conditions, whether it’s a snowy winter day or a sunny summer adventure.

32. Valentines day Charms

Crafted from eco-friendly PVC, these durable, waterproof decorations are perfect for customizing shoes, bags, or wristbands. With a variety of playful designs, kids can mix and match to express their unique style. A charming and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift that encourages creativity and self-expression.

33. Necklaces

Surprise your cherished little ones with a piece of jewelry that’s as unique as they are. Each design in this collection is distinct, allowing you to select a piece that truly resonates with their personality. These timeless keepsakes serve as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for kid, offering a special way to show your love and appreciation. Ideal for kids who cherish thoughtful, lasting tokens of affection.

34. Candy Bars

Delight the sweet tooths in your life with Airheads candy bars, a surefire hit for Valentine’s Day! These mouth-watering treats come in an array of flavors, ensuring there’s something to please everyone’s palate.

Rokas is a founder of GiftingDeer and has a bachelor's degree in Business Management. He spends a considerable amount of time every day researching gift ideas and creating guides that help people find the perfect present for their special someone.

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